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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 03 June 2020

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[05:56:22] Adrian Dale:

[05:56:54] Adrian Dale:

[06:04:02] Adrian Dale:

[08:09:42] Resident025:

We’ve got that app it’s great for when you go walking and see so many beautiful flowers 💐 but don’t know what they are.
[08:26:13] Resident094:

We may not yet be back in church but a midweek service is back from today.
MMM (Michelle's Midweek Message) offers a short service and some church news.
Spare 20 minutes and listen over a coffee. It's available online all day.
And please passthis information to your friends
[09:17:32] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Michelle that was refreshing, thought provoking and full of hope. A good start to the day. Looking forward to the weekly MMM. 🙏💕
[10:32:43] Resident097:

[10:37:21] Resident123:

[10:38:17] Resident097:

Oooooh now thats a bit of kit 😍
[12:09:41] Resident007:

Apologies to anyone who walks around the corner on to water lane - off raunds Road. Our boni has just been sick on pavement, ill get a bucket of water to clear it once I have her home...sorry
[14:39:16] Resident051:

[14:40:18] Resident097:

Good source for Scarecrow materials
[16:04:33] Michelle Dalliston:

If you haven't yet had a chance, don't forget to check out our new 'Midweek Message' - a short midweek service with space for prayer, reflection and a heads up about forthcoming events etc. You can join in at anytime on Wednesday 🕯️❤️
Find it at:
[16:29:58] Resident082:

[16:43:08] Resident075:

I think this is lovely I'd use it definitely x
[16:44:47] Resident082:

We are at Spinney Barn on Water Lane, do you want to collect?
[17:00:50] Resident075:

Yeah I'll message you
[18:04:31] Resident097:

[18:10:25] Adrian Dale:

Hats off to Cathy - she’s one patient lady!
[18:11:27] Resident097:

Shes had everything from classic cars to fire engines to dragsters in the garden and drive over the last 2 years ! I collect strange stuff
[18:15:26] Resident123:

Looks very nice 😜
I take it it's a allis charmers, as it has no stickers on the bonnet 👍
[18:17:03] Resident097:

Allis chalmers model b 1942 with the Bow axle (Rarer)
Im still undecided on wether its gonna get a lick of paint as a regraphic or leave it as it is original patina
[18:19:51] Resident019:

Thank you very much adrian, he is trained in most areas.... others..... well you can't teach this old dog new tricks 🤣
[18:20:12] Resident031:

The matching boots are a nice touch.
[18:20:28] Resident097:

Who you calling a old dog 🤣🤣🤣
[18:20:57] Resident097:

Yes i thought so too, they compliment my eyes also 🤣🤣
[21:16:30] Resident097:

[21:21:39] Resident033:

Excellent 👍
[21:28:29] Resident002:

Bit of an unfair advantage???
[21:29:09] Resident002:

Having your own tractor I mean. I could only provide a Chelsea tractor.
[21:31:08] Resident097:

Im not allowed to be in the competition as
A) it was my idea
and b) i have joined up with carol and the gang to volunteer on the events team since :-)

So no advantages for me unfortunately
[21:31:38] Resident002:

Fair enough
[21:32:09] Resident019:

Personally, I think lockdown has made him realise his true identity as worzel...... 🤣
[21:32:39] Resident097:

Yer i have come out as a socially distanced scarecrow
[21:33:55] Resident055:

Now boys behave brum brum
[21:37:06] Resident097:

Its all Banter :-) its understandable that people might think its a advantage but im no longer able to enter alongside my family any of the comps... well we can e ter but we wont win ! But taking parts just as fun and giving something back to the community is more important also
[21:39:27] Resident097:

Plus side is i get a reason to drive my new toy and you get a even better excuse to point stare and throw objects at me ideally into the "Bucket".. hopefully coins ! Altho please watch the tractor !!
[02:14:36] Resident032: