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[05:46:13] Adrian Dale:

[05:46:44] Adrian Dale:

[05:47:31] Adrian Dale:

[07:51:56] Resident097:

Good morning fellow Scarecrows, Great podcast Adrian

The sun is shining its a beautiful day if you listen carefully you can just about hear the sea 😂 .... so glad i booked my holiday to Costa Del Chelveston last year
[07:52:35] Resident038:

😂😂😂 Morning! Such a beautiful day today.
[07:53:01] Resident097:

Can you hear the waves too flick
[07:53:32] Resident038:

Oh for sure!!!!
[07:54:08] Resident097:

Thats good to know for a minute there i thought i was going mad
[07:54:51] Resident038:

[08:03:51] Resident097:

Ok heres a random one from your caring scarecrow in the community

Playparks ...... why doesnt Chelveston have one ... ?

Yes i know Chelston Rise does i believe it was part of the development

But the issue is its almost inaccessible to Chelveston Residents due to the fact there is no Safe way to get there from this end and its one hell of a trek with a buggy after you walked there and back kids are knackered out after running around etc etc

So ill prob get shot down for this ...

Does Chelveston need a small play park too ..., Is there area to accomodate this, if so would it benefit the smaller people of the village with a few Swings a roundabout and other stuff, it gets them out again into the fresh air away from the TVs etc

As a community is this something my fellow scarecrows would like to see ?
Is there space to accomodate such a thing ? Ie Village hall or a spare piece of PC land thats not in use... or even a plot of land that could be aquired or donated for such a cause ... a plot we could fundraise for etc

Feedback please ...

Love ya all
[08:13:52] Resident131:

Pete, re the footpath between The Crescent and the village, Bob is on to this and will be liaising with Mark Hunter for guidance, watch this space 😁
[08:17:19] Resident131:

Adrian, thanks for mention in the newsletter. If anyone is thinking of selling in the village please please do let us know. Looking for something older (the older the better) and somewhere tucked away. Renovation project would be fabulous. Thank you everyone xx
[08:17:54] Resident054:

[08:22:11] Adrian Dale:

Report in Times Today - an American study has just been published showing that someone speaking loudly, without a mask, projects a mist of droplets that can hang in the air for up to 14 minutes!
[08:22:48] Resident097:

Thats half of america stuffed then 🤣🤣 especially if they been supporting trump
[08:24:00] Adrian Dale:

I was also wondering about whether the shouting matches in Parliament had an unexpected consequence!
[08:39:42] Adrian Dale:

[08:44:28] Adrian Dale:

[08:44:25] Resident039:

Ohhh lovely will pop to get some more beautiful tulips this morning x
[08:47:23] Resident033:

Pong is available for any gardening questions today on eater lane, as he has nothing else to do as Chelsea Monday is in Chelveston. Xx
[08:48:40] Adrian Dale:

[09:00:20] Resident015:

[09:08:03] Resident063:

Thank you Elaine and all the generous Bloms.
[09:11:39] Resident015:

Thank you bloms for the extra rays of sunshine with the fab TULIPS
[09:24:35] Resident131:

[09:24:58] Resident054:

Save some for me! In a meeting til 9.45am 🌸
[09:31:24] Resident093:

Further to Adrian's comments about the quad biker, did anyone else see the green scrambler going up the track from Disbrow Court towards the allotments yesterday, late afternoon?
[09:36:14] Resident138:

Not yesterday, there was a green scrambler doing wheelie in water lane Saturday around 5.30-6pm and another youngster. At least both had helmets on
[09:43:30] Resident040:

[09:43:42] Resident097:

Further to my post yesterday about re-establishing your local garage
I will as of this week be undertaking mechanical work from home again with more heavier stuff being done at my Sharnbrook base... following this over the next 6 Months we plan to have our workshop here built so will be able to accommodate up to 3.5t

For those that dont know of me already I ran as Venture Performance for the last 8yrs then changed to A6 Recovery and Salvage

Heres some reviews from the last few years of our work, all be it some of these reviews are from a while back as many of you will be aware i concentrated more on the Recovery side of the business which meant i had more home time whilst my partner cath was pregnant with littleun.

We pride ourselves in being a professional, Honest and reliable garage with our customers in mind, we dont charge outrageous prices and offer value for money and are competitive on our prices without compromising on quality or service.

T: 07572 535019
[09:52:51] Resident056:

[09:53:17] Resident131:

Pete, this is good to know. Bob has cars for his business but also has a classic SAAB and James has the 1969 Triumph PI
[09:53:35] Resident131:

Beautiful x
[09:57:13] Resident054:

[09:58:26] Resident097:

Oooh Classic saab ?? I have one myself im Restoring with father inlaw
[09:59:25] Resident012:

Love your vase!
[10:01:16] Resident012:

Love your vase too 😂😂
[10:01:40] Resident134:

[10:02:09] Resident131:

When we first met he had an imported left hand drive Alpha Spider but we found you couldn’t get a big Silver Cross prom in it😁😂
[10:02:28] Resident131:

[10:08:46] Resident097:

[10:09:40] Resident131:

I not telling Bob or he will be up there 😁
[10:09:58] Resident056:

Love the settin Jenny 😂
[10:12:48] Resident078:

[10:19:38] Resident097:

[10:20:36] Resident097:

Appologies that was my Mini me saying hello !!
[10:27:14] Resident087:

[10:27:14] Resident087:

[10:31:50] Resident031:

[10:32:48] Resident130:

Living at the Ford end of Water Lane, the noise from motor bikes roaring along the B645 yesterday, was constant. It has been noticeably quieter during lockdown but I suppose they are no longer having to stay at home?
[10:34:31] Resident097:

[10:44:37] Resident078:

A pocket park would be a lovely idea. We have lots more “little people” about in the village nowadays. The danger is teenagers congregating so may have to be policed
[10:45:36] Adrian Dale:

Tulips sold out in Caldecott- still a few bunches left in Chelston Rise and Chelveston
[10:47:36] Resident023:

This message was deleted.
[10:48:16] Resident023:

[10:48:19] Resident097:

Agreed would need to be placed somewhere that Antisocial Behaviour would be restricted maybe near the Village Hall or somewhere that a CCTV could be installed to provide cover of the area. What we dont want is it becoming a hive for older kids to cause issues or a pottential Drug user den.
[10:50:05] Resident117:

Beautiful tulip called Catherine.
[10:50:20] Resident117:

[10:51:34] Resident054:

Very good! I couldn't think of anything witty at the time 😂 They've been moved and are now on display in top window for everyone in Duchy Close to enjoy.
[10:52:31] Resident117:

High Tricia. Much the same here in High Street. Dad calls it the sound of summer!!☹️
[10:53:44] Resident025:

Love your Tuloolip arrangement 😃🌷🌷
[10:56:57] Resident039:

[10:59:01] Resident117:

Trump says that's fake news!
[11:00:05] Resident130:

Hi Sharen, one yesterday afternoon sounded like a large truck with serious exhaust problems - probably a knackered moped!
[11:00:22] Resident097:

Try having Carrots for fingers and a Parsnip for a nose !!

Looks good

[11:02:09] Resident097:

Theres a Honda Civic been going through the village last few days about 4pm with a Cherrybomb Exhaust.... Sounds horrible 🤣🤣 like f#rt in a bakebean tin
[11:02:29] Resident087:

Hi all would love a park in the village, also the manor school bus from September is only stopping at chelston rise? No safe access for my son to walk to get the bus as we live in high street- not ideal for us without a safe footpath.....
[11:04:32] Resident117:

I've noticed there seems to be a few noisy cars recently coming past usually about 5 o'clock one after the other.
[11:06:19] Resident097:

Uhoh what have i started..... Worzille for Mayor !! First a scarecrow comp ... now a playpark..... tomorrow the world 🤣
[11:06:39] Resident136:

Michelle the Manor school bus used to stop in the village, might be worth asking them to drop him off outside home, it's hardly out of their way is it?? There was talk of w play area for the children years ago when mine were young but because of all the health and safety involved the cost would have been horrendous
[11:07:37] Resident130:

We did try to make the rough land by the Ford a Pocket Park some years ago - without success.
[11:09:46] Resident097:

What was the reason dor failure if you dont mind me asking... pm me if easier
[11:14:46] Resident136:

When we looked into it, we had to have special flooring so the kiddies wouldn't get too hurt if they fell off the equipment, liability insurance, and the play equipment had to meet very high standards and regulations, the total cost would have been around £30K if I remember rightly, and that's going back probably 20 years so it would be a lot more now, plus it would need maintaining properly so we gave up on the idea.
[11:17:32] Resident051:

I think there was similar response in more recent years too when mine was a bit younger.
[11:17:45] Resident097:

Technology has moved on a lot in 20 years though, with the right contacts anythings possible .... most playpark flooring is made from Recycled Tyre Materials or Bark... we have a tyre recycling plant less than a mile away from the village, Wickstead play equipment still make play equipment and I have contacts there
[11:20:24] Resident097:

Public liability would be the thing ... but there must be some sort of Public Liability or Disclaimer in place with the play equipment at Chelston Rise... who does the Maintenance there...
[11:20:43] Resident023:

[11:21:14] Resident136:

Don't know, try speaking to Adrian about it, he would know
[11:23:12] Resident097:

I think i gave him enough work with the Scarecrow comp 🤣
[11:24:22] Resident136:

He thrives on it, although he might not agree with me saying it
[11:24:41] Resident113:

Michelle, mine go to the Ferrers and the council provide a taxi to collect from the post box in the village. If you speak direct with the council they have to provide it and it has to be safe. So if Manor wont do it for whatever reason they need to sort it. Hope this helps. X
[11:27:25] Resident051:

I thought the Manor bus was privately funded and stopped where necessary. It’s always stopped until recently by the post box as well. I presume you’ve spoken to the school Michelle? Resident050 do you have any contacts at Manor?
[11:33:05] Resident087:

Yes I’ve spoken with the school, they don’t seem to aware of the distance/lack of access !!!!!!! I have been told they can look into it but not sure they can help!!!!!! I wanted him to have a bit of independence by going on the bus and maybe meet some kids in the village to play out with in the summer!!!! I’ll try the council thanks for that!
[11:37:37] Resident051:

Secondary school transport has been the bane of my life for the last 7 years - I don’t envy you starting all that!
[12:17:36] Resident054:

This message was deleted.
[12:17:50] Resident054:

This message was deleted.
[12:30:07] Resident052:

Great Chelsea FS Q&A with Chris Blom this morning (Socially Distanced of course) with advice on using Chilli Paste & Powder to deter Muntjac Deer 🦌 from eating Tulip 🌷 Bulbs thanks Chris & Elaine for the advice
[12:33:04] Resident097:

Saying invalid format ?
[12:33:56] Resident054:

So it does! I'll try again....
[12:35:23] Resident054:

[12:36:00] Resident097:

[12:41:05] Resident131:

We still have 4 lovely bunches of Tulips here at the Crescent
[12:41:55] Resident020:

Id love to grab them please? Just waiting for Ian to get back as he has had an emergency break down call out and can't leave the kids.
[12:50:51] Resident139:

[12:53:03] Resident131:

Hi, only 2 bunches left, shall I keep them for you?
[12:58:15] Resident020:

Ohh yes please! Il pop over when i can.
[13:02:43] Resident012:

[13:08:30] Resident086:

[13:16:44] Resident075:

[13:16:48] Brenda Elldred:

[13:16:58] Resident075:

Free pallet going if anyone wants
[13:17:27] Resident134:

Yes please!
[13:17:48] Resident075:

Vikki is that you across the road?
[13:18:16] Resident075:

From us on peters close?
[13:18:54] Adrian Dale:

I’ll pick up later - I still haven’t picked up Wendy’s puzzle!!
[13:19:02] Resident134:

I'm 2 Cornerhouse Cottage, The Green :)
[13:19:25] Resident075:

Oh another Vicki, yes have fun with it 😊
[13:20:36] Resident052:

[13:21:03] Resident134:

Thanks Lucy & Adrian 😁
[13:28:15] Adrian Dale:

Hi Charley - have you picked them up?
[13:36:24] Resident020:

We missed them unfortunately but was very kindly given some ☺️
[13:37:49] Resident131:

I glad you have some, they are so beautiful
[13:39:17] Resident131:

Roll up, roll up, only 2 bunches of beautiful tulips left at The Crescent (number 24)
[13:43:46] Resident110:

