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WhatsApp Archive for Thursday 04 June 2020

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[05:47:15] Adrian Dale:

[05:47:38] Adrian Dale:

[08:46:14] Resident023:

In the 24yrs I have lived in the parish it has never looked as good as it does now - all thanks to the Lengthsman.......and Mark for playing the long game!
[08:55:59] Resident112:

[09:06:33] Resident135:

[09:49:50] Resident109:

Well said Chris we are most fortunate to have such dedicated people. Adrian has done far more than people will ever know.
[10:31:26] Resident115:

Agreed! 😊👍
[11:37:11] Resident101:

[11:38:17] Resident060:

Could we have these for the church please?
[11:39:15] Resident101:

Yes I’ll get Adrian to pop them into the church for you.
[11:39:58] Resident060:

Thank you Rachael.
[12:03:16] Resident046:

Rachael if you unearth any more fold out tables can you let me please thanks jackie
[12:29:41] Resident112:

Our wonderful Crescent already has its own dynamic Duo, Jack and Leyton!

Our boys thought it would be nice to share our Crescents talents with the rest of our Parish without toe treading ....
[12:29:46] Resident112:

[12:32:13] Resident016:

Well done boys!
[13:24:28] Resident138:

Satah how much to wash a white Volvo s60 outside The Cottage please? My husband is shielding but we do go for distance exercise walks. Also do I pay you by paypal or the boys in cash?
[13:29:11] Resident138:

If they have their own clothes and sponges to bring I could put a bucket of hot soapy water outside just before they were due to come and leave the outside hose ready and connected for rinsing, to keep both them and us properly social distanced and safe
[13:29:26] Resident138:

Cloths not clothes sorry
[13:35:13] Resident112:

I’ll message you Zara x
[13:50:19] Resident075:

How much for a yarris and a fiat panda. Yaris needs cleaning inside too x
[13:51:12] Resident075:

Oh forgot lockdown, prob won't be able to do inside
[16:39:06] Adrian Dale:

[16:42:44] Resident019:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was starting 5o wonder
[16:53:01] Resident019:

[16:55:10] Resident097:

Thanks Cuffy for the tow !! Old girl didnt like the rain 🤣🤣🤣
[16:56:43] Resident010:

That is brilliant... how long you going to have him sitting outside for ??? 😂
[16:57:27] Resident097:

If i buy anymore tractors ill be out permanently 🤣🤣
[17:03:49] Resident103:

Nether do I but couldn’t let poor girl drown
[17:05:07] Resident097:

Thanks mate appreciate it
[17:15:13] Resident123:

Should have brought a John deere
[17:16:42] Resident097:

Should of bought one with a cab !! 🤣🤣
[17:19:54] Resident097:

Tbf it is 78 years old bless it
[17:23:34] Resident023:

As long as the power steering and air on work - you’ll be fine.
[17:41:46] Resident103:

To be fair people Allis was quite chalmers even in the rain ☔️
[18:01:56] Resident073:

[18:03:30] Resident023:

Secretly I am very envious but don’t tell anyone!
[18:22:23] Resident020:

Could i have some please?
[18:24:36] Resident073:

Of course you can. How much of it do you want?
[18:59:29] Resident020:

Say 20 please?
[19:05:42] Resident060:

Could we have the other 10 or so please?
[19:07:29] Resident073:

Of course you can.
[19:08:52] Resident060:

I can collect when available. Where are you?
[19:42:30] Resident086:

Naomis dogs r missing, look out for them everyone plz
[19:43:08] Resident055:

Where in village and what sort please
[19:43:08] Resident033:

What time and in the village ??
[19:50:45] Resident086:

Bulldog and Dogue de bordeax, not sure I spelt that ryt, don't no what time, from the pub 😩
[19:51:46] Resident055:

Names please
[19:52:26] Resident136:

Bulldog is Myrtle, other one is Frank
[19:52:49] Resident033:

Apparently. Frank and mertle are home and safe just spoken to naimh
[19:53:45] Resident055:

Great news just got my coat on to go and look 👀
[19:55:14] Resident033:

Thank you Jennie I will pass on your concerns. What a great group link we have here.
[19:56:03] Resident055:

Love animals
[19:58:19] Resident086:

Thank goodness for that 😊
[20:02:14] Resident073:

Glad they are back
[20:04:25] Resident033:

Spoken to Naomi pouches had found a newly cut walkway. Alls well. Dogs went to explore and frightened the life out of Naomi. Xx
[20:11:22] Resident097:

Dont laugh but ive actually broken down 3 times today !!

1st cuffy rescued me
2nd Thought id fixed it as was running fine in yard ... got to end of drive broke down as i pulled onto raunds rd and some passer buy helped push it back on the road 🤣🤣
3rd time i got about 200yrds before water lane and rang cath 🤣🤣

Seems theres a tiny crack in the exhaust manifold which inturn is heating up the fuel to the carb and making it evaporate .... so need to find someone who can weld Cast ... Anybody ??
[20:13:03] Resident097:

DID I MENTION ... i love working on old stuff 🤣🤣 😥 finds wall head bangs head !!
[20:15:44] Resident020:

Il ask Ian if he knows anyone :)
[20:16:41] Resident097:

Thinking Bob Pentlow at Riseley but dont know if hes still going as know he wasnt too well last time i went down there
[20:17:07] Resident097:

[20:17:28] Resident097:

Not sure i can get the heat into it with my Mig
[20:18:47] Resident023:

I think Bob has sold up and gone, his places looked closed when I cycled past the other day.
[20:20:18] Resident020:

Ian may know a way with using a mig il get him to message you
[20:20:31] Resident097:

Thats a real shame if thats the case he was a good blacksmith and welder, done several bits for me over the years but not seen hom for a while as his heallth had deteriorated, i thought that his daughter had taken over but possibly not then
[20:22:20] Resident023:

Worth a run past, but did looked closed up although a van was still in the front yard. He was as good as they get! Put some old implement seats back together for me.....and flogged me a few more!
[20:22:55] Resident020:

Ian has said you want him to pop round and have a look see of can help?
[20:24:32] Resident097:

Ive packed it away for tonight but if hes around tomorrow sometime that would be great if he doesnt mind, desperately want to get it sorted ready for next weekend
[20:25:18] Resident020:

Tomorrow is great. Send me ur address il send him over once he finished on the mx5
[20:25:34] Resident097:

Will message you :-)
[20:27:09] Resident097:

Im up the top raunds road.. near mick and jean with the eggs
Mines the putrid green cottage you cant miss it !! It so gastly a colour it almost glows in the dark 🤣🤣 cant wait to paint it .. but have bigger priorities first