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Daily Newsletter Tuesday 2nd June 2020


The Government is under strong pressure from businesses to reduce the 2 metre rule to 1 metre, in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines. However, an important international study, lead by McMaster University Canada, was published yesterday in the Lancet. It provides strong evidence for the continued importance of social distancing and for face coverings.

Their study concluded that the primary route for virus transmission is indeed through aerosol droplets, either directly, or indirectly, via surfaces. All three measures of physcial distancing, face coverings in public and hand hygiene must be combined to reduce risks.

The risk of transmission halves for every metre separation. However, it does depend on the orientation of the person. Face to face carries a higher risk than side to side. Indoors carries a much higher risk than outdoors. Indoors, ventilation is very important. The risk is cumulative over time. The longer you spend with an infected person, the greater your risk. 4 layer cloth face coverings dramatically reduce the risk if both parties are wearing them. Eye coverings, further reduce the risk.

These measures aren't new, but this study is important because it provides a firm grounding for Governments to take decisions, if they choose to listen. There is clearly no scientific basis for reducing the 2 metre rule indoors at this stage. However, 1 metre outside might be feasible. But we need to stop dithering on face coverings. They ARE effective if everyone wears them.

But to have absolute safety for yourselves, you need to combine all measures and increase the 2 metre rule to at least 3 metres if not 4 metres. With every additional metre, the risk halves.


None that we know of!


111 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 39,045 across the UK. The numbers of new daily infections decreased to 1,570. Both of these figures reflect the usual weekend reporting blip.


In Northamptonshire another 14 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. The total number of cases is now 1,512.

2 new infections were reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 654 381.1 0
Kettering 244 240.9 2
Northampton 500 222.1 4
East Northamptonshire 199 211.9 2
Wellingborough 161 202.6 1
Corby 128 180.7 3

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