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[06:29:47] Adrian Dale:

[06:31:30] Adrian Dale:

[06:42:10] Resident097:

Excellent Podcast Adrian :-) Happy Easter Everybody

I will be mostly eating chocolate and drinking Gin today as its my Birthday also 😬 i would say another another year wiser but ... well ya know

Stay safe everyone
[07:06:45] Resident012:

Happy birthday!
[07:14:03] Resident097:

[07:26:28] Resident009:

Nice one Adrian! Happy birthday chap !
[07:28:14] Resident097:

Thanks Andy
[07:55:08] Brenda Elldred:

Brilliant Adrian - another really interesting podcast. Coming from Devon when John met my aunty with her broad accent, he couldn’t understand a word she said - it was hilarious watching his facial expressions! Words like ‘back se fore’ for wrong way round! Or ‘God’s cow’ for a ladybird and a daffodil is a Lent rosum! As you say another language.
[07:59:01] Resident097:

Brought up in Cambs then moving to Norfolk Suffolk Border before living on essex border ... my Dialect is so messed up !! Lol

But this was my first impression of working in the Farming community in Norfolk as a lad ... took me ages to work out what they were saying
[08:11:53] Resident011:

Happy Easter everyone!

Really interesting to listen how Chelston Rise was named... with a mistake 🤪

And well done Adrian for pronouncing my name correctly, not a lot of people manage that 👍
[08:12:14] Brenda Elldred:

Our local pubs were always playing the Wurzel songs. Typical West Country!
[08:15:20] Resident097:

Reminds me of this !!
[08:30:57] Michelle Dalliston:

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣🐥🎉 Looking forward to joining you at 10am for our Easter Day Service - get your candles, bowls of water and singing voices ready!
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia 😃☀️🦚
[08:38:21] Resident117:

Great broadcast again Adrian. Like you I'm fascinated by accents and dialect. Born Cambridge but moved lots including Northeast Cheshire Leicestershire. Formative years York. Reminded me of different words for a pack up - scran bait snap. Any more? Also when moved locally took me a bit to understand that barn meant garden shed!
[08:41:14] Adrian Dale:

[08:44:31] Michelle Dalliston:

Great Podcast Adrian! We too enjoy accents etc - dad and husband growing up in Norfolk - 'how do together, then?' (how is everyone?!) then living variously in Essex, East London, Lincolnshire and Newcastle we've picked up a good few before now - actually I was born in St Alban's and the local voices here often remind me of my early years - very comforting! Happy Easter everyone 🐣
[08:58:50] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian. Happy EASTER and birthday. Jesus Christ is risen today the reason for life. Allelluja
[09:04:19] Resident094:

Breaking news.
Jesus breaks lockdown and is free for eternity!
Got your Easter bonnets ready?
So looking forward to morning service at 10 (or catch it later in the day)
At the click of a link
[09:17:03] Resident097:

My sister lives up in Mansfield Notts and every time i go to the Bakery im askes if i want a Cob or a Barm !! ... no i want a roll 😂
[09:22:29] Resident131:

My darling late Father was born in Glasgow, moving to Edinburgh as a child. Even after many years in the RAF and living in Bedfordshire,he never lost his accent. I love to hear it. The sound of a familiar accent can be such a comfort
[09:43:09] Resident123:

[09:44:11] Resident131:

Does anyone else watch the film, The passion of the Christ and every time silently plead for the ending to be different? If you have never watched it, it’s a fantastic film but please be aware that some of the scenes are very hard to watch, Vanessa
[09:50:39] Brenda Elldred:

[09:54:48] Brenda Elldred:

Yes we do and yes it is hard to watch but worth it - it was a very cruel death but at the time it was a frequent site.
[09:56:21] Brenda Elldred:

Woops sight not site! Sorry
[09:57:28] Resident131:

Brenda, I do love the film, just have to have a big box of tissues at the ready x
[10:30:09] Resident047:

Happy Easter everyone...
[10:30:35] Resident047:

[10:33:32] Resident012:

Love this...Happy Easter everyone!
[10:37:31] Resident009:

[10:37:31] Resident009:

[10:39:11] Resident033:

[10:39:41] Resident033:

