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[05:57:36] Adrian Dale:

[05:58:41] Adrian Dale:

[09:57:22] Adrian Dale:

Just had a warning from Elliot - today is costume day!! Photos please
[10:05:38] Resident038:

[10:05:42] Resident038:

He cracks me up
[10:15:17] Resident115:

[10:17:14] Resident097:

Wtf 🤣🤣🤣
[10:17:24] Resident033:

[10:21:05] Resident086:

[10:22:16] Resident040:

Someone beat me to it! Love Elliot!
[10:25:05] Resident086:

Gail u myt have got a better one than me, I was hanging out of my kitchen window lol so couldn't avoid dustbins, van and piles of wood lol 😂 👍
[10:32:57] Adrian Dale:

And he’s warm!!!
[10:38:55] Resident130:

Told Elliot he looked like the gay KuKuxClan!
[10:42:30] Resident040:

[10:43:10] Resident040:

[10:45:08] Resident047:

Glad it not windy for pun intended !
[10:55:07] Resident025:

Anyone know what kind of plane is flying over doing tricks?
[10:55:44] Resident031:

Yak, I think.
[10:56:26] Resident025:

Thank you
[11:08:08] Resident138:

Is number 2 Corner House Cottages in the group we have found your delivery left on our doorstep by mistake. I have shielded it from the sun with cardboard if you want to collect as its heavy
[11:08:14] Resident138:

[11:08:24] Resident138:

[11:08:53] Resident138:

[11:10:01] Resident134:

Hi Zara, yes that's my partner Sam's! We're out at the moment but will pick it up as soon as we get back, thank you for letting us know and covering it 😊
[11:11:15] Resident138:

As you're out we can bring it indoors? Knock when you want it and I can put back on the doorstep, we're The Cottage on the corner
[11:12:05] Resident134:

That's really kind, thank you!! :)
[11:46:49] Resident023:

If anyone at No46 (guessing Chelston Rise) has ‘lost’ their food waste caddy it is on the grass verge heading into Caldecott.......was about 90 minutes ago.
[13:33:17] Resident023:

Worth a read:

Coronavirus: How dangerous is lifting lockdown?
[13:59:19] Resident015:

Any one in Chelveston had their compost bin emptied?
[13:59:42] Adrian Dale:

Yep in Water Lane
[13:59:49] Resident047:

Yes all bins emptied including brown bin
[14:00:07] Resident086:

Yep mine has been emptied, I am on water lane 👍😊
[14:00:08] Resident083:

Yes we did in Peters Close. 1 brown bin only half emptied though.
[14:02:58] Resident101:

Brown bins at Village hall hadn’t been emptied an hour ago.
[14:04:57] Resident015:

Mine and my neighbours not emptied
[14:16:34] Resident131:

I not entirely sure how any members of the LGBT community would feel about this statement
[14:17:46] Resident097:

Spades a spade 🤣 And a teapot is a teapot
[14:18:30] Resident131:

And words are unkind. If you can’t say anything kind don’t say anything at all.
[14:19:29] Resident097:

Wow easy tiger !! Dont shoot the scarecrow
[14:20:23] Resident113:

My brown bin is always collected on a Thursday
[14:22:05] Resident097:

Im no way racist or homophobic... but at the same time I believe god "if he exists alongside Superman and all the other comic book heroes out there" created adam and eve not adam and steve !!
[14:25:11] Resident131:

Peter, I am sure you do but this village Whatsapp group is not the place to be sharing such things. Everyone is equal and our fellow human beings can be very hurt by such statements. All lives matter.
[14:27:14] Resident097:

I didnt post the Original post ... !! Dont shoot me down...
[14:29:13] Resident117:

It was a joke!! Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion which is why we are lucky enough to live in a democracy. I personally have had enough of what I regard as extreme PC
[14:30:44] Resident131:

My point is, what some find funny, others may find extremely offensive and that is surely not the purpose of this group
[14:32:00] Resident117:

If we're not careful that could be applied to just about anything depending on one's views, lifestyle,creed etc etc
[14:32:01] Resident003:

Sorry folks, wasn't going to get involved but afraid I have to. Homophobia is unacceptable. No ifs no buts. It is not "extreme PC" to say so. And you only see it that way because it doesn't affect you.
[14:32:04] Resident097:

Thank god for that !! Think lockdowns getting to peoples heads... really does anyone give a toss any more wether your lgbt straight a teapot or a icecream cone ... aslong as you dont push your crap onto other people and try and radicalise them then whats the issue
[14:32:41] Resident097:

Same with religeon
[14:32:50] Resident097:

Same with other lifestyle choices
[14:32:53] Resident097:

[14:33:10] Resident097:

*drugs drink gambling sex etc etc
[14:33:29] Resident097:

Thats all it is ... a lifestyle choice!!
[14:35:57] Resident112:

Perhaps we should all just take a few steps back. We all live in the village, our lovely village. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but this isn’t the correct platform for such activities I feel.

