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[05:51:39] Adrian Dale:

[05:52:18] Adrian Dale:

[05:56:23] Adrian Dale:

Ascension Day marks the last of “Pause for Thought” series of Podcasts. There will be a service this evening and then something fresh tomorrow.
[07:49:38] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats one of the funniest podcasts yet !!
[08:08:17] Michelle Dalliston:

Happy Ascension Day everyone! Podcast this morning coming from Paul shortly and an online service available from 5pm for joining together if possible at 7pm. In the old tradition, we should go up to a hill top! So maybe this year a slight rise in your garden, or even upstairs?! 🎉
[08:32:39] Adrian Dale:

Three new additions from Resident054
[08:47:32] Resident039:

Love that podcast gave me a real chuckle in the woods x
[08:51:42] Resident097:

Blue tits and great tits i can handle ... as long as we dont see a lesser spotted wood pecker we will all be fine 🤣🤣
[09:18:24] Resident054:

[09:21:22] Resident101:

Thank you Bloms. Mum is over the moon with her win!! Congratulations to @447594906134 @447702013547 for there awards and entries as well. Well done everyone 🌷🌷🌷💐🥳
[09:23:06] Resident054:

Whoop whoop! Missed that this morning 😊
[09:36:24] Resident093:

I missed it too! I'd like to claim the credit but actually it was Jacquie who did the arrangement, it was just my photographic skills that won it for her 🤫
[09:42:31] Resident097:

Welldone guys

Talking of competitions .... Hows my fellow scarecrow lovers getting on ??

Dont post pics yet !! Just keen to find out how many pottential entries there is 🙂 is our villages gonna be overrun with Scarecrows... i hope so !!
[10:08:16] Brenda Elldred:

Happy Ascension day to you as well Michelle. Judging by Paul’s podcast everyone living in Chelston Rise near the old air strip are at the highest point! 😊the rest of us will have to do as you say will have to improvise. X
[10:57:54] Resident016:

Six takers so far including yours.... usually a slow start with rush at end!
[11:13:17] Resident038:

We have an idea but have yet to start it... Weekend project
[11:13:22] Resident038:

When do we put them out?
[11:18:22] Resident097:

Ive just had a brainwave 🤣🤣🤣 uhoh
[11:31:44] Resident117:

Hoping to take part but waiting for inspiration to strike!
[11:36:44] Michelle Dalliston:

St John's has several ideas! A whole parade I think!!! 😃🤭🐑🐑🐑 Little hint there 😉
[11:38:05] Resident097:

Welsh farmer ?
[11:48:07] Michelle Dalliston:

More to do with a different kind of shepherd! 😇
[12:08:40] Resident097:

[12:09:29] Resident031:

That’s amazing - never seen the like.
[12:55:49] Resident130:

[12:57:37] Resident130:

[13:03:38] Resident040:

[13:07:46] Adrian Dale:

Better than Government advice!!
[14:19:29] Resident006:

It does seem that some people in the village still don’t understand that ownership of a dog means you’re responsible for any poo deposits they leave behind. So would the person who forgot to clear the mess left on the grass verge in Foot Lane please clean it up.
[14:20:59] Adrian Dale:

[14:44:04] Adrian Dale:

7pm this evening - Ascension Day service
[14:46:18] Resident039:

[14:50:12] Resident012:

Well said! Someone quite often ‘forgets’ to pick it up on the verges in Caldecott as well!
[15:06:01] Resident023:

I once saw somebody not picking up and posted it back through their letterbox! 😷
[15:07:31] Resident086:

Love it Penty 💩💩💩 👍👍
[15:39:26] Resident072:

Hi all. my 16yr old daughter was just walking in the village and a red VW Polo slowed down by her and looked her up and down. She said she could smell weed too. Be alert and stay safe!!! She is ok, but it has scared her.
[15:42:41] Resident097:

Ill keep a eye out any reg details ?
[15:57:15] Resident072:

Sorry no, just a red polo
[17:04:22] Resident039:

Probably been up the airfield they like to go up there and smoke the stuff!
[17:06:40] Resident131:

We pick up and dispose of many unfinished ‘joints’ at the bottom of the airstrip every night.
[17:30:00] Resident039:

So wish that area could be closed off at night, would stop the fly tipping also
[17:42:08] Resident018:

Absolutely and you always see the same cars up there
[18:13:22] Resident019:

[18:14:07] Adrian Dale:

Is this his brainwave ???
[18:14:34] Resident019:

I'm not sure many of them go through his head but it's a something 🤣🤣
[18:20:19] Resident123:

Wearing chainsaw boots 👢 welding without a mask, making a scarecrow out of old car part's no wonder they call him worzel
Can't wait to see the finished item
[18:32:28] Resident097:

Cant weld with my mask on !! Cant see
[18:32:56] Resident097:

[18:33:03] Resident097:

Meet Dave !!
[18:35:56] Resident123:

Very good!
Hi dave welcome to chelveston
[18:36:08] Resident097:

More to come !! Depending on what parts i can salvage of broken cars in the village !!
[18:37:02] Resident097:

Hes made up of parts of Chris's Mitsubishi and Fi's Audi
[18:37:24] Resident097:

So you could say hes a true village scarecrow 🤣🤣
[18:37:35] Resident020:

I can have a look at the unit and through our scrap bin if you would like? We should have some stuff you could use?
[18:38:21] Resident097:

That would be cool if you dont mind :-) need to get some more welding wire
[18:38:49] Resident097:

Id like to try and do a soldier one aswell but that may take some time
[18:39:15] Resident020:

Il see what we have laying about. Ian may have some spare wire il ask him.
[18:39:42] Resident097:

Thankyou :-)
[18:40:08] Resident020:

Have a fair few bit off mx5s if your interested 😂😂
[18:40:35] Resident097:

Only if there driftcars 😉
[18:41:08] Resident020:

Not cars anymore Ian made sure of that 😂😂 they were track cars though.
[18:41:38] Resident097:

Best place for them is on the track or in the bin !!
[18:41:59] Resident097:

🤣did i say that out loud
[18:42:07] Resident020:

Ian would totally agree he spend half his life having to re build them atm 😂
[18:42:08] Resident097:

Cough hairproducts cough
[18:43:05] Resident097:

They make good trackcars, just make rubbish roadcars unless your a blonde hairdresser
[18:44:51] Resident020:

Hahaha they are very passionate about their mx5s lol. Nothing but rust buckets in my mind but to each their own lol
[18:45:02] Adrian Dale:

Elaine has transferred the donations today and already had a response- well done Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise (and Rosie!) Great cause!
[18:46:05] Resident097:

Spent many a time welding sills in them 🤣 infact have a mate up north thats all he does all day everyday !
[18:48:17] Resident097:

Moving forwards could the village not have a Nominated Charity of the year ... ? All events we hold and fundraise for the money goes to this cause ?? ... just a thought
[18:48:34] Resident097:

Then change in 2021 etc etc
[18:50:33] Resident020:

Ian has done a few recently and got a couple waiting for all this lock down to be over atm lol. We are only doing essential work at present. Though think his favourite car of late was the morgan we had in. Such a well maintained and well kept car! Though the anti theft system did make me laugh.
[18:50:58] Resident097:

Where you guys based ?
[18:51:19] Resident020:

Got a small place in Rushden
[18:51:38] Resident097:

[18:52:59] Resident020:

It was mainly for him to build his soap boxes to start with but works well for what we need.
[18:57:13] Resident020:

Ian said unfortunately he only has welding sticks atm the wire he has is already in the welder. But Tm auto parts should have some in.
[18:57:51] Resident097:

Not a problem i can get some from supplier tomorrow thanks anyway :-)
[19:07:13] Adrian Dale:

Meet Pete more like it! Few others have seen what you look like!! We’ve got a couple of Dave’s in the Village and neither look like him!
[19:08:45] Resident097:

😂😂😂 I used to have a mechanic called Dave he was useless so i sacked him thats why I called him Dave !!
[19:09:38] Resident050:

Hi I was wondering if you could fix my problem on my car? I’ve a Volvo xc60 2010 with a dodgy boot- it won’t open- so annoying! It’s gradually got worse for about a year now, it’s not a fancy remote or power lift one- just a pad which you push and pull up. The contact point which released the lock was often in different places when pushed on, often having to push on different areas several times to get it to release - sorry I have gone on but is it something you could look at?
Jane @ middle farm villa on the green 😁
[19:10:38] Resident097:

Hi Jane yes pottentially i shall drop you a message and see what we can sort
[19:11:18] Resident050:

That would be great-
[19:16:16] Resident097:

Does anyone have a old Knackered Lawnmower Kicking about ?? Doesnt have to work !! ...
[19:17:10] Resident050:

It’s just such a pain I’ve obviously endured it for a while now but it has now stuck shut - at the supermarket people must think I’m nuts squeezing between cars piling stuff on my back seat- so no rush
[19:23:21] Resident050:

Sorry my mobile is 07801 011303
[19:26:40] Resident086:

Pete, I can get hold of a knackered push one for next monday/Tuesday or is it a sit on one u r after??
[19:31:38] Resident051:

