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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 27 May 2020

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[05:44:01] Adrian Dale:

[05:44:30] Adrian Dale:

[05:45:39] Adrian Dale:

[06:51:57] Resident097:

Morning Vlad great podcast as always 🤣
[06:53:06] Adrian Dale:

Morning Worzle - amazing how names emerge eh?
[06:53:59] Resident097:

😂 And this is all going down on archive for years to follow
[06:54:27] Resident097:

2020 the year the villagers all pulled together and went mad 😂
[08:00:40] Adrian Dale:

[08:55:51] Resident047:

9.33pm tonight is a Space X rocket
Launch. The first manned rocked launch for 9 years and the first commercially funded launch ever. Watch it live on
[08:56:06] Resident047:

[10:00:34] Resident038:

[10:00:38] Resident038:

Thanks for this
[11:17:13] Resident136:

[11:20:50] Resident136:

[11:21:39] Resident136:

[11:25:57] Resident061:

I would like the books and thomas puzzle if that’s ok? I will happily make a donation.
[11:26:23] Resident136:

[11:28:26] Resident136:

Ok Julie do you want all of the books, and where are you, collect or red van man?
[11:30:05] Resident061:

The thomas tank, bee and love my daddy please, if not too greedy could i have the play mat too?
We are 45 The Crescent, Chelston Rise, where are you Wendy?
[11:30:43] Resident136:

Pokas cottages, off the high street
[11:31:41] Resident061:

In that case, would Aidrian mind delivering at earliest convenience?
[11:36:42] Resident038:

[11:36:59] Resident038:

My son would love this!
[11:37:20] Resident075:

If are you A bee is available please can I have
[11:37:36] Resident025:

This message was deleted.
[11:37:50] Adrian Dale:

Wendy can you sort and label, I’ll do a run at 15:00
[11:38:33] Resident136:

Ok Adrian will do. Sorry Lucy a bee is already gone
[11:40:00] Resident061:

Thank you
[12:00:12] Resident136:

Flick it's yours
[12:05:01] Resident136:

[12:12:02] Resident038:

Mega thank you
[12:12:13] Resident038:

We will take the books too
[12:12:19] Resident038:

Thank you
[12:13:56] Resident136:

Ok will put them with the scalextric for rvm to deliver this afternoon
[12:14:07] Resident038:

Thank you
[12:14:10] Resident038:

Thank you Adrian
[12:38:33] Adrian Dale:

From Tina Hackett: I've accidentally bought coffee beans rather than ground! Taylor's Lazy Sunday, could you ask if they're any use to anyone else please? FTGH
[12:39:50] Resident055:

Can’t you grind them Tina
[12:52:58] Resident002:

[13:38:50] Resident075:

We have a coffee grinder Adrian if you want to grind them
[15:59:25] Resident010:

I use beans Adrian... happy to pay you for them
[16:00:37] Adrian Dale:

Tomorrow ok?
[16:01:18] Resident075:

To get the coffee grinder?
[16:01:42] Adrian Dale:

Sorry Lucy response to Andy
[16:43:13] Resident010:

Yes Adrian... Im in all day LOL... please let me reimburse you for them
[16:53:31] Resident073:

[18:13:00] Resident007:

[18:13:01] Resident007:

[18:13:25] Resident007:

Any use to the person who does the zoom quiz? Packets have not been opened only the box
[18:48:02] Resident101:

Would love them please... that is me :-)
[18:52:21] Resident007:

Wonderful, @447850570007 could I include the quiz tin on any of your journeys around please?
[18:53:06] Adrian Dale:

Yup - can you pop out tonight- off for a walk at 19:00
[18:53:43] Resident101:

Super thanks both
[18:55:09] Resident007:

Yes, I'll leave it at the end of drive on wall
[18:57:41] Adrian Dale:

I might just read questions first 😏
[18:58:12] Resident101:

As long as you don’t read the answers it’s fine .. sealed o think it said :-£
[18:58:17] Resident007:

You can't haha I've advertised them as not opened 🤣
[18:58:19] Resident033:

Don’t worry Adrian I have a dup box. Amanda has two. 😱😱. Joking
[18:58:23] Resident136:

Naughty boy Adrian !!
[18:58:40] Adrian Dale:

[20:18:14] Resident047:

Space flight will be visible from the UK

This is very cool. British astronaut Tim Peake says both the International Space Station and the SpaceX launch will be visible from the UK tonight.

Just before the launch, Brits should be able to see the Space Station if they look west, just right of the moon at around 2120.

The SpaceX launch itself is taking place at 2133, and you'll be able to watch it on Sky News.

Then, at about 2150, if Brits look to stars again they would be able to see the spacecraft following the same path as the ISS over the UK.
[20:18:36] Resident047:

[20:18:45] Resident047:

On YouTube too
[21:20:17] Resident052:

Shame Launch 🚀Aborted according to Sky News
[21:22:22] Resident052:

Launch delayed due to lightning risk
Bad weather an issue throughout the day
Earliest chance of launch is on Saturday
[21:22:43] Resident047:

That’s a shame try again satd
[21:30:02] Resident038:

Bad timing with the quiz, it's 722pm I think
[21:30:10] Resident038:

[21:30:38] Resident038:

I'm going to have to call NASA and postpone 🤣