Happy Easter from Ethan and all in the Bloms household
[10:44:50] Resident110:

Lovely service - thank you. Happy Easter 🐣
[10:45:52] Brenda Elldred:

Moving, poignant tear jerking- a beautifully inclusive service. Well done the Robinson’s your Affirmation was said with a depth of faith and feeling. Thank you Michelle and Paul for orchestrating it all. Now Easter begins. X
[10:50:27] Resident063:

Beautiful service Thank you clergy team you are doing a wonderful job in a difficult time. Ken and Sara xx
[10:51:46] Resident086:

[10:52:36] Resident086:

Ella, if the piano books are still available I would love them for my grandchildren please? 😀
[10:54:34] Resident034:

Of course! I'm happy to drop them off where abouts are You?😊
[10:55:27] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you everyone who made our Easter Service so special today - an amazing way to celebrate together from all our different homes and up and down the country and across the world! People joining in from Dubai, Canada, America, Australia! Happy Easter everyone 🎉🐣❤️🎶🎵😃 hope you sang the Alleluia chorus!!
[10:55:34] Resident109:

Happy Easter everyone
[10:56:40] Resident086:

Ahh if you are sure that would be lovely, thankyou so much 😊
I'm at 2ST Johns Cottages, Water Lane, pop them in the front porch and I will keep an eye out, thankyou again 😊
[11:06:36] Resident094:

ps to Easter service global congregation... also in Spain where I used to be the Vicar and where their lockdown is total. No going outdoors for walks!
[11:07:22] Resident034:

I'll let you know when I've dropped them off😊
[11:08:02] Resident040:

Thank you for this Adrian. I've been interested in finding out more about here since moving here. So am I correct in thinking that Cheveston was pronounced Chelsun? I was oartly schooled in Blakedown School near Kidderminster but I think the only trace of Brummie in me now is when I say Birmingham, pronouncing the G.
[11:08:42] Resident040:

Might also help if I spell Chelveston correctly too 🤦‍♀️
[11:08:48] Resident097:

:-( Sad news Sir Stirling Moss has passed away
He was a Motorsport Legend a true icon of his era
Rip Sir
[11:11:38] Adrian Dale:

Oh Yes pronounced Chel-sun. And guess who’s called me this morning with more info - yep our Aitch. More tomorrow ....
[11:14:14] Resident086:

Ella, that would be great thankyou 👍
[11:16:27] Resident075:

[11:17:23] Resident109:

My dad always used to say he thinks he is Stirling Moss if someone over took him!
[11:22:00] Adrian Dale:

Well done kids (including Michelle Aged 38) .... all entries were given a midi egg from the Church. The results will be announced at 3pm
[11:22:56] Resident040:

👍 thank you!
[11:25:18] Resident034:

Whereabouts is this on water lane?😊
[11:29:19] Resident086:

Ella, If you find Hillside we are opposite the turning and slightly along a little with a grubby looking silver Mercedes vito van on the drive lol 😂 👍
[11:33:47] Resident034:

Thank You! I had a feeling I'd be walking around before asking you exactly where it was so I thought it was best to ask before!😅
[11:34:05] Resident087:

[11:34:59] Resident016:

Ah bless!
[11:37:17] Resident086:

Ella, I really don't mind collecting from you if that's easier 👍 😊
[11:37:45] Resident034:

I'm happy to come round! It's a lovely day I'll be leaving in a minute be with you in 5!😊
[11:38:46] Resident086:

Ok thankyou 👍 😊
[11:39:46] Resident123:

[11:40:36] Resident131:

Thank you to the Easter Bunny who left the eggs. Genuinely appreciated x
[11:45:20] Resident034:

Just dropped in porch x
[11:48:54] Resident086:

Ella, thankyou so much 😊 x
[11:51:21] Resident011:

[11:57:48] Adrian Dale:

[11:59:16] Resident131:

This message was deleted.
[11:59:57] Resident131:

[12:01:04] Resident081:

I have a pile of books at home similar type at work at the moment will sort through them when i get back!
[12:02:45] Resident087:

Hi I’m sure penny would like some toys!!!! X
[12:06:38] Resident011:

