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[00:17:49] Resident131:

Hi, the only way to close (Stop up) a footpath is by an Order made by the Magistratrates’ Court applied for under the Highways Act. I act in such matters for our Local Authorities, it has nothing to do with the Police.
[06:27:55] Adrian Dale:

[06:28:20] Adrian Dale:

[06:28:40] Adrian Dale:

[08:08:50] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Michelle
[08:10:07] Adrian Dale:

No queues at Lidl - stocks great except flour
[08:13:11] Adrian Dale:

[08:14:23] Resident028:

I queued to get into Asda in Rushden a few days ago. Took about 40 mins. Well stocked when I got in there
[08:14:38] Resident028:

It was about 11 when I arrived
[08:21:20] Adrian Dale:

Co-op Higham very poorly stocked limit of two on everything
[08:22:42] Brenda Elldred:

Thank Adrian and Michelle.
[10:57:48] Resident072:

I did Lidl and Tesco in Wellingborough yesterday about 4.45 ish. No question and well stocked (other than flour still) so probably best to go later in the day if you can
[11:07:39] Adrian Dale:

[11:09:50] Resident086:

Morning everyone, I went to Asda Rushden last night about 9pm, it was great, pretty much had the shop to myself 👍😀, very well stocked apart from flour ( I didn't want any anyway lol) and stork marg ( mother inlaw wanted that). I will definitely be sticking to early in the week but late as I can leave it in the evening. I haven't had to queue at all anywhere and don't intend to 😊. It pays to be a night owl
[11:11:11] Brenda Elldred:

Hi all this is a beautiful poem. At first I thought it was negative but wait to the end!!
[11:11:30] Resident086:

On the question of night owl is there a time limit for commenting on here at night time, I refrain from commenting normally after say 10.30pm because I don't want to wake anyone 😳
[11:18:55] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Michelle that’s really thoughtful! I am in bed by 10:00 then but my phone stays on loud all night in case of emergencies. So late night pings do sometimes make it through the dead sleep I am in 😀
[11:19:28] Resident086:

[11:24:10] Resident086:

Adrian yes I thought you must be in bed at a decent time seens you get up so early and I know others are to so maybe it wd be nice if everyone stops messaging the group at 10pm 😊👍
[11:25:10] Resident012:

[11:27:59] Resident131:

[11:54:29] Resident052:

[15:05:09] Resident055:

Hi Adrian, Adrian at no 6 Raunds rd just knocked on my door he has a food parcel for 2 high st I don’t mind delivering can you tell my where no 2 is so I don’t leave in at the wrong house
[15:09:00] Adrian Dale:

Puzzled!! Not sure why so I’d like to take it and check they are ok. I’ll be round in 5 mins - can you put it on doorstep thanks
[15:12:21] Resident055:

Ok thanks , I don’t mind going if your busy though. It’s outside Resident002 door 🚪 no 2 Raunds Rd
[15:18:28] Adrian Dale:

Thanks to all and Wendy! It was mid-delivery from veg shop in Higham!
[15:18:54] Resident087:

Hello all!! Sorry it was my fruit and veg delivery! So sorry it’s been taken to the wrong place!!!!!!! Thanks for getting it for me though!!!!!! Appreciated!
[15:19:05] Resident087:

[15:20:27] Resident033:

Ohhh asparagus. We had the first this season yesterday. Can not buy better than British asapagus.
[15:23:43] Resident009:

I’m not in love Elaine 🤢
[15:23:52] Resident009:

[15:37:10] Resident016:

[15:41:26] Resident087:

You are having it Andrew it’s good for you 😂😂😂
[15:54:38] Resident086:

Random question, does anyone know if Raunds Chippy is open this evening, the one on Hill Street?? 😀
[16:05:26] Resident125:

Thanks M now I fancy chippie lol x
[16:07:13] Resident086:

👍 😀 X
[16:07:15] Resident125:

Web says opens at 4.30 I will ring them for you after 4.30 x
[16:08:21] Resident086:

I have been trying to phone them but they aren't answering, I tryed earlier when it said on the website they were open but no answer 😩 x
[16:09:30] Resident125:

I will try for you as I'm sat on my fat arse in front of the computer !!! Oh the joys x
[16:17:27] Resident017:

I don't believe they are according to their FB page, last post end of march they were giving away free spuds to key workers
[16:20:19] Resident086:

Ahh ok thankyou 👍
[16:20:23] Resident125:

Definitely closed Michelle x
[16:20:45] Resident086:

Thankyou 👍
[16:22:42] Ray Daniells:

Debs fishbar Rushden are and do deliver. Check menu on website.
[16:23:39] Resident017:

Anyone else craving fish, chips and mushy peas now 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
[16:24:12] Resident125:

Yes me lol 😁
[16:25:49] Resident030:

Ray, what is their phone number
[16:26:48] Resident030:

Any one for a bulk order sometime 😚🤨
[16:31:59] Resident086:

