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WhatsApp Archive for Tuesday 26 May 2020

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[05:39:38] Adrian Dale:

[05:40:08] Adrian Dale:

[05:41:04] Adrian Dale:

[08:12:50] Resident097:
[08:13:13] Resident097:

New facebook page up for the Garage 😉🙂🙂🙂
[08:15:02] Resident131:

👍, liked page
[08:21:54] Resident039:

Liked and a review added 😀
[08:27:07] Resident097:

[08:27:56] Resident097:

Thanks cant see review yet is it live your end ? Just wondering if i need to switch it on somehow this end 🤣🤣
[08:56:03] Resident093:

Sounds like Adrian was a former Dom Cummings!😉
[08:57:01] Resident097:

English Putin 🤣 Take no prisoners
[08:59:55] Resident025:

Liked and reviewed 😃👍
[09:00:35] Adrian Dale:

Ah no - because I was independent, threats to sack me cut no ice. And there were many!😀
[09:17:14] Resident097:

Thanks are they showing on the page ? Struggling to see the reviews this end which is weird
[09:20:08] Resident012:

Not showing yet.
[09:33:48] Resident130:

If no-one wants this it's going in the bin today!!!
[09:51:22] Adrian Dale:

News from Aitch Lidl Newton Road has strong white bread flour
[10:09:48] Resident039:

If anyone has a cheap colour printer hanging around would be interested x
[10:22:59] Resident007:

@447850570007 we still have flour here too
[11:33:11] Resident030:

I am wondering if here. Does Adrian have or still has contacts in HMG! If so, would it be at all possible to re-make contact and put forward his idea on passports etc. Like I said, I am only wondering if this is a possibility.
[13:46:00] Resident007:

[13:49:10] Resident019:

Would the rod be an easy fix?
[13:49:45] Resident136:

Sally bought me some sugar free choc one Christmas , wasn't impressed, decided some things are worth putting up with the naughty ingredients for the taste.
[13:50:31] Adrian Dale:

Like Alcohol free beer!!!
[13:50:54] Resident136:

This message was deleted.
[13:54:23] Resident007:

Yes I would think so, looking at the pic, top of the steps its the red stopper on each side that is missing
[14:36:54] Resident007:

Slide is now gone
[15:01:56] Resident067:

Hi, is everyone's WiFi working okay? Ours has been dropping in/out most of today and yesterday afternoon. Just wondering if it's a village issue or just me!
[15:02:40] Resident047:

Our internet is dropping out too
[15:03:00] Resident055:

Ours to Lesley ! Raunds Road
[15:03:12] Resident020:

My talk talk has been doing this for over a week
[15:03:34] Resident021:

Having same problem with talk talk - been intermittent since last night
[15:03:37] Resident067:

Thanks we are Hillside...looks like it is a village issue then 😣🤦
[15:05:08] Resident052:

Hi we are on Water Lane and our internet is from Sky and we are not experiencing any problems 🥴
[15:05:09] Resident067:

Made a work virtual meeting very interesting, people could only hear my every third word plus I dropped out completely a number of times 🤣
[15:05:55] Resident073:

Dropping in and out all day. Am now frantically hitting save on all my work frequently! I kept having freezing issues during my virtual meeting!
[15:09:39] Resident054:

Sky working fine in Duchy Close
[15:11:22] Resident067:

Thanks all
[15:12:14] Resident025:

BT Internet is working fine in Duchy Close
[15:13:37] Resident136:

BT fine at Pokas cottages
[15:17:43] Resident125:

My Talk Talk in Duchy Close was fine too. Did see a BT Openreach van parked outside my house for a bit though!
[15:18:31] Resident020:

On to talk talk now as i had this issue for about a week though not every 20mins as it is today 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
[15:24:53] Resident007:

Not noticed it with BT here on Water lane
[16:47:12] Resident020:

Been told its my talk talk router being sent a new one apparently
[17:07:56] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:57] Resident055:

[17:07:58] Resident055:

[17:07:58] Resident055:

[17:10:03] Resident113:

No problems with Bt internet on Disbrowe Court
[18:51:51] Resident032:

My talk talk has been a problem over the last week - now dropped out completely. The problem is with talk talk apparently, not here at home - Kimbolton road
[18:52:53] Resident020:

I did say it must be a talk talk issue but she wouldn't hear it
[19:03:57] Resident012:

[19:04:42] Adrian Dale:

[19:04:43] Resident025:

[19:44:00] Resident023:

[19:45:22] Resident012:

Beautiful! And it’s free 😁
[21:09:46] Resident085:

[21:15:59] Resident020:

We have a nest outside the window and a nest in the garden. Was devastated when we thought a cat had killed the mummy bird. Thankfully she is okay and babies looking great!
[21:20:46] Resident055:

Yes I was starving ready for our BBQ 😂
[21:20:58] Resident020:

[21:22:43] Resident085:

Lovely photos
[22:10:20] Resident131:

[22:16:04] Resident131:

[22:16:35] Resident131: