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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 24 May 2020

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[06:07:08] Adrian Dale:

[06:07:53] Adrian Dale:

[08:30:22] Resident009:

Thanks chris, I haven’t a clue about roof bars, just been on Halfords and it says there’s not even one available so I’m not sure either . No rush to be fair. I’ll have a look at the roof today 👍🏼
[08:41:08] Resident023:

Send me a photo of under the slide covers on the roof. I’ll see if it looks similar.
[09:15:57] Resident015:

Thanks Bloms for the gorgeous tulips🌷
[09:20:54] Resident054:

Morning all. Are there any chive plants for sale in the village? Or does anyone have a very small bunch I could have? Making smoked trout pate this afternoon and forgot the chives 🙄
[09:21:14] Resident109:

Thank you so much Elaine & Co means so much to me they are beautiful x
[09:22:00] Resident012:

Will there be any tulips for sale this week?
[09:29:36] Resident044:

Watching “Escape To The Country” and they have a village that joined together to buy some land to prevent development. Any chance of doing something with the fields around here? Maybe the one adjacent to Duchy Close too?
[09:48:06] Resident081:

[09:52:28] Resident054:

Wonderful! Where are you? I'll take one. Cash or donation to the PC?
[09:54:32] Resident081:

15 water lane free make a donation if you want ill leave them by the front steps!
[09:56:35] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:56:35] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:57:10] Brenda Elldred:

[10:00:19] Resident033:

I’m sorry tulips are now all finished. I have a few held back for Adrian and his team. The season has now finished.
Thank you everyone for your kind and generous donations for great ormonds street children’s hospital. They were overwhelmed and delighted with the £1765.08 transfer and thanked our community for thinking of them all. 🌷🌷🌷🌷
[10:01:10] Resident054:

Ah that Mandy. Thank you! 😀
[10:01:10] Resident095:

Thank you so much for my beautiful tulips x
[10:01:14] Adrian Dale:

[10:23:48] Resident009:

Will do, thankyou
[10:29:17] Resident117:

To all at Bloms Bulbs. Thank you so very much for the beautiful stunning 🌷 over the last weeks. They have provided a ray of sunshine and joy for me and meant such a lot x
[10:31:52] Resident012:

Ok thank you for giving us all the opportunity of enjoying such beautiful tulips. I will definitely be ordering some bulbs ready for planting in early autumn!
[10:34:46] Resident053:

So, will I. We have loved the tulips. Thank you.
[11:35:08] Resident015:

[11:35:22] Resident015:

[11:35:30] Resident015:

[11:35:42] Resident015:

[11:35:52] Resident015:

[11:36:08] Resident015:

[11:36:39] Resident015:

Free not green
[11:38:51] Resident039:

Candy could I have the flower vase ? If that’s ok x
[11:39:56] Resident015:

Yes no prob. Perhaps Adrian could deliver on his run
[11:54:49] Resident039:

Hi Michelle, thank you so much for the offer of the bingo set. I have found an app that I can use. So won’t need it now but thank you so much for the offer. Will let Adrian know it’s one less journey for him. X
[13:51:07] Resident087:

Ok no problem at all!
[14:14:36] Resident011:

[14:38:19] Resident086:

Aneta, does the lawnmower work? 😀
[14:48:03] Resident011:

Yes as far as I know 😀 we have petrol one so this one was just in the shed, just clearing it out
[14:56:49] Resident086:

Ahh ok lovely, yes plz wd love it, can't collect until Tuesday though unless you are passing mine and want to drop it off? 😊
[15:02:34] Resident011:

Tuesday fine, unless Adrian wants to pick it up on his rounds?
[15:03:34] Adrian Dale:

Yep van run at 16:00 ok Candy and Aneta?
[15:04:37] Resident011:

Yea, that's great thank you!
[15:12:48] Resident015:

Great thanks
[15:33:28] Resident086:

Ahh thankyou Adrian 👍😊
[16:26:29] Adrian Dale:

On my way - been on phone !
[17:27:12] Resident138:

Candy please can I have the crystal bowl, its beautiful happy to donate
[17:31:13] Resident138:

Also on a not so pleasant note, not sure if anyone else has had an issue of dogs being allowed just inside their garden gates (mine has been left open for easy access for postman.) Today when mowing the lawn I sadly discovered a large dog fouling with the lawnmower :( if the owner didn't want to come onto my garden to pick up I would have appreciated a message to say sorry and at least I could have double bagged and removed it myself. Was mouldy so think has been there ~ 1 week. Been 2 weeks since my last mow and was an unpleasant surprise
[19:13:58] Resident015:

Yes of course will see if Adrian can deliver tomorrow or could leave it on the doorstep for you to pick up
[19:26:28] Brenda Elldred:

Please pass this on to anyone who is not on line. The free phone line from the C of E offers music, prayers, reflections and services. During this of lockdown this can be of great comfort. Thank you.
[19:31:50] Resident138:

Thanks Candy where do you live? I am cooking at the moment but happy to collect or wait until Adrian next free
[19:32:17] Resident138:

I will send Mark a PayPal donation
[19:33:20] Resident015:

Ok will organise it with Adrian
[19:36:30] Resident138:

Thanks Candy sent money to Mark
[19:41:35] Adrian Dale:

08:45 Candy and Zara thanks
[19:57:32] Resident138:

Thanks both :)
[19:58:12] Resident015:

[20:28:05] Resident086:

Thankyou Aneta and Adrian 😊 I will pop a donation to the PC 👍😁