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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 25 May 2020

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[06:00:13] Adrian Dale:

[06:00:34] Adrian Dale:

[06:00:58] Adrian Dale:

[09:27:31] Resident101:

Wow Adrian another great podcast. I like the idea of this COVID passport. I would need to test everyday but I wouldn’t care if it means I can step back into the Badminton court and we can open the village hall. I’m in. I want to sign up!!
[09:30:31] Resident135:

Us as well, brilliant
[09:34:32] Adrian Dale:

All I am doing is turning Govt thinking on its head- instead of making buildings Covid Secure, make people Covid Secure, then buildings can stay unchanged.
[09:38:44] Resident118:

Brilliant podcast - thinking outside the box! Can you run these ideas past Peter Bone - he’s a good listener.
[09:38:50] Resident023:

Excellent podcast Adrian and probably the only way forward.

My rant: I am a cyclist and love a good bike ride on a sunny day. Other people’s safety is as important to me as my own safety. However, over the last week I have become aware of an increasing number of walkers and cyclists that have no respect for me and my space. This morning whilst walking the dog I found myself diving into the ditch to avoid a cyclist with snot and sweat pouring of him as he coughed and spluttered past me without a care for me and the minimum 2mtr rule. Thanks mate - I know you heard my morning greeting!!!!
[10:38:24] Adrian Dale:

TT races started early today!
[10:39:16] Resident097:

few crucial letters missing

WA 🤣🤣
[10:39:39] Adrian Dale:

WA did you say Pete?
[10:47:13] Resident097:

Lol the crucial missing letters of the TT
[11:14:27] Resident004:

[11:41:47] Resident007:

Could we try the bike please for my son, he's 6 but a tall 6
[11:43:13] Resident004:

Where do you live? You can come to us if you would like to try it out?
[11:43:38] Resident007:

On Water Lane
[11:44:31] Resident004:

We are 25 Duchy Close if you want to walk up and try it out
[11:47:24] Resident007:

Ok we can pop up now if that's OK
[11:48:28] Resident004:

Yeah that’s fine. I’ll pop it out the front
[11:54:31] Resident097:

Plenty of Spandex clad idiots out today aswell it seems
[11:55:08] Resident097:

Social distancing as a group Covidiots
[12:15:11] Adrian Dale:

Norman’s chocolate brown Labrador has gone wandering in the Water Lane area. Keep your eyes open please
[12:32:05] Adrian Dale:

[12:34:44] Resident020:

I think there is questions about the reliability of masks as its been reported previously that apparently if someone shouts through a mask who has the illness it still gets in the air then stays in the air for up to 14miniutes.
[12:35:13] Resident092:

Brown Labrador has been found thanks
[12:36:28] Resident101:

Hmm have to wash hands before touching any surface 🤔 how do I turn my tap on? Wash hands then have to turn it off so contaminate myself again. Really isn’t the solution!
[12:37:23] Adrian Dale:

Yep but strong evidence that everyone wearing them reduces the overall transmission rates - see
[12:42:29] Resident020:

Oh i agree there is evidence that they help, but there is question over how much they help. But in honesty i suspect he is possibly still working towards his herd immunity idea.
[12:43:17] Adrian Dale:

They are compulsory in most Far East countries - compare the deaths!
[12:49:45] Resident020:

I don't disagree. But the claim is they are questioning the reliability of them. Not sayimg i agree with them though hemce i said apparently. Also wasnt there was talk last week of being required to wear masks in enclosed spaces. Ie public transport?
[12:52:16] Resident055:

I bet the Lab was down at the book stall found a book on human behaviour 😂
[12:56:03] Adrian Dale:

Hi Charley, We had a big session on masks before you joined the group - have a look at this newsletter
[12:57:02] Resident020:

Oh right, thank you! I shall have a read of it.
[13:22:59] Resident015:

Still available Swedish crystal bud vase or a pair etched stirrup cups or a Webb Corbett 1970's decanter. free or donate to P.C see photos from yesterday.
[13:25:22] Resident030:

I wear latex type gloves, no probs 😎
[13:36:28] Resident049:

Hi Candy, can we have the vase please?
[13:36:58] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van Candy?
[13:38:44] Resident136:

[14:03:45] Resident015:

Yes will leave out for collection
[14:14:41] Resident049:

Whereabouts are you please? Can pick up when walking dog
[14:15:12] Resident015:

17 Hillside
[14:15:57] Resident049:

Ok thanks we’re just round the corner so will pop round shortly. Will make donation to PC
[14:16:23] Resident015:

Ok will leave in the porch
[14:18:02] Adrian Dale:

James can you also pick up Zara’s vase from Candy and deliver to the thatched Cottage at the top of Water Lane - it would save me a van run? Thanks
[14:20:55] Resident049:

No problem 👍
[14:23:30] Resident138:

Hi all, before I throw them in recycling, I have about 50 odd carrier bags the home shopping deliveries have been in, used just once. Can anyone use them before they get thrown out?
[14:27:46] Resident049:

[14:37:39] Resident055:

I bet Jean could have a use for the bags Zara for her plant sales
[15:26:08] Resident138:

Thanks :) if you let me know where to leave them I am very happy to drop off.
[15:35:20] Resident117:

Hi Candy if the stirrup cups are still available please may I have them?
[15:40:04] Resident130:

Have a range of KS3 English books for anyone who could use them? If not they will have to be thrown away.
[15:58:38] Resident016:

Please can I have these? Will collect.
[16:29:15] Resident015:

Hi Sharen all yours, will drop them of later. Les
[17:02:16] Resident117:

That's very kind of you
[18:22:43] Brenda Elldred:

Join our Celtic Evening Liturgy at 7pm tonight on the website link:-
[18:23:38] Adrian Dale:

Oops sorry
[18:24:48] Brenda Elldred:

No worries Adrian it hadn’t been put on St Mary’s WhatsApp either.
[18:26:03] Adrian Dale:

Our walking so can’t do post - will add to list of services later
[18:26:45] Brenda Elldred:

No problem. Enjoy the walk.
[18:28:32] Resident011:

Does anyone have any suggestions for an afternoon tea? I am looking for a delivery, does anyone have a good place? Dont want just order from the search
[18:43:39] Resident025:

I’ve just had an afternoon Cornish tea delivered to my sister in law from The Cornish Cream Tea company and she said it was superb
[19:05:28] Resident011:

Thank You!
[19:07:00] Resident130:

Will leave them on Fiat bonnet outside 43 Water Lane - Enjoy! We're clearing the garage so as a retired English teacher there's probably more to uncover!!!
[19:14:00] Resident113:

Aneta i used Nic's kitchen Raunds for afternoon tea it was lovely. Took it to my mum and dad in northampton they do deliver locally though.
[19:15:14] Resident113:

[19:15:14] Resident113:

[19:15:15] Resident113:

[19:15:15] Resident113:

[19:15:17] Resident025:

Also we had breakfast from Jesters in Raunds yesterday really good
[19:18:39] Resident097:

Jester is awesome but then i am biased cos my mate owns it 🤣🤣
[19:23:34] Resident025:

My favourite daytime cafe/restaurant 😃
[19:41:04] Resident011:

Thanks all!
[19:47:58] Resident124:

Thanks to Pete for sorting our old Riley car, I know some of the jobs we gave you would have been onerous 🥵
[20:03:22] Resident130:

We have also discovered under desk keyboard drawer at back of the garage. Unused & boxed - anybody want it?
[20:15:21] Resident023:

[20:15:37] Resident130:

[20:20:29] Resident133:

What did the government tell us to do? Run? Hide? Shout at it? Test your eyes by driving 30 miles to a castle? 🤔
[20:22:08] Adrian Dale:

Drink it as alcohol sterilises!
[21:15:51] Resident138:

Not drinking alcohol only typically 40% max for spirits you need >60% to kill co vid
[21:16:54] Adrian Dale:

Shucks doubles distilled then!
[21:17:21] Resident086:

Woods Navy Rum is 57% almost there 👍 and very nice 😁
[22:19:21] Resident097:

No problem was a pleasure Thankyou for giving us the oppurtunity to work on such a beautiful car, see you soon
[22:20:52] Resident097:

[22:21:26] Resident124:

[22:40:07] Resident136: