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Daily Newsletter - Friday 10th April 2020

Here are the key stories for the day, with thanks to our WhatsApp group who keep these coming in all day there are now 126 members of the group, with every street represented.


Thanks to everyone who confirmed that they listen to the morning broadcasts. They will continue for as long as I have the breath to do them, or until listenership falls off.

Supermarket queues were the main topic of conversation earlier in the day. The stock levels are good, the problem is simply that a very limited number of people are now allowed into the stores at any one time.

The Chief Constable of Northamptonshire gave an excellent press briefing yesterday. He made it clear that the softly softly approach to policing Covid-19 laws will now change. Officers have now been instructed to enforce the laws about unnecessary journeys and people meeting in groups of more than two. Many more officers will be out in the County on patrol this evening and over the weekend.

The Parish Events Team and the Church have joined forces to run a colouring competition for the kids in the Village over the weekend. Details are available here and in the links below. Joann Card and Brenda have managed to get prizes for the winners - and yes these were essential purchases! Have fun!

Last night's "Clap for the NHS" turnout was excellent throughout the Village. It is our weekly opportuntiy to reflect on how lucky we all are. Please join in.

Holy Week continues, with a morning podcast from Lesley McCormack and a Good Friday service at 2pm. Please go to the Church Online site for details and access.

The weather will be fantastic this weekend, but the message is very clear. STAY AY HOME!


  • Boris Johnson is now out of intensive care and back on a normal ward.
  • UK deaths from Covid-19 jumped by 881 to 7,978. However, some confusion in the data was admitted yesterday with some of the deaths reported having actually occured on previous days. This may suggest that the peak has been reached as the number of new hospital admissions fell by 20% yesterday to 4,300.
  • Only 9 new cases were reported in Northamptonshire yesterday.

This chart has aligned the epidemics from 4 countries with different approaches to the crisis.


  • Queues were increasing at all of the supermarkets ahead of the bank holiday weekend. Queues of up to two hours were reported at Waitrose during the afternoon.
  • Most of the supermarkets will have different opening hours for Friday and Saturday. All will be closed on Easter Sunday tp comply with Sunday trading laws.

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Chief Constable Nick Adderley's Covid-19 update press briefing

Missing Households (16)
Advice on breathing with Covid-19 Symptoms
Vulnerable Household registration
Northamptonshire County Council Support Line Call 0300 126 1000 and select Option 5 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)
Longhurst Housing Association Support Line Call 0300 123 1745
Village support line Call 07850 570007 in the first instance and Ill find you help
ASDA Volunteer Card
Live UK Covid-19 Tracker
(Public Health England)
Parish Council Walking Leaflet

And finally . . .

As Northamptonshire Police plan to enforce the Covid-19 lock down . . .

Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.