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WhatsApp Archive for Thursday 14 May 2020

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[06:10:26] Adrian Dale:

[06:10:58] Adrian Dale:

[06:12:28] Adrian Dale:

[06:13:38] Adrian Dale:

[08:10:30] Resident063:

Well done Brenda. That's Ken and my favourite hymn. The tune is lovely and gentle but the words are so powerful. To hear God speak and rather than doing a Jonah responding positively and relying on God to lead as we serve. Well done. Sara and Ken
[08:38:03] Adrian Dale:

[08:47:25] Resident011:

[08:48:14] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Brenda! I love that hymn too 🥰 so glad you answered that call! Your ministry is a blessing and a gift to us all 🙏 xxx
[08:50:17] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian for your wise (and clear!) advice. In protecting ourselves we are protecting one another and those who are most vulnerable. Keep safe and more than alert everyone 🙏❤️ x
[09:20:47] Resident097:

[09:23:10] Resident101:

Morning everyone. Tomorrow I shall be making my weekly trip to Harborough Fields Pharmacy. Please let me know if you would like anything collecting. Have a good day.
[09:48:00] Resident115:

Wow, that’s quite a collection! We’ll be in touch 😊📚
[09:49:08] Resident115:

Good idea Vicki 😊
[09:50:16] Resident138:

Can we keep the personal smear attacks on individual politicians off here please?
[10:08:12] Adrian Dale:

[10:09:58] Resident097:

Its not a personal smear attack !!
[10:14:16] Resident023:

Ready for another day in civvy street.
[10:50:19] Resident131:

Is there anyone in the village that would like a 2 metre social distance buddy to assist them to view the Scarecrows on the day. We are happy to carry bags etc for any of our less able neighbours (all properly social distances of course).
[10:55:45] Resident031:

[10:56:45] Resident131:

Looks great
[10:57:26] Resident055:

Excellent glad your pleased with it
[12:08:13] Resident040:

[12:10:50] Resident086:

Great podcast Adrian as always 👍 thanks hun.
Can anyone give me any tips on how to stop my glasses 👓 steaming up when I have my mask on plz 😳
[12:17:02] Resident043:

*Update copied from Northamptonshire County Council on Country Parks*:

“Government have confirmed that with the easing of some of the lockdown restrictions, people are now permitted to drive to parks and open spaces. We are currently working through the details of this for Northamptonshire’s five country parks, and are making the necessary preparations to ensure we can keep staff and visitors safe when using the parks.

This includes the re-opening of car parks before the next bank holiday weekend. Social distancing restrictions will be in place at the parks, and we are not planning to open the play areas and cafes at this stage to help discourage group gatherings.

The latest information on the opening of the parks will be available on our website, and we are asking people to check this before they make the journey.”
[12:17:53] Resident097:

Fairy liquid

Or Rainex
[12:34:50] Resident019:

Shaving foam
[12:46:06] Resident086:

Are you guys joking with the Shaving foam and fairy liquid 🤣🤣??
[12:46:52] Resident097:

[12:47:30] Adrian Dale:

No it works by creating a thin film which disrupts the misting
[12:47:35] Resident086:

😂 OK I will give it a go 👍
[12:48:04] Resident136:

My dad used to smear fairy liquid all over the lenses of his glasses, let it dry then polish with a soft cloth.
[12:48:33] Resident097:

We do it on our race visors works a treat
[12:48:42] Adrian Dale:

[12:48:56] Resident086:

Cool thanks all for tips will defo try it 👍😀
[12:50:50] Resident054:

Sehr gut!
[12:51:02] Resident086:

Wow Adrian, that is a easy mask to make 👍
[12:51:46] Adrian Dale:

Mind you Lynne is on her second pair of socks!! I’ll get her to pose!
[12:52:02] Resident097:

Snip ze hurde gurde und de socky wocky .... I was born in germany im allowed 🤣🤣
[12:52:22] Resident019:

Nope work for my colleagues
[12:54:50] Adrian Dale:

[12:55:23] Resident097:

Hope you washed your socks first Adrian poor woman !!
[12:56:06] Adrian Dale:

They are her socks!! So her problem!!
[12:58:03] Resident097:

[13:08:44] Resident086:

Ahh that's excellent Lynne, well done 😊
[13:45:25] Resident010:

This message was deleted.
[13:45:25] Resident010:

[13:46:11] Adrian Dale:

[13:58:07] Resident010:

[13:59:25] Resident086:

[13:59:54] Resident025:

[14:00:25] Resident097:

I need to find a pair my socks without holes in them 🤣🤣
[14:01:15] Resident019:

Ordered lol
[14:02:04] Resident097:

What you bought me some new socks 😱😱😱 wahooo
[14:03:17] Resident086:

And did you notice my glasses hadn't steamed up thanks to fairy liquid, haven't got any Shaving foam so couldn't try that one 😊
[14:04:03] Resident097:

See im not just a simple scarecrow
[14:12:10] Resident086:

Lmao 🤣🤣👍
[14:42:09] Resident075:

[14:42:32] Resident075:

We have more turf available see picture above
[14:44:18] Resident101:

If no one else wants it we could use it in the Carpark at the Village. Your thoughts Adrian?
[14:45:03] Resident101:

At the village hall. That should read
[15:03:55] Adrian Dale:

Yup - needs to wait until tomorrow though - still on walk and loads to do later. Work out quantity Rachael thanks
[15:12:06] Resident075:

OK Adrian it's all yours we will leave gate open tomorrow or whenever you want to get
[15:13:38] Adrian Dale:

Cheers I’ll collect what we need at around 08:45
[15:27:19] Adrian Dale:

[15:29:01] Resident016:

That was Barry’s
[15:35:45] Adrian Dale:

[15:38:54] Adrian Dale:

[15:51:36] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)

I am working on the Village photo archive with David Hackett’s help for the historical ones and Resident031’ help for the VE Day ones. I’d love to have a photo record of residents in all forms of masks. It would be brilliant if generations to come could put a (masked) face to the names they hear about in the story of 2020. Mich, Lynne and Resident010 have been brave enough to post, who else is up for it? Let’s show the world we mean it.
[16:02:31] Resident097:

[16:03:10] Adrian Dale:

Hopefully an unused one!
[16:03:24] Resident097:

Lol 🤣🤣🤣 yes
[16:03:59] Resident097:

Works both ways stops sh*t getting in and out !!
[16:06:14] Resident002:

[16:07:33] Adrian Dale:

Ace! #stopthespread
[16:43:09] Resident031:

If we could organise some sort of photo call, I would be more than happy to cycle around and do the snapping.
[16:44:02] Resident134:

[16:57:04] Resident136:

[16:57:58] Resident040:

Rocking it Michelle 😊👍
[16:59:52] Resident040:

Looks a tad too lacy to be effective 🤣🤣🤣
[17:00:07] Adrian Dale:

Tom’s underwear??
[17:00:39] Resident136:

Not quite Adrian...
[17:01:34] Resident031:

[17:09:51] Adrian Dale:

[17:16:00] Resident038:

Someone wearing pants on their face? 🤣
[17:16:20] Resident038:

[17:24:33] Resident030:

[17:52:58] Resident099:

[17:53:05] Resident051:

This message was deleted.
[17:53:37] Resident051:

Wendy you saucy devil 😉
[17:53:49] Adrian Dale:

Lawrence of Arabia!!
[18:00:14] Resident131:

[18:01:40] Resident038:

[18:02:57] Adrian Dale:

[18:03:45] Resident051:

[18:04:14] Resident030:

[18:04:58] Resident131:

😂😂😂😂, that’s hilarious Adrian
[18:05:21] Resident059:

[18:05:54] Resident012:

Adrian you naughty boy! 😂😂😂
[18:06:05] Adrian Dale:

Came from Chris P yesterday but he didn’t want to offend - it’s all about timing Chris 😀
[18:07:12] Resident012:

Yeah we’ve all started drinking now!
[18:23:33] Resident008:

[18:23:59] Resident008:

[18:25:12] Resident002:

[18:25:18] Resident002:

Just makes me feel old.....
[18:28:27] Adrian Dale:

[18:51:34] Resident023:

[18:53:03] Resident054:

[19:06:07] Resident135:

Very funny Jenny
[19:11:23] Resident012:

Love this😂😂
[19:29:59] Resident115:

🤣 Loving all these amazingly creative mask ideas .... fits of laughter for ages, thank you all!!!😆
[19:33:55] Adrian Dale:

Yep saving lives one smile at a time!! You should have seen the looks in ASDA as Darth Vader arrived- people stepped to one side and let me pass! Wish I’d gone for the full helmet and visor now!
[19:37:26] Resident052:

May the 4th be with you Dark Lord of the Red Van 👍😁
[19:41:01] Adrian Dale:

Oooo - now I like that moniker!! When I was Chair of the Council I had the nick name of “First Lord of Chelveston” like the PM is officially the “First Lord of the Treasury” - I much prefer “Dark Lord of the Red Van”
[19:41:39] Resident052:

[19:43:06] Resident052:

That was just a quick thoughtsure am others follow will .....
[19:44:38] Adrian Dale:

Delighted I would be ....
[19:58:00] Resident025:

[20:06:49] Resident127:

If only it was powered by the force instead of fuel eh...
[20:09:14] Resident054:

[20:11:31] Resident135:

Another good one Jenny
[20:11:47] Resident025:

That’s great Jennie x
[20:12:00] Resident136:

Love it 😍
[20:13:18] Resident097:

Im wearing Pampers ! On my face ... its not a fetish
[20:13:57] Resident016:

[20:14:15] Resident016:

Wee bit risqué
[20:15:07] Adrian Dale:

[20:15:24] Resident030:

Good one a bit cheeky tho
[20:15:36] Resident016:

[20:16:10] Resident135:

I was wondering how he got it match his shirt
[20:18:21] Resident101:

Love it. Janet 👍😆❤️
[20:19:40] Resident023:

Seems to have cracked it.
[20:19:44] Resident025:

Love it
[20:49:50] Resident040:

[20:53:27] Resident002:

Very creative.🤪🤪🤪
[21:39:04] Resident097:

After a couple more Empty 1t or Skip Bags if anyone has any available 🙂 Happy to pay
[21:41:07] Resident101:

Think we have one in our shed you can have.
[21:47:23] Resident097:

That would be great if you do thanks
[21:55:02] Resident101:

I’ll give it to Adrian tomorrow for delivery
[21:57:58] Resident097:

Thankyou that will be great

Already have 1 here so just need to find 1 more and ill be good to 🙂
[22:01:22] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:02:05] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:02:25] Resident097:

Wheres that ?
[22:03:16] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:03:45] Michelle Dalliston:

St Mary's Higham paying tribute to our wonderful NHS workers tonight! 🌈
[22:04:23] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:23] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:24] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:24] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:24] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:25] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:04:25] Michelle Dalliston:

[22:05:31] Resident092:

Have big bag will give to Adrian tomorrow
[22:23:46] Resident097:

Thankyou norman