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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 11 May 2020

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[06:13:14] Adrian Dale:

[06:13:47] Adrian Dale:

[06:14:12] Adrian Dale:

[07:50:06] Resident009:

Happy birthday Andy!
[07:53:04] Resident023:

Happy birthday Andy
[08:04:08] Resident054:

Many happy returns Andy 🎉
[08:06:17] Adrian Dale:

[08:06:30] Resident097:

Happy Birthday Andy !!
[08:07:16] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣 That url in History for ever now lol
[08:08:19] Resident002:

Happy birthday Andy.
[08:19:27] Michelle Dalliston:

Happy Birthday to you Andy 🎈🎂🎉
[08:20:13] Resident033:

Happy birthday Andy. 🍷🍷
[08:21:52] Brenda Elldred:

Happy birthday Andy - from your ex neighbours. Look forward to to hearing you sing in the pub? 😉🍷🍷
[08:25:04] Resident012:

Happy birthday Andy 🍻
[08:43:28] Resident031:

Happy Birthday Andy 🍻
[08:49:29] Resident022:

Happy Birthday Andy 🎂🍻
[08:53:37] Resident025:

Happy Birthday 🥳 Andy 🎈🍰🍺🎁
[08:56:25] Resident059:

Happy birthday Andy 🥳🎂🍻
[08:59:21] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Keith! We have great fun choosing hymns and music together for services in 'normal' times 😃 'What a friend we have in Jesus' is a great hymn.....and yes, you are right....still struggling to choose just one hymn for my Podcast! 🤔 🎵🎶
[08:59:38] Resident052:

Happy Birthday 🥳 Andy we all hope you have a great day Janet Ray Sam 🐶 & Max 🐶 👍
[09:06:55] Adrian Dale:

Thanks for your good wishes for Andy. He’s not online, so I have put a speaker outside his back door and played it to him. I then read all your greetings out to him. The look on his face was a picture. And he wasn’t aware that anyone had a photo of the pub strip!!
[09:07:46] Resident033:

Oh fantastic. Well done Adrian 🥂
[09:15:12] Resident117:

A very happy birthday Andy from Sharen and Tully 🐕.
[09:26:55] Brenda Elldred:

Thanks Keith for sharing your memories of your favourite hymn.
[09:38:36] Resident135:

Happy Birthday Andy
[09:41:01] Adrian Dale:

[10:33:34] Adrian Dale:

[10:34:01] Resident097:

Everyone in the village 🤣🤣🤣
[10:34:24] Resident033:

Brilliant picture of our birthday boy
[10:34:33] Resident051:

Happy Birthday Andy! 🍺🍺
[10:35:10] Resident097:

Nice to see him with his clothes on !! And not his birthday suit 🤣🤣
[10:35:40] Resident115:

Happy birthday Andy! 🎂🎉😊
[11:00:31] Resident030:

Omg no not that🙀 happy birthday. Sorry for the other day Andy, when I passed you on my cycle when I said “good afternoon”, you looked around at houses as if to say ‘who said that’.
[11:54:51] Resident086:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🎉 ANDY 🎂🎉🎂 from Michelle and Steve xx
[11:55:15] Resident086:

Adrian, if no one else wants the logs I will have them please 👍
[15:30:34] Resident097:

[15:44:28] Resident002:

[15:46:44] Resident011:

[16:04:04] Resident030:

[16:28:18] Adrian Dale:

Playmobil have built a new production line to produce these masks at high volume. May be worth a look given new Govt advice.
[17:41:59] Resident016:

[17:45:26] Resident131:

Oh dear, I did giggle but hope nobody was injured
[17:46:41] Resident016:

Me too!
[17:48:19] Adrian Dale:

So did oi and you’m spakin’ to a mon what lived Dugley for 18 years - I day droive like that though !
[18:26:36] Resident078:

A little grumble. There are a couple of lads on a quad bike tearing up and down Foot Lane and using the footpath for a short cut. If anyone knows who they are can you please have a word. TY
[18:33:14] Resident011:

Hi ladies. Would you be interested in a Zoom Tropic skin care party? I would host virtually of course 😀

I have been using their stuff for a few years now and have completely switched to them now as they just suit my skin and requirements.

Please let me know.

If not interested just leave the group, no need to feel bad about it!

It would be nice to see your faces even via Zoom and perhaps buy something nice in the same time!
[18:33:58] Resident011:

Please ignore message about leaving the group it was for a different WhatsApp!
[18:34:36] Resident011:

Ping me a message on WhatsApp and I can add you to relevant group. Thanks!
[18:43:56] Resident048:

They are also riding the quad through the alley between Duchy Close and foot lane be careful if walking that way
[18:45:48] Resident078:

Yes quite scary as there’s no pavement outside our house
[18:50:45] Brenda Elldred:

Celtic service tonight at 7pm if you wish to join in you will find it on the website
[18:55:59] Adrian Dale:

Sorry Brenda forgot to post direct link
[19:07:33] Resident052:

Hi Re the Quad Bike there was one a couple of times going up the Lane by the allotment then went over the bridge and on towards Caldecott we saw it later come down Water Lane and go up Hillside did not see where it went from there not sure who to report it to ?
[19:08:45] Adrian Dale:

The Parish Council is aware and knows the probable identity of the culprit!
[19:09:16] Resident025:

Hi Aneta count me in please
[19:11:49] Resident131:

Aneta, I would. I use Tropic products and was thinking about asking Emma for advice on something new I need to use. I can’t do a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. Many thanks, Vanessa
[19:12:00] Resident011:

Added you yo the group, will walt you know the date soon
[19:12:34] Resident097:

Cant we use old skool pitchfork techniques and put them in the village stakes and let us all throw rotten tomatoes and pumpkins at them till they beg for mercy
[19:13:22] Resident011:

Awww Vanessa I wanted to host it Friday or sunday.... what time you cannot do? It slikely to be later afternoon rather than evening completely due to evening routine with my boy :)
[19:15:15] Resident131:

Hi, so sorry but I never do anything on those days that doesn’t include Bobby. We get so little time together that weekends are always spent together xx
[19:18:31] Resident055:

Hi Sarah We have loads of books that we have cleared out all sorts do you want them ?? Or does anyone else want to start a book stall
[19:19:23] Resident101:

Not sure social distancing rules would allow this 🤣
[19:19:43] Resident137:

[19:21:04] Resident097:

Ok well the pitchforks more than 2 metres cant we just insert it where the sun dont shine !! They will be too sore to ride there quad then
[19:21:50] Resident101:

[20:38:50] Resident012:

[20:40:13] Resident023:

Or just moving house?
[20:41:38] Resident012:

[20:58:34] Resident115:

Hi Jennie, we are happy to put your books on the Book Swap tables if no one else asks for them? We didn’t put the books out today because it was too windy, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! Thanks 😊
[21:02:29] Resident055:

Yeh !
[21:05:54] Resident055:

Steve has listed over another 200 he wants to read again that’s just one bedroom we have 4 ..... help