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Daily Newsletter - Saturday 2nd May 2020


Our family in isolation coping well and found yesterday that a home testing kit was being couriered to them. They are part of the Covid-19 symptom tracker group who submit health data daily. A proportion of this group are automatically tested if they are exhibiting symptoms. We await the results!

There were lots of discussions on the WhatsApp group about holding a scarecrow competition in the Village. The idea met with universal approval. The only disagreement was when it could be run safely. Some residents felt it could be run safely now. However, others pointed out the risks and the challenges of organising it under lock down conditions.

Ideally, it could be run by the Parish Council Entertainments Committee who run the popular pumpkin carving competition each year, and who ran the Easter colouring competition. However, it is not currently permitted for the Council to support an event that might involve unnecessary journeys and large scale movement of people between the settlements. It would be difficult to run such a competition virually as photographs wouldn't do justice to some creations. Anyway, part of the fun would be walking around as a family looking at the scarecrows in the gardens!

So the Parish Council eagerly awaits the review of lock down this week to see what will be permitted in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we can then all swing into action making a scarecrow and becoming part of a new Village tradition to replace the Maypole dancing of yesteryear.

May Day traditions of yesteryear


None that we know of!


  • 739 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday using their new measures taking us to 27,510 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was holding steady at 6,201. This now reflects additional community and care home based testing.


In Northamptonshire the figures continue to be corrected daily with the corrections yesterday going back several days. We are still seeing around 12 new infections a day identified.

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And finally . . .

Steve and Jennie Clarke have trained this dog really well! I wish Dexter would learn to bring me beer . . .

Stay (at) home, protect the NHS and save lives.