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Daily Newsletter - Wednesday 8th April 2020

Here are the key stories for the day, with thanks to our WhatsApp group who keep these coming in all day there are now 129 members of the group, with every street represented.


Yesterday's newsletter production run was again hampered by our inability to Email out. Most of the mailings yesterday went into the junk folders of anyone with a Gmail account. Google won't reverse this unless a large proportion of people mark the newsletters each day as "not junk". I can't rely on this happening. We have therefore suspended the Email service. I did a paper mail drop to every household in the Village registered with the service, giving them alternative ways in which to receive the newsletter.

I am now missing just 18 households from our check list, with another 3 checking in yesterday.

The national volunteer scheme went live yesterday. We have 8 vetted volunteers in the Village. They will be sent tasks via the GoodSAM app, usually referred by some healthcare professional.

During the evening a photograph of a closed right of way was posted by Michelle. The closure was announced with a dubious looking "official" police notice. Our police sources very quickly cast doubt on the legality of the notice. The Clerk of the Council used his channels to get confirmation from the Chief Constable that Northamptonshire Police were not involved. Our Police are very busy on the front line and don't have the powers or resources to do this. All of this was resolved in under an hour - now that's team work!

Our rights of way network is very important to this Village. It is important to act responsibly when walking these paths, because the land all belongs to someone. You have a right to walk the designated path but not to stray off it or damage anything in the process. Please report any further blockages.

Stay safe folks and try to maintain your own morale and that in your family.


  • Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care. He has received oxygen to help with breathing.
  • UK deaths from Covid-19 jumped by 786 to 6,159. It appears as though there may be have been some late reporting over the weekend which had pulled down the figures reported on Monday. Although this means that we are back to tracking Italy's curve, there are some signs that infection rates are slowing.
  • There are 473 confirmed cases in Northamptonshire an increase of 45 cases since yesterday. This is a fall off in new cases.

This chart has aligned the epidemics from 4 countries with different approaches to the crisis.


  • Lloyds and Barclays bank branches in Rushden are still closed. Lloyds had been due to re-open on 6th April.
  • ASDA Rushden yesterday was very busy with queues (social distanced) twice around the car park. It took Candy an hour to get in.
  • ASDA is now open until 10pm normally, but only until 8pm over the Easter Weekend and will be closed on Easter Sunday.
  • The experience at the Co-Op in Raunds was much better. It was well stocked and well managed

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Missing Households (18)
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Vulnerable Household registration
Northamptonshire County Council Support Line Call 0300 126 1000 and select Option 5 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)
Longhurst Housing Association Support Line Call 0300 123 1745
Village support line Call 07850 570007 in the first instance and Ill find you help
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And finally . . .

Fortunately stories last night of footpaths in Chelveston being closed had nothing to do with the police or other authorities!

Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.