[13:45:26] Resident021:

[13:51:21] Resident054:

Love it! 😆
[13:52:10] Resident020:

[13:56:43] Resident025:

[13:56:43] Resident025:

[14:32:45] Resident075:

[14:34:06] Resident073:

Are there any tulips left in Chelveston? Just had a conference call cancelled so have an opportunity to pop out for some now!
[14:49:13] Resident055:

[14:50:52] Resident097:

Does anyone want any Double Pallets ?? I have 2 here that are in the way
[14:51:36] Resident075:

@447706944319 @447850570007 pallet outside our house
[14:56:00] Resident133:

Hi, this is Vicki from over the road. Sorry was out on a walk.
[15:01:09] Resident049:

[15:03:58] Resident020:

Such an amazing range of colours
[15:05:16] Resident038:

Vanessa how many bunches left please?
[15:05:27] Resident131:

Hi, there are two here in the Crescent, maybe Adrian could drop them off for you? Not sure where you are
[15:07:01] Resident073:

I’m in Raunds Road. Will see what Adrian’s says! Thank you Vanessa.
[15:08:36] Resident130:

Adrian was chair of PC at the time so it might be an idea to ask him - beaucracy is the glib answer! The land is privately owned.
[15:09:37] Resident130:

My message was for Peter!
[15:11:42] Resident131:

Hi Flick, there are 2, not sure if you have been over
[15:12:59] Resident097:

Oki doke
[15:13:00] Resident131:

Love the chair and flowers too
[15:13:00] Resident038:

Thank you it's OK, Lori can have them 😍
[15:13:11] Resident038:

She was in there first and nine are still looking good from VE day x
[15:15:24] Resident131:

Thank you Flick, Lori I will put the last 2 bunches aside for you
[15:16:46] Resident073:

Thank you Vanessa and Flick. They will be my first lot.
[15:17:02] Adrian Dale:

RVM will collect tulips
[15:17:22] Resident073:

Thank you very much Adrian
[15:21:14] Resident131:

[15:21:51] Resident025:

Thank you 😊
[15:22:36] Resident131:

Lori, the 2 left are absolutely beautiful and have opened up a little in the sunshine ☀️🌷🌷🌷🌞
[15:24:10] Resident073:

Brilliant. Just need to find my artistic side now to arrange them!
[15:38:11] Resident131:

I am sure they will look fabulous
[15:51:15] Resident070:

[15:57:07] Resident063:

[16:02:17] Resident063:

[16:13:41] Resident038:

Love this jug!
[16:16:19] Resident015:

Hi have the pallets gone and what are double pallets
[16:17:01] Resident052:

[16:17:12] Resident097:

Double pallets are twice the size of a conventional pallet Candy
[16:18:20] Resident097:

[16:18:26] Resident015:

Would love them for my allotment but wouldn't get them into the car
[16:18:58] Resident097:

Where is the allotment i may be able to get them up there for you on Wednesday? With the truck
[16:19:52] Adrian Dale:

I can do it Pete - I can put them on top of the van
[16:20:06] Adrian Dale:

Red van run tomorrow afternoon
[16:20:18] Resident097:

Let me know when pal and ill drag them out the garden
[16:20:25] Resident097:

Ok ill get them ready
[16:20:28] Resident015:

Excellent thank you
[16:21:39] Resident097:

I know theres 2 there i may have a third in a few weeks also ( its got a pickup truckbed on it atm ) but your welcome to the third also if any use when its ready
[16:23:52] Resident015:

Those 2 will be fine thanks
[16:24:07] Resident097:

No problem and thanks Rvm :-)
[16:27:02] Resident059:

[16:27:57] Resident097:

Oh that takes me back

Stuntpegs and a 360 gyro !! Cool bike
[16:29:09] Resident059:

We have had it a long time it belonged to our son and he’s 25 now
[16:38:32] Resident131:

Aww this looks so pretty
[16:42:52] Resident073:

[17:19:55] Resident131:

Fabulous, love it 😊
[17:23:56] Resident101:

[17:48:34] Resident131:

How lovely, beautiful gentle colour
[17:58:26] Resident131:

Hi, I am looking for an old concrete horse trouph if anyone has one they want rid of. Thank you, Vanessa
[18:38:30] Resident023:

Mrs P is running out of wool!

Whilst recovering from her op she is making 1mtr sq blankets but is getting a bit quick at it and all original wool donation have been used. IF anyone has any spare balls (wool) she would love to make them into blankets for the elderly (not me.....yet).
[18:42:59] Resident087:

This message was deleted.
[18:50:08] Brenda Elldred:

Celtic service tonight at 7pm if you wish to join in you will find it on the website
[18:55:06] Resident136:

I'm sure I can find some wool for Mrs P, Adrian can you collect tomorrow please?
[18:55:09] Resident109:

It's a gift at Irthlingborough opened this weekend and they have loads of wool.
[19:02:17] Resident015:

Does she want dk or chunky
[19:12:10] Adrian Dale:

Ping me when it is ready
[19:13:08] Resident136:

Ready now!!
[19:13:51] Adrian Dale:

9am please- driving now would be illegal!!
[19:14:46] Resident136:

Ok, can bring it down to you now if you wanted
[19:15:01] Resident055:

Cheers Adrian 🍺🍹
[19:19:02] Resident023:

Thank you Wendy - greatly appreciated!
[19:20:07] Resident023:

Apparently DK Candy. But I’m not sure what that is!
[19:22:07] Resident015:

Double knitting I have some she can have will sort it later perhaps Adrian could pick up on his rounds tomorrow
[19:24:29] Resident043:

[19:27:46] Resident023:

That’s really kind of you - thank you Candy.
[19:29:05] Resident023:

AD van man, could you please collect wool from Wendy and Candy when you are next journeying? Thanks Kaye
[19:32:40] Adrian Dale:

Have you pinched his phone??? Or are you really Penty all along? RVM 09:00 Tuesday
[20:33:38] Resident023:

😃 she dictated the message from her sofa! Thank you RVM
[20:36:20] Resident040:

Thank you!
[20:42:31] Adrian Dale:

Tee hee, take dictation Mr Pentland...women rule the world as always!!
[20:44:46] Adrian Dale:

36 entries so far - any more out there? Any missing??
[20:46:30] Resident023:

Umm! She’s getting better clearly. You can see why I was hiding with my paint brush today!
[21:17:35] Resident097:

OK so i am pleased to announce ... Chelveston now has a garage !! Of sorts !!
(Most my equipment is now home bar the hoist and tyre machine !) But that will come as soon as the big workshop goes up over the following months:-)

So a Busy afternoon moving cars making space and tidying up my Large Home garage ready for trade this week 🙂 So if any of you require car repairs servicing,brakes or general repairs drop me a message, already have a few of your vehicles lined up to come in this week which is great.
Work by Appointment only please

Soon we will have full service here including Discount and Branded Tyres !!
[21:41:20] Resident055:

Great news A6 we have a Riley 4/68 we have had it for 42 yrs
[21:43:01] Resident097:

Wow would love to see pics is it on the road still or laid up ?
[21:44:07] Resident055:

Nope on the road! We may have a few jobs for you
[21:44:43] Resident055:

[21:45:24] Resident097:

Drop me a message Old stuff is where my heart is more tbh
[21:46:10] Resident023:

12 winter tyres need switching back to summers when you have your tyre machine sorted.
[21:46:56] Resident055:

[21:47:07] Resident097:

Tyre machine,balancer and compressor should be over from the yard hopefully next week penty thanks
[21:47:54] Resident097:

Wow beautiful car would love to get the spanners on it, let me know wjat you need sorting
[21:47:59] Resident097:

[21:48:18] Resident055:

No problem 😉 will be in touch
[21:48:37] Resident097:

Thankyou :-)
[21:51:07] Resident023:

Let me know, but no rush - cars aren’t being driven.
[21:51:32] Resident097:

Will do thanks
[21:52:03] Resident055:

Are you blind lol 😂
[21:52:27] Resident097:

Just waiting on a "socially distanced hand" as cant lift any of them on my own !! They weigh a tonne lol
[21:52:56] Resident097:

Hope not woukd make for a interesting driving experience 🤣
[21:58:28] Resident055:

[22:21:49] Resident131:

Very pretty