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Daily Newsletter - Monday 20th April 2020

Here are the key stories for the day, with thanks to our WhatsApp group who keep these coming in all day there are now 126 members of the group, with every street represented.


Yesterday began with Mike Maywood reporting on an outage with Gigaclear our new network provider. He was the first customer in the Village and a networks experts. He has suffered numerous problems since then and poor customer service. This posting kicked off extensive discussions about network providers and issues with Gigaclear's work around the Village. There were also some very poor sales experiences resulting in lost customers.

We have found the service at the Village Hall very fast indeed (300 Mbps) but have another normal backup connection to deal with any failures. At the moment, it appears as though the company may have overreached itself and doesn't have the operational teams on the ground to prevent and resolve failures. This can only get better. I have emailed my contacts in Gigaclear to tell them that their reputation is failing in the Village.

By co-incidence, the long awaited network build work starts at Chelston Rise today.

The Village market place was buzzing yesterday and people made requests and offers backwards and forwards. There will be two busy delivery rounds today! Thank you to everyone, especially Tammy who gave up an offer of a bike to allow an 11 year old to have it.

Although items are being offered for free, recipients are making suitable donations to the Parish Council for use in projects at a later date. We are using a PayPal link from the Parish Council which was used to collect donations for the Cross of Sorrow restoration project Simply make a note in the comments field that this is a donation into the Emergency Fund.

Have a great day folks!


  • UK reported hospital deaths from Covid-19 went up by 596 to 16,060. This figure is much lower than normal and probably reflects weekend reporting problems. We expect a correction tomorrow.

This chart has aligned the epidemics from 4 countries with different approaches to the crisis.


The Government is now publishing date in a much better format, allowing us to look at the numbers of new cases reported in Northamptonshire each day. Reporting across Northamptonshire continues be a problem. The figures yesterday again reported corrections to previous days and are at least a day behind the National figures. Nevertheless, there is some evidence of a downward trend.

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And finally . . .

As the Government plans to make the wearing of anti-virus masks compulsory . . .

Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.