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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 20 April 2020

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[06:29:20] Adrian Dale:

[06:29:36] Adrian Dale:

[06:29:56] Adrian Dale:

[07:38:21] Resident097:

Great podcast as always

Are we going to be able to keep the whatsapp page going even after all this is done, these new links have been great for our community
[07:41:55] Resident039:

I would hope so and maybe a chelveston/Chelston rise Facebook group? Would be great to keep the community spirit between us x
[07:42:35] Resident039:

I am happy to set up a group in Facebook if everyone thinks it could be beneficial? X
[07:43:45] Resident097:

That would be good and a great way of local businesses in the village getting out there to there customer base too, i did look at doing this myself when first moved here but never did. If you do id be happy to help you
[07:47:21] Resident039:

Brill Pete let’s see what everyone else’s feedback is and if so can set it up, but would certainly like to keep this whats app also some really good info on the villages and the airfield and live the old pictures.
[07:49:25] Resident031:

I agree that it was another great podcast but I am not sure that this level of activity is sustainable. Yesterday there were 193 posts to this group - I’m not sure that I could take that number of pings on my phone when I am back at work.
[07:50:10] Resident031:

Facebook would probably be a good way to do it.
[07:50:25] Resident097:

I beleive you can turn notifications off for the group chats if needed
[07:50:35] Resident138:

That's why I think Mel's offer of a Facebook group is the best way I think
[07:51:45] Resident038:

We don't do Facebook so if we could do this too that would be amazing
[07:51:51] Resident138:

Scrolling through hundreds of messages on here us getting tricky. Or maybe one WhatsApp fie chat and free stuff swaps, keep this one for emergency stuff and podcasts
[07:53:55] Resident038:

Good idea
[07:54:32] Resident038:

Plus general chat too 😁
[07:55:18] Resident097:

The other option is like the old style forums...

Each user has a login and username. Private msgs can be sent amongst the group etc, You can have sections for general chat,forsale,wanted,events etc etc

Then maybe a link could be put on the pc page
[07:56:14] Resident131:

Morning everyone, I think a Facebook for the whole village would be lovely. Vanessa x
[08:03:45] Resident134:

[08:05:16] Resident009:

Facebook suits us after this is all over 👍🏼👍🏼. Thanks
[08:05:28] Resident091:

Hi vikki, is love the pumpkins if that’s ok? Can pick them up later on way to allotments, say 5:30?
[08:09:42] Resident134:

We have an allotment too and will probably be up there by then. We're the one on the end with the picnic table - I'll leave them on there for you to pick up :)
[08:11:52] Resident063:

Thanks Adrian and Michelle for the podcasts. Thanks to Michelle for making the effort to come out to Chelveston to make the garden and provide a community focus.
[08:14:03] Resident091:

Amazing thank you so much! X
[08:14:05] Adrian Dale:

(Admin) you can indeed mute a group or change the tone for it to distinguish from other messages. I clear the chat at my end each day but I know it doesn’t from your phones. I have an archive of the chats so that if anyone needs a link from a while back I can find it for them.
[08:25:25] Resident101:

Hi Cathy can’t see that anyone asked for this crate. Could I have it please? How much would you like or is it to go to the village fund? Cheers Rachael
[08:29:35] Resident097:

Hi Rachael
If you are able to donate to the Village Fund that would be great I am at home all day looking after Jake so if you message me when your likely to collect i can leave it out for you, Or if Adrian is about this way and doesnt mind collecting it for you that may be another option although I think he has got several deliveries today by sound things !
[08:31:34] Resident101:

Will donate to fund. What’s your address please?
[08:32:19] Adrian Dale:

I’ll collect Rachael I can drop off when I pick up the bikes
[08:33:30] Resident101:

Thank you. Just about to get the bikes out of shed and label up for you.
[08:34:53] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian another really good podcast which makes us wish we were back in Chelveston - what a great community is building up in the ‘3 Cs’ and the church. We look forward to restarting services, children’s events the teas, knit & natter and much more when the church reopens. Watch this space!
[08:36:36] Brenda Elldred:

Revd Michelle has made a great start to the Easter garden. Let’s make it something really special for this wonderful season. Thank you Michelle.
[08:37:08] Resident062:

[08:37:56] Resident023:

Morning all. Has anyone used the Asda Rushden click n collect and can tell me where to collect orders from please? Is in store or in the parking area. Thanks
[08:38:28] Resident097:

Have sent you a msg with location thanks pal
[08:41:17] Resident134:

We got our Asda our click and collect from the big green locker units that you see on the right as you pull in, in the little car park. There was a notice that said if it was busy you may need to collect your shop from elsewhere on site, but you'd be told on screen where to go
[08:41:33] Brenda Elldred:

Yes it is the green lockers just on the right as you drive into the car park. Park up wait your turn and just put the code in the machine. There are wipes and alcohol to clean the screen first. It will tell you which lockers are yours and opens one at a time.
[08:43:08] Resident023:

Brilliant - Thankyou, we didn’t want to go into store, that really helps.
[08:51:35] Resident110:

Hi Vikki if you don’t have any one else interested in seeds I would like some please. I have lots of pots and seed trays if any one is interested. I could come to the allotments at 5.30 if that works.
[08:53:23] Resident039:

Ok if everyone is happy I will set up a group page on Facebook over the next few days for us and Pete A6 if I can add you also as admin you and I can monitor and add to the group etc.
[08:55:44] Resident131:

[09:00:10] Resident039:

If anyone had any suggestions for a name of the group incorporating Chelston Rise and chelveston please send them my way
[09:01:31] Resident131:

How about Village 305 as a reminder of our history?
[09:02:17] Resident134:

Hi Rosie, that's no problem, the pumpkin seeds are already spoken for but I will bring the rest with me when I goto the allotments at 5 and leave them on our picnic bench for you to take. Seed trays are always gratefully appreciated if you have a couple spare!
[09:04:25] Resident039:

That’s a good one Vanessa x
[09:05:42] Resident064:

[09:08:56] Resident101:

👍 👏
[09:17:45] Resident101:

Chel-Cott-Rise Community 305
[09:18:44] Resident131:

That’s brilliant, love this one Rachel 👍, Vanessa
[09:23:31] Resident117:

[09:37:40] Resident087:

Bike is amazing ! We didn’t tell Thomas and he is thrilled this morning ! Andy is going to make a donation this evening once we work out how to do it!!!! Thanks very much and to Adrian for delivering it for him!
[09:38:47] Resident101:

[09:46:00] Resident097:

No problem
[10:02:38] Resident097:

[10:04:00] Resident131:

Is it ‘we’ll meet again’ 😁
[10:09:10] Resident039:

This is a defo good one x
[10:10:33] Resident110:

Hi Vikki thank you
[10:18:57] Resident030:

[10:22:23] Resident060:

[10:22:24] Resident060:

[10:22:24] Resident060:

[10:22:24] Resident060:

[10:25:12] Resident060:

The rad is 450mm wide x 700mm high.
[10:26:47] Resident131:

Hello, yes please, just what we are looking for, thank you, Vanessa
[10:28:03] Adrian Dale:

(Admin) Chelston Rise: Gigaclear are on site. They are starting on the inside ring of houses digging in the grass.
[10:28:30] Resident060:

Hi Vanessa - is that yes to both light and rad?
[10:28:56] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian, is ur safe to assume they will make good after they have finished?
[10:29:13] Resident131:

Hello, yes please, thank you
[10:38:28] Resident031:

Given the reputation that preceded Gigaclear, I think that we should keep a close eye on them and not let them get away with anything.
[10:42:02] Adrian Dale:

Agreed- I visit all digs everyday and have the supervisor on speed dial!
[10:43:50] Adrian Dale:

John Henry Group is doing the digging on behalf of Gigaclear. Given the sensitivity of the site and the fact that it is private, they are not subcontracting it out.
[10:44:05] Resident136:

Vikki can we have the peas and onion sets as the birds have eaten ours already- Tom plot 1 please
[10:44:57] Resident023:

Ref Gigaclear (GC): when they worked in Caldecott I regularly spoke to the GC manager - a grey haired chap who drove a small grey van, to make him aware of any issues or poor behaviour, he was not one of the foreign workers, he always acted promptly and strongly where needed. It would be worth talking to him if there are problems.......assuming he is still about!
[10:48:27] Resident131:

Do I need to be worried about any loss of my IT? As many are, I am working from home and worried about losing connection, many thanks
[10:49:34] Resident097:

Id be creating regular backups just incase
[10:49:54] Resident031:

Vanessa, can you see my iPad on your wireless network?
[10:50:43] Resident097:

If needed you could always tether in a emergency
[10:51:17] Resident131:

Hi Derek, no I cannot see it
[10:51:36] Resident031:

Walls are too thick then!
[10:51:46] Resident023:

I am sure AD will clarify, but at this stage only trenches and cables will be laid, this will not interfere with existing telecoms.
[10:55:00] Adrian Dale:

Except that the BT cables run in the same area .... however they are very deep the chambers have been inspected. John Henry will be going down 300mm max
[10:56:30] Resident131:

Thank you. 😁
[10:57:56] Resident134:

Hi Rosie, can I just check which of seeds you wanted? Wendy has asked for the onions sets and peas but not sure if these were ones you were going to take?
[11:03:13] Resident012:

Hi Harriet just coming up now so I’ll leave it on your gate
[11:05:18] Resident043:

Lovely, thank you!
[11:06:48] Resident136:

Rosie, we have loads of spare seeds that may be of use to you,have you just taken over one of the allotment plots recently?
[11:07:15] Resident043:

A massive thank you to those who've given wool for mum and to Adrian for dropping it - it'll keep her busy and she'll be turning her squares into a blanket to donate.
[11:09:29] Resident075:

I took 2 books and will bring some to add either later on or tomorrow, thankyou x
[11:09:42] Resident060:

Vanessa - just checking with Adrian whether he wishes to take over delivery. Will keep you posted John
[11:14:30] Resident012:

Would love to see the finished product. No pressure Kaye! X
[11:16:33] Resident124:

[11:20:35] Michelle Dalliston:

Great Podcast this morning Adrian 👍 been so good to get to hear so much village history 😊 and SO glad that the church didn't get closed! Was talking with Fr Grant the other day about him writing a piece for our magazine as we were missing out on him coming to our Easter Day Service. He sends his love to all. It is so good that in all the difficulties we are finding what community really is 😃 looking forward to meeting so many new friends when the restrictions are eased. 🥰☀️
[11:22:39] Resident131:

👍, thank you John
[12:37:23] Resident138:

Hi Mel, what is your full name to send you a fb friends request for the group please?
[12:41:06] Resident039:

Hi I haven’t set the group up yetZara but once I do will put on here for everyone to add x
[12:41:19] Resident086:

Hi, hope everyone is well. I am not on Facebook so it would be great if the WhatsApp group could keep going please 😊
[12:43:34] Resident086:

Jenny and James, I haven't forgotten about the runner bean seeds, I will collect in the next hour or two 👍 thankyou muchly
[12:59:53] Resident124:

[13:01:12] Resident132:

[13:04:13] Resident023:

[13:04:13] Resident023:

[13:04:13] Resident023:

[13:21:05] Resident136:

This might seem like a strange request, but anybody got any old cd's or dvds no longer needed, any condition scratched or damaged, I need some for an environmentally friendly bird deterrent on my allotment.
[13:27:04] Resident086:

Wendy, I have seen that before, I wonder if my husband would miss his CD collection 🤔 lol 😂
[13:44:10] Resident134:

Hi Wendy, we have a few old DVDs you can have, I'll bring them with me when I go up to the allotment later (around 5) and leave them on our picnic bench for you to pick up whenever
[13:45:19] Resident136:

Thanks Vikki
[13:51:31] Resident117:

Hi if no one's wants the crate for a nobler use I wouldn't mind it for a compost bin. Would need someone to deliver though!
[13:52:40] Adrian Dale:

Red van man!!
[13:53:08] Resident051:

Hi Wendy we’ve got about 10 ‘hooky’ DVDs you can have. They’re all kids films so you might want to watch them first with your Grandson. Although we’ve never looked at them so they might not be kids films! I’ll leave them out for Adrian’s van run or drop them off later when walking
[13:53:15] Resident117:

That would be great Adrian 👍
[13:53:57] Resident023:

You are very welcome to it if you can arrange to get it Sharen.

........just seen AD’s text and will put it at the front of the house. When will you collect AD?
[13:54:24] Resident117:

Thanks all
[13:58:33] Resident136:

Thanks Janellan, if you leave them out I'm sure Adrian will do the honours, or I could pick them up later myself.
[13:59:57] Resident051:

They’re by the front wall so ready for whoever is first!
[14:04:54] Resident023:

At the front of the house
[14:06:10] Resident136:

Got them Janellan, thanks x
[14:07:37] Resident051:

[14:25:52] Resident008:

[14:47:10] Resident010:

Anyone have an recommendations for someone to do a new garden fence? Anyone here do that kind of work? Please PM me. Thanks
[15:20:30] Resident014:

[16:03:04] Resident060:

Vanessa - 3 boxed items (rad, rad fixings and light) now with Adrian but not sure when he’ll be delivering. Another £20 Quidco in the Village Fund is a good thing. Thank you. John
[16:04:12] Resident131:

Hi John, many thanks and excellent for the village coffers.
[16:04:13] Resident087:

How do I access this village fund to put money in? Sorry can’t find the link!!
[16:05:54] Resident122:


Lots of people have wanted to make donations for the stuff they have received from this group. This is just fantastic. I have already got envelopes of cash from Resident097 for the kindling and I know others want to donate for their kindling too.

I’ve agreed with the Clerk of the Parish Council (Mark Hunter) that we can use the same PayPal mechanism as has been used for the Cross of Sorrow Appeal.

In the notes field simply say that this is a donation to the Village Emergency. If you don’t have a PayPal account but still want to donate, contact me.

Thanks folks
[16:06:05] Resident122:

^ that's what Adrian shared.
[16:06:57] Resident087:

Perfect thanks! My phone storafe was full so had to delete the past posts to free up space! X
[16:26:18] Resident131:

Does anyone have any old Aga cookbooks that they would like to swap for a donation to the village fund? Many thanks, Vanessa
[17:35:07] Resident101:

[17:37:06] Resident131:

Yes please, will make donation to the village fund
[17:38:55] Resident101:

Ok Vanessa it’s yours. Are you close by to me or shall we asked our Red Van man to collect. I’m in Duchy Close
[17:41:17] Adrian Dale:

Lol - I visit Vanessa everyday! She provided flour and yeast for Aitch so I am always happy to deliver something back. Let me know when it’s ready Rachael
[17:41:32] Resident038:

Hi. Is anyone selling a boys bike age 4-5? Thought I saw some pictured?
[17:44:46] Resident101:

Whenever you want to collect
[17:44:47] Resident131:

I am going through our stuff so that I can also donate items to the cause. Everyone has been so very kind here, including Adrian, his red van and his happy smile
[17:47:32] Resident058:

Thanks Adrian for the turf and thanks to the person who left the French Beans on the book stall, they are available for anyone, so please help yourselves.
[17:48:31] Resident075:

The turf is from us-hope it goes to good use!! " we do still have more of anyone requires it!!
[17:48:52] Resident016:

We don’t do fab either....
[17:49:12] Resident016:

Fab? fb!
[17:49:15] Resident117:

Thanks for the wooden crate. Will be great for making leaf mulch and thanks to Adrian for the delivery.
[17:52:16] Resident038:

Well if you find a kids bike please let me know 😬
[18:09:52] Adrian Dale:

Vicky - we need answers- I am missing 4
[18:11:15] Resident131:

Hi, what age are you looking for?
[18:13:04] Resident039:

[18:19:51] Resident132:

Which 4 are you missing Adrian??
[18:27:14] Resident038:

4-5 ideally but my son is quite tall
[18:27:31] Resident038:

[18:30:20] Resident022:

[18:36:58] Resident097:

Just signed up ! :-)
[18:37:14] Resident055:

Please add us to the Facebook page
[18:37:46] Resident097:

You will need to join yourselves so we can accept you
[18:38:40] Resident097:

[18:39:03] Resident097:

Link to fb page above
[18:39:09] Resident055:

[18:39:25] Resident055:

Sorry 😐 ya
[18:39:32] Resident055:

Sorry Ta
[18:49:05] Resident032:

Just sent a request to join 😊
[18:53:11] Brenda Elldred:

Celtic Service with meditation is on the tonight. Join us at 7pm or later if you wish.
[19:00:01] Resident049:

Request to join Facebook page sent
[19:16:31] Resident136:

Request for FB sent
[20:13:54] Michelle Dalliston:

Beautiful service ❤️ just what I needed tonight - thank you Brenda and Karen xxx
[22:48:24] Resident138:

Request for Facebook also sent