I didn’t see Elliott today, but I love that he’s trying to entertain us all daily with his randomness, during what is quite frankly a shit time!
[14:36:34] Resident003:

Well said Sarah!xx
[14:37:12] Resident097:

Fair comment
[14:37:54] Resident025:

I told Elliott today he delivers smiles as well as letters to our village 😃
[14:38:06] Resident112:

[14:47:25] Resident135:

Our green waste was collected ok today, but had a notice on our recycle bin to say they couldn’t empty it as it wasn’t all recycle in it, I can’t see anything different in there that I done usually put in it, they must be checking the bins, and I’ve been putting things in there wrongly for years?
[14:48:43] Resident038:

[14:49:16] Resident038:

How is everyone's scarecrow coming along?
[14:49:27] Resident038:

I had no idea how hard it is to make one tbh baha
[14:50:57] Resident019:

I know!!! I keep eyeing up things and then second guessing myself. I have an idea but just cant get it into fruition
[14:51:08] Resident051:

Ours has definitely got the extra one stone lockdown weight 😂
[15:28:22] Resident038:

[15:28:26] Resident038:

Can't wait to see them all
[16:14:56] Resident130:

It's the sort of comment my gay friends would make themselves - not sure how using the word gay is a problem? They are just normal members of society. Gay people have a sense of humour in my experience - often a very wicked one!
[16:29:08] Resident131:

I think my point has been missed. Why liken Elliott dressing up to a Gay member of the KKK, it was neither funny or appropriate for this group. But it’s up to each individual I suppose. What I will never understand is when someone steps up and says actually that’s offensive to a comment they are then subject to all sorts of comments that are not necessarily nice. Free speech is the right of every individual but appropriate wording should be used.
[16:40:54] Resident007:

[16:50:52] Resident015:

I think I have a couple in my hedge I have always thought they were elder and they do have the flowers on and they do have the purple berries if left you welcome to have a look
[16:57:39] Resident007:

Oh lovely thank you, ill wait for his box to arrive, just there's so much chat about it on their Facebook page i thought I best ask if anyone here knew what to look for exactly lol dont particularly want to poison anybody lol
[16:58:36] Resident130:

Hi Vanessa,

I think we need to agree to disagree about this - that's the adult thing to do.
[17:03:32] Resident120:

Thank you for speaking up Vanessa against that comment, I’m lost for words.
[17:07:58] Resident007:

Hi candy, just been informed we have one in the garden 🤦‍♀️😂
[17:10:19] Resident015:

They are quite prevalent spend my life chopping it back.
[17:10:20] Resident054:

[17:11:06] Resident054:

Latest information from Public Health Northamptonshire and NCC. This one is about healthy eating and drinking …..I fear they may be a little late to the party with this one though, I’m beyond help on these topics now!
[17:36:53] Resident002:

Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well 🙏. Download the app
[17:37:40] Resident002:

Just logged in for Debbie and myself. Simple to do and helps slow the spread.
[18:15:49] Resident051:

Just realised we moved here 12 years ago today. That calls for a gin or 2! 🍹🍹
[18:18:36] Resident097:

Send some my way !!
[18:26:19] Resident086:

Ahh Happy Moving to Chellie Anniversary Janellan, have a Gin for me 🤣👍
[18:27:06] Resident051:

Oh if I must! 🤪
[18:40:59] Resident054:

Happy anniversary 🎉 on my third double 😳 It's too nice not to....
[18:53:49] Resident097:

What kinda Bar is this.... its run dry this end the village 🤣🤣 Support your village scarecrow.... Send Gin
[19:01:51] Resident037:

Hi everyone,
I do not wish for this chat to become a place of political debate. However being silent isn’t ok anymore.
In a response to the comments made earlier.
People really do need to educate themselves about homophobia and racism, whether it be in a direct or indirect manner. It is very easy to sit in a privileged position and think nothing of “lighthearted jokes”, however the struggles of both the black and lgbtq+ community are very real and ridiculously unfunny.
It has bothered me and I sincerely hope there are other people which will also have been upset by this.
[19:03:51] Resident075:

Thankyou for speaking up Vanessa.
[19:06:49] Resident097:

Lets talk about Mental health and the struggles of everyday society and people that have to deal with that issue then ....

Nope thought not ...

Whilst none of it may not be funny sadly its part of society, the only reason hatred and racism exist is because people get offended ! ... if people didnt get offended so easily there would be no reaction

If a tree falls in the woods scenario... if nobodys there to hear it does it make a sound ??

Shoot me down if im wrong !!
[19:11:49] Resident097:

On the other side the coin someone ring the wind farm and tell them to turn the fans off cos there aint half some Sh#t hitting them today on here 🤣
[20:02:06] Resident107:

[20:26:41] Resident109:

[20:27:00] Resident033:

Cuff you at home
[20:40:07] Resident138:

Thank you for speaking up Vanessa against that earlier comment, I’m lost for words. Thanks to both Sophie and Vanessa for speaking up on this. Our postman does something lovely to cheer up people bored on lockdown and gets insulted like this, on a day where many are speaking up about the racism faced in America to use two insulting terms to describe someone obviously dressed as a whoopi cushion is not a joke. The KKK are an evil organisation and to have a go at homosexuality in the same insult is really wrong. "Jokes" are supposed to be funny. Insulting minorities is not
[21:12:42] Resident112:

I appreciate everyone’s comments today personally, but this is now just become a slanging match and is not conducive to a normally decent parish 😢

Some of the things here today have been quite honestly gobsmacking, but the behaviour of many is questionable here too!

I was under the impression this whatsapp Group was born to volunteer to help and contribute to our neighbourhood?? Did I miss a memo?
.... everyone is entitled to their own opinion, agree to differ and draw a line
[21:16:24] Resident025:

Yes I agree
[21:18:02] Resident003:

[21:18:19] Michelle Dalliston:

Having only just picked up on the chat late in the day, as your vicar I feel I need to say something here! We may not all believe in God, and sadly, many terrible things have been said and done in God's name, but we do know that Jesus was a real person, who always stood along side and spoke up for all those who were marginalized, abused and rejected by society on whatever grounds, whether physical, mental, gender, status or whatever. Those who claim his name are called to do the same, and that means to try to be there for everybody. At times like these, tensions always run high, but whether or not we are Christians or people of another faith or none, we can try our best to be gentle, kind and generous in our judgements of one another. Love to you all ❤️
[21:19:54] Resident112:

🌈 👆🏻 ...... thank you
[21:20:54] Resident131:

[21:21:41] Resident097:

Look whilst i have always believed with a very much say what you see attitude in life i will make this very clear... doe anyone thinking i am a racist or homophobic

Whilst my personal beliefs may differ from others in the group as far as i am concerned everyone gets treated the same

Theres two options in my world

I either like you or i dont ... its how i am its how i do business
People get one chance, they take the p with that and its game over

So to clear this up on my behalf ... if and i mean if i have said anything that may have been misread misguided or misjudged then i can and will appologise

Im not sorry for my views or beliefs but im sorry you dont agree with them, that is your choices and i respect that

Ultimately if i have offended you then again this wasnt my intention

Now can we lay all this crap to rest please life is too short as it is without bickering
[21:25:41] Resident055:

All dummy’s in and off to bed children 👶 like at school we are all friends tomorrow sleep 🛏 tight mind the bed bugs don’t bite
[21:27:34] Resident050:

Well back to the elderflower cordial- I’ve already made two great batches. To make sure when identifying them I’ve got a great app - picture this - where you capture a picture of any plant and it will identify it and give loads of cool facts.
[21:28:02] Resident055:

[21:31:37] Brenda Elldred:

So well put Michellle. Kindness and gentleness cost nothing but make a huge difference and enrich everyone’s lives. That’s been evident during this lockdown so let’s not lose the good and positives that have been built up. Thank you 🙏
[21:43:35] Resident013:

[21:43:44] Resident097:

[21:45:27] Resident020:

He needs an upgrade ;) have a few choices here 😂😂
[21:46:44] Resident097:

Cheeky he says its brand new !! Hes just running it in atm
[21:47:38] Resident131:

[21:48:07] Resident020:

Bless him, should have said i have a few brand new electric ride ons atm. Lol
[21:49:56] Resident097:

What you got hes always in the market for a new motor just like his dad
[21:50:12] Resident019:

[21:51:03] Resident097:

Shush woman hes allowed ... we have a pact to fill the yard with mechanical engineering and wizardry
[21:52:13] Resident020:

Bike wise i have the BMW 1000 or a dirt bike. Car wise i have yellow beetle dune, blue ford focus RS, or very cute yellow tractor 😂😂
[21:53:11] Resident097:

Oooh dune and tractor sound interesting 🤣
[21:54:38] Resident020:

[21:54:38] Resident020:

[21:54:39] Resident020:

[21:54:39] Resident020:

[21:54:39] Resident020:

[21:54:40] Resident020:

[21:55:06] Resident020:

The VW is fully licenced and has parental remote too :)
[21:55:49] Resident097:

Drop me a message with prices the tractor looks cool
[21:56:12] Resident020:

My Nephew has the focus a d they are brill little cars working radio, bluetooth, mp3 and aux connection
[21:57:02] Resident020:

Will do
[21:58:09] Resident007:

Thank you, i will have a look for the app, im sure there may be some more foraging activities to come for Ethan