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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 29 May 2020

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[06:02:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:03:35] Adrian Dale:

[06:05:14] Adrian Dale:

[07:54:24] Resident097:

[08:35:10] Resident138:

Hows ma scarecrows getting on anyway - got to register and remake this weekend, didn't want to do it again too early as the wind destroyed the first attempt :) no uniform clothes so my key worker will probably be s cleaner or food delivery person
[08:38:29] Resident038:

We started the process then thought how on earth are we going to do this and stopped... Restart this weekend 🤣🤣
[08:38:50] Resident097:

Never surrender 🤣🤣🤣
[08:39:16] Resident038:

Hell no! Haha
[08:40:44] Resident134:

We have a few bits up together ready for ours, but still not quite figured out how it's all going together yet!
[08:44:21] Resident097:

Gaffa tape,string,playdough,chewing gum,earwax and snot are all viable methods ... alongside glue and sellotape

Get creative be inventive and remember the only limit is your imagination
[08:45:04] Resident097:

Or if you wanna add a bit of kink ... they also like Cable ties 🤣🤣
[09:13:52] Resident038:

[09:14:24] Resident038:

I do have those 🤔
[09:58:22] Resident007:

[09:59:44] Resident007:

[10:09:55] Resident073:

[10:18:22] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤣 No comment
[10:39:37] Resident011:

Can I provisionally take then? Need to check with hubby in a bit
[10:40:33] Resident065:

Hi there, we’d love the swing if it’s available?
[10:42:39] Resident047:

Anyone having internet issues again?
[10:43:03] Resident051:

No problems on BT
[10:43:05] Resident134:

Yes! I'm with TalkTalk
[10:43:27] Resident047:

Talk talk me too and having issues
[10:49:10] Resident125:

My talk is having issues too!!
[10:49:35] Resident075:

[10:54:47] Resident007:

Yes absolutely, where abouts are you?
[10:58:42] Adrian Dale:

Hi folks Chris alerted this story to me yesterday. I don’t agree with it, I study the figures for the five surrounding authorities each day and publish a table everyday in the newsletter. The real story is Bedford. 1 day this week they had 14 additional cases. I have seen no “surge” in the data published. Ironically, Corby is the least infected area around us and both them and Wellingborough are below East Northamptonshire. If there is any surge you’ll hear it from me first. I download the official figures every day at 5pm. My table, the Northamptonshire graph and the link to the source is in the newsletter everyday.
[10:59:12] Resident075:

That's reassuring
[10:59:46] Adrian Dale:

That’s what I’m there for - no fake news here!
[10:59:48] Resident117:

If these still available please may I have?
[11:02:47] Resident011:

Lori I checked with hubby and we want them please?
[11:03:46] Resident117:

See the tiles been bagged!
[11:04:10] Resident020:

Yes my talk talk is down again too
[11:04:20] Resident011:

Sorry Sharen is that ok?
[11:05:16] Resident025:

BT has no issues in Duchy
[11:07:11] Resident117:

No problem. Thank you for asking. I'm not very quick at messaging!!
[11:13:46] Resident052:

Hi No issues with Sky BB in Water Lane
[11:14:14] Resident065:

Oh super- Thank you! We’re on Water Lane, I’ll happily collect it from you though👍
[11:15:11] Resident018:

Internet down in chelation rise 😡
[11:22:53] Resident125:

Talk talk is back up now
[11:32:47] Resident047:

Yes mine too
[11:34:47] Resident007:

Same on water lane, Tulip house 🌷I can leave it on the drive
[11:35:35] Resident065:

That’s lovely, Thank you!!
[11:36:59] Resident023:

[11:40:47] Resident018:

[11:41:43] Resident018:

The problem is all over
[11:43:14] Adrian Dale:

The irony is that Gigaclear is still working well - am in the Village Hall!
[11:46:02] Resident073:

Sorry, notifications decided not to work! As you asked first they are yours.
[11:46:45] Resident073:

Sorry Aneta beat you to it!
[12:11:28] Resident011:

Lori where are you and when can we pick up? Unless adrian wants to do it?
[12:12:40] Resident073:

I’ll let you know when they arrive. I’m at East View, Raunds Road. Will leave them in the front garden so don’t mind who collects!
[13:29:00] Resident131:

Anyone clearing out their old garden furniture? Looking for our eldest, Josh. He works for the Church of England and was a volunteer to take a 10% pay cut at the start of lockdown which means he can’t afford the little extras like garden furniture. Many thanks, Vanessa
[13:40:39] Resident007:

[13:45:44] Resident010:

This message was deleted.
[13:45:54] Resident131:

Hi, that looks lovely, someone from the village was kind enough to give us a BBQ a few weeks ago. Be great for someone though x
[13:48:03] Resident007:

Thats fine 🙂 x
[15:25:20] Resident136:

[15:33:04] Resident135:

[15:33:27] Resident136:

The shape of things to come?
[15:38:04] Resident055:

Ambulance 🚑 siren on going towards Raunds
[15:38:52] Adrian Dale:

Do you have a suppler Wendy??? Genius
[15:39:55] Resident136:

No but aren't they a good idea?!
[17:21:34] Resident040:

Woohoo! No queue at tip!
[17:49:29] Resident057:

I was there too very quick
[22:00:58] Brenda Elldred:

[22:00:58] Brenda Elldred:

[22:00:58] Brenda Elldred:

[22:00:58] Brenda Elldred:

[22:00:58] Brenda Elldred:

[22:00:59] Brenda Elldred: