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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 22 May 2020

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[05:47:35] Adrian Dale:

[05:49:25] Adrian Dale:

[05:50:30] Adrian Dale:

New series of videocasts from the Churc
[05:53:20] Adrian Dale:

[07:09:43] Resident063:

[07:14:20] Resident121:

I suspect that’s our cat Ken! 😃
[07:18:23] Resident097:

Cats are having more fun than we are !!
[07:40:41] Adrian Dale:

As a reminder of the safe fun we can have I have finally sorted out Resident031’ great hi-res photos of VE Day
[07:45:38] Resident031:

It’s a shame that I couldn’t get round the whole parish - next time!
[07:45:46] Resident097:

If any of you keen gardeners require any good quality Compost let me know
My friend simon sells it locally and is doing 20kg bags for £5 or 3 for £10
And he can deliver
[07:48:54] Resident012:

I would be interested in trying 3 bags if possible
[07:49:41] Resident097:

I will give him your number and get him to message you if ok
[07:50:30] Resident012:

Yeah that’s great thank you 07803 339316
[08:01:38] Resident138:

Put an order in direct for a bag of compost and 3 bags of wood chips :) project tidy up The Cottage garden will continue this weekend
[08:01:47] Resident063:

OK Steph it seemed happy enough
[08:05:26] Resident097:

Think were all at it atm with Diy, I do all simons car repairs for him he turned up lastnight and dropped me 3 bags off, refused to take any money off me for them saying ive done enough for him in the past, hes a really nice genuine guy
[09:25:08] Resident051:

There’s too many tabby/white cats about but I don’t think that’s Muffin, as Steph says probably theirs. Perhaps we could have a ‘guess the cat’ competition!
[09:36:33] Resident031:

For some years now, person or persons unknown have been building quite sophisticated shelters in the strip of woodland on the far side of what is known as “The Runway”. Dead wood has been used and presumably, some kids have been learning woodcraft which is no bad thing.
Recently I noticed that green vegetation was being used but today, I find that several trees have been stripped of their bark to a height of around three metres.
Since those trees were planted over thirty years ago, there has been precious little woodland management but I don’t think that this is any way to treat living trees.
Does anybody know owt?
[09:36:41] Resident031:

[09:41:47] Resident023:

Sika or Roe deer normally, they can only get that high, it’s a common ‘attack’ on trees in wooded areas like this......and kills the tree!
[09:45:40] Resident023:

I hope it’s that and not thuggery!
[09:49:45] Resident002:

[09:54:15] Resident031:

Love it!
[10:08:02] Resident023:

Excellent podcast Adrian, I to monitor the stats daily and know that round 2 is already happening.

It reminds me of the original Jaws film: big fish eats people, everyone stays out of the water, holiday weekend approaches, little fish is caught, everyone told it’s safe to go in the water, big fish eats even more people!!

I’m staying out of the water!!
[10:19:39] Resident033:

I can not get to today’s podcast
[10:20:03] Resident136:

Me neither
[10:20:46] Resident033:

[10:21:18] Resident059:

I’m getting the same.
[10:21:44] Resident136:

That's what I'm getting too, bandwidth exceeded
[10:21:50] Resident033:

Oh good. But not good Adrians issue ??
[10:22:18] Resident136:

Think it must be
[10:22:59] Resident023:

Might be worth clearing your ‘cached’ memory on whatever device you use.
[10:28:20] Adrian Dale:

Looks like the Parish account has indeed exceeded the allowed monthly bandwidth!! I am going to set up a temporary link to podcast in 20 mins time and then talk with Mark
[10:37:29] Resident086:

I thought it was my phone lol 😂
[10:39:11] Resident097:

Ahh see you all need to get out of bed earlier 😂 i got the podcast at 5:48am
[10:59:26] Adrian Dale:

Just buying more emergency bandwidth!!
[11:17:09] Adrian Dale:

Bandwidth purchases made but it will take an hour or so to come on stream. I will monitor and let you know. Apparently the numbers of podcast downloads has dramatically increased this month and we have run out of our allowance in 3 weeks. Council Have upgraded to unlimited.
[11:21:27] Resident115:

Excellent, thanks Adrian 😊👍
[11:22:16] Resident136:

Thanks AD
[11:22:49] Adrian Dale:

Good test of whether anyone still listens 😃
[11:29:23] Resident086:

Oh yes I defo listen but defo not at 5.48am lol 😂 👍
[11:35:29] Resident136:

I listen every morning and so does Victoria in Bristol
[11:46:27] Resident097:

[11:52:53] Adrian Dale:

[11:53:11] Adrian Dale:

[12:33:45] Resident131:

[12:36:25] Resident033:

Stunning so lovely the Rose season is early this year too.
[12:37:58] Resident097:

[12:38:20] Resident097:

[12:38:45] Resident131:

Thank you Elaine, our roses seem to be having a good year
[12:40:59] Resident038:

[12:45:03] Resident097:

[14:26:13] Resident101:

Hi everyone, Is there anyone in the village that could do a little bit of fence maintenance for me? Basically I think a couple of posts have moved and the fence is now leaning slightly in a couple of places. If no one in Village would be interested in any recommendations. Thanks
[15:54:27] Resident117:

I too have the same problem. One of my fence posts is loose causing the fence to sag slightly. Difficult to find someone who will come out just for that repair so if you manage to find someone please let me know.
[16:13:11] Resident051:

[16:24:57] Adrian Dale:

I’d need a much bigger straw!! Perhaps even a hosepipe with a pump directly plumbed into the barrel!
[16:26:50] Resident101:

[16:27:40] Adrian Dale:

Looks like you Rach!!
[16:37:00] Resident073:

My other half can have a look if you want.
[16:37:21] Resident073:

My other half can have a look if you want.
[16:41:25] Adrian Dale:

Sirens in the Village anyone know why?
[16:48:15] Resident117:

Fire vehicle not engine going towards Raunds
[16:48:34] Adrian Dale:

[16:56:26] Resident030:

[17:00:46] Resident030:

[17:15:50] Resident055:

[17:15:50] Resident055:

[17:15:50] Resident055:

[17:15:50] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:15:51] Resident055:

[17:17:38] Resident117:

That was mean. Bet you were having a nice little daydream!
[17:19:37] Resident055:

You know me so well Sharon 😂
[17:25:58] Resident015:

[17:28:45] Adrian Dale:

Surely that’s a business that’s allowed! They could put the cone in a hole in a plank and push it to you!
[17:30:10] Resident015:

I've sent Les to investigate
[17:31:31] Adrian Dale:

Resident030- a man living on the edge!!
[17:35:33] Resident015:

[17:44:45] Resident052:

Was that the Sirens ? A bit over the top 🥴
[17:47:47] Resident030:

True, who else will admit to having a Magic Table!!!
[17:49:02] Resident030:

They were after that ice cream & flake
[18:16:48] Resident051:

Even better 😂
[18:20:48] Resident038:

This is a bit random and I don't know if we are allowed to ask... Does anybody have a van we can use to do a quick pick up up at Ravensdon tomorrow morning?
[18:21:03] Resident038:

Big white can type of vehicle or trailer?
[18:21:23] Resident038:

There is fuel money and beer in it
[18:32:51] Resident038:

[19:16:26] Resident097:

Normally yes but my trucks broken atm :-( and as a mechanic im too busy fixing other broken stuff to look at my own atm 🤣
[19:18:14] Resident038:

No worries, appreciate it anyway x
[19:23:29] Resident020:

🤣 ohhh you are so right with that 😂
[19:53:47] Adrian Dale:

[20:09:04] Adrian Dale:

[20:18:16] Resident097:

[20:18:49] Resident097:

[20:19:15] Adrian Dale:

Where do you find these so quickly!
[20:19:57] Resident022:

Must be on a rail nerd chat site.
[20:20:04] Resident097:

I have a warped humour ! And most are either at hand or Google !!
[20:20:30] Resident097:

There was a whole thing on the underground a few years back where people edited signs
[20:23:40] Resident097:

[20:23:40] Resident097:

[20:23:40] Resident097:

[20:23:41] Resident097:

[20:25:54] Adrian Dale:

You’re a road junky - rails don’t exist!
[20:26:46] Resident097:

🤣 I went off the rails at a young age
[20:29:38] Resident097:

[20:40:33] Resident101:

Just finalising tomorrow nights quiz. 7pm as usual.
[20:42:52] Resident097:

Worzel might join ya if hes not worzling on a car
[20:50:39] Resident038:

[21:04:45] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is hilarious and the kinda thing id do
[21:29:29] Resident097:

[22:02:42] Resident101: