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Daily Newsletter Friday 22nd May 2020


The Government really isn't doing very well in managing this crisis. Advice seems to change weekly as new evidence emerges. Unfortunately, the evidence isn't always new. It has been around for ages but no-one is systematically researching it and building it into a sensible strategy.

In 2016 Professor Lydia Bourouiba from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used high-speed cameras to capture subjects projecting miniature droplets as far as six metres. They also showed that some of the droplets from a sneeze formed a turbulent aerosol mist which hung in the air.

Given this evidence, you have to ask why our social distancing rules are based on research from the 1930s. The chart below will hopefully make you think a little this weekend.

The 2 metre rule is not based on sound science.

End of an era

After 50 podcasts, the Church's Pause for Thought series came to an end yesterday on Ascension Day. For the next few days, leading up to Pentecost, a new series of videocasts will be published each day - Thy Kingdom Come. These have been accompanied by a new Prayer Walk which you will find in St John's Churchyard. Please take the opportunity this weekend to pause and reflect in a lovely setting.

Tulip Donations - Great Ormond Street Response

After we announced the winners of the Tulip Arranging Competition, Elaine transferred the monies raised to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. Over £1,700 was raised and it is fair to say that they were delighted. Here is their response:

Dear Elaine

Lovely to speak to you just now. Thank you again for getting in touch and for your wonderful fundraising efforts. It was such a lovely surprise to hear about the incredible total of £1700- this can make such a huge difference for the patients, families and staff at GOSH- thank you for thinking of us!

Since the NHS is under such severe strain currently, a great many children are being transferred from hospitals across London to GOSH so space in those hospitals can be freed up to focus on adults with COVID-19. GOSH has doubled its intensive care capacity in the last two weeks to make sure we have room for the UKís most seriously ill children. The Hospitalís incredible staff are working around the clock, under huge pressure, to guarantee children at GOSH receive the care they need in these most difficult times. GOSH needs support more than ever at the moment, so supporters like you and your community mean such a lot to our charity. Thank you!

The fact that many of the people in your village have a personal connection to GOSH makes this even more special, so please pass on our thanks. If any of them would like to talk to us about other ways they can get involved, please feel free to pass on my details. We would love to hear from them.

Thank you again for your support and with best wishes,


Lizzie Helps

Senior Fundraising Executive | Community Events & Tribute


None that we know of.


338 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 36,042 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was up slightly at 2,615.


In Northamptonshire another 14 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. Tee total number of cases is now 1,364. These figures appear suspiciously low in comparison with previous days.

2 new infections were reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 584 340.3 1
Kettering 218 215.3 3
Northampton 458 203.4 2
East Northamptonshire 176 187.4 2
Wellingborough 144 181.2 1
Corby 117 165.2 2

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And finally . . .

The latest Government slogan finally makes sense ...

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives