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[05:50:01] Adrian Dale:

[05:50:24] Adrian Dale:

[05:51:15] Adrian Dale:

Entrants: Send those photos of your entries in as soon as possible. Thanks
[05:59:09] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian

Worzilles up and getting ready to see you all soon :-)
[07:17:08] Resident097:

This message was deleted.
[07:19:25] Adrian Dale:

First entries already on display! Remember to send me photo of your entry and also a title for it.
[07:24:19] Resident097:

[07:25:37] Resident097:

Hopefully that works
[07:35:27] Resident019:

These are brilliant!
[07:36:02] Resident097:

Awesome 👍🙂🙂😍😍
[07:58:38] Resident038:

These are awesome!
[08:02:59] Adrian Dale:

Take a look now!! 2 more added
[08:19:46] Resident019:

[08:20:56] Adrian Dale:

Elliot is his way in costume. Pictures please
[08:59:17] Resident096:

[08:59:17] Resident096:

[09:19:31] Resident079:

[09:21:26] Resident075:

If there is no post for peters close I'm worried elliot won't visit and he needs to visit us, if anyone talks o him tell him he has to go to 2 peters close plesee
[09:30:09] Resident025:

[09:46:33] Resident097:

Worzells rolling out guys
[09:46:51] Resident097:

Gonna head towards the star and garter
[09:51:40] Resident054:

OMG they are amazing! Fantastic effort everyone. Anyone visiting the village is in for a surprise 😀
[09:52:37] Resident051:

[09:56:59] Adrian Dale:

[10:35:54] Resident009:

[10:36:25] Resident009:

[10:40:30] Resident096:

[10:41:08] Resident101:

[10:45:57] Resident075:

[10:50:23] Resident038:

[10:50:31] Resident038:

Blooming love him
[10:51:09] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[10:51:15] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[10:58:38] Resident138:

[10:58:52] Resident138:

[10:59:03] Resident138:

[10:59:12] Resident138:

[10:59:40] Resident138:

Worzel's rolling again!
[11:12:59] Resident112:

[11:39:44] Resident019:

[11:51:02] Resident078:

[12:11:44] Resident019:

Worzel is just taking a quick lunch stop to re fuel and de sweat a bit. The tractor is parked up outside Pretoria he will be back out again shortly
[12:30:50] Resident054:

I don't think I've ever seen so many people out and about in the village. Well done everyone 🤗
[12:31:43] Resident097:

Im so pleased everyone has been awesome !!

Will be back out for another small run shortly
[12:34:42] Resident097:

WORZELS Just had a brief countup "bar the smaller loose change" and there is over £150 in Donations already which is amazing !!
[12:40:24] Resident075:

Pete I forgot to donate!!! I will donate somehow today
[12:40:42] Resident075:

Amazing work Pete
[12:42:55] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:42:56] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:42:56] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:42:56] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:42:57] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:55:17] Adrian Dale:

Just had Aitch on the Phone “Adrian you’re a lazy bu**er, everywhere I’ve walked this morning, you’re either standing doing nowt or sitting about!”
[12:57:06] Resident097:

Just refuelling then will be back out
[12:59:38] Resident136:

[13:05:02] Resident136:

Pete, are you coming back up the high street?
[13:06:19] Resident097:

Hi wendy yes will be shortly, just doing a quick refuel and then worzel will be back out
[13:06:38] Resident136:

Will look out for you
[13:07:03] Resident101:

[13:22:59] Resident097:

On route
[14:30:12] Resident003:

Fab pictures. Will be off out soon to have a look at some of the scarecrows!!🙂
[14:44:01] Resident097:


[14:45:05] Resident020:

Well done pete! The amount you have put into pulling today off is amazing! Thank you :)
[14:48:08] Resident097:

Thankyou but the real credit goes to everyone that took part, Adrian, + Carol events team for helping get it going

All i did was dressed up an drove my knackered old tractor
Would love this to be a annual event.. had so much fun today met so many people, had some good laughs and saw many smiles put on faces of both young and old.
[14:50:45] Resident020:

I agree, i think today has really cheered people up :) nice to see so many involved and out having a look. And yes also thanks to adrian and carol for a lovely event.
[15:37:35] Resident011:

[15:45:46] Resident117:

[15:46:50] Resident020:

Oo yes please :)
[15:48:49] Resident038:

Well done dude!
[15:52:15] Resident075:

Yes Plese
[15:57:36] Resident097:

[16:01:34] Resident011:

Lucy and Charley, they are ready to pick up in about 1 hour? Let me know when you are here and I'll either get them out or you cna come over to the garden and take whatever you want, they are currently floating in water to keep them alive. Please bring some plastic bags as they will be soaking wet :)

I'm at chelston rise no 15.
[16:03:17] Resident020:

Awesome thank you :)
[16:39:52] Resident016:

Don’t sell yourself short Pete! You were the catalyst for this event so well done you! Had so many positive comments and people have loved your tractor tours and kindness. And yes let’s do it again next year.... votes still coming in so winners will be announced tonight and prizes distributed tomorrow.
Go Worzel! 😊
[16:42:41] Resident097:

🙂 Thankyou

Worzels already looking at Outreaching to further platforms.. Have Petrol will travel, Maybe venturing into Raunds sometime in the next few weeks

Also he may be available in the future for Maybe private partys wedding and corporate stuff etc ...🤣
[16:44:54] Resident016:

[16:45:02] Resident109:

Maybe you could add a trailer and do hay rides for Halloween or a sleigh for Christmas
[16:47:19] Resident019:

Already in the pipe line lol. If the tractor hadn't caused so many issues this week he was hoping to get the trailer attached
[16:48:08] Resident109:

Jolly good will look forward to those events
[16:50:12] Resident097:

Think of all those bride to be that wanna go to the church on worzels knackered old traccer
[16:50:59] Resident112:

I would! 🙋🏼‍♀️
[16:54:12] Resident101:

With just over 2 hours to the Last Quiz night here are the login details

opic: Last Village Quiz for Now
Time: Jun 13, 2020 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 761 3573 1374
Password: Quiz

To join just the quiz using your phone go to and enter the code 548890
[16:55:12] Resident020:

Thank you for today all who were involved
[16:56:40] Resident039:

4 young lads on the airstrip smoking cannibis again! Crazy seems to the same 4 mostly white Tshirts and shorts with man bags if there yours please collect 🙈
[17:09:32] Resident030:

[17:10:58] Resident075:

Hi Aneta thankyou i will try for later but may be tomorrow as our baby has not reacted well to injections x
[17:11:07] Resident097:

Awesome vid thankyou :-)
[17:13:38] Resident030:

No problem, at least you got round on you time machine😆🤪
[17:16:27] Resident097:

Twice !
[17:18:27] Resident030:

Now that is just showing off, I thought you were a shy retiring person😜😜😎
[17:19:18] Resident011:

Ok just let me know when, tomorrow is fine
[17:20:25] Resident097:

😂😂😂 i hope your not implying anything other Mr Pannell people will begin to think i am wreckless,controversial or irrational
[17:21:36] Resident030:

Now, would I, as if😂😂😂
[17:21:53] Resident097:

[17:34:35] Resident075:

I've only been able too see main town but and water lane and raunds Road, I'd like to get to duchy close. Caldecott and CR, will crowd still be out in an hour x
[17:34:49] Resident075:

[17:35:41] Resident097:

I think most will be still
[17:35:56] Resident075:

Good good
[17:37:13] Resident097:

Think my tractor slowed a few cars down today in the villages aswell 🤣
[17:37:42] Resident060:

The church ones (three) are resting until tomorrow from 09.00 to 16.00. Fear they may have a bit of heat stroke!!
[17:45:25] Resident016:

Last chance to vote for your favourite scarecrow! Voting closes in 15 mins.....
[17:46:25] Resident097:

#cough static scarecrow .?... cos everyone knows Worzel is the favourite
[17:46:32] Resident097:

[17:48:07] Resident020:

Ours will be out until tomorrow as the kids haven't seen him out yet. Hoping there will still be a few about tomorrow :)
[17:49:10] Resident097:

Ours will be out .. Worzel may take a drive out if he gets time too
[17:50:31] Resident020:

[17:51:20] Resident020:

Could i get a postcode please? Not sure where chelston rise is?
[17:52:04] Resident097:

Chelston rise is the old airbase Charley
[17:52:13] Resident101:

We’ve lost our gazebo, as wind has broken it☹️. But ours will still be out till after the quiz.
[17:52:52] Resident020:

Thank you pete :) i really do need to pay more attention to what roads are what 😂😂
[17:54:20] Resident097:

