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Daily Newsletter Saturday 13th June 2020


Although infection rates are still far too high overall, the virus is definitely in retreat. 2.4 million of the population live in areas of the country which have been virus free for a week, with no new infections. Torbay in Devon has had no cases for 4 weeks. Rutland has had no cases for 2 weeks.

32 million of us live in areas where only 1 case per day on average has been diagnosed. This includes Corby (3 cases in the first week of June) and Kettering (6 cases).

Unfortunately, that doesn't include East Northamptonshire (11 cases), and it certainly doesn't include Northampton itself which has seen a spike in cases (21 cases). Bedford is even worse with cases 35 cases in the first week of June. Wellingborough had 9 cases.

Compare these figures with the whole of London (94 cases), with some large London Boroughs having less infections than Northamptonshire districts.

The big question of course is why are we seeing these issues locally? The Daily Telegraph has reported that 20% of people catching the virus have done so in hospitals and care homes. However, there is no local evidence to back that up.

Our best bet in this Village is to stay alert whenever we leave it. Wear those face coverings, please!


202 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 41,481 across the UK. The numbers of new daily infections increased to 1,541. It is clear that we have flattened the curve but the level of infection is far too hig in some areas.


In Northamptonshire another 12 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. The total number of cases is now 1,606. This is a big jump.

There was 1 new infection reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 716 417.2 2
Kettering 253 249.8 0
Northampton 542 240.7 9
East Northamptonshire 212 225.8 1
Wellingborough 170 213.9 0
Corby 131 185.0 0

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And finally . . .

As the zoos plan to re-open, who exactly has been in captivity for the last three months ...

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives