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[06:15:34] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:23] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:50] Adrian Dale:

[06:46:14] Resident007:

Thank you, Ethan will enjoy this 😊
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[08:10:58] Resident097:

[08:10:59] Resident097:

[08:10:59] Resident097:

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[08:11:00] Resident097:

[08:11:00] Resident097:

[08:11:01] Resident097:

[08:11:01] Resident097:

[08:11:01] Resident097:

[08:11:01] Resident097:

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[08:30:20] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian for more amazing stories of local events of the more dangerous kind! Obviously a charmed and blessed community 😃

Thank you too Paul, Peggy, Cynthia, Marian & Arthur! Great to hear your memories and stories as we approach VE Day 🇬🇧
[08:31:36] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks for these Pete! What a great way of making bunting 🇬🇧😃
[09:02:59] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Paul. The stories across Chelveston reminded us if a few near misses we remember. All the local memories of VE Day are good to hear. 😀
[10:02:37] Resident007:

If you can get to your door before the postman leaves, make sure you open it or even look out your window, he will certainly bring a smile to you. Just a shame I couldn't get my phone for a photo lol
[10:05:16] Resident015:

Check out Elliot our mad postie big laughs
[10:07:01] Resident007:

Ethan found it very funny 😄
[10:08:00] Resident054:

[10:08:21] Resident054:

What do you reckon Dave? 😉
[10:26:51] Resident051:

[10:32:12] Resident017:

[10:33:32] Resident054:

Can't believe I missed that! 🤣
[10:51:31] Resident117:

Me too. 😂😂
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[11:08:57] Resident054:

Latest update from public health Northamptonshire. Financial wellbeing.
[11:26:26] Resident130:

This message was deleted.
[11:43:19] Resident010:

He is up here at Chelston Rise now... what a character.. certainly put a smile on quite a few faces this morning 😂
[12:04:35] Resident061:

Absolutely, Elliot has made my day; thank you and can’t wait for the next outfit.....I can’t tell anyone what it is....
[13:08:34] Resident023:

The problem with being a postman is there is always someone on your back and it’s always the little guy that does the heavy lifting!
[13:31:48] Resident008:

[13:49:32] Resident101:

[15:38:19] Resident135:

That’s brilliant Jenny, I’ll get Dave to make it his next task, haha
[15:45:19] Resident039:

Today I have launched my Scentsy website... exciting as I love this stuff! I will be doing an online launch if anyone is interested over the next 2 weeks? And an open house once it’s safe to do so and the lockdown is lifted.

Orders can be made via my website or if you wanted to avoid the postage costs let me know what you would like and I will add to my bulk order and drop them off.
[15:46:38] Resident039:

Sorry hope people don’t mind me posting x
[16:30:48] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)

Has anyone lost a peregrine falcon .... one with leg ties had just landed on a shed in Chelveston! Today has been a strange one !
[16:32:00] Adrian Dale:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:43] Resident055:

[16:37:44] Resident055:

[16:48:41] Resident117:

Think those 🦆 must have spotted the falcon!
[16:50:27] Resident015:

Beautiful Iris
[16:55:25] Resident101:

Strange request but does anyone have 4 hinges for outside use and a piece of Perspex approx 42x40 inches going spare. Happy to pay for it or donation to the village fund. Cheers
[16:56:07] Resident127:

Call out "Kes", if it comes to you I know who it belongs too.. 🤣🤣
[16:56:52] Resident070:

[16:56:56] Resident055:

The iris are lovely 😊 my dad always called the Flags
[17:04:25] Resident039:

Lovely pic liz x
[17:04:34] Resident011:

Wow liz that looks stunning!
[17:07:26] Resident070:

Aneta and is stunning xx
[17:32:47] Resident097:

Any idea who the farmer is carting Sh#t from the airfield as if he drops any more off his trailer hell have none on when he gets to his destination its all down the road towards yelden
[17:40:27] Adrian Dale:

Yup that’ll be Sterling Izzard
[17:41:55] Resident097:

Trailers overloaded and his lights dont work !!
[17:49:00] Resident102:

Anyone own this friendly collarless cat in Water Lane?
[17:49:11] Resident102:

[17:58:44] Resident121:

That’s our cat, Kingsley! He’s often found in neighbours houses, has made it as far as the pub before!
Is he ok?
[18:03:06] Resident102:

He's fine just having some fusses!
[18:03:17] Resident023:

I have been following the lives of an elderly married couple. He is 97, she is 96, they have been married for 73yrs and still live together in their own apartment in Northampton.

About 2 weeks ago they both started feeling unwell and soon became very poorly. After several visits by paramedics the husband was taken to hospital and confirmed as being Covid-19 positive, his wife showing identical symptoms chose to stay at home - she didn’t want to die in hospital. Both were extremely poorly and showed little sign of recovery. Neither thought they would see each again, their family said their goodbyes and prepared for the worse.

Throughout all this they were lovingly cared for by amazing people who put their own health and lives on the line, they were cared for 24hrs a day for over a week, medical staff and carers went beyond the call of duty even though they knew the couple were unlikely to survive.

Fast forward.......

Slowly but very surely their health started to improve and today after 10 days apart - the longest they have ever been separated, the husband went home to be reunited with his wife. Both are very weak and exhausted.

I believe their survival was down to their own amazing inner strength along with the incredible care of everyone that looked after them as living people - not dying people.

There is hope for us all.

The staff that cared for them are my forever hero’s. The husband and wife are my mum and dad
[18:05:11] Resident070:

What a beautiful story...I do so hope they will both be ok xxxx I send my love
[18:05:31] Resident031:

Wishing them many more happy years together.
[18:05:33] Resident055:

Very well done to them get well soon folks you must be worried sick take care all stay safe
[18:06:41] Resident121:

Sounds about right! 🐱
[18:07:48] Resident012:

What a lovely story Chris. So pleased for your parents and you! Let’s hope they continue to make good progress.
[18:08:34] Resident015:

That is a fab story glad they are both re covering and they are back together. It gives us all hope x
[18:29:01] Resident117:

So great to hear they're recovering and are back together. Touched me very much x
[18:30:47] Resident109:

They are such lovely people they deserve more time here. We send our love to them and you and your family.
[18:41:14] Resident100:

Fantastic heart warming story...thanks for sharing and best wishes to you and every member of your family!
[18:44:13] Resident110:

Wonderful to hear they are recovering. Thank you for sharing.
[18:53:41] Resident127:

Bless them both, good to hear something with a positive outcome, take care all of you
[20:32:07] Resident080:

He made his way into our house the week we moved in! He was very friendly. We named him St George because we live on St George’s Row!
[21:10:37] Resident097:

[21:36:00] Resident131:

How beautiful, wonderful colour
[21:37:09] Resident131:

He was doing exactly the same thing last night
[21:38:25] Resident070:

It really is....something to enjoy in these awful times x
[21:39:40] Resident016:

Wonderful news!