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WhatsApp Archive for Tuesday 09 June 2020

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[06:00:29] Adrian Dale:

[06:00:50] Adrian Dale:

[07:00:38] Resident056:

Thanks Adrian, good podcast, one question that I’ve been meaning to ask, where do you get the cartoon each day for the Newsletter?
[07:21:58] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Jenny, I scour the web and WhatsApp and had a good stock in hand but now is definitely getting harder. Most cartoonists are now being very political. I need 5 more so all contributions would be most welcome by private message!
[07:59:29] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian a helpful broadcast. Thanks also to all Council members.
[08:05:36] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian another great podcast and congratulations to the new Councillors
[10:23:06] Resident015:

FREE a new multi headed gardening tool, weeder, dibber, bulb planter. long handle, never used
[10:27:48] Resident015:

[10:33:54] Resident033:

Oh yes please candy.
[10:35:25] Resident015:

It yours do you want me to drop it down or do you want to pick up. It's in my porch ready to go 17 Hillside
[10:36:04] Resident033:

Shall I get Amanda to collect she’s out on a walk she will be coming that way in about an hour
[10:36:45] Resident015:

Sounds like a plan 🤗
[10:37:38] Resident033:

Thank you very much.
[10:55:44] Resident075:

We are still looking for more outdoor clear wood stain to buy as we have used up Candy's, we need half a pot, if anyone has any for us to buy please let me know, Lucy
[11:19:40] Resident015:

[11:21:39] Resident023:

Cinnabar moth
[11:22:55] Resident075:

[11:40:56] Resident015:

Its so colourful always thought moths were beige! Thanks Penty for the info
[11:42:19] Resident007:

On my way now 😊
[11:43:08] Resident015:

[11:55:53] Resident022:

Tammy just dropped off some cat food for nannas.
[11:56:26] Resident118:

Elaine - where did you buy this? Very arthritic but love gardening so could use long-handled tool.
[11:56:37] Resident125:

Wow thank you very much. Keeps the cats happy x
[11:59:59] Resident118:

Sorry - meant to message Candy!
[12:01:13] Resident015:

I got it from a friend but if you look on Amazon or the garden centres they sell them
[12:02:07] Resident118:

Many thanks for info.
[12:54:04] Resident121:

[12:58:49] Resident038:

We will yes please
[13:00:47] Resident038:

My husband is out and about if he could collect them soonish?
[13:01:03] Resident121:

Great. We’re at 39 Water Lane. Shall I put the box at the end of the drive?
[13:02:05] Resident038:

Yes please, might be a bit later on but defo today
[13:02:07] Resident038:

Thank you
[13:02:28] Resident121:

[13:03:46] Resident022:

Oops meant dog food Tammy. Maybe get cat food the next time.
[13:06:42] Resident125:

The dogs will be very happy too
[14:07:42] Resident015:

Just a cautionary there are a couple of men going round asking people if they want any trees sorted. They are trouble the ripped of one of my neighbours and stole things from the house so if approached say no
[14:13:48] Resident047:

Phone the police and report it
[14:14:06] Resident023:

Might be worth posting that again in an hour to make sure everyone sees it Candy
[14:14:07] Resident016:

I’d second that!
[14:14:52] Resident038:

Definitely needs reporting to the police
[14:18:19] Resident047:

Post it hourly
[14:29:45] Resident038:

Hi everyone. Our cat is missing, we are from Chelston Rise. Can you please give us a shout if you see him at all. His name is Teemo. Thank you (pic to follow)
[14:31:32] Resident038:

[14:31:36] Resident038:

[14:38:34] Resident086:

Hi Flick, hope he comes home real soon, how long has he been missing? Maybe everyone on Chelston Rise can check their sheds, garages and vehicles!! My cats are a nightmare for getting in vehicles 😩
[14:39:45] Resident038:

We last saw him yesterday at about 8pm so it hasn't been ages but he is always back for his food and is really out of character for him to be gone this long. Yes, please everyone check your sheds etc. Thank you
[14:41:45] Resident086:

Ahh bless him 😊
[14:44:35] Resident051:

Will keep an eye out for him
[14:51:45] Resident015:

Re my last message it should have said be alert possibly itinerate tree cuters around as on prior occasions there have been allegations made .These chaps are not the culprits that police dealt with 2/3Years back. just be careful with giving work out for payment.
[15:12:25] Resident086:

Flick, is Teemo microchipped?
[15:14:08] Resident038:

Yes he is x
[15:18:08] Resident131:

Hi, shall I put this in the Crescent Facebook page for you?
[15:18:22] Resident038:

Thank you that would be great x
[15:21:53] Resident086:

Ahh that's good, Flick 👍😊
[15:23:45] Resident131:

Hi Flick, it’s on the Crescent Facebook page for you. We will keep an eye out and hope he comes home ver soon, Vanessa x
[15:24:03] Resident038:

Thank you so much. Going to have a wonder when I finish work
[16:20:34] Resident038:

We have found him. God know where he has been for the passed 12 hours.. Sorry everyone and thank you
[16:20:40] Resident038:

[16:21:18] Resident052:

Excellent news
[16:30:10] Resident138:

Dean is fab for dealing with trees, he always does a good job with ours that grows across the road and near telegraph wires
[16:33:55] Resident051:

Phew 😻😻
[16:34:46] Resident101:

Brilliant news
[17:17:43] Resident038:

🤦🏻‍♀ So glad he is home sods law he turns up when I alert you all haha
[17:37:13] Resident047:

Up near the airfield ! Classy...
[17:37:20] Resident047:

[17:38:03] Resident047:

If it were a caption competition I know what I would write but respectful of the audience
[17:40:43] Resident023:

There won’t be many people using bags like that - so they could be found maybe.
[18:41:46] Resident131:

We will be doing the litter pick up there later, where was it and we can remove?
[18:43:59] Resident047:

Right out towards the big tree after the cross roads across the air strip
[18:45:29] Resident131:

Will look for it unless anyone else has picked it up
[18:59:20] Resident086:

So glad he is home Flick, probably just been chilling under a hedge somewhere 😊🤗👍
[19:10:16] Resident038:

Thank you... He was you know! Couldn't believe it. So glad he is home. 😍
[20:48:53] Resident019:

The worzel household have made our scarecrows, looking forward to seeing everyone's creations next weekend