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[05:36:47] Adrian Dale:

[05:37:38] Adrian Dale:

[08:17:44] Adrian Dale:

The Chelston Rise to Caldecott sewer appears to be blocked again. Ken let me know and so I’ve been to check. Definitely something whiffy! Anglian Water are coming to investigate.
[09:48:07] Resident097:

Can someone turn the sun back on please
[09:49:02] Resident011:

[09:49:12] Resident011:

There you go 😄
[09:49:33] Resident097:

Im holding you responsible if it doesnt work now Aneta
[09:50:01] Resident011:

Ok, wait until Sunday and I will do my magic! 🤪
[09:50:53] Resident097:

[09:51:41] Resident011:

[10:04:11] Adrian Dale:

[10:28:09] Resident136:

Adrian could I possibly have puzzle no. 16 please
[10:41:54] Resident063:

Thanks Adrian
[12:05:58] Resident075:

[12:20:21] Resident094:

Today is a special day in the Church calendar. On the continent Corpus Christi in a national holiday with big celebrations involving rose petals etc.
Look out for a short act of worship on our website from this afternoon with prayers and links to two hymns online.
More information shortly and a link to a live streamed service from Peterborough Cathedral.
While church buildings are not yet open it would be good for us to mark this holy day.
More information follows soon
[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:20:32] Resident055:

[12:31:52] Brenda Elldred:

All over the world people joined in prayer with Thy Kingdom come. Here is the 2020 wrap up video.
[12:49:46] Adrian Dale:

[14:06:17] Resident097:

Will Allis The Tractor be Worzelling round the village this weekend...
Watch this space
P.s if you see me broken down later dont laugh too much I have litterally shed blood and got soaked through trying to get her sorted
[15:42:40] Resident022:

I know exactly how that feels, many words of wisdom spoken I feel. Own a pi Triumph they can fight back. Hopefully will see you out on Saturday.👍
[15:44:06] Resident097:

Prob i have is getting the enthusiasm with my own kit
Doing mechanical work for a living takes the fun out of my Hobby !!
[15:46:48] Resident082:

Wendy - I have the plates ready now do you want to collect we are at Spinney Barn in Water Lane
[15:47:23] Resident097:

Another strange Worzel request .... does anyone in the village have any PTFE tape in the toolbox i can borrow a bit of ?
[15:49:15] Resident085:

I have plenty.. Tape or liquid
[15:49:49] Resident136:

Thanks Maria, hubby will collect in about 10 mins, will ring the bell at the gate if they are not there
[15:50:01] Resident097:

Tape if possible melvyn, Allis has a slight drip on one the Brass Fuel unions so with a drop of Ptfe it should be all good
[15:51:07] Resident085:

Do you want it now?
[15:52:15] Resident097:

Can come grab it later on when Caths back as planning on taking Allis out with her following me incase i need a tow in !
[15:53:26] Resident085:

Let me know and I will leave it out
[15:53:42] Resident097:

Have dropped you a pm thanks
[16:39:41] Resident055:

[16:45:15] Adrian Dale:

I’ve just heard Worzel going passed the house, fingers crossed!
[16:49:37] Resident007:

Looking for 3ft of water butt hosing, would anybody in the village have any spare, mum had picked the wrong size
[16:53:44] Resident019:

Did you spot the eye rolling car following him?
[16:55:21] Adrian Dale:

No but worried he hasn’t come back this way!! Is it bost again (Black Country accent)?
[16:56:01] Resident019:

[16:56:11] Resident073:

I was just thinking I hadn’t heard a return trip!
[17:01:55] Resident019:

It was going so well, he crossed his fingers, turned the corner and clonk
[17:02:31] Resident020:

Ohh gutted guys :(
[17:02:32] Adrian Dale:

Technical term!
[17:10:35] Resident019:

Umm I guess it helps if it has fuel in it 🙈🙈 worzille
[17:11:02] Resident020:

He didnt?? 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
[17:11:13] Resident010:

[17:11:13] Resident073:

[17:27:38] Resident075:

Looking for a clarks children shoe sizer if anyone has one for sale x
[17:30:15] Resident073:

I think you can download one to print and measuring instructions. Trying to find the Facebook post I can recall seeing about it from a friend to share with you.
[17:30:23] Resident011:

They are hard to find lol
[17:32:55] Resident075:

Thankyou x
[17:33:11] Resident075:

This group is fabulous!
[17:55:45] Resident073:

Couldn’t immediately find the post and having to finish some work off! There is definitely an online size calculator but I will look for the post when I’ve finished work!
[18:42:06] Resident097:

Thanks to Michael earlier for towing me back

And yes Worzille did run out of Petrol !! Rookie error i didnt realise it had used so much up when i was setting it back up 🤣

Just been round the block on it again and all seems ok bar a small weep from a fuel pipe which i knew about anyway
[18:43:30] Resident097:

Runs so much better with fuel in the tank 🤣🤣🤣
[18:45:04] Adrian Dale:

Farrow to the rescue then!
[18:45:45] Resident097:

Im meeting so many people just from breaking down on my tractor 🤣🤣 Many a beer owed
[18:46:46] Adrian Dale:

Green Goddess needed to follow tractor as it trails petrol round the Village- rats that’s on the big heap!
[18:47:30] Resident097:

Lol its not leaking that much 🤣 just a tiny weep from the brass union
[18:50:31] Resident097:

[18:50:41] Resident103:

Is the brass union any relation to the grand union
[18:51:14] Resident103:

[18:51:21] Resident097:

Nowhere near and We wont mention fire pumps !! Lol
[18:51:47] Adrian Dale:

That’s in the podcast tomorrow!
[18:52:05] Resident097:

Lol i saw ya giggling earlier
[18:52:21] Resident019:

Spoiling surprises worzel! Bring back the skip it kept things secret lol
[18:52:48] Resident097:

I cant help it !! Adrian hawkeyed it this morning
[18:53:34] Resident103:

Mate you just cracked me up with your picture of Adrian 😂😂👍
[18:53:57] Resident051:

I saw it earlier when driving past 😂
[18:53:58] Resident097:

Scared the crap out me yesterday i forgot id made it, walked round the corner from the garage lastnight and nearly gave myself a heart attack
[18:55:27] Adrian Dale:

Lynne has had a scarecrow of herself in the house since the weekend, arms on hips looking disapproving. She keeps moving it about after I’ve gone to bed. I get a shock every morning
[18:56:33] Resident097:

Lol :-) i walked round the corner just doing my night checks and it was there glowing 🤣🤣
[18:57:02] Resident097:

My mate came up earlier to drop a quote off and didnt notice it at first either 🤣🤣
[19:01:26] Resident019:

[19:01:47] Resident019:

[19:01:57] Resident109:

That's great
[19:05:18] Resident097:

There is another to add to the collection, our little molly's scarecrow but she wont make her appearance until saturday. Mainly because her head keeps falling off
[19:05:41] Resident097:

"The scarecrows" not mollys head
[20:59:47] Resident097:

[22:06:42] Resident117:

[22:07:07] Resident117:

[22:07:33] Resident096:

[22:07:37] Resident117:

Wrong send
[22:07:47] Resident096:

Thought it was for me
[22:07:59] Resident097:

Lol in for a penny in for a pound

Mwah xxx
[22:08:12] Resident097:

[22:08:42] Resident096:

Out kissed by a scarecrow
[22:09:05] Resident097:

Not just any scarecrow 😉
[22:09:40] Resident097:

An awesome scarecrow ill have you know 🤣🤣
[22:12:48] Resident097:

[22:13:08] Resident131:

Party central at the bottom of the airstrip, cars full of uneducated idiots, bags and bags of Macdonalds rubbish and half eaten junk food, places stinking of cannabis. Hung on the phone for 10 minutes waiting for Police to answer but as usual they didn’t. It’s about time Wykes Farm got a handle on the situation. Clinton, can this be taken up with the Parish Council please?
[22:14:08] Resident097:

3 tonne of pig muck out the back of a spreader would sort that 🤣
[22:16:52] Resident131:

We can’t go down there every night after working a 10 hour day to continually pick up after these morons, the land belongs to Wykes Farm and I have asked them for help but they just ignore me. We really tried to keep it lovely for our village but we were abused out there tonight and I am done with it.
[22:22:29] Resident097:

As much as what your doing is amazing vanessa and we are all very greatful dont take it to heart, these idiots have no care or consideration for anything or anyone, there mindset is to to smoke as much weed as they can to get stoned to forget about there sad little lives. Sad fact is these kids probably have parents in high end jobs that unknowingly are funding this habit of theres as i doubt these sad degenerative parasites actually work for a living themselves instead no doubt sponging off mummy and daddy.

Remember as much as you do we are greatful for but at the same time you cannot be superwoman, you alone wont change there mentality if they choose to ignore common decency

Thankyou for trying
[22:27:31] Resident131:

Thank you, not sure I would agree about the parents, our boys certainly didn’t spend their allowance on drugs or junk food. But I certainly think that the Parish Council who carry far more weight than we do could raise the issue with Wykes Farm and I will talk to Clinton about progressing this. It’s a shame as it was looking really good up there. Heyho, never mind.
[22:28:13] Resident096:

Good points Pete.

Vanessa - they will have no respect for you - look after yourself. There ARE ways and means of dealing with this stuff (above and below the line), don’t jeopardise yourself trying to do it alone!!!
[22:30:37] Resident131:

Thank you, I was with Bob who had to stop me opening one of the car doors and tipping the whole bag of rubbish we had collected, including dog poop bags, onto their car. To say I was/am cross is an understatement
[22:33:50] Resident097:

First stage would be P council with regard to discussing Sec 59 and public nuisance issues/causing alarm and distress
Second would be speaking with police for reg patrols of area

Police have power to seize detain and search, my advice atm would be to Log vehicle registrations of those who you believe to be at fault and times and dates of any illegal activity taking place

Also maybe Signs could be errected stating antisocial behaviour will be reported

#back in the day i used to run and manage Legal Car cruise events we used to have to deal with police liason with regard to antisocial behaviour issues so i know how this works first hand and have seen vehicles seized and crushed under sec 59 and people detained under public order offences
[22:35:34] Resident097:

[22:36:26] Resident097:

[22:36:51] Resident131:

Thank you Pete, I was a Police Solicitor for many years and have tried to call the incidents in but they never answer the phone, you just get put on hold until eventually they offer you a call back within 3 hours, I suspect they are very busy. I will take up with Clinton as our PC rep. Thanks though.
[22:39:43] Resident097:

Im sure your aware then,
If threatening behaviour is taking place then it could be seen as a 999 if the seriousness of the threats is that enough to cause severe concern
But in most cases 101 is prob more than adequate

Although 999 they have to respond
[22:42:00] Resident097:

There are also provate security firms in the area offering patrols i know Blueline were covering Yelden and Kimbolton areas , they were charging something like £1 a household per month or something to patrol the area, giving first response to stuff like this also
[22:43:00] Resident096:

Vanessa - do not jeopardise yourself!!

Do you wear full PPE (face covering) when you do this?
[22:45:02] Resident131:

Blueline Security are great but that would be dependent on everyone joining. Thanks Chris, yes lots of PPE going on. Thanks again, night everyone
[22:45:21] Resident097:

Also by getting reg numbers Vanessa it may well be these vehicles are already marked with the police or have sec 59 warnings on them already 😉 might be the straw that brakes the camels back ... wouldnt it be a real shame if these little scrotes had there cars crushed by a nice police officer because they were seen in another part the county causing issues there
[22:50:04] Resident097:

Sec 59 goes on the car and the occupants so even if its lent to a mate and there causing issues it could still be seized 😉 or if they buy another vehicle its on the driver ! So either way there stuffed if they misbehave.. i believe its a 2 strikes and your out warning