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[06:28:07] Adrian Dale:

[06:28:48] Adrian Dale:

[06:29:24] Adrian Dale:

[07:23:07] Resident117:

Hi Adrian. Great broadcast as usual. However I can't be the only one wondering what is being done to stop the quad biker. If he is behaving illegally and there are photos of him in the act and he is identified what is being done to ensure he doesn't continue?
[07:24:32] Adrian Dale:

We have several police officers in the Village and I am waiting advice thanks
[07:25:46] Resident117:

Okay thanks. Will watch this space!
[07:43:29] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Lesley for your podcasts.
[08:16:35] Resident023:

A beautiful morning - enjoy the day!
[08:16:57] Resident138:

Re the quad bikers- Beds police are also investigating them as they go across border
[08:35:15] Resident097:

To update on this situation ... Im happy to step down as Village Idiot and allow the quad biker rider and son to take the title .... I like to socially distance myself from Clowns you see as never have been a fan

Ill happily just be the Village Scarecrow instead !!
[08:35:49] Resident097:

[08:41:08] Resident097:

My Ex used to be a police offficer and Usually in this situation the bike is siezed and disposed of "Usually Crushed", the rider/s is charged with driving in accordance with license,and riding a vehicle that is not in compliance with the road laws ie no mot tax or insurance.
[08:41:53] Resident118:

[08:42:29] Resident097:

They normally end up in court with a fine and points also ....

So no bike
A big bill
Court costs
And points on there license !
[08:42:41] Resident097:

Oh and a criminal record
[08:43:58] Resident097:

Often they are slapped with a section 59 order also which is put on the i individual aswell as the vehicle which means if they are stopped again on another bike causing alarm or distress that will automatically be seized aswell !!
[08:45:45] Resident097:

Im occasionally called by police to assist recovery of vehicles that have been Seized due to section 59s
[09:01:33] Resident101:

Just seen this video on Facebook and made me laugh.

Boris says to ride your bike.
[09:04:56] Resident025:

[09:07:27] Resident056:

😂😂😂 hilarious and the reason I don’t ride a bike
[09:07:37] Resident135:

That’s so funny, that would be me if I got on a bike, haha
[09:30:16] Resident097:

Reminds me of my teenage rebel days and a very drunk night at the local pub when i lived in beccles .... after a heavy session of beer,shots and cocktails of who knows what !! Several drinking games. I said my goodbyes and left the pub, collected my bicycle on the way out the door and swiftly started to ride home, after swerving back and forth across the highstreet a friendly police officer advised me that maybe i would like to push it home instead as i was rathern intoxicated... Yes officer ... so i pushed the bike home leaned it up against the wall went in and promptly vomited then fell asleep, woke up the next morning feeling groggy had something to eat and went to work. That evening a few lads decided to go for beer after work so we walked in the pub, stood at bar had a few when David one of the old boys walks in "alright dave hows it going me old pal" Not bad boy apart from some B#stard nicked my bike lastnight !!! 🤣🤣🤣 it was only then i remembered id got a lift to the pub with my mate !!
To this day David still doesnt know how his bike magically reappeared in the pubs beer garden 24hrs later !!
[09:35:29] Resident101:

😆 love it sounds just like a Worzel story 😆
[09:38:01] Resident097:

Have many more funny stories like that but ill save them for another day !!
[09:38:02] Adrian Dale:

(Chelston Rise). I have inspected the grass re-instatement and can see we are having similar problems to what we had in Chelveston with the hot weather. I have asked the contractors to bring in a heavy roller to flatten the bumps. I have then got a bag of grass seed from them. Once it is flattened I bring that round to each property. With little watering It will soon come back.
[09:51:55] Resident016:

Hi everyone. Good news!
At their (virtual) meeting last night the Parish Council were delighted to agree (as we can now comply with new gov guidelines) that Pete’s suggested -and long awaited- Keyworker Scarecrow Competition can now go ahead and is set for 12th JUNE
This is free to enter with cash prizes.
The Events Team are drafting a flier which we will deliver to all households in the Parish over the next few days giving details of how to enter, closing dates etc.
Prepare for some fun! Stay safe.
[09:54:34] Resident136:

[10:00:25] Resident038:

[10:01:38] Resident134:

This message was deleted.
[10:24:12] Resident097:

Wahoooooooooo .... can real scarecrows enter aswell ? I was planning on dressing up in my best Worzel outfit and having a wonder about the village
[10:25:01] Resident097:

Ps The parish council and events team are awesome !!!
[11:02:46] Resident031:

Good news indeed - Angela is keen to get going on the project.
If it would help with the judging, I would be happy to cycle around the village (on my now unlimited exercise time) and photograph the entries.
[11:19:40] Resident047:

I would suggest that viewing and staging of the scarecrows should be across as long a period as possible as if you home in on specific time you will only encourage people to all go out together at the same time.
Having as big a window as
Possible over a day or even the weekend will spread this out better and support
Social distancing. Numbers are u known and people
May drive in from outside the area so for this reason it is important to have it spread over a long period or you will have too many people
Out together. Otherwise a nice idea but needs to sensibly and safely managed. Good luck !
[11:47:14] Resident016:

Would just like to assure everyone that the comp is being planned taking into account government guidelines on exercising and social distancing and suggestions for safe participation will be included on the flier. Individuals may then decide whether they wish to participate in any way.
This is not being advertised outside the Parish.
We do all need to take responsibility for our own health and safety not only during the comp weekend but at all other times too.
Stay safe.
[11:49:18] Resident047:

I agree but people will still come to see it with bored kids from outside the area as people talk to friends etc
[12:01:52] Resident047:

As long as there’s a long or large window for it then you should be fine as people with go out to see it scores this window naturally suppressing numbers at any one time. Good luck it’s a nice idea !
[12:02:21] Resident047:

[12:56:43] Resident092:

As a thought could the theme be for the scarecrows be Doctors Nurses Ambulances Drivers and others who have done great work for our country
[12:57:11] Resident097:

That is the theme Norman

Frontline workers
[13:11:29] Resident109:

[13:14:34] Resident109:

Please ignore my face book post above I did it wrong sorry
[13:14:54] Resident136:

Love it Rosemary
[13:15:49] Resident109:

Perhaps I did it right after all I am trying
[13:17:08] Resident136:

Know the feeling, still not 100 percent sure on a lot of technology myself
[13:17:13] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤣 got a video somewhere of me pulling one out of someones living room !
[13:18:17] Resident109:

That makes me feel better Wendy
[13:19:52] Resident109:

You will have to dig that out Pete
[15:36:37] Resident055:

Sarah just dropped 4 bags of books 📚 on your drive
[15:37:40] Resident055:

Adrian just put another puzzle 🧩 on your steps another one for the puzzle club
[17:03:56] Resident138:

Tips on scarecrow building as ours disintegrated in the weekend wind. Instead of binding the cross pole to the support the arms with string (this slides down the pole) it might be better to use gaffa tape. If anyone wants to help themselves to old wood slats from a recent bed repair for use in the computer they are behind our wall near the bins at the cottage. Could also be used for kindle too
[17:04:59] Resident138:

We will do a rebuild for June. However they don't work on scaring real crows /rooks.....;)
[17:30:44] Resident055:

[17:30:44] Resident055:

[17:31:18] Resident031:

I’d love the barometer.
[17:32:08] Resident055:

It’s yours derek where are you
[17:33:05] Resident031:

22 The Crescent. I’m sure AD will deliver. Donation to the fund on its way. Thanks.
[17:34:23] Adrian Dale:

Too late for today - ready for 9am Jennie?
[17:36:19] Resident055:

Will leave by front door , thanks Adrian 👍🏻
[17:40:00] Resident055:

[17:41:14] Resident031:

Without wishing to appear greedy, I’d love the frames too.
[17:41:58] Resident055:

No problems 👍🏻
[17:42:34] Resident031:

[17:49:35] Resident015:

Is this a wall clock
[17:52:18] Resident055:

12 inches long wall clock
[17:52:46] Resident015:

May I have it please
[17:53:14] Resident055:

Yes where are you please
[17:53:55] Resident127:

Just in case anyone has some laying about they don't want, I'm after about 40 bricks to repair the outside wall here!
[17:54:06] Resident015:

17 Hillside
[17:54:54] Resident097:

Hmmm what type of bricks i may have some
[17:55:56] Adrian Dale:

I’ll do all the runs tomorrow once I know what is what
[17:56:12] Resident127:

If there outside and all matching in colour would be marvellous, if not matching in colour no major problem as the plan is too render it after buddy
[17:56:47] Resident097:

[17:56:54] Resident097:

Got about 20 ish
[17:57:34] Resident097:

Depends on size i have some slightly larger older ones too
[17:57:55] Resident097:

[17:58:17] Resident097:

[17:58:18] Resident097:

And blues
[17:59:09] Resident097:

[17:59:50] Resident097:

[18:00:35] Resident097:

[18:00:54] Resident097:

And yes my yard is like reclaim !!
[18:07:16] Resident127:

One sec, I need to prance round the house like I'm performing ballet and once I execute the pliete will I be able to download the image!! Barely have any signal!!
[18:10:04] Resident097:

If you stand on top the windturbine u can get full signal
[18:10:34] Resident127:

[18:13:51] Resident085:

[18:15:46] Resident117:

Beautiful picture. Seems like a distant memory. Hopefully they will return before too long
[18:46:28] Resident115:

Thanks Jennie, that’s great, it’s amazing how many folk stop and look, and most take a book 📚
[19:46:22] Resident016:

Hi Derek. Thank you so much for your lovely offer and we’d like to say yes please! But only if it is safe for you to do so 🚴‍♂️📷
[19:59:10] Resident015:

Hi all are we putting a light in the window tonight for Nurses Day?
[20:06:11] Resident052:

Hi Candy yes have ours ready to go at 8.30 pm tonight
[20:06:32] Resident109:

Oh yes
[20:06:54] Resident031:

Absolutely no problem.
[20:08:19] Resident117:

I have my light ready to go.
[20:09:09] Resident097:

Payrise would be better
[20:20:18] Resident055:

[20:21:01] Resident039:

[20:24:36] Resident025:

Light 💡 on
[20:26:28] Resident055:

Hi Sarah we have loads more tell me when to stop ✋
[20:39:18] Resident097:

Pink Windmills tonight
[20:42:17] Resident039:

Beautiful sky this evening x
[20:48:46] Resident086:

Hi All, hope everyone is well. I don't suppose anyone has a spare bag of cement they don't need that I can buy from them? 😊
[20:55:12] Resident021:

[21:03:43] Resident086:

Ahh that's amazing thankyou 😊, where shall I collect from and how much wd you like for it? I can post it through your letter box and if I can collect tomorrow that would be great 👍 😊
[21:08:41] Resident021:

I don’t want anything for it, it’s been sat in my garage for 6 months so you’re welcome. 1 Duchy Farm Cottages, Bidwell Lane - last house on the right on the corner as you come from Manor Farm. I’ll put it out on the verge by the side gate. What time will you be collecting?
[21:25:54] Resident021:

I could always pop it around to you if that’s easier for you.
[21:26:33] Adrian Dale:

I’ll sort tomorrow!
[21:30:31] Resident086:

Oh bless you Adrian, thankyou so much both of you and if you are sure Chris, I will put a donation in the PC account 👍. Adrian, how do I do that plz?? 😀
[21:33:29] Resident021:

Okey Doke, happy cementing!
[21:45:57] Resident086:

Thankyou so much 😊
[22:47:17] Resident131:

I love this group everything from clocks to cement, it’s so lovely to be part of such a sharing and caring community x