Doh !! I nearly lost my hat a few times earlier
[17:57:00] Resident136:

Would be nice if the scarecrows were out tomorrow as well for those who who couldn't get to view today due to work commitments
[17:58:12] Resident016:

Just about to post this when you beat me to it! Also please will everyone leave their scarecrows out if possible for anyone working or unable to see them today
Thank you!
[18:01:58] Resident060:

Sorry, to avoid ambiguity, the church ones are resting now, but will be back out tomorrow between 09.00 and 16.00.
[18:03:50] Resident097:

Good to know my Fellow Scarecrows are putting there feet up its been a very tiresome day but all of them were "Out Standing In Their Field !!! "
[18:05:14] Resident016:

Voting closed now folks. Thank you so much for all the support for today’s event!
[18:05:28] Resident101:

Hope they’re all getting their thinking hats on. 1 hour till the Quiz !!!
[18:12:49] Resident096:

Are they in cars? Did you call 999 as suggested by the police yesterday?
[18:23:27] Resident135:

Well done to all the scarecrows they are all brilliant
[19:01:23] Resident053:

I have loved seeing all the scarecrows today. All so different. A lot of effort has given me a lot of pleasure.
[19:11:31] Resident130:

Thank you for all the hard work the scarecrow exhibitors put into their work. It was an impressive display! Looking forward to next year!!!
[19:24:45] Resident055:

Might have a go next year well done all who did this year
[19:29:30] Resident078:

Such a lovely day seeing all the brilliant scarecrows. I also may have a go next year. Well done everyone. Thanks to Our very own scarecrow Worzille good work 👏👏
[19:35:16] Resident016:

What a fantastic day -wonderful static scarecrows and an escapee on a tractor😂....Who would have thought a couple of months ago that we could achieve such a brilliant day safely - and with social distancing! Thank you to everyone who has who has entered, walked, judged and voted. Every scarecrow was a credit to their creators and it has been extremely difficult to choose the first three places.
However - here goes....
First place goes to Jo and Paul, 11 Duchy Close with Boris and baby Wilfred
Second place goes to the Chadwicks with their tribute to the fire service ( how many of you got wet?😂)
And third place goes to Rachael and co at 14 Duchy Close for their testing centre well done everyone and thank you so much for supporting this event.
Prizes will be distributed tomorrow.
And lastly thank you very much to Adrian for your support!
Take care everyone!
Carol (on behalf of The Events Team)
[19:36:14] Resident097:

Welldone Guys :-)
[19:37:29] Resident096:

Rachel, the quiz(s) have been brilliant - we have loved them, you have wrecked many evening meal, it has been a lockdown memory. Thank you!! All at Top Gate Farm.
[19:38:17] Resident097:

Im renaming our house to Scatterbrook Cottage now also !!
[19:41:36] Resident101:

[19:42:11] Resident101:

[19:43:10] Resident025:

Thank you Rachael it was great 👍
[19:43:30] Resident109:

The scarecrows were delightful my first outing in 14 weeks well done to everyone and thank you
[19:49:29] Resident101:

Thank you. Glad everyone has enjoyed the quizzes. It’s been fun for me too. Questions you think will catch people out don’t and then others do. It’s been an experience and learning curve. Thank you everyone. 🙌
[19:50:10] Resident097:

They dont catch me out Im just thick 🤣🤣
[19:50:33] Resident019:

Elvis, elvis, ELVIS!!!
[19:50:53] Resident097:

Ox ox ox goat
[19:52:26] Resident097:

Else why dont we all go round going bonza gooddday skip wassup lil jimmy fall down a well ....

Oh frightfully british would one like a cup of chow with that Barby
[19:53:28] Resident101:

You caught me out with your new team name tonight. Brilliant though. Thanks for today it’s been great. Even managed to push mum round to see most of them in the wheelchair she loved it. First time out from hospital appointment for her since February. Thank you 🙏
[19:55:06] Resident101:

[20:03:43] Resident097:

Glad you guys had fun, im not gonna lie its done me a huge favour aswell, lockdown was beginning to become a very dark place for me mentally so to be able to act a complete idiot for a day whilst putting a show on for others and making them smile at the same time was good for my own mental demons too
I spent my life doing events, carshows etc etc but with wverything thats happened its all been put on hold ... I have my festival of fuel hopefully in September if were allowed to run it at the scale we usually do, being able to put on a event even as small as this has been a big mental boost and shown me community spirit love respect and support that i didnt realise was there

From the initial seed being planted
Everyones support
Adrian and carol sorting fliers etc
The tractor braking and several tows from various people
Micheal for the tow
Ian helping me sort the timing out
Cuff towing me in twice and prepared to lend a total stranger his own tractor just to do the run today if needed

You guys for getting behind this and building awesome scarecrows

The kids for making me smile

The church for there efforts and keeping faith and hope in these difficult times

So many of you chucking notes change in the bucket today

You are all amazing each and every one of you

And as your friend and village scarecrow i love you all

So Thankyou !!