Thanks Ray 😀👍.
I have started something now haven't I lol 😂
[16:32:49] Resident030:

Now what makes you say that 🤪
[16:45:31] Ray Daniells:

Yes lol
[16:45:39] Resident054:

This is great news!
[16:46:15] Ray Daniells:

[16:49:40] Resident030:

[16:50:51] Resident113:

Debs fish bar dont deliver to Chelveston i rang them yesterday to check. I have booked to collect on Friday though.
[16:51:17] Resident073:

I can tell people aren’t really interested in fish and chips 😜but....there is a Facebook page called delivering in Rushden & Higham that details other food places that would hopefully consider us local. Not that I’ve been considering fish and chips at all!
[17:02:43] Resident022:

There is also Georgia's fish bar in Higham on Westfield terrace. They have a menu online. Maybe worth a try and it's nearer.
[17:18:34] Resident055:

[17:19:30] Resident086:

I think I am going to have toad in the hole instead 🤣🤣🤣
[17:24:44] Resident072:

I’ve just made a chicken and ham pie for dinner. Last time I made it I dropped the darn thing on the floor when I took it out of the oven. Let’s hope I don’t make same mistake today!🤣
[17:26:40] Resident055:

Oh sounds lovely don’t drop it
[17:46:08] Resident125:

Lorna I did a quiche I was making a lady at work, splattered all over the floor!! Had to do another one
[17:51:04] Resident032:

[17:51:23] Resident023:

Can you HELP: we need brown rice and or wholemeal pasta. Kaye is poorly after 2 major operations and has been recommended to have the above. We are struggling to get any. If you can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chris
[17:51:43] Resident055:

Great pic love the croc 🐊
[17:54:13] Resident056:

I have both, if you would like some. Jenny H
[17:54:54] Resident023:

Thanks Jenny. Can I send Harriet down to you?
[17:57:25] Resident125:

[18:01:55] Resident072:

Oh no. Isn’t it just gutting 😞
[18:02:47] Resident057:

[18:02:55] Resident125:

It was Lorna but the lady laughed at my picture of it splattered on the floor x
[18:04:03] Resident072:

Yes my family laughed too but we ate it still. Thankfully had cleaned the floor that afternoon 🤣
[18:35:14] Resident056:

Yes, anytime 😀
[18:42:21] Resident023:

Thanks Jenny, H will come down now. I was just the phone talking to the hospital when you called.
[19:42:42] Resident055:

[20:07:59] Resident071:

[20:17:38] Resident082:

[20:20:21] Resident032:

Lovely pics - blessed with them in the village. Nice to see and appreciate them x
[20:24:23] Resident038:

Amazing effort
[20:31:08] Resident057:

[20:33:30] Brenda Elldred:

Wow amazing Jess.
[20:34:48] Resident057:

God speaks to us in many ways Brenda❤️
[21:15:23] Adrian Dale:

[21:19:34] Resident101:

There are just no words 😶 😡
[21:20:06] Resident136:

[21:20:43] Resident038:

It's not all of Chelston Rise 🤪
[21:21:05] Resident015:

It's those who think it wont happen to them!!!! Fools.
[21:22:13] Resident038:

Sun has got to their heads
[21:22:54] Adrian Dale:

Well said Felicity!!!
[21:28:32] Resident010:

It beggars belief. I have informed various people that it’s here in the Crescent but they don’t seem to listen
[21:33:41] Resident055:

Nuts all of them
[21:35:14] Resident123:

They need to be named and shamed
[21:38:28] Resident055:

Can’t go vigilante it would make things worse they know who they are and hope shamed
[21:39:23] Resident010:

They dont though as none of the parties involved are on this group.
[21:41:07] Resident123:

Blood selfish let's hope they don't need help when all the nurses are off sick 🤮
[21:44:14] Resident055:

Oh dear ! We are all on this we must make them aware!
[21:45:48] Resident039:

This message was deleted.
[21:46:01] Resident123:

I would love to
But I'm afraid I would loose it
[21:47:08] Resident055:

I’m sure you not
[21:47:36] Resident123:

Must be the bottom end then
[21:57:32] Resident003:

Can everyone please calm down, this is getting really quite nasty and unpleasant. I was not involved in the gathering, but from my window people were sat at least 3 metres apart. I know who was there and I also know exactly what happened, I am afraid things are being blown way out of proportion, so please stop. These are decent people who are not selfish, or lack morals or breeding what a silly and unhelpful thing to say. The group I saw had no children with them, so I am unsure what that's about that, but still rage and insults are NOT helpful. xx
[21:58:14] Resident003:

Anyway I have spoken to the people sitting out together, and it will not happen again.
[21:58:59] Resident123:

[22:00:53] Resident123:

Let's hope it doesn't
Sorry for my outburst, but my partner is on the front line, and it doesn't help
[22:04:16] Resident026:

[22:10:08] Resident039:

[22:25:02] Resident039: