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[06:21:59] Adrian Dale:

[06:22:25] Adrian Dale:

[06:22:45] Adrian Dale:

[07:15:34] Resident056:

Congratulations Sharen on your duck family , I’m sure Tully will be well pleased he has got his garden back 😂😂
[07:33:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Hee hee 🤣 loved the Podcast with fires 🔥 and fowls of one kind or another! 🦆🦅 Well done all involved for duck and duckling rounding up - hope the rest of their growing up is less eventful and likewise your day today Adrian! 😊
[07:54:52] Adrian Dale:

Calling anyone with stories about Andy Horne - please send them privately to me. It is his 65th birthday on Monday and normally we’d make a big fuss in the pub. He lives with his brothers in St George’s Row. Many of you will know him from the pub . Others see him as he walks the Village each day with his cap on and thick coat on. He’s another of great characters and I’d like to do a special on him as a treat. They aren’t on the internet and don’t use mobiles so it will be a surprise when I find a way of playing it to them. If anyone has a photo of him, please let me have it. Thanks
[08:11:05] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian you do lead a varied and exciting life! God’s creatures of all kinds, 4 legged and 2 legged, seem to give you plenty to do! 🦆 🐕 🐥 🐎👷‍♂️
[08:19:11] Adrian Dale:

[08:26:53] Resident117:

[08:27:59] Resident039:

Beautiful x
[08:28:50] Adrian Dale:

[08:47:50] Resident054:

Aw 😍
[09:22:49] Resident135:

[09:28:03] Resident006:

[09:42:44] Resident093:

Any news on the Peregrine?
[10:09:00] Resident054:

There must be lost and found websites/socials for birds of prey. I know there are for parrots!
[12:35:14] Resident133:

Asda Rushden no queue. Only about 1/2 people following one way arrows though. They have flour in stock in small paper bags.
Home bargains have plenty of soap in stock.
[12:45:30] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Vicky we got a bag of bread flour - the last one though !
[13:12:56] Resident133:

It’s the first time I’ve been there in two weeks so I had no idea there would be any flour. Next time one of us goes we’ll ask if anyone wants any.
[14:29:31] Resident007:

[14:30:29] Resident007:

A link for some colouring for children... or adults if you'd like it. Just thought I'd share from Ethans School lesson
[15:22:09] Resident055:

[15:24:46] Resident075:

Hi jennie is this for a donation to the village fund
[15:30:43] Resident055:

[15:35:10] Resident055:

[15:35:38] Resident047:

Yes please on the mirror
[15:36:05] Resident047:

If it’s still available
[15:36:27] Resident047:

Would be happy to make a donation
[15:36:40] Resident055:

Yes James it’s yours
[15:37:35] Resident047:

Thank you that’s very kind. Adrian do you have the capacity to collect for me ?
[15:38:26] Resident055:

Where do you live?
[15:38:29] Resident016:

[15:39:11] Resident047:

Yes for VE Day I will take a couple
[15:39:27] Resident047:

Or all of them if you want to get rid in a oner
[15:39:33] Resident009:

Hi carol, we could use some for the Friday celebration? Down pokas ?
[15:39:36] Resident022:

Would be nice to have one.
[15:39:50] Adrian Dale:

Easier for Jennie and James to agree time and walk . Only 3 doors away
[15:40:03] Resident047:

Hehe that’s funny
[15:40:18] Resident047:

I am 14 high street with the big redwood
[15:40:31] Resident075:

Hi jennie I dud ask about the mirror first is it still available? 😁
[15:40:46] Resident047:

Yes please on a few flags tho
[15:40:58] Resident055:

Sorry it’s gone mirror
[15:41:49] Resident047:

Jennie I can come outside now to collect if you want to walk it to me
[15:41:54] Resident047:

Socially distancing
[15:41:54] Resident016:

I’ll leave them in a box by our gate. 5 Pokas cottages
[15:42:07] Resident047:

[15:42:30] Resident055:

Yep will put it outside
[15:44:06] Resident047:

[15:44:18] Resident047:

Near Pokas now for the flags
[15:45:19] Resident055:

Outside now 4 Raunds rd
[15:57:03] Resident109:

Are all the flags gone?
[16:00:11] Resident016:

No there’s a bundle left. It’s yours
[16:01:19] Adrian Dale:

Carol can you grab them for Rosemary and I’ll collect tomorrow- Rosemary is grounded (and no she hasn’t been naughty!)
[16:01:19] Resident016:

Thrown over the fence on penny’s slide!
[16:02:42] Resident109:

Thank you so much Carol and Adrian I will make a donation.
[16:04:14] Adrian Dale:

Hang on Rosemary- that’s lovely but wait til you hear the story about where they came from - technically Melvyn owns them anyway!
[16:10:05] Resident016:

Whoops! 😂
[16:12:04] Resident109:

Very interesting!
[16:12:35] Resident016:

[16:20:23] Resident016:

Have another bundle if you want them....Carol
[16:44:05] Resident109:

Adrian what time will you be coming tomorrow?
[17:03:59] Resident101:

[17:04:52] Resident136:

Yes please Rachael x
[17:05:39] Resident101:

How many would you like Wendy?
[17:06:27] Resident136:

Could I have 6 please?
[17:06:42] Resident004:

Can we please have the other three? If possible
[17:09:07] Resident101:

Yes of course. Are we getting RVM to collect and deliver. Or whereabouts are you? If close I’ll pop them round
[17:09:54] Resident101:

Yes Alice you can have the other 3.
[17:10:31] Resident136:

I'm at Pokas cottages,rvm can you do the honours please
[17:10:53] Resident004:

I can collect them tomorrow. I’m on Duchy Close so I can walk over
[17:11:11] Resident127:

Hi all, I should of introduced ourselves! I do apologise, internet isn't plumbed in yet and as I'm sure most are aware the mobile data is not the greatest!

My name is Toby and we have just moved in to no 6 Duchy Close. There is my partner Rebecca, Rebecca's mum Sara, our son Corey and our foster son, Kace. Just wanted to say Hi and thank Adrian for welcoming us to the village, we are looking forward to getting to know you all. Thank you!
[17:12:12] Resident109:

Hope you will be very happy living here
[17:13:40] Resident012:

[17:13:43] Adrian Dale:

I’m on a mission to Melchbourne for Elaine tomorrow- so Rachael will be doing RVM for me as she has the travel permit and hi-viz as she’s in charge of VH for emergency
[17:15:23] Resident101:

Welcome. I’m at 14 Duchy anything you need a hand with just pop it on here and I’m sure someone will be able to help or advise.
[17:15:27] Resident023:

Hello Toby, Rebecca and all, thank you for the introduction and welcome to the village, in time it will be good to meet you.
[17:18:29] Resident136:

Welcome to the village Toby and family
[17:22:55] Resident136:

Rachael, I'm at 2 Pokas cottages do you know where that is?
[17:25:00] Resident101:

Adrian just explained so I hope so. Do you want delivery within the hour or tomorrow?
[17:25:58] Resident101:

Would you like them within the hour or tomorrow?
[17:26:28] Resident136:

Don't mind, whenever suits you, just pop them over the garden gate please
[17:26:51] Resident004:

I can pop over now. You are number 14
[17:27:52] Resident101:

Yes number 14 I’ll pop them at the end of the drive.
[17:28:02] Resident004:

[17:33:48] Resident101:

Will walk them over to you now.
[18:02:35] Resident030:

Welcome Toby & family, we are opposite you @ 20 on the corner.
[18:03:46] Resident117:

Welcome to our wonderful village. I'm High Street.
[18:12:08] Resident052:

Welcome Toby Rebecca & Family hope you enjoy our lovely friendly village we are in Water Lane living there with our 2 spaniels and my partner Ray who is the local BeeKeeper and we sell our local honey 🍯 outside our house we all look forward to meeting you all Janet Ray Sam 🐶 & Max 🐶
[18:13:20] Resident127:

Thankyou very much :)
[18:14:41] Resident127:

Definitely! I've heard the pub is the place to be when things are normal!
[18:15:28] Resident127:

Hello neighbour :)
[18:16:07] Resident127:

Lovely! We like honey in this house do will be over at some point, thank you!
[18:16:16] Resident127:

Thank you everybody :)
[18:17:59] Michelle Dalliston:

Welcome Toby, Rebecca and family from St John's church - I'm Michelle the Vicar! 😃 look forward to meeting you when all this is over. Xx
[18:28:18] Resident127:

Hi there, your always welcome for a cuppa, when possible of course!
[19:15:15] Michelle Dalliston:

Vicars and tea - a good combination! 😉 Look forward to that!
[19:15:49] Resident127:

[19:18:04] Resident049:

Welcome to the village! We’re at Number 29 and moved here last August - probably one of the best decisions we have made. James, Julie & George
[19:28:16] Resident127:

Hi there neighbours, I just admit we are very happy to be here already, everyone has made us feel so welcome
[19:28:51] Adrian Dale:

Toby you’ve missed the story that one of Michelle’s predecessors, Canin Roger Davison, would turn up for afternoon tea and suggest it was too warm for tea and they ended up with something stronger! Michelle is partial to a G&T!!
[19:31:03] Resident127:

Ahhhhh ok I see!! She will be a regular here then as G&T is the wife to be's favs too! I'm more of a red wine, rum kind of guy so my stash will be safe haha
[21:25:03] Resident131:

[21:37:06] Michelle Dalliston:

Just gets better and better! 🍸
And St John's is a perfect wedding venue! 😉 When we are allowed to be open for weddings again of course 🎉
[21:58:21] Brenda Elldred:

Welcome Toby, Rebecca and family to Chelveston. John and I had 27 very happy years there - sure you will enjoy the village life. We now live in Higham but are still very attached to Chelveston through the church and village life. Look forward to meeting you once lockdown is over. Brenda & Resident060
[22:39:05] Resident031: