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[05:58:08] Adrian Dale:

[05:58:38] Adrian Dale:

[05:59:22] Adrian Dale:

[06:01:51] Adrian Dale:

[06:28:15] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian for the call yesterday to discuss this and the PC for there help

I didnt understand the issues imposed on the council from the initial post yesterday but am glad and hopeful that things may be able to proceed over the next few weeks

And even more happy that my crazy idea may go down in Chelveston cum caldecott and Chelston rise history for years to come

many thanks

Pete aka Worzille Gummage resident village idiot 🙂🤣
[07:41:15] Resident131:

It is a great idea and when we are all able to join in I nominate Pete to officially open the start of the viewing and it should be forever known as the Pete Rawlings Scarecrow festival 😁
[07:42:09] Resident097:

[07:44:28] Resident097:

[07:51:25] Resident097:

[08:12:38] Adrian Dale:

No queues at Aldi , plain and sr flour and eggs
[08:31:59] Brenda Elldred:

[09:42:14] Resident101:

Hi everyone. A couple of days ago I mentioned a quiz for tonight. This will be a multi choice quiz and all for a bit of fun. Anyone interested please follow the instructions below just before 7pm this evening.

If you want to join in via the video Zoom app then please have this on your computer or tablet device so that you can you use phone for answering the questions. Those that just want to answer the questions and not use Zoom we will publish the link and entry code just before 7pm.

Resident101 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Its Zoom Quiz Time
Time: May 2, 2020 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 751 2473 9316
Password: QuizTime

Please feel free to invite any family members to join us from either inside or outside of the village.

See you later.
[09:43:06] Resident016:

Great podcast Adrian thank you
[09:44:53] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Carol and all PC
[09:49:31] Resident016:

This message was deleted.
[09:52:46] Resident016:

Sorry didn’t realise that was already posted. Lovely
[10:15:16] Adrian Dale:

Lots of new additions courtesy of Resident055 and Resident061
[12:00:39] Resident086:

Morning everyone, just to let you know that if you walk past my house (2ST Johns Cottages, Water Lane) you might what to walk the other side of the road, I have alot of 🐝 bees in my front garden 😳. Take care 👍
[12:02:25] Resident033:

Oh lovely 🐝the village is in a good place with bees 🐝 visiting
[12:04:00] Resident138:

Shame neither by budlea or lavender are flowering yet
[12:08:24] Resident052:

Hi Michelle do you think it’s a swarm can get Ray to pop over when he’s back from his 🐝 if they are bothering you?
[12:11:28] Resident086:

Hi Janet, I did try to phone him actually hun because I was slightly worried, wondered if he could have a little peek, he didn't answer his phone though so must be busy 👍. If u cd ask him to pop over when he has a min and check it out that wd be great thankyou hun 😊 xx
[12:12:07] Resident052:

Hi will do NP x
[12:15:36] Resident086:

[12:17:38] Resident052:

Will ask Ray to walk over anyway just to check 👍
[12:18:37] Resident086:

Janet, they aren't actually bothering me, they are just getting on with their business being busy little bees 🐝🐝🐝👍
[12:19:06] Resident086:

Thankyou 😊👍xx
[12:20:20] Resident052:

Okay Np they may just go when they have finished feeding thanks
[12:26:52] Resident023:

[12:31:22] Resident031:

Angela would love that for her new fitness regime. No doubt I will be required to do the TLC!
[12:32:21] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van!
[12:32:53] Resident031:

Thanks Adrian. 22 The Crescent.
[12:41:38] Resident023:

Perfect - enjoy, but remember to fit the saddle first!
[12:42:11] Resident023:

What time-ish AD?
[12:48:05] Resident031:

I wasn’t going to tell her about that !
[12:59:38] Resident086:

Pete (A6 Recovery), loving the scarecrow idea, my grandchildren are really up for this, they have so much time at the moment but won't have once back at school so now wd be fab, did I read somewhere that they need to be completed by the end of May? 😁 Thanks Michelle
[13:16:37] Resident086:

Oooppps, sorry Adrian, only just listened to the podcast so yep see what Thursday brings 😊👍
[13:24:13] Resident097:

As per podcast please see what happens from Thursday
[13:35:38] Resident086:

Yep 😀 👍
[16:55:55] Adrian Dale:

Hot off the press Mark has researched more about the May traditions in the Village. We don’t know the dates (yet) of the original, the revival was in 1986 organised by Adrian and Mary-Ann Burch.

So this is what the scarecrow competition will replace, once it’s safe to get going.
[17:56:47] Resident101:

With just over an hour till our quiz night. Here’s the link again. General Knowledge Multi Choice quiz.

Topic: Its Zoom Quiz Time
Time: May 2, 2020 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 751 2473 9316
Password: QuizTime
[17:58:05] Resident131:

Can we join next time? We are both absolutely exhausted today xx
[17:59:03] Resident002:

Thanks for this. Will log on at 7
[18:04:13] Resident101:

Yes of course.
[18:25:55] Resident039:

Would have loved to do this but will join next time x
[18:26:12] Resident031:

Us too.
[18:51:27] Resident101:

Hi with just ten mins to go here are the details here are the details for the quiz if you are not joining via Zoom
[18:51:46] Resident101:

Welcome to the Quiz
•Go to https:\\ on your phone and use the code 64 76 84
•Fastest to answer scores more points
•Pictures can sometimes help
•You get to choose a name once the quiz starts
•Questions are timed - so no googling
•Good Luck
[18:59:48] Resident030:

[19:02:28] Resident137:

Quiz starting soon ..
[19:26:02] Resident055:

[19:26:02] Resident055:

[19:30:24] Resident097:

Anyone else had a day from hell !! ... Appologies if Raunds road residents heard a loud arghhhhh earlier followed by a few minor swearwords ... i spent the afternoon cleaning the race transmission for the dragtruck... picked it up to move it somewhere safer forgetting it was full of old transmission fluid which promptly vacated the gearbox down my trousers and into my workboots 🤣🤣🤣😂😥 mrs found it highly amusing as i was forced to strip down to my boxers in the garden !! Anyone who knows gearbox oil knows that the smell is over powering and takes some kind of wizardry to get out the skin !!
[19:49:03] Resident101:

Well done those that joined in.. Muffins Mules were our winners... hope you enjoyed it.. ten people took part :-)
[19:49:31] Resident051:

Great quiz, thanks Rachael - it was nice to win 😂 Muffin’s Mules is Sean and myself 😊
[19:49:48] Resident101:

Ha ha.. well done
[19:50:03] Resident051:

[19:50:04] Resident043:

All four of us at Top Gate Farm enjoyed it! Thank you for putting it together
[19:51:21] Adrian Dale:

I was wondering who muffin was! Great fun!
[19:51:35] Resident136:

I really enjoyed it Rachael, thank you very much x
[19:51:57] Adrian Dale:

Who were you Wendy?
[19:52:14] Resident136:

Mummy wendy
[19:52:41] Adrian Dale:

Aahhh and you beat me!
[20:45:05] Resident131:

Thank you, we have been busy with the lawnmower😁