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[06:04:20] Adrian Dale:

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[06:05:55] Adrian Dale:

Article discussed in Newsletter
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[06:20:02] Adrian Dale:

[07:30:40] Resident009:

[07:37:17] Resident097:

I read this the other day and thought the same thing 🤣🤣 I wondered if with the Golfclubs being shut wether Mick has been teaching them the basics of Golf and now they are up to scratch arent needing as many balls 😂
[07:54:41] Brenda Elldred:

One day we will come together again to celebrate as Christians as seen here.
[08:01:34] Adrian Dale:

[08:25:04] Resident097:

[08:26:04] Resident023:

Saw it and the other pictures showing crowding. All very selfish!!
[08:30:27] Resident043:

A very interesting article on asymptomatic carriers. Someone I went to school with is now a paramedic. About four weeks ago, they posted on Facebook that they were experiencing Covid19 symptoms and had tested positive. They recovered and were back at work. However, yesterday they posted that they had again tested positive for Covid19. There’s a lot we don’t know yet.
[08:36:54] Resident023:

And potentially infecting >R1?
[08:39:27] Resident043:

Given they’re a paramedic, I’m confident they will have been taking all the steps to minimise the risk of infecting others during this time - just interesting re. having it twice.
[08:48:19] Resident063:

Brilliant video Brenda. We were watching clips from last years event last night. Looking forward to next year when we can have our own Pentecost party in church for the village.
[08:51:36] Brenda Elldred:

Absolutely right Ken - it will be a Pentecost party to remember!
[09:53:00] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:53:00] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:54:03] Brenda Elldred:

[09:54:03] Brenda Elldred:

[10:58:48] Adrian Dale:

Starting to plan re-opening of venues when the Government permits. We have received a grant from ENC to help. Comments most welcome !
[11:04:22] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you to the huge number of people who helped make our Pentecost celebration from all around the world! 🔥❤️😃
[11:23:10] Resident023:

[11:26:14] Resident023:

Face masks help protect, is it possible to insist on compulsory wearing of masks whilst in the VH?
[11:50:09] Resident025:

[11:51:50] Adrian Dale:

Yep in the plan - except where other factors prevent e.g the speaker at an event or the class teacher.
[12:16:46] Adrian Dale:

Message from Brenda - another RTC on B645 up beyond golf club. Road blocked - police are turning vehicles round
[12:30:38] Resident023:

Good to hear and I guess speakers/teachers will have been tested to ensure they aren’t an unwitting ‘spreader’?
[12:36:41] Resident097:

Doesnt look loke a recovery operation unfortunately just been up to assist and been told its looking like a serious rtc atm so will be closed for a while whilst they do full investigation
[12:38:20] Adrian Dale:

That’s what we are waiting on guidance about, if you notice, masks were largely absent in the UKActive guidelines, even in aerobic gyms and especially swimming pools. Until we get Covid-19 passports we’ll all be having to take assessed risks otherwise nothing re-opens. For most people the risks are manageable. Our insurers are happy provided that we publish the risks and advise the vulnerable to stay away completely.
[13:03:06] Resident086:

Accident on B645 is Motorcycle and car head on collision. Rider is 70. Broken pelvis and leg but responsive, lots of medics up there 😢
[13:04:25] Brenda Elldred:

Thought it was pretty serious as we were turned around. Think the air ambulance is circling. 🙏
[13:06:30] Resident086:

Yes that has just got there I think, my daughter witnessed it so is on the scene now 😢 luckily didn't get caught up in it 😢
[13:09:20] Brenda Elldred:

Thank goodness Vicki is OK. But what a shock to witness it. 🙏
[13:12:24] Resident086:

Yes definitely 🙏
[13:23:39] Resident051:

Last weekend Ellie witnessed an RTC on the 645 at the Higham roundabout. No-one hurt but that road is too fast
[13:26:41] Resident047:

Crazy road crazy drivers needs addressing
[13:59:18] Resident086:

Everyone just always seems to be in a rush to get from A to B. My husband calls me a mobile chicane because I drive so slow 😂👍
[14:07:49] Resident086:

Think I myt change my WhatsApp name to Miss Daisy 👍
[14:09:42] Adrian Dale:

Now she was a sassy girl too!!😀
[14:10:53] Resident037:

Hi all,
I’m only leaving the chat because I’m going back to my university halls tomorrow so my dad will take my place and represent number 1 Duchy close in the chat😂
It’s been very enjoyable keeping up to date with everyone’s village lockdown antics👏🏼
[14:12:24] Adrian Dale:

Where are you going back to?
[14:56:38] Resident052:

Hi Anyone know if B645 to Higham is open yet? Need to get to Irthlingboro if not will go via A45 thanks
[14:57:03] Resident051:

Still shut 10 mins ago
[14:57:24] Resident052:

Thanks appreciate that
[16:13:52] Resident047:

Is the road still shut now anyone ?
[16:14:18] Resident125:

Was still shut about 15 mins ago
[16:14:28] Resident047:

[16:29:16] Resident051:

Apparently it was a car and motorbike between the farm and Higham - the biker has been taken to Coventry. The car occupants are ok - this info has come from their son who wasn’t with them
[16:29:35] Resident023:

Judging by the amount of traffic coming through Caldecott I reckon all other roads are closed.
[16:30:13] Resident051:

It’s closed off from the Higham roundabout to Bidwell Lane
[17:11:06] Resident023:

Guessing the road is open - Caldecott is back to normal traffic. Or everyone’s now at the beach?
[17:14:18] Adrian Dale:

I can still hear the bikes! However, members of HMC have been in touch to ask if discreet assistance might be useful ...
[17:18:26] Resident023:

Most definitely!! Hello hello hello
[17:19:17] Resident075:

Adrian we went to kimbolton today and on route there were 2 x police stops where the police were talking to the rested motorbikers, we had 10 bikes behind us and the one bike behind us then went ahead and signalled to their friends. Motorcyclists have been gathering on the layby too, it must be a great route but I get very worried 😯
[17:22:04] Resident109:

Someone was talking about Charlie Dimmock the other week she is on BBC1 at the moment in a programme called garden rescue!
[17:22:46] Resident033:

Yes. She needs a bra these days for sure 🤩🤩
[17:23:33] Resident059:

Me too. I was on my way to work this morning and a motorbike was overtaking another one on the other side of the road just down from Lancaster farm if I had not swerved he would have hit me head on 😱
[17:23:59] Resident109:

Yes she looks different now but so do I so I will be kind x
[17:24:58] Resident033:

Haha. Don’t we all. A very lovely lady.
[17:25:55] Resident075:

Yes this happens all the time to us. I've seen it done it with an oncoming car and this would cause a very bad crash. I understand they can take more risks and go faster and quickly but it's still very scary
[17:27:01] Resident059:

It really is x
[17:32:41] Adrian Dale:

Still lovely though ladies!!!!
[17:54:31] Resident034:

Does anyone know if the road is open yet?
[18:01:04] Resident022:

Road definitely open.
[18:06:58] Resident034:

Thank yoy
[18:07:00] Resident034:

[18:18:31] Resident039:

Psml ! That and some rather nice sun cream ! 🤣🤣🤣
[18:22:15] Adrian Dale:

How uncool I had to look up Psml 😀
[18:23:21] Resident031:

Actually, so did I !
[18:24:09] Resident031:

The Urban Dictionary is a useful tool.
[18:24:10] Adrian Dale:

Fiona is clearly down with the crew!
[18:24:24] Resident103:

[18:26:47] Resident033:

Hi cuff. Is that it. O. Lol 😂
[18:28:51] Adrian Dale:

Wrong convo Elaine 😂😂😂
[18:28:59] Resident103:

Hello Elaine to many messages on this page
[18:30:00] Adrian Dale:

Welcome Cuffy - our infamous Duck Wrangler famed across the Village!!
[18:30:04] Resident033:

There’s only one cuff though right ??
[18:30:25] Adrian Dale:

Oh yes in the whole universe
[18:31:24] Resident033:

Fantastic and he’s on our side, in our fantastic village. 😉😉
[18:33:17] Resident025:

Hi Cuff 😃
[18:33:44] Resident103:

Yes I’m on the village side. And ducks are ok lost 2 rest are all doing good thanks 👍
[18:34:31] Resident033:

Whoop whoop. 🦆 whisperer
[18:36:05] Resident103:

Whisper and listener 🍷my 🌺
[18:37:17] Resident039:

Your not alone Derek and Adrian I had to check this also a couple of years ago ! 🙈 now I can’t stop using it! 😉 everyday is a school day Adrian 😀👍🏻
[18:37:43] Resident033:

[18:52:53] Resident117:

Hi are those 'my' 🦆 you're talking about?
[18:55:33] Resident103:

If you’re the lady that they hatched 🐣 out in your garden then yes. And thank you 🌺🌺🌺😘
[18:57:15] Resident117:

That's me! Sorry to hear two didn't make it but really pleased to hear the rest are ok.😊
[18:59:11] Resident103:

There fine and growing lovely. I’ll see if I can send you some pictures
[19:00:10] Resident103:

[19:07:01] Resident127:

Anyone know if the car involved was a black fiesta at all?
[19:15:14] Resident117:

That's lovely. Thank you.
[19:20:37] Resident051:

I believe it was a black Golf/Polo
[19:28:13] Resident127:

The lad next door to me saw a small black car driving really fast literally seconds before on that stretch, being driven by a blonde haired lady
[19:42:40] Resident051:

No a male was driving. Allegedly the bike overtook them on the bend and their front wheels clashed 🤷🏼‍♀️
[20:11:22] Brenda Elldred:

Today’s Thy Kingdom Come Pentecost service from the Archbishops Justin Welby and Sentamu, the Pope and many others.
[20:14:28] Resident033:

This message was deleted.
[20:19:37] Resident037:

High Wycombe 😌
[20:21:08] Resident037:

Fml, smh😂😂
[20:27:53] Resident127:

Ah ok thank you
[23:10:48] Resident086:

The bike was actually heading towards Chelveston and the car heading towards higham, my daughter was in her car behind the car that got hit by the bike that took the bend a little to wide, drivers side front wheel and motor bike front wheel collided, bike ended up in many pieces with rider ending up many metres away on the grass verge. Luckily my daughter did not get caught up in it but witnessed the whole thing and was able to assist until the medics got there, a very scary /worrying thing to deal with I would imagine 😳
[23:12:43] Resident063:

Brilliant service. Well worth a listen.