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Daily Newsletter Saturday 16th May 2020


With a population of 66 million, the United Kingdom has registered 236,711 cases and lost nearly 34,000 residents to Covid-19. This is according to the daily figures released by the Government. The true total is probably already close to 40,000. Many deaths in the community are only revealed once death certificates are analysed by the Office for National Statistics. There is usually a 2 week lag.

Vietnam has a population of 97 million. It registered 300 cases and no deaths - yes none. How did it achieve this? They already had an emergency plan in place to deal with new infectious diseases. The necessary laws were already on the statute books. On the day the first case was detected on 23rd January, they put their plan into action. They monitored everyone crossing their long border with China doing health checks on them all. They closed schools immediately and in February, completely isolated two towns with clusters of cases. By mid-March they were quarantining everyone entering the country for 14 days. Everyone entering the country was tested and 40% of those tested were found to be carriers with no symptoms.

There are huge lessons to be learned from this pandemic and we must learn them. I confess that I completely underestimated the risks. But then again, I have never experienced or studied pandemics. Vietnam succeeded because experienced SARS in 2003 and Bird Flu in 2010. Their Government was ready and the poplulation already knew the dangers. Nevertheless, they had a huge communications plan in place to quickly educate the young, who had no experience of life under extreme measures.

Vietnam is a top down, totalitarian state. When the Government says jump you jump. This helped. But New Zealand is a democracy and hasn't experienced these epidemics before. Nevertheless, their Prime Minister was able to impose draconian measures after a handful of cases, and she locked Island down and closed its borders.

It is somehow inconceivable that this could have been achieved in the UK, with porous borders and a population that delights in flouting rules and regulations. Nevertheless, we need to learn from this disaster and plan for the next one. This virus won't be the last in our lifetimes... unless of course our lives are cut short by this virus.

Clearly we can't rely on our Government to protect us, and we know that others are flouting rules and showing no common sense. So we need to take personal reponsibility for the fight back. Please take extreme measures to keep yourselves safe.

Masked residents fighting back against Covid-19 - #StopTheSpread

Residents taking up the challenge of creating the masks that might save their lives and those of others. Some might need a little more work...

Elliot our postie, entertaining the Village!


None that we know of.


384 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 33,998 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was still over 3,500. The daily death figure usually reflects infections acquired 4 weeks ago. The daily new cases figure reflects infections acquired 2 weeks previously


In Northamptonshire another 44 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. This is the biggest daily increase for while, twice the increase yesterday, taking us to 1,243 confirmed cases in the County. There was clearly a reporting problem last Monday. We are still relatively fortunate in this County at the moment. Out infection rates appear to be 1/3 of that of the North East. However, infection rates have been growing not decreasing.

3 new infections were reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday. But notice the big jump in Bedford and Northampton!

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 545 317.6 14
Kettering 194 191.6 5
Northampton 422 187.4 21
East Northamptonshire 162 172.5 3
Wellingborough 130 163.6 5
Corby 104 146.8 2

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And finally . . .

The world finally realises that masks are the only way forward, and possibly forever...

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives