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[06:22:05] Adrian Dale:

[06:23:46] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:56] Adrian Dale:

[06:25:52] Adrian Dale:

[07:32:08] Resident101:

Just to let everyone on Duchy Close know the smoke that is filling our hoses seems to be coming from a garden fire on Water Lane. Which is particularly smokey. Just had to close all my windows. Glad it’s not a house fire which was my first thoughts when I smelt it though. Now to listen to Adrian’s podcast.
[07:43:46] Resident010:

Aldi open now. No queues
[07:45:12] Adrian Dale:

Easter Newsletters and Easter Resources
[08:06:45] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Lesley. Today would have been our “messy church” but I do hope everyone enjoys doing some of the activities on the sheets. Good luck with the colouring competition. Don’t forget to post pictures of things you have made - Easter garden, Easter tree etc.
[08:07:56] Resident060:

Thank you Adrian and Lesley. Great as ever. In terms of where the accent comes from I know but will stay stumm unless someone chooses to bribe me for more than a pint!
[08:54:51] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian and Lesley - looking forward to the service for Good Friday at 2pm ❤️
[09:18:19] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Lesley
[09:36:21] Resident009:

Morning all, thanks for printing the pictures. Should keep them busy for ten minutes!
[09:37:20] Resident087:

It’ll keep Tom busy for a lot longer maybe not Penelope!!
[09:37:44] Adrian Dale:

There’s more activity here
[09:39:39] Resident009:

[09:41:02] Adrian Dale:

Don’t forget the VH paddock for a light kick about. Try to stay towards car park end so ball doesn’t go into school house
[09:42:56] Resident009:

👍🏼-thanks adrian
[09:44:41] Adrian Dale:

Let me know if you do go and I can warn Rachael the other caretaker
[09:46:28] Resident009:

Ok great 👍🏼
[09:47:26] Resident044:

Sorry about the fire - got up early to try to avoid causing issues. All done now, should just smoulder quietly. Sorry again.
[10:15:28] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Any more takers for colouring packs at Chelston Rise? I’ve had a couple of requests and will do a delivery run early afternoon.
[10:15:49] Resident047:

Yes please my step daughter would like to enter
[10:16:13] Adrian Dale:

Ok I’ll drop one off
[10:16:36] Resident047:

Great thank you
[10:16:54] Resident055:

Adrian are there any maps for the footpaths going spare
[10:23:57] Resident016:

Adrian if you need any help delivering am happy to assist.
[10:24:49] Adrian Dale:

I’ve got 5 left
[10:25:38] Resident016:

Well if you get any more requests just shout!
[10:26:10] Resident016:

Do you want me to do those5
[10:27:07] Resident055:

[10:29:49] Brenda Elldred:

[10:29:50] Brenda Elldred:

[10:32:43] Resident057:

[10:32:44] Michelle Dalliston:

Love it Brenda! Now feeling the pressure 😱
[10:33:52] Brenda Elldred:

No pressure Michelle but I couldn’t ask everyone else to make one if I didn’t try! Enjoy the challenge. Xx
[10:44:21] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Jess - beautifully sung. Bless you - have a wonderful Easter. We will all be back together at sometime and will celebrate in true style our reason to live. X
[11:07:36] Resident023:

[11:11:20] Resident010:

Anyone know where I can get some seed trays from.. lots of seed to sow... nothing to sow them in !!!
[11:12:24] Resident012:

Bosworths online shop?
[11:13:08] Resident009:

Think we have some here, wil check in a bit 👍🏼
[11:14:21] Resident060:

Bozzy’s currently taking a week to turn orders round. They are so busy occasionally their website is closed down.
[11:14:37] Resident063:

Andy we have lots of small plant pots. Will drop them off if you send address
[11:18:50] Resident006:

On our morning walk there seems to be lots more cigarette butts about! Be safe and be tidy please 🙃
[11:20:46] Adrian Dale:

Sorry Allen haven’t had time for a litter pick the last two days - the Church has kept me busy!! I usually pick up 40 or so each day
[11:23:29] Resident006:

What an awful job didn’t realise you pick them up too. Well done but you shouldn’t have to👍
[11:23:32] Resident075:

Apologies if this is a controversial question 😉, being new to the village. Has there ever been any thought on a road path (path next to the road, not walking through a field) connecting us to either raunds or higham? Thanks
[11:24:57] Resident015:

I have some you could borrow if you want
[11:26:32] Adrian Dale:

Yep Lucy there was (is) one about a 1/3 of the way from Higham but it never got used and is now buried under vegetation. The cost of paths is several hundred pounds a metre which is why the path from Water Lane to Bidwell isn’t complete. The County Council ran out of money.
[11:28:21] Resident089:

Another call out from the star and garter has anyone got either a small side table or wooden chair tucked away they no longer need ? We are working incredibly hard to make this a great place for you all to come back too 😁x
[11:31:25] Resident030:

Nice one Naomi👍
[11:36:05] Resident010:

Thanks for the offer Ken but I have plenty of pots.. it was trays I wanted but was being a bit thick.. Did not realise I could order seed trays online due to "Essential Items" but I can... so ordering now..
[11:38:47] Resident023:

[11:38:47] Resident023:

[11:43:02] Resident047:

[11:43:34] Resident089:

That would be great how much are you wanting for them ?
[11:52:13] Resident130:

[11:53:33] Resident023:

A pint of Guinness for me and glass of wine for Kaye when this is all done and dusted!
[11:55:48] Resident089:

Fantastic can we non contact pick them up please 😁
[11:57:33] Resident002:

[11:59:37] Resident023:

Yes, we live in Top Gate Farm, Caldecott. We are the old stone cottage with the large flag pole in the front garden and cat sitting on the porch roof, right hand side of lane as you head up to Chelston Rise, white BMW and red Skoda on gravel drive. I will put them in the front garden in the next 30 minutes. Hope you get some good use for them, Chris & Kaye
[12:09:16] Resident040:

[12:11:07] Resident023:

I’ve also put 2 others outside that you might want? I need to hang on to one of the original 4 till daughter Harriet has finished working from home, we can drop this one down to you once we all ‘go-live’ again.
[12:11:43] Resident089:

That’s great thanks be there in a while
[12:30:50] Michelle Dalliston:

The Good Friday Service is now live on either the previous Chelveston link or on the Benefice website
Join if you can at 2pm
or later today. 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️If you have 7 candles, light them before the service begins.
[13:41:32] Michelle Dalliston:

[14:00:57] Resident138:

[14:01:08] Resident138:

7....had to improvise
[14:03:15] Brenda Elldred:

[14:39:01] Brenda Elldred:

Beautiful service- thank you Lesley.
[14:43:56] Michelle Dalliston:

Wonderful service - incredibly moving meditations - thank you Lesley and Paul xxx
[15:42:25] Resident082:

[16:40:21] Resident033:

[16:40:53] Resident033:

Anyone happen to have a spare one. Stupidly bout new bbq with no gas attachment
[17:07:47] Resident054:

We might. Just looking.
[17:09:47] Resident054:

We do! I'll pop it on your doorstep.
[17:10:06] Resident033:

Oh you super star thank you 😊
[17:14:32] Resident054:

No hose, sorry. Just a regulator.
[17:15:33] Resident009:

We have a patio gas regulator, have you got the hose ?
[17:15:46] Resident009:

Will need back though x
[17:17:15] Resident033:

Oh ok thanks Jennie
No hose Andy, Jenny clark kindly lent us her spare regulator thank you 😊
[17:18:02] Resident009:

I can go give you hose to borrow? It’s in my camping gear ?
[18:45:04] Resident033:

Oh thank you every one, we are up and running, ok well Chris is cooking on bbq. Thank you all very much
[19:29:41] Resident032:

[19:30:15] Resident009:

[19:31:04] Resident009:

For those on Facebook, and like a disco, check out my mate Graham- disco in your front room 👍🏼
[19:31:24] Resident009:

[21:25:38] Resident055:

Stanwick care homehave 4 dead
[21:27:28] Resident055:

& 3 three with the virus worried 😟
[21:28:41] Resident033:

Oh my goodness. Too sad thoughts and prayers to their families xx
[21:29:20] Resident055:

Us too
[21:29:47] Adrian Dale:

On it my Cousin is the senior I charge will check
[21:34:19] Resident012:

Also 12 deaths at kgh confirmed yesterday
[21:37:29] Resident055:

Stay safe keep in
[21:38:47] Brenda Elldred:

This is very sad - prayers for them all. 🙏
[22:23:20] Adrian Dale:

It is a home for very sick and vulnerable people, often near the end of life and sadly every month
[22:25:49] Adrian Dale:

they lose people. This month, they have lost residents to Covid-19, and are working very hard to eliminate the risk of transfer between residents
[22:31:37] Adrian Dale:

The challenge is that every week patients go backwards and forwards to Kettering General, which makes it very hard to control the virus because residents deserve dignified care on a 1 to 1 basis. The staff are putting themselves at risk but they believe that the patients come first.
[22:32:46] Resident033:

Bless them all I hope they find the strength to continue with their dedication and hard work 😇
[22:34:05] Brenda Elldred:

These staff and Carers are to be saluted. Everyday they risk their health and that of their families putting others first. I for one salute them.
[22:36:01] Michelle Dalliston:

This is so hard and frightening when it comes so close, reminds us why we must follow the advice and continue to take it very seriously. Thoughts and prayers with all caught up in this and we cannot but admire those who are putting themselves at risk to care for others who so need them at this time. We must do all we can to support them and reduce the risk of making it worse.
[22:36:04] Resident136:

It does take a lot of dedication, as a special needs support worker, my daughter was given the opportunity to take time off work but insisted on carrying on, she is now in isolation for 14 days as one of her cases has tested positive, but can't wait to get back to work!
[22:39:22] Resident033:

Some incredible people in this world. Xxx