It's all in front of no 15 at chelston rise or I can drop it off if interested person send me their address
[12:08:00] Resident087:

Hi, we are at 2 high street chelveston ! Thanks so much my husband will take a drive up in 20 mins?
[12:09:10] Resident011:

Great, take the lot, they were in storage over winter so some may need a wipe but all cuddlies are clean
[12:09:39] Resident087:

Thanks so much do you want anything for it all?
[12:10:03] Resident011:

Nope just want for them a new home 👍
[12:12:33] Brenda Elldred:

[12:23:26] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Vanessa & Bob! 😃 Yes, totally agree the hymn 'In Christ Alone' is so powerful! Easter blessings to you both ❤️🐣
[12:25:50] Resident110:

Hello who was looking for seed trays - I have just found lots hidden under some brambles!! Very happy for any one to have some.
[12:32:28] Resident009:

Just leaving- thanks !!
[12:32:57] Resident131:

Thank you Michelle x
[12:48:16] Resident121:

[12:48:38] Resident040:

The closest I can get is John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell. Any good? If so could someone give me Rick's address please and I can walk them round.
[12:49:23] Adrian Dale:

Hi Gail can you let me have the titles or just a photo of them laid out - perfect!!
[12:50:01] Michelle Dalliston:

[12:50:35] Resident051:

[12:51:47] Resident040:

Grisham. The Chamber. Kathy Reichs Break No Bones.
[12:54:12] Resident040:

Also Wilbur Smith. The Triumph of the Sun.
[12:55:05] Resident134:

[12:58:56] Adrian Dale:

I am printing out these pictures and taking them across later. Thanks to everyone
[13:00:52] Resident073:

[13:24:39] Resident009:

Thanks so much Aneta, penny is very chuffed, especially with the xylophone 👍🏼
[13:25:20] Resident011:

Brilliant! That's exactly what was intended 😀
[13:25:29] Resident009:

[13:33:52] Resident034:

This message was deleted.
[13:50:56] Resident068:

[13:50:57] Resident068:

[13:50:58] Resident068:

[13:54:17] Adrian Dale:

Wow Wow wow!! The response for Rick has been brilliant thanks. I have taken three of mine across for the next few days and then all of these photos for him to work through. He feels like the library has re-opened!
[13:58:46] Resident100:

[15:01:41] Adrian Dale:

Winners and runners up - prizes are on their way!
[15:11:57] Resident009:

[15:13:03] Resident033:

Whey hey tom great colouring. Well done xx
[15:15:30] Resident121:

[15:16:10] Resident009:

👍🏼, thanks Elaine
[15:16:16] Resident033:

Well done Emily beautiful colouring
[15:16:40] Resident087:

Lovely picture Emily ! Well done darling x
[15:16:43] Resident009:

👍🏼👍🏼- well done
[15:24:55] Resident016:

Well done everyone who entered the competition! Brilliant colouring!
[15:24:58] Resident083:

[15:25:20] Resident038:

Well done everyone, they all look fantastic!
[15:26:01] Resident009:

[15:27:19] Resident068:

[15:31:48] Resident115:

[15:32:53] Resident115:

@ Ford cottage, Water Lane 😊
[15:33:15] Brenda Elldred:

Well done excellent colouring.
[15:34:37] Brenda Elldred:

Excellent colouring- well deserved!
[15:36:03] Brenda Elldred:

Well done Max and Robin. A well deserved egg.
[15:37:23] Brenda Elldred:

Well done to all who entered the competition.
[15:47:37] Resident115:

We saw this as we passed by, well done Jack and Emily! Xx
[15:52:58] Resident121:

Brilliant idea! I’ve helped myself to a book and added a couple to the box! 👍🏽
[15:53:42] Resident047:

[15:54:37] Resident047:

Thank Adrian, Summer Mead is so happy to have won an egg for her entry into the colouring competition. Happy Easter Everyone
[15:56:07] Resident052:

Hi Adrian we have loads of Country Walking magazines if Rick wants to meander through the British Countryside from his armchair Janet & Ray
[16:01:08] Resident029:

[16:01:08] Resident029:

[16:01:09] Resident029:

[16:01:09] Resident029:

[16:01:09] Resident029:

[16:01:10] Resident029:

[16:01:10] Resident029:

[16:01:11] Resident029:

[16:01:11] Resident029:

[16:09:33] Brenda Elldred:

Well done Summer - beautifully coloured in.
[16:58:02] Resident035:

[16:59:17] Adrian Dale:

No social distancing!!!!
[17:07:02] Resident034:

[17:14:19] Resident109:

Lovely photos Dave and Janette
[17:16:33] Resident055:

Hubby’s out for a run 🏃‍♂️ look 👀 out for him and give him a wave 👋
[17:20:57] Resident051:

[17:32:41] Resident023:

Do you know who’s the big ginger cat is?
[17:34:53] Resident053:

Nice photos of the village Dave.
[17:48:44] Adrian Dale:

Hi Chris, In January I had a spooky experience at 6am in the Churchyard one morning on my rounds. It was pitch black and I had my head torch on. The only lights are normally the two altar lights shining from the Church. I looked around and was shocked to see two orange lights on Michael and Christine’s grave. As I walked towards the grave they went out. My first thought was that the old boy had come back to hassle me again!
I walked closer and the lights came back on. Then they shot off at lightning speed up a tree. It turned out to be that ginger Tom playing tricks on me. I don’t know where he lives but I now call him Michael each morning!
[17:52:47] Resident023:

That’s brilliant Adrian, that would have spooked me too, and you never know with Michael!

The ginger cat has been terrorising Caldecott for some time and is responsible for quite a few vets bills to repair local cats! You got away lightly.
[18:08:07] Resident045:

[18:08:43] Adrian Dale:

Lol!! Frightened the life out of me!!
[18:10:01] Resident051:

He’s beautiful. Is he a Maine Coon?
[18:10:59] Resident045:

[18:11:43] Resident051:

Aw. Not seen him about
[18:21:33] Resident023:

Does he roam round Caldecott?
[18:21:37] Resident125:

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this chat was about enduring villagers are not isolated and have the help they needed. Didnt realise it was about moaning about cats that are terrorising local cats, isn't this a local cat!! I have 3 cats and I'm sorry cats will be cats the same goes for humans who dont pick there dog poo up!!
[18:24:28] Resident023:

Sorry Tammy - you may have got the wrong idea from my message. I Didn’t mean to upset you. Happy to talk outside of this group if that helps you?
[18:27:17] Resident125:

I just think some things should be left out of this chat. It meant for us all to help each other not moaning about things on the scheme of things aren't relevant at the moment. You haven't upset me I'm just speaking how I see it. I'm happy to stay in this group if it's used for what it meant to be used
[18:31:35] Resident023:

I fully agree!!!!!!
[18:32:38] Resident012:

There will always be topics on here that don’t necessarily interest some people but will amuse and enlighten others. If it’s not of interest to you then scroll past! Lots been said on here the last few days not necessarily relevant but always of comfort or amusement to others. Maybe some people need to lighten up a bit. 😊
[18:33:56] Resident097:

Guys that wanted Logs/Kindling im gonna be kindlerising (sp) the wood this week its all new clean offcut Timber Joist mostly oak so burns at a nice steady pace. Before I smash it into sticks does anyone want any as small blocks ? Ideal for wood burners or pizza ovens etc.
Blocks are normally around 6 inch x 2 inches

Kindling is normally 1 inch x 6 inch tall

Ill start cutting them up Wednesday and you will be able to collect

All wood is first come first served but message me and I will do my best to accomodate so everyone that wanted some gets some.

Wood is FOC whilst it lasts but anyone wanting to make a donation however small is welcome too and I will pass it over to Adrian and the Parish council so they can put it towards any equipment etc they may require.
[18:35:25] Resident097:

Will be in 4-5kg netted onion sacks for ease aswell
[18:46:41] Resident055:

Anyone with books out think 💭 it might rain get them in for today x
[18:47:30] Resident130:

We've got a wood burner so the shape is pretty immaterial!!!
[18:53:26] Resident009:

Hi chap, happy to donate, just let us know once ready, I’m at work in weds, but free until Tuesday. I’ve been doing the odd fire in the garden for the kids, so anything you have is great 👍🏼. Hopefully there’s a bit spare 👍🏼, thanks
[19:03:29] Resident097:

3 bags going out the front the house shortly if anyone wants them tonight before it rains
[19:04:01] Resident050:

[19:05:04] Resident051:

This message was deleted.
[19:05:24] Resident051:

He’s grown since I last saw him 😻
[19:06:31] Resident009:

Hi chap, where u live ? Just out walkin now?
[19:07:38] Resident050:

He weighs more than the dog at the moment- supposed to be on a diet - sure others must feed him😃
[19:07:44] Resident097:

[19:08:25] Resident097:

Pleasw update the group if you have taken them and ill put more out tommorow
[19:09:31] Resident009:

Thanks , I’ll be along soon, only need one kindling, I’ll grab logs when there done , great thanks
[19:10:05] Resident097:

No worries there near the Lamppost help yourself
[19:15:48] Ray Daniells:

[19:16:30] Resident102:

Is there a Whats App group that focuses on local covid-19 welfare and support?
[19:17:09] Resident055:

Keep talking the tablets Ray 😆
[19:18:24] Resident097:

This ones as good as any if you need anything community is strong
[19:20:30] Resident055:

[19:23:04] Resident102:

Very difficult to pick out the helpful info amongst non covid-19 related posts
[19:25:46] Resident097:

Adrians daily bulletins have more info on support etc i believe but if you are struggling self isolating and in need of anything then feel free to message and we will see what we can do as a group to assist
[19:25:50] Resident055:

Trust me if there is anything horrible Adrian will be on it ! Just folk trying to support each and cheer us all up . What will be will be stay safe
[19:27:40] Resident097:

Bottom line is we are all in this together nobody should be struggling so if we can help we will obviously taking safety into account and obiding to safe distancing
[19:30:20] Resident097:

Update 1 Bag Kindling Currently Left tonight .. will add more tomo for you
[19:31:12] Resident006:

[19:40:00] Resident139:

Thanks very much for kindling, daughters just collected a bag. Much appreciated. (1 bag left).
[19:40:38] Resident097:

No problem
[19:41:00] Resident047:

Kindling would be good for my chimenea if some spare over the coming days no rush tho thanks
[19:42:02] Resident097:

1 bag still out atm but more will be going out tomo eve when i get chance to smash some more block up (weather permitting)
[20:09:38] Resident131:

[20:10:07] Adrian Dale:

What happened to a day of rest!!!!
[20:12:29] Resident018:

Well done Vanessa but these people should be prosecuted for spoiling the countryside
[20:12:44] Resident097:

Someones been playing Van hoopla by looks of it

Backdoors open 1 drives and the other lobs the tyres out :-( kinda takes the P seeing as world of rubber is only round the corner but these morons would rather take a 5k flytipping fee or a prison sentence than pay 10 quid to dispose of them correctly.

As a mechanic and tyre fitter myself it really annoys me
[20:14:09] Resident009:

Thanks for mine 👍🏼, I was out already so no cash on me, but will donate tomorrow 👍🏼👍🏼, if I am find some cash , not been out for 4 weeks.
[20:17:14] Resident055:

[20:17:29] Resident093:

Adrian / Vanessa - how are you disposing of this stuff at the moment? I've got some rubbish I cleared from the field behind the pub that I want to get rid of.
[20:18:24] Adrian Dale:

Tell me where it is and Mark or I will arrange disposal with ENC send photos if possible
[20:18:37] Resident097:

Not a problem,Donations optional im not gonna hold anyone to ransome for it ! I made my money out the wood in the winter months so this was just surplus wood i have left over but have a garden full of classic vehicles and a workshop going up soon so need the space now !

Any donations would go towards PC

Maybe they could be put towards a Skip ! To get rid all this flytipped stuff
[20:19:29] Resident097:

Need more than waders there need a chainsaw !
[20:23:40] Ray Daniells:

Already reported and awaiting ENC to sort thanks.
[20:24:45] Ray Daniells:

Landowner is aware of this.
[20:26:40] Resident023:

Good night everyone, sleep tight, stay safe and smile - we all need to smile right now.
[20:27:05] Resident009:

[20:57:17] Resident097: