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[06:18:12] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:56] Adrian Dale:

[06:19:26] Adrian Dale:

[07:39:02] Resident097:

Oh Adrian ... You make me look like a trouble maker 🤣🤣 i need a second identity a alias for when i drop these crazy ideas into the mix
[07:42:09] Adrian Dale:

Not at all! My point is that none of the ideas are crazy - making them happen is the challenge. But we’ve shown that it can be done. Keep going ....
[07:44:05] Resident002:

Pete, these are the same discussions as we were having 20 years ago. Our boys have now left the “retirement” village.
[07:44:14] Resident097:

🙂🙂🙂 Im still relatively new here and im scared of upsetting the older generations who may not be so keen on change though
[07:44:48] Resident002:

Time for a bowling green anyone????
[07:45:27] Resident097:

That would be awesome ! Used to play lawn bowls years ago
[07:46:23] Brenda Elldred:

Your podcast Adrian brought back memories of all our kids meeting up on the Green and buying sweets in the shop! Where did those years go!
[07:46:52] Resident131:

Bowling green, yes please, that would be lovely. Any room for a couple of tennis courts too?
[07:47:36] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Paul for the words of assurance that we will meet again this life and hereafter. 🙏
[07:47:51] Resident002:

And a ski slope, proper snow not artificial
[07:50:29] Resident131:

Croquet lawn maybe?
[07:52:00] Resident002:

Let’s not forget about things to do in winter. Swimming pool, spa, badminton, bingo....
[07:53:42] Resident097:

Id be inclined to apply for a role on the Pc if it wasnt for three vital factors

1. My ideas,creations are often spontaneous/outrageous/stupid sleep or coffee deprived midnight wide awake style spurts of madness

2. Im too vocal, very rarely politically correct and often adopt a no f###s given attitude when dealing with some people, I believe a spade is a spade etc, take me or leave me love me or hate me marmite attitude, Id probably struggle to hold my breath/words with some stuff yet on others would be reserved on my thinking !

3. I dont think Scarecrows are allowed on the Parish Council yet ...
[07:54:54] Adrian Dale:

I built a couple of abseiling slopes for the kids at the stone pits in the early 2000s. I tried to formalise it by seeking permission from the landowner. He was initially keen but then his insurer stepped and said the liability for injuries would need to be offloaded to the Parish Council, who would need to lease the land. Then the H&S clauses of the Council’s insurance kicked in, requiring annual inspections of the trees, the ropes and slopes! All sensible of course but it killed it (except for those who knew about it and they used it anyway). The same happened with Tricia’s pocket park but again the cohort of 30 kids built their own dens down there and created their own swing over the brook using a tyre. In the end, I think the kids actually had more fun as they also built small fires and cooked.
[07:55:13] Resident131:

Adrian everyone knows that the only winter sports worth doing are drinking red wine whilst sitting by a log fire. Anything else just isn’t British 😁
[07:55:29] Resident097:

We could go the whole 9 yards like Risely and have a Naturist Site !! Ideal location for this i feel would be on Waterlane, we could build a small beach right next to the brook so local residents can paddle when its too warm
[07:55:56] Adrian Dale:

[07:56:15] Resident097:

Yes or that
[07:57:05] Adrian Dale:

Chad already has a list of wild life the twins find on Water Lane - imagine adding a beached whale or two to that list!
[07:57:36] Resident097:

Couple of great T#ts 🤣🤣🤣
[07:57:48] Adrian Dale:

Always room for different styles!
[07:58:31] Resident097:

Maybe ill put it out there for feedback !!
[07:59:13] Adrian Dale:

I can see tomorrow’s podcast shaping up nicely already folks....
[07:59:38] Resident101:

I’d prefer a hall big enough for a badminton court or two. Can play badminton all year round in the dry. 😆 Village Hall is just 2’ too narrow for one 😟.
[08:00:22] Resident097:

Always about size with women isnt it... whats 2' amongst friends 🤣🤣
[08:00:24] Resident002:

It’s been fun but got work to do now. Have a great day folks.
[08:09:05] Resident097:

Me too got cars to fix
[08:21:06] Resident052:

Missing you already Dexter 🐶🐶
[08:24:01] Resident097:

You should get a Dexter Dog
[08:43:07] Adrian Dale:

The funny thing is Lyn, for ages I thought you were Allen as I had the wrong name in my address book. Then “he” started posting some lovely considerate and sweet things. Now I’ve known Allen for years, and he may have a sensitive side, but the side I know is quite robust and direct like Aitch and Pete! Spades are spades ... so welcome indeed the “real” Allen!
[08:47:21] Resident006:

Glad that’s sorted I don’t want to give the wrong impression
[09:00:02] Adrian Dale:

Competition now closed - here’s all 42 entries which Chris Blom will be judging today. I don’t envy him!
[09:55:21] Resident086:

[09:59:23] Resident051:

[10:03:11] Resident023:

Confessions of a postman.
[10:03:52] Resident025:

[10:04:54] Resident025:

Meant to say I’m keeping one😃
[10:05:10] Resident078:

Wow Elliott what big calves you’ve got! Must be all that netball you’re playing ⛹️‍♀️
[10:05:19] Resident075:

Yes please
[10:05:50] Resident075:

Yes please
[10:06:30] Resident025:

We’re Duchy Close where are you?
[10:08:33] Resident075:

Peters close @447850570007 are you doing a collection if not I can collect on my walk?
[10:09:49] Resident025:

I’ll leave out on our wall (old fish pond) enjoy
[10:10:13] Resident075:

Thankyou v much
[10:11:14] Resident051:

[10:13:24] Resident025:

On our wall at no 5
[10:18:32] Resident117:

Thinking back many moons I went to an all girl's school and there were one or two team members not dissimilar! However Elliott's kit much more glam than aertex top and pleated shorts!!
[10:21:20] Resident049:

🤣🤣 good to let some air circulate
[10:28:17] Adrian Dale:

Can you pick up on walk Lucy, I may not have time for van today. Am catching up on backlog now the hound has gone
[10:29:01] Resident075:

@447905326355 thanks I will be walking in the next hour hopefully
[10:29:11] Resident075:

Will be great
[10:30:07] Resident025:

You’re welcome
[10:35:14] Adrian Dale:

Specially for a Scotsman!
[10:40:38] Resident086:

[10:41:27] Resident086:

Jan, I wd like it plz if no one else wants it, I have 5 cats so hopefully one of them wd play with it 👍😊
[10:42:36] Resident051:

That’s fine Michelle - where are you?
[10:42:38] Resident086:

Where abouts are you? 😀 I can collect later if you wd like to pop on your doorstep 👍
[10:44:06] Resident086:

Think our messages crossed lol, your whole name came up this time, u r next-door to Nigel aren't you? 😀
[10:46:40] Resident051:

Yes so now I know which Michelle you are then! I’ll put it on the doorstep 😊
[10:56:43] Resident052:

Ah not likely we have 2 Spaniels which is enough
[11:02:50] Resident086:

Thankyou so much Janellan 👍😊
[11:03:47] Resident051:

You’re welcome 😊
[11:25:23] Resident039:

We met a man this morning in the woods who had a rescued golden lab, he fell in the woods. I hope your ok and got home alright.
[11:32:31] Resident086:

Fifi, did the man say the dogs name, was it Ted?
[11:50:57] Resident021:

Hi Fifi, that was me and I’m fine thanks. Teach me to look where I’m going! Interesting that George came over to check I was ok, whilst Ted ignored me and continued sniffing a bush - I think I’m a constant source of embarrassment to him!
[11:53:49] Resident118:

Adrian, not to be picky but we moved here November 1993 and the shop at top of Water Lane by postbox was open then - albeit very limited stock. Is this doing “an H”?!
[12:01:42] Resident038:

[12:02:04] Resident038:

Little netball number today
[12:02:15] Resident021:

A big thanks to Pete, aka Chelveston Motor Services for freeing up and replacing the seized drum brakes and fitting new springs on my car! Brakes work great now, although I’m missing that squealy metal on metal sound the brakes made before they seized 😱! If anybody needs any vehicle mechanics done, I would thoroughly recommend they give Pete a call. Friendly, quick and efficient - thanks again Pete.
[12:05:26] Adrian Dale:

You are correct! I’ve had several corrections - Mark’s Parish Timeline is wrong!!
[12:07:48] Resident118:

Although we are elderly, it would still be great to have a kiddies play area in Chelveston. The grounds of the Village Hall/ car park would be great location. Grandparents have visiting grandchildren so would be well used.
[12:21:31] Resident040:

That's got my vote 🤣⛷🏂
[12:35:59] Resident039:

Ohh good I’m glad you did seem to go a cropper... yes George is a very sensitive Rottie that looks the part but is an absolute darling. Glad your ok 👍🏻
[12:37:42] Resident039:

Funny that mines in today!
[13:02:54] Resident039:

I know it’s a random but does anyone have a bingo spinner with numbers laying around that I could acquire or borrow for next week
[13:03:31] Resident087:

I have a kids set? It’s a little cafe that spins!!
[13:04:50] Resident087:

Sorry cage not cafe
[13:19:49] Resident039:

[13:20:41] Resident039:

[13:30:08] Resident011:

[13:38:03] Resident075:

Would this be houses or a 'gated' community?
[13:39:30] Resident011:

Ot concerned about that part as the houses are in rushden. The aookicant wants to move his current machinery site to energy park behind chelston rise
[13:41:24] Resident011:

Sorry I wasn't specific which part:) it confusing as this is a hybrid application so
1. To develop houses in higham ferrers
2. To move things which are in higham ferrers now to energy park

There is seriously no more space on thise tiny roads for anything else and the state of them is really poor as we all know...
[13:49:05] Resident097:

Great feedback thankyou :-)
[13:49:32] Resident097:

Trying to sort your roof atm !
[13:50:41] Resident023:

Chelston Rise: you really, really do need to object to this!! Unless you want to live on an industrial estate!!

The farmer is being evicted. He will have to find other land to graze his livestock on.

This is another stage in the ongoing programme to industrialise this green space and countryside, all in the name of profit regardless of the impact on people and lives.

Do not leave it to others to fight on your behalf. It will adversely affect your lifestyle and property value!!!
[13:51:30] Resident039:

Go Pete go Pete ! I need my roof working in this weather
[13:53:35] Resident097:

I found the issue a anyway .. motor had jumped its wormgear on the cog ive stripped cleaned and rebuilt it now trying to align all the mechanisms so they respond to each other !! Im confident i can sort it tho, if not new motor
[13:54:28] Resident087:

[13:54:32] Resident087:

That’s it!
[13:54:54] Resident087:

It’s not professional by any means but fine for use at home!!!
[13:57:36] Adrian Dale:

[13:59:53] Resident011:

Thanks Adrian. This is being ridiculous I guess they are looking at money rather than what actually should be done
[14:06:13] Resident039:

Hi Michelle this is perfect, when can I collect? And would you like it back? Or shall I pay you?
[14:07:32] Resident039:

Ok Pete just keep me updated I’m feeling my roof is more important than brakes ! Lol 😂
[14:07:47] Resident097:

In this heat defo
[14:07:53] Resident087:

Yes I’d love it back if that ok mine still play with it but whenever you want it I am here all of the time!!
[14:09:08] Resident039:

Brill Michelle could I collect Monday and return Thursday or Friday if that ok. I’m having a Scentsy bingo night Wednesday your welcome to join x
[14:10:26] Adrian Dale:

There’s lots of history! We turned down an offer of assistance to the Parish in this crisis from the owner of the site. We didn’t want to be involved whilst the Parish Council was objecting to the plans.
[14:11:09] Adrian Dale:

I can pick up and drop off tomorrow morning 09:00 ish
[14:11:49] Resident039:

Adrian you are an amazing person. Once this is over we certainly owe you 👍🏻
[14:32:44] Resident087:

Ok thanks Adrian
[14:34:39] Resident087:

In fact Monday might be good for us as I may steel your idea at the weekend if you’d fetch it Monday? If that’s ok?
[14:40:20] Resident039:

Tuesday is fine Adrian as it’s bank holiday I just need it for Thursday x
[14:49:00] Resident087:

Splendid defo stolen your idea !!!! And Tuesday is perfect thanks!
[14:51:46] Resident061:

Are you able to share a link, I can’t find the application!?
[14:52:17] Resident011:

[14:52:45] Resident011:

[14:52:49] Resident011:

Try this
[14:53:54] Resident011:

I am just making a leaflet which I will put in everyone's door at chelston rise
[15:26:02] Resident010:

Noise assessment data is 11 year old !!!!
[15:35:57] Resident097:

Lookout more helmets .... i mean idiots .. i mean motorcycles roaring through the village.... why they feel the need to pull the front wheel as they come past my house i dont know !
[16:20:10] Resident013:

Thank u
[16:46:00] Resident055:

[16:46:29] Resident010:

I would love it if possible
[16:46:59] Resident010:

Surely more than 22 p 😂
[16:47:06] Resident055:

[16:47:58] Resident055:

Ok Andy! Where are you please
[16:48:12] Adrian Dale:

Explain Jennie!!! How can one girl need 5 cans?? I have 4 Jerry cans secreted around the Village but i am a special case!
[16:48:24] Adrian Dale:

I can drop for Andy tomorrow
[16:49:00] Resident010:

Thank you Adrian.
[16:49:06] Resident073:

Could I have one please?
[16:49:10] Resident131:

Hello, can we have 2 petro cans please, for the boys, thank you
[16:49:31] Resident055:

Great thanks Adrian will leave by the front door
[16:49:54] Adrian Dale:

08:45 please Jennie
[16:51:23] Resident055:

Yes Vanessa 2 coming your way Adrian if you wouldn’t mind and one to Lori
[16:51:40] Adrian Dale:

[16:51:49] Resident073:

Thank you
[16:52:01] Resident131:

Thank you 😁
[16:55:31] Resident134:

If there's a petrol can left can we have one please?
[16:56:49] Resident075:

If there's another spare Plesde can I have
[17:02:05] Resident023:

Pyromaniacs of the village ignite......I mean unite!
[17:06:39] Resident131:

Hello, thank W it a neighbour has just offered me 2 cans, mine can go to someone else, I definitely don’t need 4, thank you
[17:09:17] Resident055:

Ok 👌 still have 2 to go folks
[17:09:37] Resident075:

Yes please
[17:12:01] Resident055:

Lucy am I right that you would like 3
[17:12:14] Resident075:

No just one pls
[17:12:24] Resident055:

[17:15:21] Resident026:

[17:16:36] Resident125:

If there's a petrol can still free can I have one please
[17:18:35] Adrian Dale:

Jennie can you keep track please? Losing the plot Yoda is
[17:31:42] Resident022:

We have left a bag of books for the bookstall.
[17:47:37] Resident055:

All bagged with names on Adrian
[19:25:52] Resident097:

Wont say no to tools if there still available ... happily pay
[19:40:45] Resident055:

Sorry Pete they went quick as a flash! Got one plastic petrol can left
[19:42:57] Resident118:

Jennie, you didn’t answer Adrian’s question !
[19:44:17] Resident118:

Have you got a petrol can fetish?
[19:44:17] Resident055:

Used to be a fire 🔥 eater 😊
[19:48:30] Resident097:

No problem i probably have too many anyway.. although is that possible with tools 🤔
[19:49:28] Resident097:

Glad you said eater and Not starter !!
[22:28:31] Resident097:

[22:28:42] Resident097:

Sooooo hot
[22:30:06] Resident055:

Yes it is Pete still 24 in our conservatory phew 😅