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WhatsApp Archive for Tuesday 19 May 2020

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[06:17:09] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:56] Adrian Dale:

[08:29:57] Brenda Elldred:

Thanks Adrian - did make us chuckle about Charlie Dimmock - John remembers the programme very well!
[08:30:07] Resident097:

Great podcast Adrian as always

And Goodmorning Fellow Scarecrows
[08:30:31] Resident097:

[08:32:13] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Paul and Dudley we are certainly embracing the new age of technology with church. Let’s keep it up! 🙏
[08:45:14] Resident101:

Good morning Puzzle #17 can be added back into the library as dad has completed it. Could he have #18 now please. Cheers
[08:48:17] Adrian Dale:

Pop on doorstep coming soon thanks
[09:07:02] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Paul and Dudley! It was a joy working with you last year Dudley in your role as ENC Chairman and many congratulations to Sylvia on her Mayoral year ahead 😃🎉 xxx
[09:10:16] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Adrian for briefing this morning - fantastic that so much is going on in C, C & CR even in lockdown (all safely of course!) Wish I could have enjoyed the Gardening advice and refreshments with the Bloms yesterday. At St John's we are throwing ourselves into the Scarecrow Festival - thanks Pete for getting us all going with this! 😃
[09:16:36] Resident097:

Looking forward to seeing your creations :-)
[09:29:10] Resident093:

[09:43:21] Resident047:

[10:33:30] Resident023:

[10:34:52] Resident002:

Bit harsh....
[10:35:22] Resident059:

[11:06:13] Adrian Dale:

Elliot has let me know that weather permitting, he’ll be in his novelty outfit tomorrow- let’s have the photos!
[11:25:49] Resident054:

That's made me feel really old 😂
[11:25:49] Resident054:

[11:33:24] Resident025:

Great 😃
[11:38:39] Resident022:

[12:06:44] Resident118:

Adrian - thanks for your techie help. Will we able to drive round the village to see scarecrows? M and I can’t walk very far these days.
[12:22:40] Adrian Dale:

Yes Shirley indeed - Carol will be producing a map to help
[12:50:35] Resident101:

[15:28:23] Resident087:

Just listened to the podcast Adrian, Tom is really chuffed about your comments about him and so are we, He’s a good boy 😊
[15:40:12] Adrian Dale:

A credit to you - did you have to explain Charlie Dimmock though ?😂
[15:43:40] Resident087:

No! He was oblivious 😂😂
[16:09:18] Resident079:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:52] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:09:53] Resident055:

[16:23:39] Resident051:

We were chatting to this Mini owner on Sunday trying to buy it off him - he wouldn’t budge! ☹️
[17:27:33] Resident023:

Wendy and Candy - a very big THANK YOU from Kaye for the wool, it is greatly appreciated.
[17:27:56] Resident002:

[17:32:24] Resident023:

[17:35:46] Resident023:

[17:52:22] Resident043:

The car parks for the country parks have reopened. Pay and display is still in operation and pass holders will have their passes extended for two months after the expiry date.
[17:53:41] Adrian Dale:

And a warning... parking wardens were issuing tickets at Sywell for anyone parking on the approach!
[18:08:17] Resident052:

Thanks Harriet & Adrian excellent news our boys 🐶🐶 love Sywell
[18:09:02] Resident052:

Sorry and thanks Harriet for the update on our annual pass
[18:10:02] Resident025:

[19:13:45] Adrian Dale:

We’ve had 42 entries so far - all anonymised. Please check I’ve included your entries, I’m prone to mistakes!!
[20:11:23] Resident055:

2 motor bikes just came up Sawyers crescent heading for Raunds both of them no helmets ⛑ on !
[20:12:37] Adrian Dale:

If it wasn’t for key workers having to deal with it ..... the nutters get what they deserve. I can still hear them !
[20:13:05] Resident023:

I could hear them from Caldecott!
[20:13:19] Resident055:

Turds 💩
[20:14:17] Adrian Dale:

Jennie!! Maureen has a lot to answer for!😀
[20:25:55] Resident055:

She sure does ! 😂 miss her x
[20:31:53] Resident097:

Mk1 cooper you will be lucky if you get that cheap
[20:33:40] Resident051:

I know 😏 He only paid £3k for it but it needs a lot of work
[20:34:28] Resident020:

Sorry guys, i am hopeless who was it that Ian actually got the gorgeous tulips from yesterday? Was asked to update if a red edge started to appear?
[20:46:21] Resident097:

16k plus on a good day
[21:02:27] Adrian Dale:

[21:05:18] Resident097:

Aww bless him
[21:05:30] Resident136:

Ah, he's so pleased to see Jonny bless him, obviously loves his master
[21:06:02] Resident012:

Do you think he was pleased to see him 😊
[21:08:40] Resident130:

2 bikes from B645 into Water Lane - noisily racing along - neither has number plates so not road legal!
[21:08:43] Resident023:

Only one thing for it AD - get one!!
[21:09:24] Resident097:

Most likely stolen
[21:10:24] Adrian Dale:

No thanks Chris!!! Handed him back with only one injury and am relieved !
[21:10:59] Resident097:

A broken heart ?
[21:11:40] Resident138:

Didn't get any tulips yesterday as working at home so missed the competition, sorry. Will re build a scarecrow when I can get something resembling any key workers outfir
[21:11:41] Resident023:

You’re gonna miss him. And, we will all miss seeing your co-pilot in the RV.
[21:11:45] Resident138:

[21:20:31] Resident007:

They were from us around the corner, did the red edge appear?
[21:23:10] Resident020:

It seems to be starting to appear yes. And thank you guys so much that was so kind of you the girls were over the moon with them.
[21:23:20] Brenda Elldred:

Brilliant- the excitement to see Jonny - amazing bond between the 2. Lovely to see. You will miss him!
[21:24:15] Resident007:

Ah bless them, any chance you can send us a photo or two of the edge? Believe you can select my number to send separately 😊
[22:03:21] Resident101:

Aww bless him. No more photo bombing your pictures. 😆
[22:06:16] Resident025:

Lovely to see 😃
[22:08:23] Resident097:

Great Evening... First villagers car recovered this afternoon complying with social distancing rules and into the workshop repaired and will be back with its owner in the morning :-)

Another being dropped off tomorrow for repairs

Thankyou everyone for the support so far it really means a lot to have your backing and hope to be able to offer great service for many years to come

Chelveston Motor Services
T: 07572535019
[22:33:46] Resident131:

And a lovely piece of news to end the day, Captain Tom is to be Knighted, arise Sir Tom, God bless you Sir 🌞
[23:43:43] Michelle Dalliston:

Great news! Richly deserved. Beatification should be next 😃
[23:44:05] Michelle Dalliston:

Great news! Richly deserved. Beatification should be next 😃