That’s really nice 😊
[20:08:30] Resident097:

A push along mower is all i need its for a Crow 🤣
[20:23:02] Resident015:

This is great
[20:25:11] Resident086:

Pete, ok cool, I will drop it off on your drive Monday eve or Tuesday ok 👍😁
[20:25:34] Resident097:

Your a star thankyou :-)
[22:30:30] Resident051:

[22:31:40] Resident035:

She’s normally locked in the house by 10pm. Last night she didn’t come home until 4am.
[22:31:59] Resident035:

If anyone sees her, she has a home 😢
[22:32:34] Resident097:

Will keep a eye out for her this end of the village
[22:39:02] Resident020:

Not seen her today but i shall go check the shed as she often sits on the roof.
[22:39:21] Resident051:

Thanks - I can’t sleep until she’s in!
[22:40:06] Resident051:

Please x
[22:41:08] Resident033:

Garden checked here. No sign of her. 🙏
[22:41:57] Resident086:

I will keep an eye out here, she isn't in the garden with my lot but going up the garden shortly to feed wildlife so will see if she is up there 🤗
[22:42:40] Resident059:

Hi I’ve just seen her on my way home from work she ran under a parked car just along from Adriens house there was a ginger cat with her not sure if she’s still there.
[22:44:07] Resident020:

No sign here have left the door ajar to be safe x
[22:45:47] Resident097:

Out on a date 😂😂
[22:46:22] Resident097:

Is she home yet ??
[22:47:30] Resident059:

[22:47:54] Resident051:

No 😢 Ellie’s gone to check out Water Lane again. There’s another cat very similar to her in the area too
[22:48:25] Resident007:

There's a ginger cat that comes from hill side i believe if with that cat
[22:49:07] Resident051:

She’s not that kind of girl!
[22:49:20] Resident097:

Hope she comes home soon
[22:50:07] Resident020:

Il keep an eye out x
[22:50:11] Resident059:

I hope you find her x
[22:52:52] Resident051:

She’s back! I feel like a drama queen now 😂 she was out the front on the High Street. Early night for me. Thanks everyone ❤️
[22:53:31] Resident059:

Glad she’s home
[22:53:47] Resident020:

Glad you found her x
[22:53:51] Resident086:

Nope she isn't up here, wondered if she myt have been with my ginger boy but he is up the garden waiting for his tea. It is worrying when they go missing, hope she comes home real soon 🤗 x
[22:54:06] Resident097:

Thank god for that !! I was then about to wake the mrs up tl try and explain that i was gonna go out in the village searching for p#ssy ! Im not sure this scarecrow would of had a home to go back to either
[22:54:34] Resident086:

Glad she is home 🤗🤗 x
[22:54:35] Resident035:

[22:55:14] Resident097:

Now lock her in and give her a chat ablut social distancing!!
[22:56:46] Resident097:

#about ( oh god my beer head hurts ! ) right now that dramas over im off to kip sleep well people stay safe
[22:58:01] Resident033:

👍 I rattled the bins in hope she scarpered home
[22:58:41] Resident035:

I heard. Scared the living daylights out of me 😂
[22:58:59] Resident097:

[22:59:42] Resident051:

Soooo see you all same time tomorrow night then 😂 🐱
[23:00:00] Resident007:

Thankfully it didn't wake ethan 🤣🤣🤣
[23:00:05] Resident097:

Ill prewarn the mrs !!
[23:00:06] Resident059:

[23:00:22] Resident020:

[23:01:57] Resident097:

Cant you attach one those things they have for keys .... whistle and it sets of a siren 🤣🤣🤣
[23:02:34] Resident097:

Or a cowbell
[23:03:58] Resident097:

Failing that my toddler has learnt how to use my phone so cant be that difficult to get her a smartphone and get her to text you so you know shes safe !! 🤣
[23:05:36] Resident086:

I have a tracker collar you can borrow if you like, it's really good 👍
[23:06:45] Resident051:

Thanks but she won’t wear a collar - we gave up on those when she first moved in. Most were in Nigel’s garden!
[23:06:50] Resident097:

Does it work like a fitbit ? See how far shes gone ! Plots her route would be interesting to see how far she roams
[23:08:23] Resident033:

Sorry about the 🗑 bins 🤦‍♀️
[23:09:41] Resident035:

that would be interesting to see! 😂
[23:10:19] Resident086:

Ahh that's a shame Janellan.
Yes Pete it does, it's good in one way but not another, it showed one of mine crossing the road by JST and going over towards the memorial, I panicked then thinking he myt get run over 😩 haven't put it on him since lol 😂
[23:11:09] Resident097:

Never know she may have found a pub thats open 😂