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[06:04:14] Adrian Dale:

[06:04:39] Adrian Dale:

[06:05:25] Adrian Dale:

[06:11:10] Adrian Dale:

Another policy muddle - hence the cartoon in today’s newsletter.

Coronavirus: Five unanswered questions on the travel quarantine rules
[06:14:26] Adrian Dale:

[07:55:49] Resident054:

Thank you Mark.
[08:06:36] Adrian Dale:

[08:09:06] Michelle Dalliston:

Great Podcast Adrian 👍 well done the PC and we are so lucky to have you as our Clerk, Mark! 😃
[08:34:47] Resident056:

Thank you Adrian, the value Mark Hunter brings to this Parish is immeasurable, so nice to hear him recognised.
[08:40:55] Resident063:

Yes many thanks to Mark
[08:56:44] Resident121:

Hi Flick. Do you still want these? Just noticed they are still out the front (the box is a little wet now).
[08:59:24] Brenda Elldred:

Many thanks Adrian - great to hear Mark being acknowledged. You both make a great team and the villages is blessed to have you both.
[09:01:50] Brenda Elldred:

Sorry the grammar is not good in my post. Should say “ the villages are blessed to have you both” 😉
[09:08:06] Brenda Elldred:

Beautiful midweek message today from Michelle. A great way to start the day and wonderful Celtic music. Thank you Michelle. 😘
[09:22:59] Resident094:

Ideal for you tea or coffee break today is our oasis of calm. Michelle's Midweek Message offers a service with music, prayer and meditation. This week too, an update on plans for reopening our church buildings for private prayer when we can
The link is above with Adrian's daily briefing
[09:57:14] Resident109:

Thank you Adrian it was so nice of you to explain all the things that Mark has done for us all a lot of people would never know as he does so much behind the scenes in his quiet way. Thank you Mark so pleased to have you as a friend and neighbour and of course Sue x
[11:17:10] Resident115:

Hi all, just to let you know the book stall on Water Lane will close on 15th June, as things are gradually returning to a new “normal” 🤔
If anyone would like to take it on, please let us know and we can deliver the books to you, otherwise we will drop the books left over to 4 different charity shops as soon as it is possible. Thanks for taking part, and please take as many books as you’d like before we close, but we won’t be taking any more donations now 😊
[11:50:42] Resident078:

Thanks Sarah the book stall has been great
[13:00:30] Resident097:

[13:05:32] Resident086:

Lol 😂 👍
[13:06:28] Resident101:

Love it. Working on my scarecrow this afternoon 🥴😆
[13:08:05] Resident038:

So are we :)
[13:09:27] Resident101:

Hoping the weather forecast for Saturday is going to change. 🤞
[13:13:09] Resident097:

[13:18:03] Resident086:

Very good Pete, lol 😂
[13:18:12] Resident097:

Finished ours yesterday will put them out Friday night i think
Also been getting the Tractor ready for worzilles tour 🙂
[13:20:39] Resident097:

Me too as worzilles tractor has no cab and there may be a few dissapointed kids if i cant launch my sweeties at them
[13:37:25] Resident007:

[13:37:46] Resident007:

Would these dry nites be any use to anybody
[13:37:52] Resident007:

A friend has them to go for free
[13:37:58] Resident097:

Yes please
[13:38:04] Resident123:

Weather is good for Saturday, sunny intervals and a gentle breeze, few showers very early
[13:38:28] Resident007:

I shall let them know, thank you
[13:38:35] Resident097:

#not for me personally 🤣🤣 but little jake
[13:39:05] Resident007:

[13:39:05] Resident075:

When does the scarecrow need to be out pls
[13:39:07] Resident123:

Are you sure
[13:39:33] Resident097:

Im out that fetish now but thanks for your concern 🤣
[13:41:06] Resident097:

Im putting mine out friday night but thats only cos there made of scrap metal and im half worried about our transit driving caravan towing friends half inching them
[13:48:11] Resident097:

Ignore me just realised 17-30 is the size not the Age in months 🤣🤣 there gonna be too big for Jakey mc Shakey sorry but thankyou
[13:50:48] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[13:51:07] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[14:15:15] Resident016:

Hello all
We are just putting together all the info for the comp on Saturday and details should be available later tonight. But to answer your question Lucy -Please could everyone have their scarecrows out by 9 am on Saturday morning?
Thanks 😊
Carol (Events Team)
[14:19:58] Resident038:

Will do, thank you 😁👍
[14:28:32] Resident007:

[16:49:57] Adrian Dale:

Spotted - one Worzle in hi/viz on a working tractor on Water Lane!
[16:58:31] Resident020:

[16:58:47] Resident020:

Working for how long....
[17:02:40] Resident019:

If anyone spots him broken. Can you let me know, he and I both don't have the best of signal lol thank you
[17:24:06] Resident055:

Does anyone know if Champagne 🍾 goes off ???
[17:24:55] Resident022:

Not normally. Depends how it is stored though.
[17:25:01] Resident031:

Best thing to do is drink it and see 🥴
[17:25:10] Adrian Dale:

[17:25:29] Resident015:

If unopened no but store it flat so the cork does not dry out
[17:26:49] Adrian Dale:

In the words of John Lewis, never knowingly thrown away a drinkable drink
[17:26:53] Resident055:

[17:26:53] Resident055:

[17:27:18] Resident031:

[17:28:32] Resident055:

[17:29:12] Resident015:

If still airtight should be ok
[17:29:23] Resident031:

I wouldn’t touch those!
[17:29:28] Resident055:

They have been stored flat
[17:30:53] Resident015:

I haven't seen cherry B since I was about 18
[17:31:43] Resident015:

Nice with a shot of brandy in
[17:31:55] Resident136:

[17:32:26] Resident015:

If you need any help lol
[17:48:03] Resident117:

[17:48:59] Adrian Dale:

Wine lasts less than 1 week In my house!
[17:50:40] Resident136:

Probably about 20, we drank one a couple of years ago that was the same age and it was fine.
[17:54:20] Resident117:

Don't think I'll risk it as it has sentimental value . I'll stick to the pink gin - not that I drink anymore ... I don't drink any less either!!😊
[18:06:07] Resident023:

Mines normally gone before I even get it home.
[18:07:19] Adrian Dale:

Kaye, Harriet or Ellen, I can’t believe you are drunk driving!!!
[20:18:22] Resident019:

Message from worzille

Sadly Allis is misbehaving herself and despite best efforts this evening to sort it's looking unlikely she will make Worzilles tractor tour on Saturday

However... worzille has promised to make his appearance in foot should he not be able to fix Allis in time to hand out sweets to the kiddos

See you Saturday
Love Worzille
[20:19:15] Resident020:

Could Ian be of any help? X
[20:19:23] Resident055:

No ! On your bike it is !
[20:20:38] Resident019:

Sadly I think its beyond that atm
Parts are going to be hard to get before saturday.. the brass tap in side of engine block came astray as he was swapping the carburetor over
[20:20:59] Resident019:

He doesn't have a bike
[20:21:30] Resident055:

Really has everything else 😂
[20:24:12] Resident097:

A bike means excercise
[20:24:25] Resident097:

Furtherst i normally walk is the fridge !
[20:24:37] Resident020:

Could they not possibly fabricate something temporary? Lol Ian's at the scrap yard friday 🤣🤣
[20:24:56] Resident097:

Good get him to take the tractor with him !!
[20:25:09] Resident020:

[20:25:30] Resident020:

You don't mean it really 🤣
[20:25:42] Resident097:

Its you lot you bloody jinxed me again
[20:26:07] Resident097:

Just seen worzille .... yep
[20:26:20] Resident097:

How long till he breaks down ... ummm 5 mins
[20:26:32] Resident097:

[20:27:04] Resident097:

P.s thanks for the tow earlier cuffy 🤣🤣
[20:27:56] Resident020:

Ian can pop round see if you 2 can come up with something for a temp fix? He has all sorts of crap at the unit 😂
[20:29:57] Resident097:

The last old machine that wound me up this much was my green godess which ended up sitting ontop of Lee allens scrapile !!
[20:37:55] Resident103:

Hi worzille my tractor 🚜 is available for Saturday. Your more than welcome to borrow it alternatively I can tow in my trailer. What ever you prefer
[22:05:53] Resident097:

Cuff you Legend can i let you know tomorrow pal

I have sorted the Water tap ! Funnily enough the Regulator on my Welder had a Brass tap with the same thread !! " oops " oh well sacrifice made
Managed to fit the carb aswell tonight - had to angle grind a slot section out the carb manifold to make it work "ooops" just need to reroute the fuel line tomorrow and fingers crossed bish bash bosh she may be back in action !
[22:19:36] Resident097:

[22:39:36] Resident055:

How about you rescue yourself on A6 and go around that!
[22:40:51] Resident097:

Trucks off the road atm
[22:41:26] Resident055:

NO !!!!
[22:42:34] Resident097:

Everythings broke and too busy fixing other peoples stuff to sort my own atm
[23:03:57] Resident055:

You need staff
[23:05:00] Resident097:

Had 3 guys working for me up until 2 years ago they became a liability so i got shot of them
[23:06:14] Resident055:

Try again village people ! Y M c A
[23:07:12] Resident097: