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[06:01:36] Adrian Dale:

[06:02:05] Adrian Dale:

[06:02:28] Adrian Dale:

[06:02:59] Adrian Dale:

[07:33:30] Resident101:

Thanks for the warning ⚠️ Adrian 😮 😱😷. Enjoy your day off. As
[07:45:58] Resident101:

As it is Saturday that means it’s Quiz night. Will post the login details later. Time will be the same 7pm. Have a great day.
[08:24:09] Resident046:

Thanks Rachel
[08:35:21] Resident135:

Have a good day off you deserve it
[09:18:17] Resident097:

Hi Guys ... Spoke to some of you a few weeks back regarding Garage work...

Due to the lorry currently being off the road ... Mechanical Failure Yesterday ! And likely to be away at the dealers over the next few weeks getting sorted as its still under there warranty from the engine they bodged in there earlier in the year 😥

I am available as of Monday next week for mechanical repairs, servicing or restoration work, more the better as the trucks gonna be a expensive fix !
I can arrange collection of your vehicles adhering to strict socially distancing rules using my other driver and lorry and all vehicles will be cleaned thoroughly prior to return.

I am im the process of sorting a official Chelveston Motor Services page but for the meantime if anyone is interested still in getting there vehicles looked at then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I can undertake servicing,mot,general repairs from home or at my Sharnbrook workshop working on vehicles upto 7.5t
T: 07572 535019

Thanks everyone
[09:32:55] Resident117:

Hi. Advice please. I had to get a new fridge which was delivered today. Being fitted by kind neighbour (social distancing observed). Don't know the best thing to do with the old one though.
[09:34:41] Resident012:

I think you can ask the council to collect for a charge. Maybe check ENC website.
[09:34:43] Resident033:

Call the council. They may collect for a small fee. If it still works maybe offer or sell ?
[09:37:35] Resident117:

Unfortunately not working at all. Council tip closed so don't know if they will take away at the moment. May have to stick it in the garage until the tip reopens and I am no longer shielding.
[09:38:34] Resident117:

Rumour there is a scrap man who comes through the village but don't know if he'll take it!
[09:39:17] Resident125:

Don't think the council will collect due to the gas as they have be disposed of properly. Scrap men won't normally take either
[09:40:19] Resident097:

Unfortunately Scrappies arent allowed to take them due to the Cfc and Aircon style gasses in them, we often get people try lobbing them in a scrap car when we collect them ... we have to leave them back on there driveways with note saying sorry we cant take !
[09:46:15] Resident125:

You wont be able to take to the tip unless the gas has been drained. Might be worth contacting the shop you brought your new one from as normally they can take the old one away and dispose of safely when they deliver your new one, but there will be a fee
[09:48:14] Resident117:

Thanks for the info all. Fridge from John Lewis and normally would fit and dispose of the old one for a fee but not at the moment otherwise I would happily have done this.
[09:52:42] Resident125:

I would contact John Lewis when this is all over and see what they can do for you. I'm sure they would be able to help then!
[10:01:12] Resident097:

Problem atm is hardly any scrappies are open atm, China isnt buying the steel and a lot of companies arent sending stuff out there, stuff stockpiling in yards
Scrap has dropped to less than 30£ a ton for light iron compared to £80 a ton earlier in the year. A lot of us are Stockpiling cars atm in the hope we may be able to save our own scrap economy when it goes high again after all this is over but this im itself is difficult as Council and environmental regs mean every car we have on site has to be depoluted first.... which is great except the companies that come and suck out our Bundage drains arent operating atm ! Catch 22 situation ... the chemicals are enclosed encased in a engine box or transmission, and have been for a decade or more yet the minute they touch our yard we are made to depolute because suddenly they become a Hazard ! .. work that one out !! Same goes for Cfc and aircon setups sposed to suck the cfc and r101 out the system but reality is most just snip the pipes and let the stuff vent into the atmosphere ! The world went environmentally mad and hit the people who arent really the problem ... meanwhile thousands of tons of stuff is flytipped monthly because Tips wont let people tip the stuff they need to get rid of or put a 5 trip a year rule in place !
[10:04:43] Resident016:

Hi Sharen. Think the council will collect. Go to East Northants website and check ‘bulky items’
There is a charge
[10:05:51] Resident018:

Hi Pete
I am still interested in getting my crossfire back on the road
[10:09:12] Resident086:

Tammy, hope you are well. When are you going to Nannas again with animal food donations?? X
[10:10:00] Resident011:

Does anyone know when recycling centre in rushden opens?
[10:10:15] Resident125:

Oooh I didnt realise the council did fridge freezer disposal, that's good to know. Its £29.50 for up to 7 items. I've used the bulk service before for a sofa suite, just paid and then left it in my drive
[10:10:18] Resident117:

Hi will do that Carol thanks. Sympathise with you Worzel. Abhorr fly tipping but do get why it's so prevalent!
[10:11:42] Resident125:

Morning M I'm going today to do dog walking but not sure what time, then I'm there all day tomorrow sorting the dogs out x
[10:12:20] Resident117:

Tammy thanks for that. If multiple items allowed will stick fridge in garage until sort out new sofa and some other larger items
[10:13:20] Resident086:

Excellent 😁, I will pop a bag of dog food at the bottom of the drive if you wd like to grab it on your way past hun 👍 x
[10:13:57] Resident125:

Good idea, get your value for money. It's a good service at a good price
[10:14:58] Resident125:

Thanks M that's brilliant. Gotta tackle my grass before I go lol, it's a bit overgrown x
[10:18:51] Michelle Dalliston:

Adrian, have a great day off and love to Helen ♥️
[10:19:58] Resident097:

Hi Caroline will drop you a message shortly
[10:55:47] Resident062:

Next Wednesday
[10:56:14] Resident011:

[11:19:16] Resident054:

[11:20:28] Resident038:

Hi guys. Is the quiz on tonight?
[11:22:49] Resident101:

Hi yes quiz in on tonight 7pm. Will post login details later this afternoon.
[11:27:52] Resident038:

Excellent. Hopefully I will do better than 9th place this time 🤣
[11:29:11] Resident078:

[11:30:25] Resident097:

Lookout this Scarecrows gonna kick @rse tonight on the quiz 🤣🤣🤣 might get to 6th lol
[11:32:15] Resident043:

Morning All, those of a queasy disposition, please read no further - have anyone’s dogs locally been experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea recently? Got a poorly pup, with vet thinking it’s a bug going round, but trying to work it out for sure - v.sorry if this upsets anyone.
[11:32:24] Resident019:

Do you want a team mate today lol
[11:33:12] Resident097:

Depends if your gonna cramp my style 😉
[11:35:22] Resident097:

😥 sorry to hear about your pup, might be a idea to let people know where you have walked him incase its something in the area too, theres been a lot of stuff being sprayed on the fields lately also could it be something that he/shes injested ?
[11:35:36] Resident101:

There are definitely some questions this week that will need fast reactions as I’m sure everyone will know the answer. Remember fastest correct answer gets more points.
[11:35:50] Resident021:

Hi Harriet, bouncy Ted not experiencing any illness, been taking him mainly over golf course and over to Yelden a couple of times.
[11:36:08] Resident097:

Everyone except me !! Lol
[11:37:15] Resident101:

😆 I’m sure even a scarecrow will get these.
[11:37:45] Resident097:

If there that easy i met ditch cath and have my toddler jake on the team then 🤣🤣
[11:37:57] Resident038:

I'm getting the husband involved this time... Watch out 1st place!
[11:38:01] Resident097:

[11:38:56] Resident101:

Not that anyone competitive or anything 😂🤣😂🤣
[11:39:28] Resident021:

Hope your young pup recovers soon. 🐶
[11:40:43] Resident097:

Beats standing in a field looking all pretty 🤣
[11:41:17] Resident043:

Thanks Pete. I’ve been walking him in the field leading up to the airfield where the old hospital site is. Unfortunately, he’s got a real taste for the crops growing at the minute..hopefully it’ll settle soon!
[11:41:31] Resident043:

Thank you. Glad to hear Ted is fine
[11:42:53] Resident097:

Wonder if hes picked up some spray then :-(
[11:46:00] Resident117:

Tully eats the crops too and I've been keeping him on a lead where possible. Touch wood he's been okay so far but he eats so much rubbish anyway when unsupervised! Just eaten part of an evicerated pigeon in the garden this morning so time will tell. Hope Ted is okay soon
[11:54:55] Resident052:

Hi All if anyone is walking around the Airfield this weekend please be aware that there is roadworks under way at the entrance to the Recycling Centre this will be going on today and tomorrow they have made a bypass path via the field opposite which up to yesterday had Sheep 🐑 in although the workmen have said they will allow access via the airfield road (bridle way) if you ask as not sure the alternative is suitable for cyclists 🚴‍♀️
[11:58:27] Resident086:

Harriet, when you say the field leading up to the airfield where the old hospital sight is, do you mean the one on the right as you are going out of Caldecott towards Chelston Rise? Hope pup feels better soon. Tor and Izzy are both fine 😊
[11:58:42] Resident002:

[11:59:03] Resident002:

For dog lovers everywhere
[11:59:37] Resident050:

[12:00:18] Resident075:

Yes please
[12:03:11] Resident088:

Oooh I didnt realise the council did fridge freezer disposal, that's good to know. Its £29.50 for up to 7 items. I've used the bulk service before for a sofa suite, just paid and then left it in my drive
[12:03:11] Resident088:

Hi All if anyone is walking around the Airfield this weekend please be aware that there is roadworks under way at the entrance to the Recycling Centre this will be going on today and tomorrow they have made a bypass path via the field opposite which up to yesterday had Sheep 🐑 in although the workmen have said they will allow access via the airfield road (bridle way) if you ask as not sure the alternative is suitable for cyclists 🚴‍♀️
[12:24:43] Adrian Dale:

[12:26:22] Resident050:

Hi Lucy - I’ll put it towards the bottom of the drive near the green sign
[12:29:46] Resident043:

Yes, that’s the one
[12:30:21] Resident030:

[12:43:22] Resident086:

Harriet, oh ok, plz don't take this the wrong way but you actually shouldn't be in there, it has no public right of way going through it and the Livery yard that own it exercise the horses around that field so best you don't go in there hun. Now if you are going out of Caldecott towards Chelston Rise the field on the left where the wooden gate is now that does have a public right of way 👍😊
[12:43:44] Resident097:

Brilliant :-)
[13:00:49] Resident043:

Yes, don’t worry - not the horse field, the one with the gate at the top & right of way, which leads past where they store the ENC bins onto the runway
[13:03:58] Resident086:

Oh ryt, not the one on the right going out of Caldecott towards Chelston Rise then lol 😂. Hope your pup feels better real soon hun 👍
[13:08:16] Resident043:

Yeah, got mixed up where the old hospital is - Dad has corrected me that the sheds I go past were accommodation. Thank you!
[13:13:06] Resident086:

Ahh bless ya hun, 😊. I was also thinking, oh crikey I'm just assuming you are actually going through Caldecott Village on the road when in fact you are across the fields lol, little mix up but no harm done 👍 😊
[13:28:50] Resident039:

Hi Harriet, I have a 5 month old pup, walk up by the Woods on the old airfield no probs there. Puppy’s are so prone to dicky tummy’s chicken and some boiled rice tends to work a treat and I’m sure within 24 hours they will be bouncing round like a hoodlum again x
[13:31:07] Resident015:

Our dog had diahorreha last week thought he had picked up and ate something he shouldn't
[14:42:05] Resident043:

Thank you :)
[14:42:29] Resident043:

Hope he’s all good now - perhaps the same thing
[14:46:36] Resident015:

[14:48:54] Resident097:

Aww King Charles i used to breed them years ago
[16:04:36] Resident138:

Is it Tammy who is the Nsnnas lady? We had to have our 20 year old cat put to sleep today and I have 2 bags full of food and litter. Is it 2 Water lane to drop off?
[16:04:58] Resident138:

Food is senior food 7+
[16:06:04] Resident125:

Hi Zara really sorry about your cat 😥 x. I'm at 2 Duchy Close. I'm going NANNAs tomorrow x
[16:06:43] Resident125:

They have lots of senior cats. I can drop off anytime so no rush x
[16:07:28] Resident055:

So sorry to hear Zara 🥺
[16:07:37] Resident138:

Thank you, will drop off I am having a little clean out as it's sad to see it in the food cupboard x
[16:08:53] Resident125:

Bless your heart. It's never easy losing one of the family. RIP furbaby run free over Rainbow Bridge x
[16:12:15] Resident138:

Ty, we've always had rescue cats they are really loving x
[16:15:52] Resident125:

My two adies are rehomed, but not together and my boy turned up on my door as a stray three years ago as a hissy cat, now hes the only one who comes on my lap. Hes the second stray I've had in the village living in my porch at first x
[16:16:05] Resident007:

[16:17:13] Resident125:

They have alot of carriers but I can take it if you dont need it. I'm sure they use them when they have to fetch cats x
[16:17:47] Resident093:

[16:23:34] Resident007:

We had one each for the rabbits but only need one due to the other passing before Xmas. I've tried selling and no one has gone for it since, so its good to go if they want it, or if anyone else is looking for one otherwise
[16:25:24] Resident125:

If no one else wants I will take but see if anyone else wants first x
[16:50:01] Resident125:

Thank you Zara. Hope you're going to be ok. X
[16:50:55] Resident138:

Will be, thanks x
[17:24:38] Resident011:

I know someone here was after 1 tonne bags? I have one that just been emptied, does anyone still need it?
[17:44:27] Resident127:

[17:45:20] Resident127:

Small tv if anybody would like it, has HDMI and Scart inputs, iPod doc too, built in DVD but not sure if that works! Free to a good home
[17:46:28] Resident127:

No remote unless it turns up at some point!!!
[17:47:41] Resident075:

@447801011303 what street are you plesee for the shelf
[17:48:12] Resident023:

Has to be photo of the day Pat.
[18:03:58] Resident101:

With just 1 hour till the quiz here are the zoom login details. This weeks quiz : code 206109
Time: May 16, 2020 19:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 765 0482 6552
Password: quiz

Quiz details

Welcome to the Quiz

•Fastest to answer scores more points
•Pictures can sometimes help
•You get to choose a name once the quiz starts
•Questions are timed - so no googling
•Good Luck
[18:19:35] Resident086:

[18:22:07] Resident052:

Nothing beats digging them little xxxxx out 😞
[18:23:31] Resident048:

This message was deleted.
[18:23:52] Resident033:

Hands and knees the only way to start with and then keep your hoe happy and on top of them.
[18:25:55] Resident048:

[18:29:46] Resident121:

Could I have the magnolia tree please?
[18:45:13] Resident048:

Yes of course. We are at 22 Duchy Close, it is by the front door so just help yourself 😊. It’s probably easier if you take it in the pot then just drop the pot back round when you have repotted it but will leave it up to you
[18:45:55] Resident121:

That’s great, thank you so much! Will collect tomorrow if that’s ok?
[18:56:03] Resident101:

Quiz code 206109 just a reminder.
[19:05:06] Resident050:

Hi Lucy sorry I should have said we’re on the green - middle farm villa opposite the pub- although just looked - 😬 did you get it as it’s gone 🤔
[19:07:26] Resident075:

Yes we found you thankyou v much! We are going to upcycle and paint it, thanks
[19:24:30] Resident048:

Yes tomorrow is fine 😊
[19:25:36] Resident025:

So enjoying Eurovision on bbc1 tonight😀😀
[19:35:17] Resident044:

We are too - so funny to see the Ukraine song that was featured in the film Spy - made me laugh so much!
[19:35:57] Resident025:

[19:39:39] Resident038:

Great quiz again thank you.... Can't believe I came 9th again! 🤣🤣🤣
[19:43:58] Resident101:

But still not last so well done.
[19:45:34] Resident101:

[19:45:42] Resident038:

👍 There is always next week x
[19:46:21] Resident101:

[19:48:13] Resident101:

For those that missed the quiz or just want to review their answer. Click on the file about. Thanks everyone, same time next week 😊
[19:50:14] Resident101:

[19:50:20] Resident002:

Many thanks Rachael.
[19:57:37] Resident050:

Great I’m it’s okay - we’ve had it a while and it does need a bit of care 😃
[20:03:21] Resident019:

🤣🤣🤣 unfortunately he is out in the office (garden) sorting car bits
[22:04:04] Resident097:

Sorry i was planning on doing it then dropped chevy smallblock engine on my hand 😥😥😥
[22:07:49] Resident086:

[22:14:18] Resident086:

[22:27:45] Resident101:

Oh no that wasn’t a wise thing to do. Hope you’re ok.
[22:28:48] Resident097:

Dentes the new chrome rocker cover and smashed my finger open !!
More p off about the rocker cover tbh 🤣
[22:29:01] Resident097:

[22:30:22] Resident097:

[22:30:40] Resident097:

[22:30:58] Resident097:

Be alright when its built 🙂🙂
[22:33:42] Resident101:

Looks like it’s a bit noisy 😀
[22:35:15] Resident097: