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[06:03:22] Resident097:

🤣🤣6:03 and somebodys slacking
[06:06:53] Adrian Dale:

[06:07:33] Adrian Dale:

[06:36:52] Resident039:

Well done Adrian may these podcasts remain.
[07:39:58] Adrian Dale:

[07:54:47] Adrian Dale:

[09:16:01] Resident097:

[09:28:24] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you for this morning's podcast Adrian - and for your assistance as we make plans for St John's. X
[09:28:54] Michelle Dalliston:

And can we persuade you to run for PM please?! 😘
[09:40:57] Adrian Dale:

Who would cut the grass 😉
[09:41:37] Resident097:

Boris 🤣🤣🤣
[09:49:40] Michelle Dalliston:

Aren't lawnmowers for hair cutting in Boris-world?! 😉 Mind you, many of us are rapidly coming to the same idea!! 😳
[09:57:25] Resident105:

I remember Boris getting stuck on an aerial zip wire so not sure I’d trust him with Adrian’s high power twin blade lawnmower 😧
[11:37:06] Resident030:

MP’s mmm I reckon stand’s for, More Pubs. Just a passing thought as your talking about young Boris being our PM. . .
[11:45:21] Resident006:

I thought that the podcasts were non political!
[11:47:09] Resident020:

Just had an electrician out as have power issues is anyone else having issues?
[11:47:15] Resident045:

[11:47:16] Resident045:

[11:48:39] Resident023:

[11:48:42] Adrian Dale:

No politics there Resident020, I speak as I find!
[11:50:24] Resident030:

A parrot swallowed an old clock, now that polly ticks
[11:52:12] Adrian Dale: any fans of W1A will love this.
[11:58:44] Resident031:

👍 Glad Muffin the Mule got a mention.
[12:02:17] Resident030:

Yep, no Bill and Ben though, with little weed
[12:16:55] Resident006:

Boris is our “gold” listening to our scientists. With their daily reporting have been open and honest. I doubt these “boffins” go into backrooms dreaming up plans. Hindsight is a wonderful thing
[12:19:46] Resident030:

Ain’t that true, hind sight is wonderful, any one can complain after the event
[12:25:51] Resident075:

Does anyone in the village have plants for sale?
[12:26:22] Resident019:

I was just thinking the same, also interested 😊
[12:43:30] Resident101:

Hi everyone. Little reminder that the Village quiz will be going ahead this evening from 7pm. Login details will be posted around 5pm. Speak to you all later.
[12:46:43] Resident060:

We do have plants but not bedding ones. We have lily of the valley, formium, fern, Arum lily, skimmia if perennials are required. Just lifted from the garden - would need to consult with Adrian re transport (now from Higham after 26 years in Chelveston). Any use? Proceeds to me for St John’s of which I am treasurer.
[12:47:12] Resident055:

Mick and Jean last house in Raunds rd have plants and eggs
[12:52:48] Resident075:

Thanks John tha a great how much are you selling for, coukd you send some photos please or not?
[12:55:18] Resident075:

We have looked at pictures online look great, thankyou
[13:09:04] Resident060:

Are you saying you would like them all? There are 3 formium and 3 arum lily otherwise singles.
[13:11:41] Resident075:

Can we have one of each please
[13:20:24] Resident060:

[13:20:24] Resident060:

[13:20:24] Resident060:

[13:20:24] Resident060:

[13:24:09] Resident075:

That sounds brilliant, thank you!
[13:25:35] Resident075:

We could collect from outside your house and I coukd PayPal to @447850570007?
[13:26:58] Resident075:

Or the parish Council PayPal?
[13:30:37] Resident060:

Can you transfer the £20 to Account 00624817 sort code 30 97 20 in name of Chelveston PCC. If you would like to collect we are 6 Nightingale Way Higham NN10 8PR near Chowns Mill (no access from A6 so go through HF). Let me know when and I will place out the front. Thanks
[13:32:20] Resident075:

Hi I'll transfer shortly. If we can come around 5pm that would be great. I can message you when we leave, thanks so much!
[13:33:58] Resident060:

Sounds like a good plan. Thank you.
[13:37:29] Resident075:

I've paid it
[13:50:49] Resident060:

Thank you. I can confirm receipt.
[13:52:01] Resident075:

If you could label them so I know what is what that woukd be much appreciated
[14:20:03] Resident128:

Thanks Pete you did a great job replacing my front brakes. Friendly efficient service, good communication and competitive pricing. I would happily recommend you and will certainly be using your services again.
[15:31:09] Resident040:

Could anyone use a corner desk? Pics below.
[15:31:23] Resident040:

[15:31:35] Resident040:

[15:31:45] Resident040:

[15:31:58] Resident040:

[16:25:42] Adrian Dale:

[16:33:36] Resident097:

Thanks for the great review :-)
[16:39:38] Resident131:

[16:39:38] Resident131:

[16:42:21] Resident101:

Please see details below for tonight’s Quiz

Topic: Village Quiz
Time: May 23, 2020 19:00 UK Time

Join Optional Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 796 2254 0988
Password: quiz

For your mobile device to answer the quiz - go to and enter the code: 54 13 05
[16:42:22] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Vanessa - that is looking very much better. I hope the Prayer Walk signs have stayed up in the wind! Will check them in next few days. Thank you again. 💕
[16:46:32] Resident131:

Hi Brenda, they stayed up and are lovely. We really enjoyed our prayer walk. I checked the flowers that I had left on the war grave, they were still ok. Then Arthur and Peter (lives next to Church) turned up. The pair of them had me in stiches, what a hoot they are.
[16:49:03] Resident097:

Sorry guys looks like im gonna have to skip the quiz again busy worzelling on Villagers classics today 🙂
If you have contacted me over the last few weeks for classic or recommision work dont panic i am making great progress and have you in a certain line up ready to go :-)
[16:50:43] Brenda Elldred:

Yes they are amazing. They do all sorts around the church. Once this wind lets up we will start think about tidying the church yard. Sue Wager likes us to wait until all the bulbs are over before we do too much - give the snowdrops and bluebells time to rest. I’m sure this wind has blown a lot of debris off the trees!!
[16:51:37] Resident101:

With regards to the quiz please can I ask that you login between 6.55-7pm. And this will hopefully mean we don’t need to speed up the questions towards the end like last week. Cheers
[16:52:43] Resident131:

Brenda, any help we can offer please do let me know. We are looking forward to meeting everyone, hopefully soon.
[16:53:07] Resident130:

Sounds good to me! Sticky Toffee perhaps?
[17:10:05] Resident075:

Hi Cathy I picked up some great plants from John today for a small donation. I think there are some left @447791151910
[17:30:53] Resident023:

[18:15:36] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you so much Vanessa! You are a 🌟 xxx
[18:37:17] Resident136:

[18:37:52] Adrian Dale:

Rats - wasn’t there this morning!
[18:39:05] Resident136:

It's just past Michael's entrance as you go towards the main road
[18:39:53] Resident101:

20 mins till the quiz everyone.
[18:40:43] Resident039:

Pete has done some work on my Audi TT really grateful and an excellent job done will defo be back 😀
[19:37:26] Resident038:

9th again! Tricky moves with the misspelling of Almond! Love it
[19:37:33] Resident038:

Thank you for another great quiz x
[19:39:25] Resident046:

Thank you Rachel
[19:39:29] Adrian Dale:

Well done Rach (and Mike) brilliant!!
[19:42:18] Resident101:

[19:42:53] Resident101:

[19:43:25] Adrian Dale:

If you do it, we’ll be there ! The most excitement all week!!!
[19:44:19] Resident131:

Hi Michelle, thank you x
[19:46:19] Resident023:

Reminder to TGF: don’t try to cook, eat and do the quiz at the same time!
[20:01:57] Resident097:

Thanks Fi :-)
[20:03:48] Resident002:

Thanks Rachael. There’s always next week, yes please.
[20:12:24] Resident023:

Thank you RM, the quiz puts the P back in pleasure on a Saturday evening.
[21:34:36] Resident009:

Hello, I’ve got a new crv, but if it is compatible, I would be interested- I could do some googling to find out or give a bracket a try? No worries if not 👍🏼
[22:22:28] Resident023:

Hello Andy, I’m pretty sure it won’t fit a new one. I was going to by a new CRV but didn’t like the roof rack fixing system so opted for a different car with integral flush rails. Thanks for asking though, if you can make it fit please let me know. Chris
[22:51:07] Resident097:

[22:51:08] Resident097:

[22:52:15] Resident124: