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Daily Newsletter Tuesday 26th May 2020


Nationally, new cases and deaths have dropped off significantly over the last couple of days. Deaths have dropped below 200 for two days in a row and this has been cheered by the Government. However, a carefully examination of the charts below shows that we have had a consistent 5:2 pattern for several weeks. For some reason, the number of deaths reported on a Sunday and Monday are always well down. However, these numbers actually refer to deaths that supposedly occur on a Saturday and Sunday. So statistically speaking, it appears that you are less likely to die at the weekend. It is strange but obviously false. It is caused by weaker reporting lines at the weekend. Deaths at the weekend are obviously not being reported until the Monday. So I am expecting a jump today. Nevertheless, the long term rolling average is downwards. That must be good.

In Northamptonshire, you will see from the chart that we have clearly had a second wave of hospitalised infections. Figures reported from the last few days, however, show a noticeable falling off. Todays' figures will confirm whether this is a real trend. It will be another 14 days before the impact of the bank holiday weekend parties is known.

We are reaching an interesting point in the epidemic. Public patience is wearing very thin and the Cummings affair has cost the Government dearly. All of their advisory psychologists believe that compliance with the rules will now be almost non-existent amongst the key spreaders. The vulnerable and ultra-responsible will still paid some heed, but even middle England will now starting cutting corners.

The crisis might be over but we still have no workable way forward for the whole population. It is time for the big ideas and long term planning.


None that we know of.


121 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 36,914 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases dropped to 1,625.


In Northamptonshire another 16 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. The total number of cases is now 1,422.

1 new infection was reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 609 354.8 -2
Kettering 229 226.1 2
Northampton 473 210.1 5
Wellingborough 153 192.5 3
East Northamptonshire 185 197.0 1
Corby 120 169.4 0

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