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[05:41:29] Adrian Dale:

[05:41:55] Adrian Dale:

[05:42:14] Adrian Dale:

[05:45:47] Adrian Dale:

Another overnight policy change! This was not even on the cards dying discussions on Friday afternoon. We will be much more cautious and sensible. This hasn’t been thought through.

Coronavirus: Places of worship to reopen for private prayer
[05:48:10] Adrian Dale:

As discussed in the newsletter editorial:
[05:51:25] Resident097:

We cant loose the whatsapp group !! So many good things have come from this and the Fb group, its helped build a community which before was behind closed doors, its made those that were isolated have a family and support they didnt know was out there ... if you need a volunteer to take over to make this happen i will put my name forward.. anyone else behind your fellow scarecrow?
[07:37:13] Resident103:

Adrian Dale do not listen to the bbc it’s 🐜 t government or believe what you read in the papers .any body would think that this government caused the epidemic.have a nice day
[07:37:54] Resident112:

[07:47:04] Resident038:

I would definitely like to keep the connection we have with everyone on here. I say keep the WhatsApp group please 😁
[07:48:34] Resident103:

Hear hear I think it’s funny 😂😂😂
[07:50:14] Resident097:

🙂 also from a business level Trade many of us can benefit from in the village aswell instead of having to outsource and pay higher prices etc
[07:55:19] Resident012:

Thank you for everything you’ve done during this time Adrian. It’s been a great source of comfort for many people during the crisis but you’re right it is time to start resuming back to what is going to be a ‘new normal’. You deserve a break from it all now.
[08:06:37] Resident023:

Adrian, never have so few (you) done so much for so many. YOU need to get back to your life. Thankyou!
[08:07:25] Resident023:

[08:12:57] Resident135:

[08:21:40] Resident012:

[08:26:21] Resident135:

[08:30:25] Michelle Dalliston:

Adrian, you have done an amazing job and been a source of sound information, advice and support during this crisis. Thank you so much 😃
You are right though that we need to adjust the approach as things begin to return to some sort of normal.
[08:32:42] Resident031:

How about weaning us off our daily podcast addiction by reducing it to (say) once a week for a month or two.
[08:34:08] Resident135:

[08:34:38] Brenda Elldred:

I agree with Michelle. We will give it some thought today and get back to you Adrian. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping the village informed it has been invaluable but a cost to your personal life. Things do need to be reviewed. 👍🤔
[08:34:59] Resident097:

Things will never be normal in this village again 🤣 the last few months have shown none of us are normal 🤣🤣🤣
[08:35:49] Resident097:

Besides who wants to be Normal !!
[08:35:51] Michelle Dalliston:

Absolutely no warning or notification of this! However, we are already planning how to reopen for private prayer safely and will do so only once we are sure we are ready and can keep everyone safe. 🕯️🙏🏽
[08:43:50] Resident094:

All in good voice?
Never mind the weather join us for a special Sunday service today. It's Songs of Praise and your favourite could be included.
Many of us listen together at 10am or the service link is there for you whenever you want it.
Just tuning up now!
[08:44:43] Resident015:

While it will be sad to lose the daily podcast Adrian has to have his life back he has done so much for the village during this crisis it's time to say thanks and let him go back to some sort of normal. Would like keep the WhatsApp group but it needs a moderator and others to stop mouth and foot disease otherwise it will not last. Thanks Adrian for everything x
[09:55:42] Michelle Dalliston:

[10:09:29] Resident023:

Ladies and gentlemen - Worzille speaks for himself!!
[10:13:41] Resident130:

An election for moderator - we are a democracy?
[10:16:21] Resident097:

Id go as far as to say we are all sub human the last few months the love care and compassion we have shown to each other as a community has built bonds stronger than ever, often complete strangers pulling together to help each other out be it from gifting time,products,skills or advice. So nope i still think we are not normal as Society just doesnt tend to do this Normally
[10:17:57] Resident023:

OK - I’ll go with that
[10:20:50] Resident097:

Sadky civalisation got lost over time,Long gone were the days where Community pulled together, people respected one another and actually took the time to listen to those around us, we were often like race horses blinkered in our own existance, shut off to our wider surroundings, only now have we openes up again seen the bigger picture the love of our fellow community the spirit passion and determination of those closest to us tk make a stand,make a difference and work together as one family one spirit.

Ok ill shutup now before i start to sound like churchill !
[10:21:48] Resident097:

Ignore my Spellings In that last paragraph 🤣 stupid phone
[10:25:05] Resident015:

Good idea. There has to be ground rules. We have built up a brilliant support network through WhatsApp it would be a shame to lose it. We have all looked out for each other long may it continue
[10:27:43] Resident012:

My thoughts exactly! 😂
[10:28:17] Resident097:

Worzille for Mayor !!
[10:35:16] Resident130:

Would the PC be kind enough to arrange an election or is that not part of their remit?
[10:40:44] Resident051:

Thank you Adrian for all you’ve done over recent weeks, but you do need your life back. I think it would be good to keep the WhatsApp group.
[10:43:33] Resident130:

Perhaps potential candidates could put themselves forward & give a short manifesto at a PC meeting followed by a selection of best candidate. PC choose the most suitable candidate?
[10:47:01] Resident097:

I think the whole point is Freedom of speech should be allowed and all be it this shouldnt be a slanging match over the last few weeks we have seen people should be allowed to come and go as they choose or see fit.
[10:55:16] Resident130:

It's a big job so needs 2 people - at least - to spread the load. I'm sure it dominated Adrian's life & that would not be fair if it's going to be long term?
[10:57:37] Resident138:

Having freedom of speech gives responsibility though, we should not make jokes at people's expense and those of us that challenge one way of thinking should not automatically be dismissed as "children or snowflakes". Points of view should be able to be discussed without fear or backlash, we need to be able to talk about difficult subjects respectfully
[10:58:05] Resident097:

Dont see why it needs to be Moderated... Adrian doesnt moderate it now
As he said on podcast the other day ...He was asked by many to step in on matters and refused saying Freedom of speech should be maintained

This is how it should remain

We dont need moderation we need to be KIND and respectful thats all
[10:58:41] Resident138:

Agree with KIND and respectful 100%
[11:01:19] Resident097:

I think if we run it by Adrians current method it cant go far wrong

Yes some will stay some will go

People wont agree on everything thats life unfortunately

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger pictures, we have enough rules and regs in life do we really need to make more for ourselves?

Just be kind !! Thats all we have to do

Regardless of race,religeon,sex,beliefs etc etc etc
[11:03:44] Resident138:

Agree we should be kind. An interesting article if you are interested in our "freedom of expression " that differs from what people often confuse with the USA laws on free speech
[11:03:56] Resident133:

The problem with saying we should have freedom of speech is that some people think that’s an excuse to post homophobic/sexist/racist etc comments.
[11:08:01] Resident138:

The law under article 10 of the human rights act 1998 says "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression" in the UK but the law states that this freedom may be subject to formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society. Our law on hate speech has been updated so it is an offence to use language that is deemed to incite racial and religious hatred, as well as hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation "
[11:09:19] Resident138:

I prefer be kind as it's much simpler! If you wouldn't say it in public say the pub, don't say it on WhatsApp
[11:11:21] Resident097:

And whilst i agree thats not right i also feel that

A) you wont be able to stop this happening
B) same thing can happen in a pub or on a walk, shopping etc etc

But also from the other side the coin... and please dont take this the wr ong way, i have done a lot of work on Behaviour/Learn Behaviours/life coaching etc etc and are these people happy in there own lives, are they venting this behaviour because

A) they are confused about there own current situation
B) there current mental or personal state makes them feel inadequate so they feel the need to judge others on theres
C) they are using this frustration to hide there own issues ie mental state,sexuality etc etc

Maybe these people just need some kindness compassion and love chucked there way also ? Maybe theres more to the bigger picture

Whilst some stuff comes under the above laws and regs

Other stuff could easily be ignoree to a degree..

Often of a reaction isnt seen these people will go away... much like the school bullys etc etc
[11:16:06] Resident097:

Bottom line is nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable regardless lf age,race,religeon or sexual preference
[11:16:45] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Michelle and Paul and team for putting a lovely service together. Also to all who put their requests forward. We had a really good worship and praise session. Enjoyed also the video at the end with beautiful scenery of God’s world. 😘🙏
[11:23:57] Resident133:

Pete - I should hope if someone was making comments in the pub for example, that someone would speak up about it.
Personally I think there should be a moderator for this group or a new group set up.
[11:24:33] Resident138:

Thanks also to Paul and Michelle for today and improving my Northamptonshire accent reading with beautiful pachabel
[11:32:14] Resident097:

I have to disagree there

In the last how ever many weeks the groups been running to my knowledge there has only been 2 mishaps which both quickly came under control

The first was the litter picking comment that was made which was swift to be resolved

The second was the comment made the other day which ok lets face it was deemed Risque to some which is understandable

These both quickly pulked themselves back together, yes some people briefly left the chat for whatever reason but a few have returned to my belief

99.9 percent of the time the group chat is about daily village life, requests for help and support.

I had a interesting thing a few years back where i was called racist by a customer

My response to them was this

I couldnt give a flying toss about your race,religion or sexual orientation
As long as you pay your bill like everyone else !

And its true... what you do in your household or you beliefs probably difger a lot from mine

I have set morales and beliefs which some may not agree with, others woukd prob shake my hand

Those morales are president that we set down for our family and generations to follow, wether or not those generations listen and follow by our example is there choice we cannot push that on them, we cannot radicalise them into following Our beliefs
[11:39:17] Resident133:

Pete - I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to bring up previous incidents.
[11:39:33] Resident097:

Also the thing social media is very good for is not showing Facial expression

How do you know when something is made in jest or in anger, how do you know something that was meant as a light hearted comment was actually meant to cause offence or visa versa


Someone calls me a prat i cant :

Pete your a prat

Pete your a prat 🙂

Pete i think your a prat 😡

All said the same thing but the 2nd id have prob taken as a joke

The first and last id be thinking about far too much and wondering what this guys issue is ... can you see where im coming from
[11:41:03] Resident097:

Incidents we can learn from, im not trying to drag up Old history or create a sh#tstorm again but to my knowledge these have been the only issues in how ever many weeks months where things got out of hand and were quickly resolved
[11:44:58] Resident025:

I agree with you Vicki
[11:46:20] Resident075:

I think if there's been anything it's been resolved by internal group moderation, I think having a moderator is a bit OTT, we'd need someone for adding new users x
[11:46:36] Resident097:

We dont need moderators... if people cant moderate themselves they shouldnt be in the group
[11:48:11] Resident133:

Final comment from me - the reason I said not to bring up previous incidents is that you came out of it badly in my opinion. Have a good day everyone.
[11:55:25] Resident097:

Again that is your opinion and I appologised at the time for any offence i may have caused anyone as i said everyone has there own beliefs and thoughts

Have a good day
[12:06:21] Resident101:

Morning everyone. I’ve been watching this chat all morning and to some extent I feel we are going round in circles. Here’s what I think.

I would like the chat to stay as a point of contact for villagers to ask for help or assistance when needed.

For villagers to let us all know when there is something untoward going on around the village. So we are all aware.

We can also still use the group for swapping items as long as we collect and deliver between ourselves. As this has proved very popular and is a great way to recycle.

For the events committee to publish any social events they are planning etc.

The group will need say 3 admins chosen by the group and given permission to store members personal details on their phones. These admins can then add people when they wish to join eg new people moving to the village. The admins can then monitor who’s on the group making sure they are villagers or family of villagers. But when they sign up for the group we state that any comments made should be Kind and Respectful as mentioned earlier.

I have found the group really helpful during these uncertain times and I believe it will be a great asset to the village life if we can keep it going.

Thanks for listening.
[12:08:27] Resident097:

[12:17:46] Resident138:

Best things from the group are help, community look at Bloms and the beautiful tulips and donations to charities :) and a way of raising alarm and getting help like when the sheep escape. It has done so much good
[12:18:26] Resident138:

And podcasts from community and sharing church and events
[12:18:31] Resident117:

[12:19:18] Resident047:

Rachael I agree with the format
[12:21:55] Resident025:

Well said Rachel
[12:26:59] Resident047:

I would like a plant swap and cuttings swap/bank to be set up too after lockdown and when it’s safe to do such things more frequently. I suggested this to Adrian who said was a decent idea and could be added to the events committee.
[12:51:00] Resident135:

Rachael I also agree with the format
[12:52:16] Resident030:

Worzille I am near brought to tears by this😵🤧🤧
[12:56:49] Resident097:

Covid 19 a time where civilization stood still, took a short intake of breath, started caring about the bigger things, Families came together whilst strangely being apart, friends were made, strangers were met, community was built, where respect was earnt not just given, a time of reflection on our past and chance for us to improve on our futures, a chance to love,live and show compassion kind and caring to those around us our community and our surroundings once again. THIS IS WHAT MADE BRITAIN GREAT
[12:59:53] Resident015:

I agree👍👍
[13:00:45] Resident015:

[13:03:41] Resident097:

I wise old man gave me this as a Kid, i have passed it down to my kids since many a time, the words are so true and are Apt given the current topic

[13:15:02] Resident030:

This is so true, shame a few ignore or do not know or want to know. As a youngster I thought I new better, now as I am older I like to think I am a bit wiser.
[13:29:49] Resident097:

Remember :

What you get by achieving your goals
Is not as important as what you became achieving your goals
[14:00:43] Resident002:

I would want to keep the group going. We do need a couple of administrators to add but agree big job to police so should self regulate.
[14:05:08] Resident075:

Where is the crescent plesee?
[14:05:47] Resident112:

It’s out of Caldecott towards Yelden
[14:06:22] Resident136:

Chelston rise, the street is called the crescent
[14:06:30] Resident075:

Thanks ladies
[14:06:49] Resident055:

The old air base Lucy
[14:18:45] Resident075:

[14:18:46] Resident075:

[14:19:01] Resident075:

Do I need to report
[14:19:38] Resident101:

This has been reported on Friday I believe
[14:21:34] Resident112:

Lucy, I hope your two messages aren’t related! 🙈
[14:23:10] Resident097:

Adrians already on the case
[14:23:11] Resident075:

No I thought the crescent was down this road 😂
[14:24:01] Resident097:

Your on Waterlane atm Lucy you need to go past Village hall and church keep going up that road to the old Airbase
[14:24:43] Resident075:

Aimlessly walking round chelveston 😂, I Google mapped the cres, said wellingborough, going in car now 🤣
[14:25:00] Resident097:

[14:25:03] Resident075:

I know where it is now 🤣
[14:36:12] Resident082:

[14:39:37] Resident136:

Yes please Maria
[14:41:56] Resident082:

I have them stored elsewhere at the moment will message you in a couple of days when I get them here
[14:42:20] Resident136:

Ok fine thank you
[15:56:28] Resident097:

Thought this was about BLM

Not trashing our countrys heritage

Utter b#stards
[16:51:20] Resident055:

Disgusting! They need locking up !
[16:54:47] Resident097:

Just turned intoa excuse for Thugs and lowlife pieces of sh#t to go on a rampage.. All lives matter yet these idiots are avoiding social distancing rules,causing mayhem,beating up folk,looting and trashing the place !! Wait for another surge in Virus cases now caused by these morons. This isnt about BLM anymore thus is a blatant disregard for anyone and there heritage and cultures
[17:00:45] Resident055:

Where we the police 👮🏻‍♀️
[17:10:53] Resident097:

Police would be pretty useless up against that many people
[17:12:25] Resident055:

Water cannons ! They should be made to pay !
[17:42:37] Resident075:

[18:00:15] Resident094:

Getting back to church may take a bit of getting used to. Whoever thought we would see "Church full" notices like this one in Guernsey today?
[18:46:46] Resident097:

OMG !!!! Just took the old girl out

I didnt brake down 🤣🤣🤣 ... and she started when i got back aswell
[18:57:12] Resident055:

Great news that’s the mrs dealt with when’s the tractor 🚜 going out
[18:58:00] Resident097:

[19:17:52] Resident009:

Well said Rachel, we’re are in agreement with this 👍🏼. Thanks
[19:39:53] Resident055:

[19:39:54] Resident055:

[19:39:54] Resident055:

[19:39:54] Resident055:

[19:39:54] Resident055:

[19:49:18] Resident009:

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Adrian, it’s been a pleasure listening to the podcasts each day, our kids loved the colouring competitions at Easter and the VE Day celebrations too. All of which where better due to this group and the community so thankyou.
I hope to have a beer with you in the near future Adrian, and also everyone else when the pub finally opens ! We will happily carry on with the what’s app group, and hopefully it can be a great resource for everyone in the future. Cheers Andy
[19:52:12] Resident047:

Great post Andy and I echo all you say
[21:02:59] Resident097:

Oh dear me ... Cos hitler would of done a lot better job wouldnt he 🙄😡
Find wall bangs head !!
[21:44:42] Resident115:

Agreed! 😊
[21:55:55] Resident097:

Hi random question does anyone have a Charity type collection bucket i can borrow for next weekend please ..?? If not ill have to try and source one or use my Lead buckets on the Tractor
[21:57:46] Resident055:

I have a bird feed tub you could use it
[21:58:32] Resident055:

Is clean and safe
[21:58:45] Resident023:

Use your boots Worzille!
[21:59:02] Resident055:

Good idea 💡
[21:59:16] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣 now thats a idea i can hang a welly off the back
[22:00:16] Resident097:

Love it !! Might have to try that