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[06:23:56] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:26] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:56] Adrian Dale:

[06:26:40] Adrian Dale:

(Admin) Make sure you check out the newsletter today for some photos of people that several of you have said you’d like to meet and thank.
[07:38:28] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian thank you for more stories of the church - I can just imagine Michael at the top of the tower shouting for help!
[07:49:11] Resident097:

Happy Birthday "Pong" have a great lockdown birthday
[07:59:25] Resident015:

Happy Birthday Pong have a fab day
[08:02:39] Resident063:

Thanks Adrian and Brenda
[08:03:48] Resident012:

I’m a huge Chelsea Flower Show fan. Had no idea we had such flower royalty living amongst us! Thank you for what you are doing and Happy Birthday!
[08:05:27] Resident022:

Happy Birthday Chris. I'll get you a virtual pint after work.🎂🍺
[08:15:04] Resident054:

Many happy returns Chris 🎉💐
[08:15:25] Resident002:

[08:15:36] Resident002:

Happy birthday Chris.
[08:20:32] Resident079:

Happy birthday Chris 🎉🎈🎂. Hope you enjoy your day 😊
[09:00:35] Resident052:

Happy Birthday Chris have a great day enjoy any 🎂 and 🍺 from us all opposite 😁🎉🐶🐶
[09:19:36] Resident109:

Happy Birthday Chris we haven't forgotten we owe you a drink 🍺
[09:24:37] Resident097:

Is it just me thinking this lockdown would be a ideal time for a Scarecrow competition 🤣🤣
[09:28:24] Resident023:

Happy birthday Chris - wishing you a blooming marvellous day!
[09:30:53] Resident059:

Happy birthday Chris have a lovely day 🎂🍻
[09:30:59] Resident109:

Scarecrow completion would be lovely we could sit Melvyn in the front garden ha! ha!
[09:35:42] Resident097:

I think it needs a theme so what about Keyworkers .... Doctors,nurses,fire people,postmen,council workers etc etc

If your interested in doing this let me know !!
It will be a bit of fun for the small and big kids of the village to do and woukd be great if we can get them up around the villages (with permission of course) for those passing to cheer them up as they pass through
[09:49:32] Resident097:

[09:49:40] Adrian Dale:

Pong Update: Chris was hard at work and Elaine has only just played him the podcast and shown him your good wishes. She is still alive thankfully - I think secretly he enjoyed the fuss!
[09:51:40] Resident061:

Adrian - I have some jigsaws to add to the library, do i send to you or just post pics on here in first instance? I can not say all the pieces are there....part of the fun though, ehh?! 🙃
[09:52:59] Resident117:

Lovely idea. Just trying to think of what I could utilise to take part. Managed to find some red white and blue fabric for bunting for VE day so hopefully would be able to find something in my stache. Would be fun!
[09:54:08] Resident033:

Thank you all for birthday wishes today for Chris. Thank you Adrian for your story telling, it’s brilliant. Yes I am still alive. 🌷🌷🌷
[09:55:47] Resident097:

🙂 Sure we could find some adult beverage and sweeties for the wackiest creation aswell
[10:02:48] Resident008:

[10:03:31] Resident008:

[10:06:27] Resident012:

Poor Melvyn! 😂
[10:10:15] Resident097:

@447850570007 do we have your permission for a Scarecrow Competition
Dont want to get in trouble 😬
[10:13:02] Adrian Dale:

Lol!! Pete I have no authority at all! No unnecessary journeys and respect social distancing!! I can take photos all entries.
[10:14:27] Resident117:

How about liaising with the village events committee?
[10:15:06] Resident097:

Ok Guys well there we go !

As adrian says if we can respect the above rules I will get somethings put together over the next 24hrs with regards to competition entry

Prizes etc etc
[10:15:27] Resident097:

Im fairly new to the village didnt realise there was one ... ?
[10:17:31] Adrian Dale:

Resident016 runs it and they do the pumpkin competition. I was planning to chat with Carol about getting the non-WhatsApp households onboard too. She’s walking dogs at the moment. I’m sure she’ll see this later
[10:16:55] Resident117:

Yes. Not sure who's who but think Resident056 is one of. Bet Adrian will know!
[10:18:29] Resident117:

PS perhaps could be after VE day to spread things out a bit?
[10:18:54] Resident023:

Instead it might be worth thinking about doing this with no restrictions once we are out of lock down and making it an annual event - I reckon most people in the villages would get behind it then.
[10:19:54] Resident117:

[10:20:27] Resident117:

Typing error
[10:20:40] Resident097:

I was just thinking it gives a bit of imagination to the kids adults in the village whilst we are all locked away, i know keeping kids amused can be difficult atm
But yes could be made a annual event
[10:25:53] Resident023:

It’s a brilliant idea but it worries me that now (lockdown) isn’t the right time to do it.
[10:28:27] Resident097:

What are your main concerns if you dont mind me asking ?
Is it Social distancing etc
As obviously we would all still comply with the regulations
[10:32:48] Resident131:

I love this idea, please can I make one of a litter picker? 😁, Vanessa
[10:33:43] Resident097:

The only limit is you imagination 😉
[10:33:57] Resident097:

[10:39:04] Resident023:

And in no particular order: 1) social distancing 2) perception from others that it’s OK to start running ‘events’ 3) people will feel the urge to walk round the village to see the scarecrows and that could move the virus round 5) all other UK events have been cancelled and we would be the only ones organising an event 6) it’s tough times for all and we just have to put up with lockdown 7) we can do a far better job of this once we are out of lockdown 8) any movement round the village could spread the virus!! I could go on but don’t want to be a party-pooper, any form of non essential travel must be stopped and this might cause non essential travel and walks.

But, I love the idea for when lock down is over.
[10:49:52] Resident097:

Whilst i respect everything you have said and your thoughts

that kinda excuse the phrase P*ssed on the firework but i get your points !

Maybe it was just a stupid idea, just thought it could help bring a bit of cheer to the village, whilst we may all be in lockdown life does still need to go on the best and safest way it can. This was just a idea to get community working together and give people something to do as a family aswell, make people smile
Just like us clapping for the nhs on a Thursday night

I know all too well about events i have just cancelled 3 of my car shows this year at a cost of around 5k to myself because of Covid19, i agree that social distancing measures need to be in place to prevent spread this

I still cant see how a static display of scarecrows would make all that difference
Its no different from me parking one of my classic cars out front of the house ! If people want to stop and take pics we cant stop them, everyone knows the rules.

Im not talking a street party here !
[10:54:55] Resident123:

Fantastic idea 💡
Go for it 👍
Only one person against the idea
Would cheer everybody up including all the key 🗝 workers passing by on their way to work
[11:02:26] Resident097:

That was my thoughts

Does anyone else have any feedback

Pro or against ... 🤔

I dont want to upset anyone
[11:04:33] Resident019:

Personally as a community nurse I know chelveston is used as a cut through for the nurses from raund to higham. A scarecrow nurse out the front would put a smile on their faces just like the rainbows in the window.
It's not being advertised as an event it's a community, joined by a pandemic by technology, trying to bring joy to a tough time. We arent breaking any lockdown rules. People are walking around the village daily. If traffic builds up, we bring the scarecrows in.
[11:05:04] Resident138:

Pro, we already have a good rainbow poster display I like to see on my daily exercise walk
[11:07:12] Resident097:

[11:13:31] Resident009:

[11:15:14] Resident097:

Ok so it seems the census so far is .. Pro

Provided correct guidelines are in place

Anymore Against ? ... Before we make the call
[11:30:48] Adrian Dale:

What was that plane?
[11:31:19] Resident097:

Sounded like a spitfire
[11:31:42] Resident049:

I was wondering the same - really low too
[11:31:54] Adrian Dale:

4 engines prop
[11:32:18] Resident097:

Dont know as in the house !
[11:32:43] Resident049:

Looked a bit like a Nimrod - flew right past my front window
[11:33:07] Resident117:

Only caught a quick glimpse. Was it a Hercules?
[11:33:13] Resident056:

Looks more like. C130 (Hercules) definitely not a Spitfires
[11:33:30] Resident055:

Transport plane really low over our house
[11:33:33] Resident123:

R A F probably bring in supply's for the nhs
[11:33:36] Resident117:

Also known as aC130
[11:34:10] Resident117:

No Nimrods flying now
[11:34:43] Resident117:

Hi Jenny beat me to it!
[11:35:55] Resident117:

My plane spotting coming from dad. X RAF and BA pilot!
[11:36:36] Resident055:

Hercules and very green
[11:37:50] Resident117:

Don't think it was practicing social distancing. Could nearly see the colour of the pilots eyes!
[11:39:02] Resident117:

Fly past for today's birthday boy!!
[11:44:14] Resident097:

This message was deleted.
[11:46:13] Resident097:

Hows that ...
[11:46:24] Resident011:

[11:53:20] Resident097:

Brown .... when he realised he was that low ????
[12:00:51] Resident049:

[12:24:11] Resident016:

Hi just back from dog walking and reading all the posts about scarecrow competition.
Wearing my Events Team hat :
The Events Team have this included on their list to organise but in view of lockdown had shelved all planned events.
It is a great fun idea and we would be happy to support this once lockdown eases.
A delay would give everyone the chance to gather ideas and materials and we could make it a really great event. It could still be themed as frontline workers. The Team has some money to make available for prizes in different age groups etc
Wearing my councillor’s hat:
Sadly the PC cannot be seen to support any competition or event which would potentially encourage people to break lockdown rules 🙁 sorry!
If you would like to learn more about the Events Team - who we are and what we do- please feel free to contact me on 07880 556286 Resident016
[12:27:55] Resident097:

😥 I give up !
[12:33:46] Resident123:

Don't give up
It's a fantastic idea 💡 people don't have to break lock down rules to put a scarecrow outside their house 🏡 people can admire when there out on there walks, it will get the people involved who wouldn't normally have the Time, because they were at work
[12:39:35] Resident097:

I dont understand it either !

This one topics caused more divide than anything else

All over a sodding scarecrow!!

Dont understand why we need a Events team involved in all honesty, or even why it needs to be run by a parish council for approval !!

Its not a event !!!
[12:44:33] Resident097:

[12:46:20] Resident097:

Im rebelling !!! Sorry ....

Not sorry
[12:47:36] Resident118:

Whoops ... egos, ahoy.
[12:48:33] Michelle Dalliston:

Glad to hear that Elaine! 😃🌷
Happy Birthday Chris 🎂🎈🎉
And thanks Adrian for fantastic storytelling all round - it's great hearing all these village tales! Xx
[12:56:08] Michelle Dalliston:

Excellent Podcast Brenda! We can see God at work all around us - thank you for reminding us of the blessings we find through the difficulties ❤️
[12:58:24] Resident008:

[12:59:39] Resident097:

Its taken me nearly 2 years to become the village idiot and im not giving up my title now !
[13:01:44] Resident008:

Brilliant,keep up the good work 🤪🤪👍🤣
[13:02:16] Resident097:

[13:13:31] Resident097:

[13:13:32] Resident097:

[14:20:22] Resident015:

[14:37:19] Resident130:

The idea of an NHS support effigy on the Village Green is a great one - why not go for that while we're waiting for parole? That would stretch your imagination & not break any rules!!!! I'm sure people would be pleased to offer any materials you might need & red van man would collect/deliver........?Never give up - just tweak the implementation!!!!
[14:42:17] Resident097:

Not encouraging anyone to break any rules ... and thoroughly believe Building a scarecrow is about as socially distanced and risk free as you can get !

We dont break rules 😉
[14:49:40] Resident130:

Great - but how about the NHS scarecrow on the green? Would be great!
[14:51:27] Resident097:

But that property belongs to the PC who dont agree on the matter !
[14:56:17] Resident047:

[14:56:21] Resident047:

Free to a good home
[14:56:40] Resident047:

Needs a new gas cylinder and bit of a scrub but works
[14:58:15] Resident047:

Sahara Gas BBQ
[15:22:07] Adrian Dale:

Hi does anyone know if Mick and Jean have got their sign for eggs out today?
[15:22:22] Resident051:

Yes they have, just been past
[15:22:41] Adrian Dale:

Ace!! Thanks
[15:49:39] Resident033:

Thank you from Chris to Steve & Jennie clark for his birthday juice. Very thoughtful of you both xx
[15:53:53] Resident033:

[16:27:29] Resident038:

[16:29:58] Resident131:

Hello, yes please if still available, thank you
[16:34:41] Resident047:

Yes it is still available.
[16:34:44] Resident047:

All yours
[16:34:58] Resident109:

Elaine please don't do that it was nice for me to repay your kindness I am glad that you like them it was nice to do something for you 🌷
[16:35:16] Resident047:

All yours Vanessa
[16:35:27] Resident131:

Thank you, it’s for our son, James, he will be pleased
[16:35:28] Resident047:

[16:36:13] Resident041:

I agree. Its a great idea and the children would love it.
[16:36:43] Resident047:

This is the gas you need we had an engineer come to check this canister out and suggested replacing it so we will have asked the engineer to take the gas away as he suggested a new one
[16:37:30] Resident131:

Thank you, I will ask Adrian if he will drop it off for me
[16:37:31] Resident047:

I will put the bbq outside but please don’t take the canister as like I said they suggested a new one
[16:38:53] Resident131:

Adrian, please may I ask you to pick up the BBQ for me? Many thanks, Vanessa
[16:43:49] Resident133:

[16:43:49] Resident133:

[16:44:10] Resident033:

Rosemary. This is very kind of you I will give the monies as a donation to Adrian for the parish 🥂
[16:46:15] Resident047:

Vannesa I have messaged Adrian too
[16:57:10] Adrian Dale:

Tomorrow’ van in the morning 9ish
[16:57:53] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian and James, much appreciated
[16:58:44] Resident047:

Thanks so much
[18:39:55] Resident014:

[18:45:45] Resident097:

Def not giving up on the idea

More details will be released soon
[18:57:20] Resident123:

Good to hear
[19:10:45] Resident033:

[19:11:34] Resident097:

Ooh save us a slice elaine 😍😍
[19:11:44] Resident033:

Birthday boys cake designed by Ethan
[19:11:50] Resident136:

Looks yummy, bet Chris enjoys it
[19:12:44] Resident033:

He will need an ambulance if he tries to eat it all and that will be very wrong lol
[19:12:51] Resident007:

Lol designed by Ethan....made by me 🤣..... Blom tradition
[19:13:46] Resident097:

Well if its that much a risk were happy to take it off your hands and dispose of it in a safe manner 🤣😍😏😂😂😂
[19:14:46] Resident033:

Thanks for the offer but I’m sure we will manage this one on our own 😂
[19:15:03] Resident097:

Enjoy looks scrummy
[19:15:16] Resident033:

[19:21:47] Resident040:

Hi. Is anyone missing 6 fresh eggs? Had some left on our porch at 12 Water Lane. They look good!
[19:22:51] Resident097:

In a box or has a friendly chicken made a visit 🤣
[19:23:49] Resident040:

This is one high tech chicken...laid, cleaned and boxed 🤣🤣
[19:26:06] Resident097:

Just need a friendly pig to drop you off some Sausages and bacon now 🤣
[19:28:29] Resident052:

Was that made in between Rabbit Chasing down Water Lane or were you just off for a walk with it haha 😂
[19:30:55] Resident033:

Amanda is a great multi tasker. Lol problem is Ethan is faster than the rabbit
[20:00:36] Resident082:

I dropped them off , Is that not the house where the chap with two Labradors lives. ?... Michael
[20:01:33] Adrian Dale:

Two doors down! Cheers Maria
[20:09:06] Adrian Dale:

Ok folks - I am not an excitable bloke but David Hackett has just delivered me 217 photos of the old Village. I don’t know where to begin and it will take a couple of weeks to process but you are in for a treat!!
[20:09:58] Resident097:

Hope there some in there of the Old Garage would love to see them
[20:11:12] Resident019:

Is there any aerial photos of Pretoria Cottages end of raunds road? I'd love to get a copy for the house
[20:12:51] Adrian Dale:

[20:12:14] Resident082:

Ah, bit of a phopa then. ! If Fred’s Gopher enjoys free range eggs from our chickens, he can keep them with our compliments. Adrian , so I don’t get it wrong again I will ask the chap his house number when he walks his dogs in the morning! Cheers Michael
[20:14:06] Resident097:

Thats the corner to raunds road isnt it ?
[20:15:11] Adrian Dale:

Yup Zara and Mick’s Cottage next to Michelle’s Granddad’s place
[20:15:53] Resident097:

Its not thatched now though is it ??
[20:16:09] Adrian Dale:

Oh yes half is
[20:18:14] Adrian Dale:

[20:19:45] Resident097:

Wow so glad these pics are being put in public archive again as could have been lost forever
[20:20:00] Resident136:

I believe that maypole was given to Stanwick school
[20:26:10] Resident117:

Can't wait to see more!
[20:46:19] Resident040:

No probs. I can drop them now. Saw Kate earlier.
[21:16:34] Resident138:

Thanks for the old photos Adrian :) a bit newer ones from the snowy weekend in 2013
[21:16:42] Resident138:

[21:16:49] Resident138:

[21:17:33] Resident138:

Looks like the original bit shifted left and the extension is where the old bit was on the road
[22:20:09] Resident023:

Nice. Not sure about the national speed limit though!
[22:21:52] Resident097:

Yer stuff that !! Its bad enough with a 30mph limit and idiots flying down here
Imagine what it would be like if it was still national speed 😱
[22:23:11] Resident023:

[22:26:19] Resident023:

Yew Tree Cottage and Top Gate Farm, Caldecott
[22:27:21] Resident007:

It doesn't look like the raunds Road, it hasn't got the dip into water lane, so must be Caldecott...??
[22:27:47] Resident007:

[22:28:00] Resident023:

Yep - Caldecott.
[22:35:37] Resident007:

[22:38:23] Resident023:

And the flag pole not shown in the original picture was cleaned today.
[23:13:20] Resident053:

We live there now! Great to see Yew Tree Cottage (was AnnLois) in its former life. We only have photos of it with the thatch falling apart.