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Daily Newsletter Monday 11th May 2020


The Prime Minister took the first cautious steps out of lock down yesterday. He urged people to return to their work places if this could be done safely, whilst preferably avoiding public transport. The Government is due to release a 50 page document today detailing the plans. Scotland and Wales are being more cautious as their infection levels are still high.

Worryingly, China reported 17 new cases this morning, including 5 in Wuhan. There is clearly still a reservoir of infection and cases will flair up the moment social distancing is ignored. This should be a warning to us all.

New data is now available on infection rates in local authority areas nearby. You can see that Bedford is a hot spot with much higher infection rates, over twice that of Wellingborough. The East Northamptonshire figures are skewed by clusters of infections in care homes in Stanwick, Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population
Bedford 501 291.9
Northampton 391 173.7
Kettering 171 168.9
East Northamptonshire 147 156.5
Wellingborough 109 137.1


Happy 65th Birthday Andy Horn of St Georges Row

John Britten (left) and Andy Horn on Melvyn's bench
Andy at the end of Karaoke night


269 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 31,855 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was still over 3,900. There may be a jump today because of the usual weekend reporting delays.


In Northamptonshire the figures continue to be corrected daily and yesterday corrections showed a jump to 15 new infections on the 6th May.

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So now the challenges of restarting the economy begin...

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives