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Pete's Keyworker Scarecrow Competition

List of entries

There were 22 entries:14 in Chelveston, 3 at St Johnís Church and 5 at Chelston Rise. Scarecrows were on display from 9am on Saturday 13th June 2020.

Chelveston - Entries "A" to "N"

Link to Chelveston Walking Map

Entry Letter Entry Address Entry Photo
A 1 Pretoria Cottages, Raunds Road

Entry title:
Scatterbrook (Name of Worzel's Farm)
B 1 Sawyers Crescent

Entry title:
Key workers supporting key workers
C 3 St Georges Row

Entry title:
Bodge it and scarper
D Scaraben, Water Lane

Entry title:
Tilly Tulip on her travels with Mr Blom for the scarecrow competition in Chelveston and Heemstede in Holland.
E 39 Water Lane

Entry title:
A tribute to the fire service

F 21 Water Lane

Entry title:
Village Shopping Volunteer
G 12 Duchy Close

Entry title:
Buy British!
H 14 Duchy Close

Entry title:
Covid-19 Testing Station

I 11 Duchy Close

Entry title:
Boris left holding the baby

J 17 Water Lane

Entry title:
Fireman Sam
K 15 Water Lane

Entry title:
Nurse Dorris
L The Cottage, The Green

Entry title:
Forgotten Hero, the cleaner
M 2 Cornerhouse Cottages, The Green

Entry title:
Hay-drian Bale (of straw!)
N 2 Peters Close

Entry title:
Cum rest a while with the Jolly Postman

Caldecott - Entries "O", P" and "Q"

Entry Letter Entry Address Entry Photo
O The Churchyard

Entry title:
Rev M The curer of souls
P The Churchyard

Entry title:
The Man himself. The great physician. THE Greatest keyworker of all time!
Q The Churchyard

Entry title:
Mary, Lizzie and Poppy Key workers

Chelston Rise - Entries "R" to "V"

Link to Chelston Rise Walking Map

Entry Letter Entry Address Entry Photo
R 41 The Crescent

Entry title:
Meet Mr S Crow from Covid Primary
S 37 The Crescent

Entry title:
Adrian Dale... Thank you
T 31 The Crescent
U 22 The Crescent

Entry title:
Netty Nurse
V 32 The Crescent

Entry title:
DPD Delivery Driver

Derek Wales' photo record of the day