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[05:55:39] Adrian Dale:

[05:56:02] Adrian Dale:

[07:17:48] Resident043:

Morning Vanessa, it is very sad and annoying to hear that this is still going on. Without wishing to step on any toes, I've emailed the Chief Constable this morning as I have an email contact. I've explained the ongoing situation and highlighted the concern regarding drug use, and hopefully the situation can be investigated. Will keep residents informed
[07:18:32] Adrian Dale:

[07:29:04] Resident131:

Morning Harriet, thank you. I did speak to a Police Officer when I was out collecting last Saturday afternoon. He said they were aware but I was to report anything else. I think Wykes Farm are getting off too lightly. They have made no attempt to engage. I will let you have a copy of the suggestions made to them to try and minimise the anti social behaviour but nothing came of it. If you privately let me have your email I will send the email on to you. It would be great if the PC can pick up on this. Vanessa
[07:54:24] Resident138:

More of a concern that should also be reported, although the litter is a massive irritation- if people are driving up there to take drugs surely drug driving is more serious as it could result in deaths by dangerous driving? I hate litter but it doesn't kill people. Drink/drug driving does, the police may take that more seriously?
[07:55:53] Resident138:

P.s thanks Vanessa for continually improving the look and tidyness of the village without risking yourself x
[08:32:35] Resident010:

I agree - DRUG DRIVING... Why are the police not following up on this. ???
[08:39:41] Resident138:

Depends on what has been reported. Antisocial teenagers and litter might not be priority list. Drug driving should give the issue more importance. The police can only prioritise depending on info given to them
[08:55:42] Resident097:

Maybe i can sit a crashed car there with a message ...

Drink and Drug Driving Takes Lives
[08:56:33] Resident038:

What about a dummy CCTV camera?
[09:04:09] Resident131:

I have tried to report it, to the Police but as yet have never had the call answered. Flick, the land belongs to Wykes Farm, I have suggested several things to them that would help deter the anti social behaviour and discourage cars from congregating there but Wykes do not appear to be interested in helping to sort out the issues
[09:06:59] Resident043:

This message was deleted.
[09:07:07] Resident097:

As bad as it sounds vanessa maybe your being too much of a good samaritan

Leave the crap there for wykes to clean up after a few tonnes of flytipped stuff that they would be required to get rid off by ENC im sure they would sooner pay the charges to put proceedures in place than keep paying to dispose of waste etc
[09:08:19] Resident043:

Response from Northants Police just in:


Thank you for your email.

I will ask Inspector Rob Offord to lead on this and ensure that our dedicated Covid 19 patrol team pay some attention to this area.

I will also ask him to have you updated directly.



Superintendent Dennis Murray | Local Policing - North | Northamptonshire Police”
[09:08:55] Resident131:

Pete, you may be right. We are changing our walking route as I would be really sad to see it all a mess again after all our hard work.
[09:09:06] Resident043:

Hopefully this will be the start of a resolution - thank you Vanessa for all you have been doing. We'll keep the pressure up
[09:10:09] Resident131:

Thank you Harriet, this is really good progress and I am sure will be appreciated by everyone in the village
[09:13:36] Resident043:

Additional response just in:

“Good morning Ms Pentland,

I write in relation to your letter that you sent in to Mr Adderly dated 01.06.20 regarding ASB vehicle nuisance at the above location. I am writing to you as the Sergeant responsible for the local area and therefore this type of ASB would fall to my team to tackle. I want to reassure you that we were made aware of cars gathering in this area & BBQ’s being lit etc back in April during the beginning of lockdown and were told that this was happening early evening. Since then we have made sure that this location was on our open space’s patrol route for ensuring of COVID-19 compliance. We are paying close attention to the area when we can and I am pleased to report that every time we have attended the location nothing of concern has been raised to my attention. Unfortunately as I am sure you can understand we cannot always be in the area as we have to respond to other incidents etc that are called in. Can you confirm what time of day these new reports are happening so that I can make sure that we are there at the right sort of time?

May I request that should you or any of the local residents of Chelveston & Chelston Rise witness such ASB that you either call 101 or use the online reporting tool so that an incident can be raised and hopefully an officer is available at the time to be deployed to it. This would benefit the team massively as it will not only ensure that we have records that this is becoming an increasing problem but it will mean that even if as a Neighbourhood team we are not available another officer who may map close to the incident can be deployed instead. Obviously should there be a crime in progress or a threat to life please call 999, this would include the smoking of cannabis in a vehicle as we have the offence of driving whilst under the influence of drugs here.

Please be reassured that we are committed to tackling local issues and we need people such as yourself as the local Cllr to raise these to our attention so we know where these issues are arising so I thank you for your email.

You have my contact details now so should you require anything further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,


I am happy to coordinate a response setting out the incident specifics – my email address is **, if you’re able to let me know via this. Thank you!
[09:19:18] Resident010:

[09:28:14] Resident131:

Harriet, please may I have Officer Lee’s collar number and full name, I will make contact with him directly to let him know about last night, thank you
[09:47:17] Resident097:

[09:48:15] Resident012:

[09:55:23] Resident117:

Judging by the amount of alcoholic beverages stored in the village the wine part shouldn't be a problem
However .... Adrian, What's the average age of the village residents (and this not ageism as I probably help to raise it!) 😊
[09:58:09] Resident078:

[09:58:59] Resident097:

Could of got me on my good side
[10:00:51] Resident078:

[11:41:45] Resident097:

[12:38:47] Resident082:

I don’t normally like to get involved, but that Police response is typical. That area is on my run route and almost every time I go by , skullduggery is afoot, how can the police not come across it. ? Note: I am very supportive of the Police generally
[12:39:32] Resident082:

Apologies, I should have signed that Michael, not Maria!
[14:39:30] Resident003:

Maybe we could get some signs up. "Police patrol this area", "anti social behaviour will be reported", something like that, to deter them? 🤷🏽‍♀️
[16:03:52] Resident097:

Keep a eye out for worzille hes out on a test spin
[16:11:03] Resident134:

Just spotted you - I like the flag, nice addition!! 😆
[16:20:44] Resident010:

[16:24:48] Resident096:

[16:29:49] Adrian Dale:

And he’s just returned past my house!!!
[16:32:02] Adrian Dale:

Stop Press:

We had one entry drop out for medical reasons and two more have now been included. New maps, new entry letters- oooo the excitement builds!
[16:46:29] Resident112:

Just had my spirits lifted by Worzille and his entourage! Thanks Pete!
[16:58:59] Resident101:

So pleased this scarecrow is going outside tomorrow. She’s scaring everyone who walks into the room it’s so funny 🤣 🤣🤣🤣
[17:00:40] Resident097:

And it worked !!! ALLIS shall make the ball
[17:00:55] Adrian Dale:

[17:01:47] Resident097:

My pleasure :-) see you all tommorow
[17:07:30] Resident101:

Hip hip. Hooray 🌟🥳
[17:08:30] Resident112:

Yes I’m so sorry for the late withdrawal 🙈
[17:13:04] Resident022:

Well done Pete tractor looks great.
[17:15:39] Resident097:

Thanks Chris

Looking forward to the proper ride out tomorrow
[17:16:08] Resident022:

Question what happens in a tie break with the scarecrow's.
[17:16:45] Resident031:

[17:17:24] Resident031:

Socially distanced, of course.
[17:18:15] Resident019:

[17:18:57] Resident097:

We tie them between mine and cuffys tractor and have a tug of war
[17:27:56] Resident103:

[17:42:49] Resident097:

[17:45:50] Resident103:

You got it sorted out then ? What was the problem.
[17:52:00] Resident019:

Bit of everything, not water, no fuel, scarecrow driving.......
[17:58:06] Resident097:

Worzel planned route rough timings

10.30hrs tractor startup and final checks
10.45hrs via raunds rd head towards Kimbolton Layby Returning to Star and Garter Pub Layby for those wanting to say hello and take pics
11.00 hrs Worzille will leave for Village Hall and Church Area
11.15hrs Worzille will head towards Chelston Rise and do the loop
11.30 hrs Worzille will head towards Waterlane Via Bidwell Lane
11.45hrs Worzille will park up on Waterlane / Wateryard / Hillside for pics etc
12:00 hrs Worzille will take a slow drive back through Chelveston

There are 2 Collection buckets on the tractor for those that would be so kind to donate, all funds will be split 50/50 Between the Parish Council and the NHFT District Nurses Teams

Get the kids out of the house, switch off the games consoles and get some fresh air, Worzel even has some Sweeties on the Tractor for the kiddies and not so little big kids too 😂

See you tommorow

And remember all scarecrows no matter how good or bad are all Outstanding in there Field


See you tomorrow

[17:58:57] Resident097:

And Worzel 🙂
[17:59:46] Resident097:

Old age 🤣 Knackered parts

Oh you mean the tractor

Fuel issues and carburettor
[18:04:54] Adrian Dale:

What a star! 😇
[18:26:32] Resident016:

Brilliant Pete look forward to seeing you!
[18:38:09] Resident070:

Shame I will miss you tomorrow Pete but I have work! Have a great day
[18:55:04] Resident097:

Dont panic I feel Worzel may make the odd appearance now and again
[19:08:39] Resident070:

[21:32:50] Resident101:

Will your slow drive through Chelveston include Duchy?
[21:33:25] Resident101:

Sorry should ready Duchy Close 😆
[21:34:49] Resident019:

Yes, he will be around the same time as water lane
[21:36:14] Resident101:

Thanks just know there are resident shielding up this way. 👍
[21:36:45] Resident019:

He is hanging his outfit out all ready 😊
[21:40:13] Resident097:

Every road i can get a tractor up safely will be covered
Failing that strategic stops also have been allowed for at the following locations

Star and garter layby/memorial area
Village hall
Wateryard area
Chelston Rise The Crescent
[21:41:25] Resident011:

Great I am sure our 3 year old will love to see you at chelston rise 👍
[21:41:58] Resident097:

Looking forward to seeing you all :-)
[21:43:03] Resident097:

Worzille likes plenty of noise !! It helps him scare the birds
So let him know when you see him
[21:44:04] Resident101:

Scarecrow preparations complete. Now for adding the last few questions to the FINAL Saturday night quiz!!
[21:46:06] Resident025:

Final quiz??? Noooo surely not
[22:02:55] Resident101:

Yes The Final one for now. Sorry for that bombshell !!
[22:03:30] Resident136:

Oh no...😭
[22:42:39] Resident097:

Hoping to have live realtime Tracking working tomorrow so all being well you should be able to track Worzell on route to you

Will post the link up tomorrow all being well
[00:24:26] Resident003: