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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 15 May 2020

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[06:15:19] Adrian Dale:

[06:15:40] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:00] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:54] Adrian Dale:

[08:05:13] Resident063:

Thanks Michelle
[08:16:28] Resident057:

Please spare a thought for me today as this was the day I lost my dad from a tragic accident last year. Thank you for all your love and prayers ❤️❤️❤️
[08:20:23] Michelle Dalliston:

Thinking of you Jess ❤️ 🙏🏽🕯️pray that you may be upheld today in love and peace. Xx
[08:21:06] Resident057:

Thank you so much Rev. Michelle. Means a lot❤️❤️❤️
[08:21:55] Brenda Elldred:

Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers today Jess. 🙏🙏
[08:23:15] Resident057:

Many thanks Brenda❤️❤️❤️
[08:25:20] Resident057:

[08:26:00] Brenda Elldred:

Lovely podcast Michelle and beautifully sung. Thank you for sharing. You work extremely hard - remember the words and do take some rest. 😘😘🙏
[08:29:12] Resident138:

Love and virtual hugs to you Jess x
[08:32:24] Brenda Elldred:

Beautiful tribute to your dad Jess. He will be proud of you. God Bless. John sends his prayers too. 🙏
[08:34:27] Resident057:

You are all amazing. You have all been there for my family and me in those moments. Your prayers and love mean so much❤️❤️❤️
[08:34:42] Michelle Dalliston:

That's so lovely Jess! Bless you 😇
[08:34:51] Resident057:

Thank you for the hugs and love Zara
[09:06:36] Resident015:

[09:07:02] Resident015:

[09:37:58] Resident015:

[09:39:01] Adrian Dale:

[09:51:14] Resident067:

Thinking of you 💌
[10:13:45] Resident131:

You are in our thoughts and prayers ❤️
[10:32:45] Resident063:

Will do
[10:34:48] Resident015:

In our thoughts 💝
[10:49:03] Resident134:

[10:50:40] Resident134:

(Free or for a donation to the parish fund)
[10:56:38] Adrian Dale:

Look out for Elliot- we need a photo!!
[10:58:14] Resident025:

[10:59:01] Resident013:

[11:04:05] Resident038:

Best Post man ever
[11:05:10] Resident057:

Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. You are all amazing and I miss everyone so much ❤️❤️❤️
[11:18:25] Resident078:

[11:21:30] Resident054:

[11:28:59] Resident138:

[11:29:16] Resident138:

I might have missed the point with the mask......
[11:38:30] Resident023:

[11:40:32] Resident038:

Wow that escalated quickly 🤣🤣🤣
[11:40:44] Resident038:

I think that looks like the best one yet
[11:43:09] Resident033:

[11:48:44] Resident134:

He looks lovely! You'd be more than welcome to it :) I live at 2 Cornerhouse Cottage so can leave the bag outside the front door?
[11:53:03] Resident033:

Perfect I will pay through PayPal with Adrian if that’s ok
[11:53:47] Resident033:

Actually we bought a dwarf rabbit who’s grown larger than a cat 🤦‍♀️
[11:57:04] Resident134:

No problem, I've put it outside the door now 😁 I don't want anything for it myself but if you wanted to put in a donation in for the parish fund then I'm sure that'd be put to good use 😁
[12:07:05] Resident078:

[12:07:42] Adrian Dale:

Works for me!!! 👍👍
[12:13:55] Resident078:

[12:45:55] Resident031:

[12:46:03] Resident031:

[14:04:06] Resident117:

[14:06:50] Resident117:

Elliott photos brilliant!!
[16:08:19] Adrian Dale:

You’ll need a mask on a mask with that one Sharen 😂
[16:09:17] Resident002:

[16:17:14] Resident086:

A6 Pete, do you need anymore big bags?? I have one from Higgins if you want it? 😀
[16:29:36] Resident002:

Have one under each eye if that helps...
[16:40:44] Resident054:

[16:40:50] Resident052:

Hi All just encountered the Quad Bike at the top of Foot Lane crossing over to the pub then on up Lane by allotments so be aware if you are walking near its normal route 🙁
[16:46:15] Resident086:

Janet, is it a big quad bike or a kiddies size?
[16:52:28] Resident052:

Hi Michelle an adult one as it had a man and a young lad on it
[16:55:20] Resident086:

Ahh ok, I think that must have been the one that came past me a week or so ago up the lane past the allotments, there was also two four wheel drives type vehicles, I don't know what they had all been upto because they can't get any further than the little metal gate 🤔🤔
[17:06:27] Resident117:

When this state of affairs is all over and it's safe to do so perhaps the village should celebrate by holding a masked ball!
[17:17:12] Resident086:

Sounds like a lovely idea Sharon although we myt all be fed of wearing them by then lol 😂 😩
[17:17:48] Resident086:

Sorry Sharen 😳
[17:19:15] Resident117:

and we still wouldn't know who's who!😏
[17:20:29] Resident086:

Very true lol 😂 👍
[17:27:28] Adrian Dale:

You’ll recognise me in yellow!!
[17:34:50] Resident086:

Im pretty sure we will all know who u r Adrian 😂👍
[17:35:26] Adrian Dale:

Shucks no skulking round up to no good then!
[17:36:50] Resident097:

The drunk one spewing in the hedges on his way home 🤣🤣
[17:37:41] Adrian Dale:

Eek did I really tell that story!
[17:38:01] Resident097:

Yes yes you did 🤣🤣🤣
[17:38:47] Adrian Dale:

[18:26:23] Resident086:

Definitely not Adrian 🤣
[18:41:17] Resident078:

[18:41:56] Adrian Dale:

[19:26:20] Adrian Dale:

[19:40:07] Resident023:

Which one is you Adrian? It’s hard to see with the mask on.
[19:40:38] Adrian Dale:

The good looking one! Duh
[20:03:48] Resident054:

[20:04:28] Resident054:

[20:05:16] Resident025:

[20:06:36] Resident054: