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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 05 June 2020

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[06:10:20] Adrian Dale:

[06:10:41] Adrian Dale:

[06:11:20] Adrian Dale:

[07:12:15] Resident101:

Yes and McDonald’s has opened this week. ☹️
[07:15:38] Resident039:

In the woods now xx
[07:23:31] Resident131:

Adrian, we collected a whole rubbish sack full (takeaway packaging and beer cans) between the Crescent and the airstrip last night, it’s in usual place if you’re up this way today.
[07:46:06] Resident127:

Noticed a whole heap of rubbish which looks like it was dumped during the night at the end of water lane... is that a common spot for that to happen?
[07:46:56] Resident022:

Lots of rubbish tipped in water lane just before the Ford.
[07:47:31] Resident097:

[07:47:48] Resident097:

[07:48:09] Adrian Dale:

That’s odd! I didn’t see it at 06:00 - I’ll go and photograph in the minute
[07:48:21] Resident097:

If i didnt have Jake today id help clean it up
[07:48:54] Adrian Dale:

We check it first for evidence of the perpetrator
[07:49:35] Resident097:

If you find any evidence let us know.. as a 12bore up the nose might offend 😂
[07:50:14] Resident022:

Large cardboard box. Stuff spilled out of it. Just got back from a night shift.
[07:51:14] Resident127:

I went past at 7am so obviously between 6 and 7.... what is wrong with people?
[07:51:39] Resident097:

Better still if we find the perpetrator cant we get a local farmer to stick a slurry pipe through there letterbox !! Give them some of our Sh#t back
[07:53:33] Resident022:

Silver Vectra waiting to pull out of w lane as I turned in. Couldn't say it was that car no evidence.
[07:54:04] Resident015:

Just to make it clear it was the wonderful Ray who cut the hedge for us(its taken us 7 years to find someone who would do it) and Les and I just cleared away the trimmings
[08:01:39] Adrian Dale:

[08:02:05] Resident063:

Certainly there at 7.05. When walking Mali
[08:05:13] Resident038:

Disgusting! What is wrong with people!!!!
[08:12:34] Adrian Dale:

Top bloke!!
[08:20:29] Resident112:

This is so unnecessary, thank you Adrian
[08:32:08] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian GREAT WORK
[08:38:34] Adrian Dale:

[08:39:41] Resident112:

🕵🏻‍♂️ fab job :)
[08:40:13] Brenda Elldred:

Now that’s potentially an own goal for whoever!!
[08:42:20] Resident138:

They deserve a fine, spreading litter and germs in a global pandemic is moronic
[08:49:52] Resident097:

Local ?
[08:59:21] Resident010:

Let deliver it back to them
[09:00:46] Resident097:

I have some big boxes can re package it then all chip in 50p to get parcelforce deliver it 🤣🤣🤣
[09:01:40] Resident062:

This message was deleted.
[09:02:15] Resident097:

Still there responsibility if they havent had proper waste transfer note and reciept from a licensed waste carrier
[09:02:18] Resident123:

I'll deliver for free
[09:02:52] Adrian Dale:

Might not be their rubbish unfortunately, but ENC has a good system for tracking. They’ll be asking some very awkward questions if they deny it. Like so how did the perpetrators get your box then.

I’ve asked ENC to divert one of the lads to pick it up.
[09:03:30] Adrian Dale:

Looks like Rushden based
[09:05:06] Resident062:

This message was deleted.
[09:05:07] Resident097:

Can carry upto £5000 fine i believe also

Few years ago i got accused of dumping tyres ! As some had turned up near sharnbrook just after id started doi png them, Until i showed the waste transfer notes to the council from where i was taking them to world of rubber ! Which had all my vehicle regs etc and the quantity of tyres on etc that tallied with what i had removed and sold out
[09:06:10] Resident062:

This message was deleted.
[09:06:34] Resident112:

I think it would, people are idle unfortunately
[09:07:23] Resident097:

Each operator is given a CDC number or carrier number which can be checked with ENC .. scrap agents also have to have a local collectors license also

There are two tiers of license

Its nothing to do with the tip being accessible its to do with people having no respect and being lazy with a not in my yard attitude
[09:09:13] Resident097:

Thats almost like saying the litterbin in the kitchens full but ill dump my crap on the floor next to it instead ... or you can wait till its empty again or empty it and then refill it 😂
[09:11:57] Resident112:

Anyone shielding or higher risk, please arrange a system to keep your post to one side for you to 48+ hrs before over handling
[09:22:40] Resident103:

[09:23:32] Resident097:

[09:24:26] Resident101:

[09:28:53] Resident101:

Anyone need anything from Harborough Fields Pharmacy. Heading that way shortly?
[09:29:23] Resident097:

Got annoyed when I found out someone had used my raw materials for a new scarecrow to feed their horse. That was the last straw !
[09:41:23] Resident023:

[09:41:50] Resident112:

[09:51:34] Resident097:

Penty That Reminds me of a joke i heard a few years back !! ...

Rumour has it the local baker when delivering his rounds often had to stop for P stop in local bushes, his customers concerned about lack of cleanliness on his rounds and handwashing facilities called in the environmental health to investigate, the baker was warned and told to implicate correct methods to prevent any risk to his clients, he was advised to use tong and gloves when dealing with food products

The next week environmental health inspector arranged to meet with the baker and was impressed to see these measures put into practice

At the end of the visit the inspector noticed a piece of string hanging from the bakers zip and cautiously said whats that... the baker replied ahh thats my means of taking a p .... ive tied this piece of string round my privates that means i can undo my zip pull it out and do my wee.... the inspector confused yet impressed with the bakers initiative says "so how do you put it back afterwards"

The baker replies ..... WITH THE TONGS OF COURSE 🤣🤣🤣

And there you have it another Worzel joke
[10:05:43] Resident055:

[10:14:32] Resident073:

Just wondering if anyone needs some scarecrow stuffing? I’ve got some old pillows that might do the job.
[10:32:58] Resident097:

😂😂 we all done it
[11:25:07] Resident016:

[12:42:11] Resident127:

Hope they get a fine.. no need for it at all
[13:49:46] Resident134:

[13:49:47] Resident134:

[13:53:53] Resident016:

Hi Vicki/Sam
Could I have this please? Mine is on its last legs! Carol P
[13:55:34] Resident016:

Sorry meant to add would you like something for it?
[13:57:22] Resident134:

Of course you can! No, I don't want anything for it :) we're 2 Cornerhouse Cottage - I can leave it by our front door to be collected or drop it round, whichever suits?
[14:14:54] Resident016:

Thank you v much! I’m in Pokas Cottages and off to Rushden in a while so can collect en route😊 thank you again
[14:15:54] Resident134:

Okay, I'll leave it by the front door 😊
[14:31:50] Resident016:

[14:44:44] Resident016:

Collected thank you
[16:55:16] Resident016:

Hi everyone. 😊
Final reminder for Scarecrow Competition - entries close at 7pm tonight!
You still have a week to get your creative juices flowing to plan and build your key worker and could win a cash prize....text Carol on 07880 556286 to register your entry.
[17:35:52] Resident138:

Great job done by Sarah's boys
[17:36:37] Resident138:

[17:36:44] Adrian Dale:

Worzle alert - just seen him whizzing passed on the tractor - seems the manifold is fixed!
[17:37:04] Resident138:

Shiny car no longer pooped on by pigeons :)
[17:38:32] Resident112:

Thank you Zara!
[17:50:29] Resident019:

Jinxed it..... mrs to the rescue 🙄
[17:51:06] Adrian Dale:

[18:05:32] Resident020:

[18:08:54] Resident012:

No it’s not!!😂😂
[18:09:18] Resident019:

Oh poor worzel......
[18:10:01] Adrian Dale:

Oh poor Cathy!!!
[18:32:47] Resident097:

Lol Manifold is fixed but the Magneto is dying when it gets hot 😥 got as far as the village hall this time
[18:40:22] Resident097:

Was going well then !! Pulled the hills a treat then decided to cut off outside the village hall
[20:20:18] Adrian Dale:

[20:22:27] Resident019:

Reopen the nhs??? 🤣 I'll let my boss know I should have been on furlough
[20:24:49] Adrian Dale:

Or messing about on a tractor 🤪
[20:25:30] Resident019:

[20:37:32] Adrian Dale:

[20:37:54] Resident112:

[20:38:00] Adrian Dale:

[20:45:45] Resident101:

Think they’ve been secretly listening to your podcasts 😆
[20:46:19] Resident101:

Quiz questions are now set!! Ready for tomorrow. Login details will be sent tomorrow afternoon .
[20:51:38] Resident025:

Rachel do I just paste the link in a browser to join
[20:56:59] Resident097:

Thanks Ian for your help tonight getting the old girl running briefly again
[20:57:21] Resident101:

Hi yes there are 2 links. 1 for Zoom if you want to see/ hear everyone. And 1 for where you can answer the questions. We advice that you have menti on a tablet device and zoom on a pc. Hope that makes sense.
[20:57:23] Adrian Dale:

Cathy isn’t old!!!
[20:57:44] Resident097:

Ancient old girl then
[20:58:11] Adrian Dale:

Living dangerously....
[20:58:16] Resident025:

Thank you
[20:58:32] Resident020:

Ian isnt on the group il pass the message on lol. Living dangerous damn right suicidal you mean 🤣
[20:58:48] Resident097:

With that old thing yup ( the tractor i mean !)
[20:59:39] Resident097:

Rattles bangs and backfires ... 🤣
[21:00:22] Resident020:

Ian said you still talking about the tractor? 🤦‍♀
[21:00:27] Adrian Dale:

Cathy!! Manners
[21:00:45] Resident097:

🤣 lol
[21:01:24] Resident019:

............... 🤔 looks like worzels bed is being made up in the shed tonight......
[21:01:47] Resident020:

😂😂 so is Ians of he carries on 😂
[21:02:08] Resident097:

Damn sight more room after you starfish the bed and then a toddler joins us at 3am anyway !
[21:02:39] Resident097:

Anyone got a field i can stand in for a few nights?
[21:11:38] Resident020:

See pete they don't even trust leaving you in a field😂😂
[21:18:16] Resident019:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his phone is dead so he cant come back with a "witty" reply lol
[21:42:49] Resident020:

[21:46:20] Resident020:

Its a long shot i know but the dog just dug up and destroyed my daughters sun flower she is heartbroken does anyone have any sunflower plants for sale?
[21:46:49] Resident097:

Meow !! 🤣
[21:47:16] Resident020:

[21:48:39] Resident020:

Cathy when you said "witty reply" i bet you expected better then that.... 😂😂
[21:49:06] Resident097:

I got asked if i was Pete by a couple earlier ... i said yip they went oh so your the Trouble maker 🤣🤣 getting a reputation already #loveit
[21:49:53] Resident020:

Hahaha you really do seems everyone knows you and you have a habbit of causing issues 😂
[21:50:16] Resident097:

Whoever you guys were was nice to meet you briefly, sorry i had to go but the rope went taught and i was off behind a rangerover 🤣🤣
[21:51:19] Resident097:

Just doing my bit for the community, first there was the kindling, then came the wit charm and great ideas 🤣🤣 besides every village needs a idiot
[21:52:12] Resident020:

Seems this village may have 2... you met Ian right 😂
[21:52:50] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤣 my new tractor friend and second scarecrow in command
[21:54:16] Resident020:

With the current mop on his head i can totally see it 🤣 for the competition im just making him stand there all day 🤣🤣
[21:54:54] Resident097:

[21:57:17] Resident134:

I have a couple of sunflower plants still in pots which she'd be welcome to take - they were grown as spare backups so free to collect whenever suits
[22:02:29] Resident020:

Ohh that would be fantastic thank you!! Could i grab tomorrow please? Thank you so much!
[22:04:43] Resident134:

Yes absolutely 😊 I'm at 2 Cornerhouse Cottage - I'll leave them by the front door tomorrow for you to pick up whenever you're passing
[22:05:18] Resident020:

Fab thank you! Il pop by around 10/10.30 if that's okay?
[22:06:11] Resident134:

No problem 👍
[22:08:03] Resident020:

Thank you! ☺️
[00:45:40] Resident015:

I have a couple you could have. Message me in the morning to arrange collection if you want them
[00:50:24] Resident020:

Thank you, but i think have a couple maybe someone else would like some? I know my daughter loved growing hers but the dog dug it up and destroyed it. So now we have to grow a bigger one 🤦‍♀️ xx
[04:51:21] Resident007:

I have some seeds from Ethans Mud and Bloom box if you want some to plant up again