Covid-19 Archive

Emergency Provisions ended on Sunday 14th June 2020

On Monday 23rd March, the Parish Council declared a Parish Emergency for the first time in its history. The Clerk of the Parish Council, Mark Hunter, requisitioned the Village Hall as a command and reception centre on behalf of the Parish Council. Adrian Dale was appointed as the Emergency Coordinator for the Parish.

The previous week on Sunday 15th March a WhatsApp Group had been set up "Chelveston PC" to assist with keeping residents up to date during the outbreak. The administrators were Cllr Ray Daniells and Adrian Dale.

From Friday 20th March 2020, daily podcasts were produced to keep residents informed. From Tuesday 24th March 2020, a daily newsletter was produced and distributed electronically to all who requested it. All the materials available are in the Daily Briefings Archive.

During the Emergency a group of volunteers provided shopping and medication services for shielding residents in the Parish. These are acknowledged in the final podcasts. Adrian Dale also ran a twice daily "Red Van" delivery service around the Parish to ensure that there were minimal interactions between the settlements.

At its meeting on Monday 8th June 2020, the Parish Council declared that the Emergency Provisions would come to a close on Sunday 14th June 2020. The last podcast was broadcast on Sunday 14th June, and the last newsletter was produced. The Chelveston PC WhatsApp group became a community forum administered by 2 residents, and Adrian Dale stood down as coordinator.

This web site will be maintained as a permanent record of the Emergency Provisions in the Parish. The contents of the website are presented in the form they emerged and have not been edited, other than to remove the names of residents who did not wish to be included in the WhatsApp archive. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the views, or official policy, of the Council.