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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 17 May 2020

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[06:22:20] Adrian Dale:

[06:22:22] Resident097:

Good morning world, the sun is shining the birds are tweeting
[06:23:04] Adrian Dale:

[06:23:50] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:22] Adrian Dale:

Morning Pete! Hope the hand isn’t too bad!
[06:31:25] Resident097:

Morning adrian 🙂 Fingers a tad sore but ill survive, im forever cutting myself on stuff,hitting them with hammers or jamming them in things, part of the territory of working on cars, hope you had a good day off... back to the Grindstone today ? Have a good one and stay safe
[06:32:57] Adrian Dale:

Yup off litter picking
[07:13:36] Resident099:

[07:16:26] Resident099:

Thanks Adrian. Do you have her number? I wanted to go round & paint her side of our fence today & was going to check she was OK with it. Sorry my message sent before I was ready!!
[07:48:49] Resident039:

Sorry to ask does anyone in the village have dialysis and if so where? X
[07:58:01] Resident031:

..... the power tools are powering on Chelston Rise. Had to 🎧 to listen to the podcast.
[08:55:28] Resident131:

Do we have anyone in the village who is NHS staff Milton Keynes Hospital or know anyone that is? Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell are offering free emergency repairs service to to all NHS staff working at Milron Keynes hospital. All labour is free, parts will be at discounted prices.
[09:15:31] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian for your wise words. It is definitely challenging for relationships especially for those who parent or partner are vulnerable. We are all praying for the miracle vaccine that will at least help to get us back to some kind of normal. Glad Helen was OK and you had a good trip.
[09:29:18] Resident109:

Thank you Elaine the tulips are beautiful I can never thank you all for your thoughtfulness you are so kind x
[09:40:47] Resident033:

You are most welcome indeed. Happy home for happy tulips 🌷
[09:52:34] Michelle Dalliston:

Adrian, you are a walking miracle in yourself! 😃 Absolutely right though to keep warning us of the risk and the need to stay safe. There may be a miracle cure in the longer term, but the miracle right now is how people are looking after one another and communities coming together ❤️ 💐🌞
[09:54:51] Brenda Elldred:

[09:56:43] Resident023:

Covid-19 will be remembered for many things. Amazing people have done amazing things. Tulips will always remind me of the love and care of local people.

Thank you Bloms!
[09:59:50] Michelle Dalliston:

[10:04:34] Resident095:

Thank you for my gorgeous tulips 😁x
[10:06:55] Resident039:

Thank you soooo much for the tulips something I very much needed today. Xxxx
[10:19:27] Resident033:

🌷🌷 Chelsea flower show has gone virtual this year. BBC1 at 5.50pm the best of Chelsea coverage from today.
BBC2 tomorrow
online at
There are also daytime shows to look out for.
Dress up, pour the pimms and get some inspiration from the best plantsmen/women and bulb growers.
[10:21:50] Resident101:

We’ll be watching 💐 🌷 love Chelsea Flower show.
[10:23:49] Resident086:

Elaine, hope you are well. I am hoping to get my hands on a bunch or two of your beautiful 🌷 haven't had any yet, my own fault for not being in the village last weekend 😩. Will there be some for sale tomorrow at the bottom of your drive? 😊
[10:36:48] Resident033:

Yes the events team are popping a flier in letterboxes this weekend. Tulips are available from 9am tomorrow, to include a little fun and creativity for Chelsea week we are asking for pictures of your arranged tulips which Chris shall be judging on Wednesday. No gold medals to be awarded however opportunity to receive tulips bulbs for planting in the autumn with compliments of Bloms. All donations again to Great Ormond Street Hospital xx
[10:38:43] Resident023:

[10:40:08] Resident086:

Excellent 😊👍
[10:41:11] Resident086:

Got the flier yesterday 😊
[10:44:33] Michelle Dalliston:

Wonderful and uplifting to join together in worship this morning 🌞thank you everyone, and Lesley for such powerful words of comfort ❤️
Don't forget Zoom Coffee at 11.30am ☕🍪
To join the Zoom Meeting, click on the following link (or copy and paste into your browser)
you may need the following info and password:
Meeting ID: 763 2786 1589
Password: 9e0J8X
[10:51:16] Resident023:

Many years ago my sister and I bred hamsters, but one day they were sadly struck down by illness and all died.

An old village yokel suggested turning them into jam, the taste was supposedly acquired but excellent. So, my sister and I set about doing this with our once beloved pets.

Yuk - it was awful and the jam was thrown on the compost heap. But, to our amazement - when we woke the next day the compost heap had become a mass of beautiful and magnificent flowers.

This proves that you really do get Tulips from Hamster jam.

Please don’t try this at home. Go to Bloms instead!
[11:00:21] Resident097:

😂😂😂😂 I had to read that twice then got it
[11:04:10] Resident033:

[11:06:27] Resident086:

It took me a while but I got it after the third read 😳🤣
[11:07:11] Resident097:

I just had visions of Penty and her sister blending a hamster 😱
[11:08:14] Resident086:

I must admit I did to, 🤮 yuk
[11:10:44] Resident023:

Penty his a ‘he’
[11:11:12] Resident097:

Ooops Sorry
[11:12:35] Resident023:

Been called worse!
[11:18:59] Resident117:

Thrilled to get my🌷this morning. Wasn't expecting any more as I thought you would be all tuliped out after VE day celebration. Thank you so much. Will be watching Chelsea and all associated programmes this week. Not quite the same as visiting your wonderful exhibits there and at Malvern as I've been fortunate enough to do in the past though! Also thanks as ever to RVM for delivery.
[11:20:42] Resident015:

Thanks for my lovely Tulips their gorgeous and I am very lucky to get them x
[11:34:26] Resident097:

🤣 im flattered but you really didnt need to name the Scarecrow Competition after moi !!
[11:46:18] Resident097:

[12:17:24] Resident110:

Hi Michelle thank you for the service and Zoom coffee. I am not sure how I got the ‘alternative’ back ground ! I am not by the Golden Gate Bridge or any other just enjoying the sunshine at home. 😄Take care Rosie
[12:19:08] Michelle Dalliston:

Was absolutely brilliant to 'see' you Rosie! For all its madness, Zoom After Church Coffee is great! ☕🌞😃❤️
[12:19:12] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[12:24:07] Resident109:

[12:25:44] Resident073:

Can someone share a photo of the flier please? I didn’t get one through my door!
[12:26:39] Resident033:

[12:28:01] Adrian Dale:

Hi Lorraine I’ll check but I think they are still out being delivered.
[12:28:10] Resident109:

Flier as requested
[12:29:47] Resident073:

Thank you
[12:31:01] Resident109:

[12:35:17] Adrian Dale:

Hi Folks - all fliers will be delivered today and there’ll be a web page - I took a day off and now I am running behind!!
[12:37:18] Resident073:

Thank you
[13:08:10] Resident099:

[13:10:10] Resident075:

Yes please to parasol
[13:12:00] Resident099:

Hi Lucy. It’s yours. We are at Top Farm House next door to pub. I’ll leave it outside the gate if you or Adrian can collect 😀
[13:15:17] Resident136:

Adrian, puzzle no. 19 is now available again if anyone wants it.
[13:20:34] Resident023:

[13:21:17] Adrian Dale:

4pm run
[13:21:37] Adrian Dale:

4pm collect thanks from arch
[13:36:09] Resident075:

Thankyou Peter and Adrian
[13:43:56] Adrian Dale:

[14:26:29] Resident097:

Didnt realise that Lockdown was over and the village was hosting the new TT
Spose with the recent drop in economy that the racers chose Chelveston because of its natural beauty spots rather than booking a ferry, we should all be blessed that we have all this wonderful tourism in our village now... Naomi open the bar lets all sit and watch the racers
[14:39:39] Resident124:

[15:11:42] Resident051:

Brilliant 😂😂
[15:15:58] Adrian Dale:

About 20 years ago Higham to St Neots was advertised in MCN as the best time trial route in the country.
[15:16:46] Resident097:

They should put speedbumps all the way down that road
[15:17:28] Resident097:

Im waiting for the day i pull out the drive in the lorry and it swallows one of them
[15:20:20] Resident055:

[15:20:20] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[15:20:21] Resident055:

[18:13:56] Resident097:

Lovely picture just a shame about the cables
[18:24:44] Resident056:

Well done the Bloms, special mention on the telly at the RHS, no surprise about that 😀😀👍🌷
[18:25:56] Resident109:

Yes well done a lovely display just shown on the telly 🌷🌷
[18:26:05] Resident055:

Yes have just watched it well done 👍🏻 Bloms
[18:27:37] Resident023:

Bloms on telly are blooming great!
[18:28:04] Resident117:

Hear hear!
[18:28:54] Resident033:

Yeahhhh the fabulous Rachel de Thames. Love her she loves us too. 🌷🌷🌷
[18:33:58] Resident045:

[18:39:39] Resident052:

Don’t like this virtual Chelsea want the real thing and that always great Bloms Bulbs in the Pavilion this virus has a lot to answer for 🙁 but the great thing is we have those wonderful Tulips 🌷 first hand so those Chelsea regulars are missing out 😉
[18:40:48] Resident055:

[18:42:19] Resident109:

Love the video of the sheep this is the first year I haven't seen any lambs so that was nice to see thank you
[18:49:59] Resident033:

[18:50:39] Resident117:

Feel very privileged to have a vase of Bloms🌷here in my sitting room. Never thought that would happen! Thank you so much xx😊
[18:50:57] Resident033:

Oh. Thank you Jenny. Phew. We have a mention hope more coverage during this week. XX
[18:51:48] Resident025:

Well done Chris & Elaine and Mike x
[18:53:22] Resident056:

It is well deserved, I was watching with fingers crossed. 😊
[18:54:48] Resident033:

Oh Sharen . I’m so pleased you have a vase to enjoy. 🌷🌷🌷
[19:01:48] Resident101:

Looking forward to hopefully getting some tulips tomorrow and making a donation to GOSH at the same time. Such a great cause. Thank you Bloms 🌷🌷🌷
[19:16:09] Resident033:

Thank you too 🌷🌷🌷
[19:28:37] Adrian Dale:

Patricia was wondering why they hadn’t arrived yet!!
[19:37:13] Resident039:

[19:37:51] Resident033:

[19:40:15] Resident101:

Oh that’s a lovely colour. Hoping there might be some yellow ones tomorrow as that was my Nans favour colour and it would have been her birthday tomorrow. I’ll need to get out and about early I expect. Early bird catches the tulips tomorrow not the worms 😂😂😂😂🌷❤️
[19:54:30] Michelle Dalliston:

Well done Bloms! Much deserved 🙌👏 💐 prayers for you 🙏 and sending love ❤️ my tulips last week were stunning - the best I have ever seen! 😃
[19:55:46] Resident039:

Hi Rachael, wow tomorrow would have been my nans birthday too. Her favourite colour was green x happy nans day tomorrow x
[19:57:14] Resident039:

These tulips were very much needed today thank you all x
[19:57:28] Resident101:

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
[20:02:48] Resident033:

Oh ladies. Tough day for you tomorrow. Think of you happy memories you have of your nans. Xx
[20:05:58] Resident101:

Thanks Elaine 🌷🌷
[20:21:16] Resident016:

Pleasure - you were keen to get it going so credit to you !
[20:28:31] Resident039:

Thanks Elaine 💐💐❤️😘
[20:59:52] Resident023:

[21:10:02] Adrian Dale:

Stunning!! Kings Blood Red! (Blom language!)
[21:17:57] Resident033:

[21:34:07] Resident127:

Beautiful shot