[20:06:27] Resident093:

My sister, coming into the village from Newton, reports a lot of rubbish dumped on the verge, black plastic sacks / matress / building waste etc. Not sure if it was within the parish or not!
[20:07:09] Resident097:

[20:11:05] Resident101:

If you like what’s gone on here today you should make it a goal to visit one of the Somerset Carnivals. They entertain 100’s of thousands of people in a night around Guy Fawkes. Google Bridgwater Carnival. I was supposed to be on the Guy Fawkes Cart this November as a special birthday treat but it cancelled ☹️. Take a look a good family weekend away in November.
[20:12:19] Resident101:

[20:12:32] Resident009:

👍🏼- well done Pete, a lot of commitment but you pulled it off! Penny was very pleased
[20:12:55] Resident097:

My family come from a long line of Showmen and women spent most my life around steam and vintage fairs, did Bridgewater a many years back was a good event
[20:13:12] Resident009:

Tom made this video with his favourite earlier - first place - awesome!
[20:14:43] Resident009:

[20:16:14] Resident075:

Thats amazing x
[20:17:24] Resident071:

Well done to all! Well done to Paul and Jo for Boris and baby that was exceptional! When do the celebrations begin?
[20:17:25] Resident097:

Her smile was amazing bless her, was great to see all the kids faces lit up on the sight of this silly old scarecrow and his knackered ol traccer
[20:17:26] Resident025:

[20:18:16] Resident109:

Great video
[20:21:29] Resident009:

Thanks 👍🏼, he likes a boris impression 😂
[20:23:23] Resident096:

TV career!
[20:23:27] Resident071:

Great impression master Barnes
[20:47:17] Resident002:

We were busy today, I know unusual in lockdown. How can we contribute to the event today?
[20:59:03] Resident136:

[20:59:14] Resident136:

[20:59:24] Resident136:

[20:59:57] Resident097:

In terms of donations Worzel will be touring the villages again tomorrow at some stage, but also the tractor will be parked up when not touring at No1 Pretoria and has a collection bucket hanging off it if anyone wishes to donate still
[21:04:20] Resident002:

Great, thanks
[21:05:03] Resident097:

[21:13:36] Resident003:

Saw you out the window, but just missed you. Will you be back up at Chelston Rise and if so what time, if not don't worry will try and come down to you. Got ropped into digging up the garden today, so missed a lot of the fun.🙄
[21:15:54] Resident097:

Hi Aker I will take a run out to Chelston Rise and the rest the village again for around 11am tomorrow, i will post Worzle tracker link on here in morn before i set off so people can track my progress as they did today, this seemed to be a popular feature and the kids were keen to Worzel track 😂😂
[21:17:24] Resident097:

Route will be same as todays morning pass
[21:20:10] Resident097:

Worzel planned route rough timings

10.30hrs tractor startup and final checks
10.45hrs via raunds rd head towards Kimbolton Layby Returning to Star and Garter Pub Layby for those wanting to say hello and take pics
11.00 hrs Worzille will leave for Village Hall and Church Area
11.15hrs Worzille will head towards Chelston Rise and do the loop
11.30 hrs Worzille will head towards Waterlane Via Bidwell Lane
11.45hrs Worzille will park up on Waterlane / Wateryard / Hillside for pics etc
12:00 hrs Worzille will take a slow drive back through Chelveston

There are 2 Collection buckets on the tractor for those that would be so kind to donate, all funds will be split 50/50 Between the Parish Council and the NHFT District Nurses Teams

Get the kids out of the house, switch off the games consoles and get some fresh air


See you tommorow

And remember all scarecrows no matter how good or bad are all Outstanding in there Field


See you tomorrow

[22:56:27] Resident003:

Great, thank you!!🙂