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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 01 June 2020

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[06:00:01] Adrian Dale:

[06:00:23] Adrian Dale:

[06:30:46] Resident054:

[06:32:20] Resident054:

[08:34:58] Resident023:

[08:36:06] Adrian Dale:

That’ll go in the newsletter!
[08:40:54] Resident002:

[08:44:59] Resident012:

Yes please to the lawnmower
[08:45:24] Resident012:

Happy to make a donation
[08:47:02] Resident002:

Thanks will save me a job. Will leave in the garden by the first drive on the left in Britten Close. Up to you on donation.
[08:48:13] Resident012:

Adrian Dale are you doing any runs today?
[08:49:15] Resident012:

Thank you
[08:50:12] Resident002:

You welcome
[08:50:17] Resident002:

[08:50:17] Adrian Dale:

Yep later this afternoon ok?
[08:51:19] Resident012:

Yes lovely thank you. Either house whatever’s easier for you.
[08:52:19] Resident011:

Adrian can you kindly remember about edging for me from Lori? Unless it's too heavy and I'll send adam?
[09:11:20] Adrian Dale:

Yep afternoon van
[09:12:39] Adrian Dale:

I bet some people will wonder about 2 houses 😀I’ll do Haleworth
[10:13:42] Resident093:

[10:15:40] Resident097:

If you need a hand getting it going let me know
[10:30:24] Resident131:

Morning Adrian, if you are up here later we have 2 more bags of collected rubbish, many thanks, Vanessa
[10:39:55] Adrian Dale:

[10:43:45] Resident051:

Are the local honey people selling at the moment please? We’ve 2 here really suffering with with hayfever
[10:45:33] Resident052:

Hi Yes outside in porch £3.50 a jar should be 4 jars in the honesty box so able to help yourself to ensure social distancing
[10:47:03] Resident038:

Where is this please ?
[10:47:09] Resident038:

My husband is suffering bad
[10:48:12] Resident052:

Hi Hill House Water Lane ( opposite Sawyers Crescent)
[10:48:18] Resident038:

Thank you
[10:57:39] Resident051:

Thank you - Sean’s just taken some and says it’s very nice!
[11:04:41] Resident052:

[11:17:58] Resident012:

Lol thank you
[11:19:47] Resident012:

Thank you. Hubby’s pretty handy so hopefully he’ll manage to get it going!
[11:20:36] Resident054:

Must be a particularly bad year. Mine is a lot worse than normal.
[11:30:53] Resident052:

Seems Hayfever is worse earlier for a lot of people it can be attributable to the dry weather so grass and general pollen is more prevalent
[11:46:04] Resident023:

Hayfever - I’ve had it for 50+ years and now find that wearing clear wrap round safety glasses helps hugely and allows me to go outside to play. This year the pollen has happened on mass and been blown by stronger winds.
[11:53:10] Resident136:

[11:53:35] Resident075:

Yes please
[11:54:17] Resident136:

At 2 Pokas cottages if you want to collect
[12:03:30] Resident039:

[12:03:31] Resident039:

[12:06:49] Resident075:

I'm happy to if it's OK probably early eve if that's OK thankyou!
[12:07:59] Resident136:

Ok will leave just inside the garden gate. Do you know where we are?
[12:11:09] Resident097:

Anyone have 1 more Skipbag available please im cutting my hedge and run out !!
[12:17:17] Resident002:

I have one. You would just need to tip out some hardcore where it is. I can’t as have dodgy shoulder and knee.
[12:22:48] Resident013:

Wellingborough tip has a 200m queue.. sign says 1 hr wait when u reach 100m point
[12:27:31] Resident020:

Are they animal friendly? We have birds so have to be careful with air fresheners etc...
[12:29:27] Resident021:

[12:39:04] Adrian Dale:

[12:45:59] Resident007:

Yes please adrian to the bins, handy for the rabbits food
[12:50:56] Resident039:

They are animal friendly Scentsy scented candles are safe for pets as they are wickless, flameless and smokeless. They provide the same, if not better, level of fragrance that traditional candles do by melting wax using an electric Scentsy candle bulb x
[12:53:33] Resident073:

R & R reclamation at Kettering are often good for things like this (we got an old round one just before lockdown). They have a Facebook page (happy to provide the contact details if you don’t use Facebook). If you message/ring he will usually tell you if he has what you want to save you a trip.
[13:00:53] Resident021:

Just given R&R a ring and they’ve got some in stock - may or may not match so I’ll take the old one up with me. Thanks for the help 👍
[13:01:31] Resident073:

Brilliant. Fingers crossed for a match!
[13:03:34] Resident039:

Let me know what you think am happy to drop off tomorrow for you to trial. X
[13:10:15] Resident020:

Id like to trail please.
[13:18:09] Resident039:

Brill thank you! Can you message me your address and will drop off tomorrow morning if that’s ok with you x
[13:18:38] Resident136:

[14:32:47] Resident097:

Goodluck we had a skip lorry go down one outside our house last week and we or micky George cant get one either !!
[14:34:12] Resident097:

Sorted now but thankyou
[15:40:30] Resident118:

Tip for hat-fever sufferers - don’t dry laundry outdoors- it collects spores. Might help - did it for me.
[15:41:34] Resident118:

S/be hay-fever...
[16:29:11] Resident002:

I don’t have that many hats. 🤪🤪🤪
[17:32:48] Resident007:

[17:44:25] Resident054:

Sara, your dog is on the loose on footpath to airfield
[17:48:22] Resident125:

Do you mean Sara Oust and Mally?
[17:51:25] Resident054:

[17:51:47] Resident125:

Shes not on here I will message her
[17:57:49] Brenda Elldred:

Have left Sara a message too.
[17:58:46] Resident086:

Tammy, I think Ken is if you wanted to message him also 👍 x
[17:59:39] Resident125:

Dont have Ken's number and I'm at work so I cant pop over the road and tell them
[18:00:26] Resident086:

Oh bless ya, his number is on here hun but I will message him ok 👍 x
[18:01:00] Brenda Elldred:

After a busy Pentecost weekend it is good to stop and reflect. Join us tonight in our Celtic Evening liturgy where there is time to listen to music and reflect.
[18:12:26] Resident063:

Hi Jennie thanks for the message. He was off the lead and did find us again. Hope he didn't cause any problems. Thanks again Sara Ken and Mali
[20:40:04] Resident097:

Random one ... but thought id ask the Question here before i go buy one elsewhere... Im after a Vintage Tractor ... Barnfind/Runner/Non runner what you got ?? Prefer a old Allis B or Grey Fergie or something with a bit of charm
Upto 2k to spend atm MSG me if you have anything
[20:48:49] Resident020:

Random question guys, i may be wrong but think i saw something about ducks on here the other day? Does anyone have and ducklings due or recently hatched? I need a duckling or 2.
[22:00:12] Resident097: