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Daily Newsletter for Wednesday 06 May 2020


As I look out across a sunny Chelveston at 05:30, I amazed to see a ground frost. I had assumed that this risk would have passed. However, the gardeners and allotment holders amongst us will know that this area doesn't become frost free until the end of next week. Last year we lost our annual wisteria bloom to frost but this year the show is lovely. Liz Potter and Jennie Ranson shared some beautiful pictures of Village gardens in bloom.

As you'll hear in the podcast, yesterday morning was all about duck wrangling. Sharen Hegarty has had a duck nesting in the garden for 3 weeks and yesterday she hatched 10 ducklings. Fortunately, Cuthy was at home and with his help we managed to collect them all up and return them to the safety of his aviary until they are fully grown.

Our postie Elliot, surprised the early birds in the Village with a costume that was particularly appropriate for a man from north of the border. Amanda, wasn't quick enough to get a picture but put the word out on the group. Janellan was then quick off the mark as you'll see below.

Elliot brings a smile to the face of residents.


None that we know of! But there is a big birthday coming up next Monday - watch this space.


693 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday using their new measures taking us to 29,427 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was up again to 4,406. This is a worrying jump in both figures. The UK has now overtaken Italy as the worst affected country in Europe.


In Northamptonshire the figures continue to be corrected daily but there is evidence of numbers reducing.

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And finally . . .

As supermarket takings fall by 40% from the peak of stock piling, some people are regretting wasting their money . . .

Stay (at) home, protect the NHS and save lives.